Scarlett Johansson on weight loss: “I could never lose 14 pounds”

Oh, Photoshop. What would actresses do without you? Actually, I don’t think ScarJo looks too plastic-y on the cover of November’s Glamour Magazine. Her face looks gorgeous, her hair looks great (I love that shade of red on her), and overall the cover is very, very cute. But… her thighs don’t really look like that, yes? ScarJo has a lovely figure, but there’s no way her thighs are that thin. Photoshop magic shaved inches off those bad boys.

Speaking of ScarJo’s lovely figure, she talks a lot about the “ridiculous” reports of her weight loss over the past year. She claims that any report of her losing 14 pounds is totally false, saying “I could never lose 14 pounds.” Jaybird did a lot of coverage about Scarlett’s weight loss this spring, when it became obvious that Scarlett’s weight had dropped significantly while training for her role in Iron Man 2. There were even reports that ScarJo had been training with Madonna’s patented gristle-maker Tracy Anderson, a trainer who’s known for being a fraud, and for encouraging women to do really unhealthy things. Although I don’t think the Tracy Anderson thing was ever confirmed legitimately, I do believe that Scarlett, at one point this spring, had probably lost 15 to 20 pounds from her once curvy figure.

Scarlett Johansson is over endless speculation about her weight.

“There was this rumor mill cranking out stories that I had lost 14 pounds — I could never lose 14 pounds,” the actress, 25, tells the November issue of Glamour. “I hate seeing these ridiculous articles where [tabloids] guess someone’s weight.

“I can’t look at somebody who is 6 feet tall and 120 pounds and say, I’m going to get that body. That’s just never going to happen,” she admits.

Johansson — who slimmed down to wear a lycra catsuit as the Black Widow in the Iron Man 2 sequel (out next spring) — has accepted her body, she says.

“You have to work with what you’ve got,” she says. But despite coming to terms with her figure, working the red carpet still makes her freak out. I have a tumultuous relationship with it because I love to get ready for the red carpet, but being on it is very uncomfortable. It’s so freakish and weird,” Johansson says. “I get flop sweats, dry mouth, heart palpitations, allover panic!”

Johansson — who just released her second CD, a collaboration with rocker Pete Yorn — also opens up about her marriage to Ryan Reynolds. The pair wed in a low-key ceremony in Canada one year ago.

“I never really thought about getting married — it just kind of happened,” she says. “You hope that a relationship makes you better, that you learn things about yourself.…I feel more confident to explore things within myself that I hadn’t thought about in the past.”

[From Us Weekly]

By the way, all of the photographs inside Glamour are of ScarJo and her musical collaborator Pete Yorn in various cutesy poses and outfits. Pete and Scarlett worked together for the album Break Up, and they’ve spent the past few weeks doing promotion for it here and there. They also did a Rolling Stone photo portfolio that’s just as cutesy. They must really like each other. Or Pete’s just trying to hit that. What? We were all thinking it. Ryan Reynolds is going to be totes jealous.

Thanks to CoverAwards for these photos from Glamour

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  1. Ash says:

    I don’t see them photoshopping her legs that much. She looks pretty normal sized.

  2. HEB says:

    I think its a nice cover but that t-shirt is dumb

  3. mdf says:

    Like she even needs to lose 14 lbs. She has the perfect women’s body. She has hips! Her body looks so much sexier than the rock hard and boney surfboards enhanced with silicone models have been sporting for the past decade.

  4. Munkey says:

    “Totes jealous”


  5. eva says:

    Pete and Scarjo are just trying to sell discs.

    Promotion, promotion and promotion.

    Necessary after the failure of her first disc.

  6. Eileen Yover says:

    I’m not trying to look too deeply into this but I found her comment about marriage strange. She’s either bound and determined not to say “we” in an interview or there are problems. Usually when someone asks a person about their marriage there’s a little less “I” and more “we” in the answers.

    And I agree with HEB-the pom pom shirt is a strange choice for a mag cover.

  7. eva says:

    @Eileen Yover:

    Its Scarlett’s obsession with a very private romance, marriage and relationship.

    her little paranoia is crazy.

    They don’t talk about each other in the press: Gwyneth and Chris Martin part 2.

    More about Glamour interview:

    GLAMOUR: Is it weird seeing your husband on Letterman talking about you?

    SJ: Yeah, it is weird, because I would never ask somebody about their marriage if I didn’t know them. I don’t profess to know anything about marriage that anybody else doesn’t know, or how to make it right. I don’t want to read about somebody who’s giving me relationship advice. So I try to keep some things for myself, to have a private life. Because that’s kind of all you have, really, isn’t it? When it comes down to what separates you from the next person. You don’t go to work and talk about your marriage. Why should I?

    GLAMOUR: Right. There are a lot of actresses who can’t make a move without the paparazzi following them. How have you avoided that?

    SJ: By not talking about my personal life! I think that makes a big difference. I go to work, I make movies, I publicize them. I hope people enjoy them. I’m not a relationship expert. I’m not a diet and health expert. I don’t know anything except for movies, other than some Trivial Pursuit kind of information.

  8. Annie says:


    I don’t know if I’d buy it…

    But I mean, I can understand the potential sentiment behind her statement “I could never lose 14 pounds”.

    For me, that’s a sheer improbability. I’d be near dead. Maybe scarjo feels the same? For some people, losing that much weight would do some serious damage to the body. For others, it wouldn’t do much at all.

  9. viper says:

    See this is why I love this girl. The exact opposite of MEGAn Farse: down to earth, never over shares and is an amazing actress with natural beauty and is completely at peace with heself…not to mention realistic and doesnt aspire to look like a dead celebrity.

  10. Brooke says:

    Go easy on calling her a natural beauty kids, because she did lose 14lbs once – when she got that major nose job and shaved at least that much off the tip.

  11. moo says:

    I like Scarjo! She’s so pretty (and so is her hubbie 🙂 yummy!)

  12. What evs says:

    She’s denied having a nose job. Her nose isn’t perfect now anyways.
    It’s a bit bulbous. I’ve seen pics of her when she was a kid and it looks the exact same shape. Usually when people have nose jobs you can tell because the shape is different. She just grew into her face as she got older, thus making her nose appear a bit smaller. That happens to a lot of people. So, I seriously doubt she’s had a nose job.

  13. GaGa says:

    I think she lost something during her training but probably not 14 pounds. She lost more INCHES due to subbing lean muscle for fat. But that doesnt mean she lost all that much actual poun dage.

  14. Hieronymus Grex says:

    No because her last 14 pounds are in her bra and if those are gone so’s her career. Yeah, she’s pretty but her acting is- well- nothing special.

  15. Buzzaroo says:

    She looks amazing with red hair.

  16. Ana says:

    Man I would kill to have the butt and those hips in that third picture.

  17. viper says:

    About the nose job thing. It isn’t true at all. I have a different shaped nose than I did as a kid. When I was a child it was slightly curvy, cute and roundish. Now it’s got a tiny bump on the bridge is longer and sharp. It happens when we hit puberty, everything grows for a time. I gained alot of weight and my eyebrows went through so many shapes till I decided to leve them alone all together and now I have completely different face. It’s genetic and normal to look like your face morphed. Scarlet is the same I suspect. But Fox has had injections to plump her lips and fill up acne scars ( which wernt that bad, I actually thought they were cute..odd), she’s really a natural blonde and wont work with girls with black hair for co-stars, a nose job and a brow fix and is now sporting a mole on her upper lip. All that can be achieved with a simple doctors visit and various visits to salons and don’t take very long.

    Scarlet isn’t as insecure about herself, is intellegent and married to deadpool/green laturn….nuff said!

  18. TwinkleToes says:

    Fox has a nice shaped head, face, skull. ScarJo has some serious jaw and chin issues. I see she had surgery. Yes, she did have a nose job just not too obvious as her original nose was really big.

  19. diet4weight says:

    nice info … thanks for sharing

  20. Cheyenne says:

    Baloney. I did it and so can she. I didn’t go on any extreme diet to do it, either. Just cut out all the junk food, eat smaller portions at meals, and get off your ass and exercise. It will take a while, but believe me, you will see results.

  21. What evs says:

    Fox’s face shape is ok, but nothing amazing. I’ll say that at least she doesn’t have a big jaw line like Salma Hayek or Angelina Jolie.. But, her face shape is narrow with very little definition and lacks very full cheekbones or a defining chin, Scarlett’s face is a long,but it’s mainly due to her protruding jaw line -chin. But, she has more definition in her face than Fox.

    I don’t believe Scarlett has had her nose done,, only because It looks exactly the same shape it did when she was younger and I believe people can grow into their faces during puberty. When you look at Megan Fox’s pics, from when she was younger, (but not that young) her nose is a totally different shape than it is now. It’s funny because her nose was never that large or terrible to begin with, but having those nose jobs’ really help change her from being just a cute/pretty girl to “beautiful” in a more classical featured way, that she is now. But, I still think she’s overrated. And I still think even after all the work she’s had done that her nose looks weird and a bit off.. I noticed it’s still slightly broad looking at times and looks like it’s been cut(because it has been)

    And I say nose jobs because she‘s had at least two procedures done. . One before the first Transformers film, to narrow the bridge at the tip and the 2nd one, to fix the slight bump she still had on the top of her bridge and also the very slight dent she had in the middle of her nose. Just, look at past pictures of her and you will see this. And, of course she’s been getting lip injections for a long time.

    She’s just seems very vain and fake. It’s annoying that she’s gets so much attention and praise for her altered looks, yet she won’t even claim that she has any talent as an actress.

  22. Tia C says:

    Not to sound like the Church Lady, but I find it really odd for a married woman to pose in a way that looks so intimate with a man who is not her husband…promoting an album or not. Just sayin’!

    I used to enjoy her acting until I saw more than one film of hers and realized that she is the exact same in every movie. Pretty to look at, but there’s not anything substantive going on in there. (Just MO!)

    Hey, just wondering – how come I get moderated sometimes and not others? Doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it…

  23. viper says:

    @ twinkle toes

    You do know scarletts only 5’2 right? As for her skull, what kind of judgment is that? Like anybody can help the shape of the skulls. Scarlett has a well developed skull that is poportionate to the rest of her. I dont pick on Megans nasty toe thumbs, even though they are nasty to look at. You can’t help your genetics, Megan has ver strong native american genetics, she’s got the tinest eyes I’ve seen that noone notices because of heavy PSing and the huge amounts of mascara she uses. She’s orange and even more orange when tanned, has tiny eyes and toe tumbs and is really a natural blonde. YUCK mixture, if we’re going to judge by genetics which really is asinine and poss racist to those ultra sensitive – Scarlet still wins at least she doesnt resemble a pumpkin.

  24. What evs says:

    Well lets’ just leave it at this.:…At least Scarlett looks all natural- unlike MS. Megan Fox.

  25. tbird says:

    this is ridiculous. i am not a tiny person, but i lost 14 points once and i looked like a concentration camp prisoner. doctors told me i was too thin….but all i did was gain 14 pounds and i looked fine. shes short, if she weights 115 pounds, losing 14 would be a significant portion of her body weight.

  26. nxghosting says:

    enough 14 pounds baby i like it you think when you hear my weight but problem here to share with you my weight

  27. Gwyneth says:

    Horseshit on all the above. They have ALL had plastic surgery somewhere along the line. ALL, even Monroe, Liz Taylor, Loren, et al. It’s SOP in Hollywood and no one escapes. It’s like joining a cult; you do what it takes to stay in the clan.

  28. Bazzell says:

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