Ben Affleck went to Tiffany’s because he did a scavenger hunt with his kids

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck go shopping with her kids in The Hamptons

On Monday, Ben Affleck was seen at a Tiffany’s jewelry store in Century City, browsing at engagement rings. Big news, right? Page Six even published photos of Ben glancing intensely at a case full of diamond rings. While many of us doubted that Ben would, like, go to Century City and look at premade engagement rings for Jennifer Lopez, we also took this as a good sign of things to come. Ben might not propose to J.Lo this week or next week, but it definitely feels like it’s coming at some point, if we can just keep them together through the fall. As for the sighting at Tiffany’s, a “source” revealed what was actually happening:

Does Ben Affleck have engagement on the brain? Not exactly. The actor, who recently rekindled his romance with former fiancée Jennifer Lopez, raised eyebrows when he was spotted at the mecca of diamond rings, Tiffany & Co, on Aug. 23.

In the pictures, published by Page Six, Affleck visited the Century City, Calif. location with his mom Christopher and his 9-year-old son Samuel. At one point, the star was snapped seemingly looking down at a counter with rings on display inside of it. However, according to a source, it wasn’t how it looked because the actor was actually in the process of a scavenger hunt at the Century City mall.

“They split into teams with his daughters on one team and Ben, Sam and his mom on the other,” a source explained. “They went all around the mall and into various stores crossing off each of the items they found. One of the stops was into Tiffany and they had to find something in the store. Ben walked in with his son and his mom and they quickly found what they needed and walked out. Ben held a pen and crossed it off his list.”

Overall, it was a successful outing. “They all had fun and got into the game,” the source noted. “It was a fun family activity that they seemed to enjoy doing together.”

[From E! News]

Parents and kids are just different these days. In my day, if I had asked my mom or dad to participate in a scavenger hunt at a mall, they would have looked at me like I had lost my g–damn mind. Now, they would have driven me to the mall. For sure. But they would have expected me to figure out a way to get home after I played my little game or whatever. Yeah. I wonder who “made” the scavenger hunt? I guess Ben feels like it’s better to hang out with his kids at the mall than see them with their noses buried in their phones or iPads. At least he got to price some diamond engagement rings while he was there.

Jennifer Lopez pictured with Boyfriend Ben Affleck in Nerano

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez share a Passionate Kiss Goodbye after spending the day together at his home

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, J.Lo’s IG.

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    I shudder to think what engagement rings for celebs cost. I feel like we hear about it anyway but damn. It would be easy to say “I would never, even if I were rich” but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t blow money elsewhere.

    That’s actually my number one (superficial) issue with celebrities- for some of them, imagine having their budget and still dressing so poorly! I’m over here doing the best I can with my vintage, thrift store, and yes, target, apparel but I often imagine the looks I could pull together if I had millions.

  2. Zen says:

    Ben’s mom is called Christopher?

    • Noki says:

      Yeah thats what I was going to ask,the way the sentence is constructed its like thats her name.

    • KissMyA**23 says:

      So east coast folks are more likely to name a daughter after the father from what I’ve heard, if there are no sons. That may be why she has the name Christopher.

    • AmelieOriginal says:

      My guess is she probably goes by the unisex Chris. I have a friend whose mother-in-law is named Kevin. It’s weird, but not unheard of!

      As an interesting side note, Barack Obama’s mom’s first name was Stanley which she used as a kid before switching to her middle name Ann as an adult. We usually here her referred to as Ann Dunham.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      There’s also the actress Michael Learned, who played the mom on The Walton’s.

  3. Al says:

    I buy this because it’s so random and because they all had pen and paper. There’s a video of Ben and Sam looking really unsure of where they’re going. There’s also a woman in the video giving them the lists so I think it was an organized activity.

  4. Karisma says:

    It’s nice to see how involved with his kids Ben has been for awhile now.

  5. Amy T says:

    I did a mall scavenger hunt for one of my offspring’s birthday parties Back in the Day. I arranged it with every store they visited and it was actually a lot of fun for everybody. The kids were probably six or thereabouts, so it was a relatively simple affair – orderly, chaperoned and then we went back home for the cake/ice cream/present/treat bag portion of the festivities. I’d wanted to do it at the airport (this was way before 9/11) but the logistics didn’t line up and the mall was closer to home.

    • Darla says:

      I think that’s so cool. I would love to go to one, even now.

    • Carolnr says:

      I own my own home decor business in a small town & we partnered with other small local businesses in the area to have a scavenger hunt in each of our shops. They revamped our local town with alot of new boutiques , restaurants ( not chains), & breweries. This scavenger hunt gave people the opportunity to walk through all the new businesses. The town raffled off a HUGE Basket full of items donated by the shops/ restaurants. We distributed punch cards that were to be hole- punched at each shop to be eligible for the basket. That way, every business was a stopping point . It was a great day! It was a win for shops & customers discovered new shops & businesses!!!

  6. Calibration says:

    It was obviously not engagement ring shopping. That’s just stupid to think that. People are idiots.

    • Lena says:

      Well it made some Bennifer stans cry, so they believed it. I think it was some enterprising pap who knew what was really happening and wanted to sell his pictures from last Friday so manufactured this. They’ve done it before so now you can’t even believe pictures to tell the real story.

      • XoXo says:

        Well, Bennifer stans aren’t gaga and know when it come to celebity ring shopping, they wouldn’t resort to a counter in the mall. But go ahead, have your cake day.

  7. SuSuSusio says:

    This story screams, “We need click bait!” to me.

    Does anyone really believe that if Ben Affleck is considering buying an engagement ring, he’d do it by walking into a mall Tiffany outlet? (Century City is very, very nice, but it’s still a Westfield Mall)

    Come on. I hope they’re happy and in love but so much of this “reunion” has been about keeping the tabloid feeding frenzy replenished daily.

    • Jules says:

      Yea he knew exactly what he was doing, followed by paps, in a mall, looking in Tiffany’s. Totally in cahoots with the tabloids to keep dropping little tidbits every day. Celebs get high on this until they eventually crash.

      • CJ says:

        Here in LA one sees well known people everywhere, especially the mall. Century City mall is outdoors and upscale and in the middle of a pandemic outside malls are even more popular. Just because paps take their pic doesn’t mean it was planned. Any more than the Daily Mail stories about Meghan of House Sussex are true.

      • Jules says:

        yea you’re so right, I’m sure he had no idea that being spotted at Tiffany’s in a mall would fuel engagement speculation. Eye roll.

      • goofpuff says:

        @CJ I agree. And I know I would never recognize a celeb in person. Unless they are completely done up in their “brand” look to make them recognizable, they look like regular people when they’re out and about doing normal things. Only the paps know what to look for.

      • CJ says:

        My point is. They are going to get mega attention no matter what they do. Why cave to the haters. That was part of what wrecked it the first time around. Truly. I’m so sick of haters and cynics. It’s just a drag.

      • Jules says:

        CJ, celeb stans and conspiracy theorists are a bigger drag.

      • XoXo says:

        You must be really fun in real life. Per your judgement, he really shouldn’t have fun with his kids, because every step he takes, he has to take the account for paparazzis!

  8. SarahCS says:

    I am LOVING the writing/storytelling in this reboot of the Bennifer show. Maybe we’ll see them at the next Emmys.

  9. minx says:

    Did anybody seriously think he was shopping for an engagement ring?

  10. Green Desert says:

    Ben’s love for Harry Potter is one of my favorite things about him (based on his documented love, I’m gonna assume he’s wearing an HP shirt in the header photo). 🙂

    • KissMyA**23 says:

      Sorry, I think it has the Aviator Nation logo from the shopping trip with Ana De Armas from last year. Him and his kids all wear Aviator Nation.

  11. BeanieBean says:

    Very different childhood from mine! A scavenger hunt with Tiffany’s on the list? Yeah, very very different.

  12. Cecizahn says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is so happy of Beniffer when 2 months ago or something like that he was looking for models in Raya.