Jessica Simpson finishes battling spiders & fly nets in Uganda

Last week, we reported on the somewhat hilarious musings by dim bulb Jessica Simpson about her stay in Uganda. She was in the country to film an episode of The Price of Beauty, her VH1 series that will premiere in 2010. Jessica sent out a picture of herself pouting over some fly nets, via Twitter. Her message: “WTF?!? Do I really have to sleep like this?” Fly nets weren’t her only battle, though! One member of her entourage, her hair guy Ken Paves, decided to send out a picture of a Ugandan spider, with the tweet “Is this the Price of Beauty? Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” Yikes. That is a massive spider. Thankfully for Jess, she’s now back in America, and she’s singing a different tune about her stay in Uganda:

After roughing it in Uganda, Jessica Simpson is back home.

“I’m just now back in the US of A!!!!!” she Twittered Monday. “Home sweet delicious HOME!!!!!!!!!”

Shortly after her Maltipoo Daisy was snatched by a coyote, the singer, 29, flew to Uganda to film scenes for her upcoming VH1 show, The Price of Beauty. And the trip wasn’t easy.

At one point, she posted a photo of herself peeking out from a giant mosquito net surrounding her bed. “WTF?!?” she Twittered. “Do I really have to sleep like this?”

She and pals, hairstylist Ken Paves and Cacee Cobb, also dodged spiders during the trip.
“Is this the Price of Beauty?” Paves Twittered. “Don’t let the bed bugs bite!”

In the end, Simpson’s spirit seemed to improve.

“Uganda was truly a beautiful adventure,” she Twittered Sunday. “I will carry the spirit of all the people with me always. God Bless.”

[From Us Weekly]

Aw. I know, I know. She’s an entitled princess, she’s rude, and this whole thing has the whiff of neocolonialism. But still! I’m sure Jess did have a nice time during part of her stay in Uganda, and I’m positive she’s thrilled to be back home. Welcome home, Jess! Oh, nuts. Her dog’s still dead. Better make sure her freezer is loaded up with ice cream. She probably wants to just chill out and think about Daisy now that her fabulous fly net adventure is over.

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  1. yadira says:

    Man, I hate spiders. Thanks to that pic, I will be dreaming of them…

  2. audrey says:

    she looks just like her dad in that pic

  3. Eileen Yover says:

    Hold crap-did you read the comments some chic left on the spider pic in Twitter?? How are people that hateful? Seriously when I look at all the other talentless chics taking up precious air, Jessica seems harmless. At least she has a pretty voice-not my choice of music, but good voice none the less.
    And I’ll be imagining this thing crawling on me all night! Blech I HATE spiders!

  4. Squirtle says:

    Yeah I saw those comments, I was thinking the same thing! Why are people so offended by her?

  5. Kevin says:

    *sigh* Couldn’t she be at least a bit mature, roughing it one night won’t kill anyone.

  6. Hieronymus Grex says:

    As a paramedic, I’ve effortlessly faced blood, guts and gore. I’ve seen limbs broken with the bone sticking out. I’ve seen bodies burned so badly they crumbled like black tissue paper. But show me a big 8-legged critter like that and I freak out like a little girl.

  7. Maybe not says:

    She needs to be more politically correct when she speaks. Every time she opens her mouth diarrhea comes out. Didn’t her mom once say that she had a very high IQ? She needs to prove it. Enough with the air head act. People would probably stop hating her if she acted more mature.

  8. sheila says:

    i feel really bad for her since her dog died…that is just a terrible thing for anyone to have to go through, and those spiders look pretty scary! they are the size of my sneakers…ugh!

    its nice to live here in America!

  9. Susana says:

    People are offended by her because she is a prima donna who doesn’t realize that there are people in this world that live in worse conditions then the day or two she spent in her mosquito net digs.

    She also does not think before she speaks and often makes disrespectful comments like “I am not an Indian giver”.

    If we are suppose to feel sorry for her b/c of this picture, we shouldn’t. I feel sorry for the people that sleep like that every night or who don’t have anywhere to sleep or who don’t have catered food (or any food, for that matter) to eat or those that can’t even afford to wash their hair more or less bring their own hairstylist everywhere they go…well, you get my point.

  10. BitterBetty says:

    Yeah, I agree the dumb blond act is not cute anymore. isn’t she almost 30? time to act your age.

    And I hate it when she makes that whiny little girl face. I remember she used to do that on Newlyweds all the time.

  11. I really like that. You touched my heart!