Sonya & Dell Curry are already lobbing cheating accusations at each other

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This week, we learned that Dell and Sonya Curry are getting a divorce. The Currys are a well-known, well-respected and beloved NBA family -Dell was a professional basketball player for many years, and he and Sonya helped shepherd their two sons, Steph and Seth, into successful NBA careers as well (plus their daughter is married to an NBA player too). Sonya and Dell met in college – Virginia Tech – and were married for 33 years. According to Sonya’s divorce filing, they had been separated for more than a year, which came as a surprise. Also a surprise: it’s all getting messy as hell! TMZ has details of Sonya’s divorce filing, where she apparently cited “marital misconduct” as her reason for seeking a divorce. Meaning, Dell was cheating and that’s why they split. Dell responded to Sonya’s filing and accused HER of “illicit sexual misconduct.”

Sonya Curry — Steph and Seth Curry’s mom — says estranged husband Dell Curry cheated on her with different women while married … and she had no choice but to divorce the ex-NBA star. But, Dell’s telling a different story … saying Sonya cheated during the relationship.

TMZ Sports broke the news … 55-year-old Sonya filed for divorce on June 14 in North Carolina, citing Dell’s “marital misconduct.” Dell responded with a court filing of his own, accusing Sonya of “acts of illicit sexual misconduct” prior to their separation, and then lying about the alleged incidents. He also says she is now living with another man … claiming that should prevent her from collecting alimony.

But, now Sonya is firing back … admitting she’s in a dating relationship with another man, but saying it didn’t start until months after she and Dell agreed to legally separate. She also notes she is NOT living with the man … but rather alone because Dell refused to allow her to stay in their home. And, then she dropped the hammer … saying it was actually Dell who was unfaithful, hooking up with different women while married.

To make matters worse, Sonya says Dell’s infidelity was known to family and close friends … saying it was basically an open secret. Sonya claims she didn’t initially expose the lurid details “in one final act of trying to protect [Dell] and family from possible public exposure and scrutiny.”

Sonya says once Dell publicly accused her of being unfaithful “she was left with no choice” but to fire back in defense of herself.

[From TMZ]

So, Dell was a serial cheater and that’s why Sonya wanted to separate, and two seconds after Sonya was free (or free-ish), she ended up in a relationship with someone and now Dell is super-salty about it. That’s what it sounds like. As for Sonya’s new man, TMZ reports that she’s seeing Steven Johnson, a former pro-football player. Dell is accusing Sonya of cheating on him with Johnson and then lying about it (lol). Dell is trying to say that because of this “affair,” Sonya is not entitled to alimony. WTF? How do Steph and Seth feel about their dad treating their mom this way?

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  1. Zen says:

    That’s a spicy curry!

    • terra says:

      Lots of turmeric, proving that thread was spot on . . . except it appears he doesn’t have a choice but to be out here anymore.

      • detritus says:

        Bud. Do you like charcoal ice cream?

      • terra says:

        Better learn to like it.

      • Aeval says:

        They not eating butter pecan no more…. Blue bell ain’t out here

      • GRUEY says:

        I definitely showed that thread to my husband yesterday. I was like, in case you ever go crazy.

      • terra says:

        That thread cracked me up because it hit pretty close to home. It basically recounted the demise of my grandmother’s fifth marriage.

        While he did know how to make a killer mimosa, he did NOT have the cholesterol to be out there seeing as he was 13-years younger than my Grandma and she’s the one still alive out of the two.

  2. Oh_Hey says:

    Wow. This is exactly what folks thought it was. Dell was super obvi and played himself.

  3. Kfg says:

    Dell is a typical douchebag cheating athlete. He can’t handle his soon to be ex being happy and dating bc in his mind she only one choice, which was him. Now he sees that he’s not really desirable and that she managed his life. So he’s mad. She’s going to get more than half. Good for her!

    • hindulovegod says:

      Exactly. Sonya was the prize, not him. He’s finding out the hard way as she lands on her feet and he’s a laughingstock.

      • GRUEY says:

        Sonya is, among other things, a unique beauty. Yes, many women look good for their age into their 50s but she is at another level. I my experience, men get a false sense of swag and charisma in part because of the comfortable cocoon that married life provides for them, including greatly enhancing their sense of social ability. Maybe his life will be as nice divorced. Maybe it won’t.

      • Roo says:

        Gruey, your comment is insightful! I can see that married men would get a false sense of their abilities based upon their wives hard work behind the scenes to make their lives comfortable. Even regular folks, not like the Curry family, could fall into this trap.

      • Emmitt says:

        Gruey, there is a reality show on the OWN network where the husband cheated on the wife for YEARS even as she had 4 children for him. They ran a home builders company together. He bought his mistress brand new cars, etc. When he got the mistress pregnant, the wife divorced him. Turns out she was the brains behind their business and the one actually bringing in the money. Now he is broke, nobody in town wants to work with him because they all know the wife was the brains behind the operation and things aren’t going too well with the mistress because it was really the money the wife was bringing into the household that was being spent on gifts for the mistress.

        Point being, sometimes men start to believe they are the only ones bringing things to the table and the wife is nothing without them. Mr. Curry is about to learn. He may have been the breadwinner but Mrs. Curry going to be alright with or without him and she’s gorgeous so she shan’t be lonely.

    • Emmitt says:

      Sonya said she got TWO sons in the NBA and doesn’t need Dell’s little money.

      • GRUEY says:

        Haha thanks folks. Well, it’s just a longer way of saying men ain’t shit. I am guessing Mr. Curry was totally discounting how his wife was meeting 95% of his emotional needs and all he was getting on the side was some coochy and dopamine.

        Random aside. Now that I have little kids (2+4) suddenly married dads are talking to me too fucking much. I was even at the beach recently with my kids and parents and my sweet, clueless father commented that this other random dad at the beach really wanted to talk to me. Like Sir, you’re not slick—you think having kids permits you get dopamine hits off talking to pretty moms? Anyway I think men get real fucking confused about how awesome they are and how easy it actually is to engage with quality women. Like someone said above, get ready to eat some charcoal ice cream, Sir.

  4. Lauren R says:

    Wow this got super messy. On a totally superficial note what an attractive couple the older Currys made! No wonder Steph is gorgeous! Hopefully these two can take down the spice and just divorce and move on with their lives. The drama seems unnecessary at this stage in their lives.

  5. Tanya Nguyen says:

    I hate men like this. He cheated on her throughout their marriage. She says all their family and friends knew. She finally decided to go seek happiness and has found a new boyfriend. So Dell is having a tantrum and won’t let her in the house and doesn’t want to pay alimony. He’s a pathetic joke. Divide everything in half. Sell the house and divide the proceeds in half. Then walk away.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Yup, dogs will be dogs….he is a cheating a$$hole and doesn’t want to see her happy and doesn’t want to pay her alimony, but he kicks her out of the house??

      Same thing happened to me with my ex, everyone knew but me. No one told me and I felt like a fool! But I left his cheating ass but he fought me on the divorce.

      Dirt bags. You can’t lay down with dogs and not expect a bunch of fleas….

    • cisne says:

      Exactly!! After 33 years what the puck is Dell doing!? Brah!! He probably thinks he holds the handle and she the blade. Even from very far outsode looking in I kmow he is about to be rudely awakened out of his particular delusion.
      He is very messy and should have several seats. His lawyers are also just playing his arse like a fiddle..None of RhiRhi’s children gonna look at his broke old arse either!!!

  6. FrontPorchSittin says:

    If she filed in North Carolina, they were required to wait a year from the date of separation before filing for divorce. It’s impressive that they kept it quiet, but not surprising that it has been a year given the legal requirements.

    • Lucy says:

      Came here to say that. It’s a “sanctity of marriage” thing, but in reality it means dad’s don’t have to pay child support for a year because there’s no divorce or custody agreement. My sister in law got burned by that, hard.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        I feel so bad for your SIL, there should be an agreement, legal documentation, that is in place during the year for whether the parties decide to divorce. Everyone in N. Carolina should mandate for child support or mandate the entire year of “sanctity of marriage” to be paid for that entire year. It’s not like the kids stop growing or eating!!

  7. girl_ninja says:

    It sucks when you’ve dedicated your life to your family and marriage and you get screwed over by your partner on a continual basis. I’m glad for Sonya that she’s freeing herself from that man. I believe her and I believe that all he wants now is to save face because she’s found someone new.

    Because of Steph’s fame the Curry name became famous & treated like royalty in the NBA world. She probably stayed for appearances and their youngest kids and when she had the opportunity figured she was tired of the lies.

    I to wonder how their children will deal with all of this drama. They are all very much in the public eye with Steph being the most famous.

    • CuriousCole says:

      I’m happy Sonya is free but I also feel especially bad for their daughter. Sydel’s having her first baby and must have strong feelings about what’s going down. I can’t believe what an ass Dell is being!!!

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ CuriousCole, that is hard, especially it being her first child. No pregnant mother should have to deal with additional stress. It’s hard enough making a little mini me in your tummy! Or eating, brushing your teeth or sleeping….

  8. AmelieOriginal says:

    I don’t follow basketball or any sports at all so I don’t even know who the Curry brothers are. I think I had heard the name Stephen Curry before but couldn’t tell you what team he played for or if he was even an athlete, that’s how much I completely ignore the sport. But it’s always terrible when a long-time couple separates and it gets messy like this. It must be so hard for their three kids, even if they’re adults, to have their family’s dirty laundry aired like this in public. I’m wondering just how much the kids knew and how long Sonya knew? My guess is she started dating this new guy once she moved out and maybe kept it quiet for a bit for privacy and when Dell found out, he got pissed. He’s probably territorial over her and doesn’t want her to be with anyone else, despite the fact he’s hooked up with multiple women over the years. Classic cheater MO.

  9. Neners says:

    Dell seems upset she got scooped up so quickly but he should’ve seen it coming! Every guy I know has a crush on Sonya Curry 😂

  10. Meg says:

    For a couple that described themselves as super religious this messy info leaking and obviously cheating goes waay against brand for them. Honestly didnt think theyd support split people dating before being legally divorced, but when you yourself go through it people tend to be less judgemental of themselves

  11. Green Desert says:

    Sonya is gorgeous.

    I think that many pro-athletes cheat, regardless of sport. I couldn’t accept it as a partner, but I know a lot of partners look the other way and hope it ends at retirement. It’s too bad that so long after his retirement, Dell has kept up the habit.

    My guilty pleasure is the sh*t show that is the Bachelor franchise, and I listen to a podcast called Bachelor Party. Callie Curry (Sonya’s DIL, married to Seth Curry) is a weekly guest on the pod. She hasn’t mentioned this situation at all but she talks adoringly of Sonya.

  12. reef says:

    After 33 years and multiple cheating situations on his part, it feels a little silly to get divorced because she cheated.

  13. Renee says:

    I hate this drama for my Stephy. Sonya is the class act in this divorce drama. Dell is a philanderer from the word GO. I’m glad Sonya wised up and is moving on.

  14. Mina_Esq says:

    Is it really possible that this fool didn’t realize that he had an amazing woman that any other guy would be thankful to have? As if Sonya is out there worried about alimony. He is mad that she moved on and is living her best life without his unfaithful a**. Good luck striking gold twice.

  15. Sarah says:

    In this instance I believe Sonya and not on the I side with the woman but it’s because she hinted at this years ago in her interview with Jada Pinkett-Smith on Red Table Talk. It’s something that I am really surprised that no one brought up and I think it was because of what Ayesha said during the interview but it was mentioned.