Kate Gosselin’s diva antics at a charity event

Stars, Stripes & Skates 8th Annual Event
Kate Gosselin was a guest at an ice skating charity event for a 9/11 group held in Danbury, Connecticut over the weekend. E! Online has quotes from three separate people willing to go on the record about how difficult Kate and her bodyguard were to work with. The event founder, the stage manager, and skater Johnny Weir all said that they had issues dealing with Kate and that she was less than easy to work with. Kate did make an appearance free of charge, but she only ended up speaking for a minute or two and her requirements put quite a few people out. One of these issues wasn’t Kate or her bodyguard’s fault – Real Housewives of New York City castmembers Jill Zarin and Luann DeLesseps were also there with cameras, and TLC and Bravo had some territorial issues trying to make sure that Kate didn’t get filmed by the other show.

Probably the most damning part of this story is how Kate turned away a ride from one of the skater’s moms who showed up at her hotel Washington, DC to drive her all the way to Danbury. Kate refused to get in the car with the woman after allegedly knowing about the travel arrangements ahead of time. She insisted on having a stretch limo drive her instead. Now that’s a real diva move. Maybe there’s more to it that we’re not hearing, though.

“Before she got there, it was very diva-esque,” stage manager Kari Hoffman tells E! News exclusively.

Not only was there drama over Jill Zarin also being in attendance—Bravo was shooting Real Housewives of New York City in the venue—but Gosselin dissed the star skaters, a volunteer and Hairspray star Nikki Blonsky…

Zarin, who braved strapping on a set of blades and donning a skimpy skating dress, took the time to introduce herself to Gosselin near the entrance to the stage, where prying cameras were nowhere to be found. However, Gosselin’s omnipresent bodyguard Steve Neild wasn’t having it.

“It completely threw her off guard and Steve stepped in between them, attempting to keep them apart,” Hoffman, who was assigned to keeping Kate happy, says.

The Real Housewife wasn’t the only person Neild wanted to keep from his client.

Blonsky, who was serving as host for the evening, made a quick run to the restroom just as the lights were dimming in the arena. As she ran out, Gosselin was waiting in the wings for her introduction.

“Nikki finally comes out of the bathroom and we’re trying to get her to the stage, but the security guard blocks her from getting to the stage!” Hoffman says. “He didn’t bodycheck her, but he definitely nudged her out of the way.”

Physically getting Gosselin to the show wasn’t an easy feat, either.

While she sweetly waived any sort of appearance fee, the octomom insisted that the Heritage Foundation foot the bill for a car service to shuttle her and Neild from Washington, D.C., to Danbury, a trek of more than five hours.

Such a request would inevitably ring up quite a cab fare for the small nonprofit, so one of the skater’s mothers offered her services—and that of her shiny 2010 SUV—to pick them up and bring them to the event.

“When she pulled up to the hotel in Washington, Kate’s bodyguard came up to the car and said she wasn’t getting in,” an insider tells E! News.

Neild told the generous mother that Gosselin, who had been informed of the transportation provided in advance, required a stretch limo with a divider. Only after the skating mother left to make the lengthy journey alone did the Gosselin camp set up their own chariot.

But that wasn’t the end of it.

“It was really difficult to find a place to get her into the building because she wanted a side entrance, no crowd, no parking garage, and she needed to be dropped off right next to the entrance,” Hoffman recalls. “It took three security guards and two others to get her to her dressing room.”

Gosselin wasn’t exactly friendly to the A-list skaters, either.

“She didn’t even look at anybody,” Johnny Weir tells E! News of meeting the reality star and posing with her on the red carpet.

After all that, Gosselin’s actual participation in the show wound up lasting less than a minute.

Near the beginning of the show, she stepped out to a crowd chanting her name and introduced Derrick Delmore. And that was it.

“She did her little speech in the beginning of the show and left,” Weir says. “Kate Gosselin was playing the diva act…I was disappointed to meet her and I was so disappointed she was involved in the show. It was such a waste.”

[From E! Online]

Why does Kate Gosselin need a bodyguard anyway? There are A-list actors and actresses who don’t have bodyguards. I would say that it’s technically not Kate’s fault if her bodyguard was pushy with people, but she can tell him to be less heavy-handed. We don’t know all the details of Kate’s appearance, and maybe a lot of things went wrong and she’s being unfairly blamed. When three different people say she was demanding and hard to work with though, there’s probably some truth to it.

Yesterday we heard that Jon Gosselin wanted to postpone his divorce by 90 days in a supposed effort to forge a more amicable relationship with his family. We also heard that same day that TLC was going to boot Jon off the Gosselin reality show, which would be renamed “Kate Plus 8.” It’s pretty clear that Jon didn’t have some great revelation about what an ass he is and that he’s trying to delay the divorce in a last ditch effort to stay on the show. Radar Online reports that Jon never told Kate in person or on the phone that he wanted to slow down the divorce and that he tried to inform her in a letter “sent through an arbitrator.” She found out about her husband wanting to stay legally married to her for three months longer by reading about it online like the rest of us.

Here’s a Twitpic from the event organizer, Tara Modlin. She didn’t Tweet anything negative and this seems to be a friendly enough photo. Johnny Weir and Kari Hoffman, the other two sources quoted in this story, also don’t talk smack on Twitter about Kate.


Stars, Stripes & Skates 8th Annual Event

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  1. Judy says:

    I’ve been asking all along why she needs a bodyguard–she’s just a wannabe. But, of course, she “needs” the bodyguard for more “personal” reasons–i.e., adjoining rooms. Her diva attitude is well-documented. People behind the scenes at the Today Show reported that her behavior was atrocious. She’s turned into quite the actress. There is nothing sweet or nice about this woman.

  2. smallwonder2738 says:

    The kids are doomed… a bitch for a mom and a twat for a dad. Glad they make $75k an episode, I see a hefty therapy bill in their future. Oh wait, I’m sure TLC will foot that bill too. *eye roll*

  3. Anna says:

    What kind of a world do we live in, in which you can’t have a charity event without so many reality TV cameras bustling about that they are stepping on each other’s toes (and the guests’ probably too)? Absolutely ludicrous.

    As for Kate’s behaviour, did anyone really expect anything else? She can’t let any opportunity to be a horrible person pass her by, now can she?

  4. Mia says:

    She is disgusting! Famous for pushing out a bunch of babies after taking fertility drugs. Then selling her family.
    She is a famewhoring wannabe. She has no talent to pull off being a diva. I hope her show is cancelled very soon because I’m sick of little children being exploited. I’m also disgusted with TLC.

  5. lilred says:

    If people stop giving in to her diva behavior and demands, she may finally realize that she “IS” a nobody.

  6. Linda says:

    This woman is such a bitch! Jon escaped – but I feel so sorry for those kids.

  7. Birdie says:

    But if the cost of her car service was too much for the small non-profit to bear, why didn’t they just let her stay in DC… They had Jill and Luann, and Nicky… So what was the point of bringing Kate?

  8. lucy says:

    What a bitca.
    Time to stop inviting her to events and indulging in her fantasy that she’s actually somebody. She is totally a wannabe – you guys are right on.
    I really hope more people aren’t afraid to speak up and say “hey she behaved like a jerk” because sooner or later it will keep her from getting invites to stuff like this.

    I really feel for those kids – not only do they have 2 awful (in different ways) parents, their family is going through a divorce, and STILL being forced to be on TV. They’ve made enough money to support the kids, time to turn off the cameras for good.

  9. Heavenbound says:

    Seriously, why does this woman get so much media coverage? Do all those soccer moms really like her? I just do not understand the appeal.. She has proven to be a Control freak wife, a horrible mother, and a despicable human being. It is truly mind boggling that people have seen her horrible behavior displayed on T.V. And they still watch their show and by her books.


  10. Kevin says:

    I’m actually not surprised by that… sigh what a bit of television fame can do to you.

  11. UrbanRube says:

    Some of that may be diva behavior, some of it may be one-sided reporting from people who were hoping to chat with her for some reason. If I were her, I’d be really paranoid about being judged and about all the recent negative press and it does seem that it would be difficult to know whom to trust. That doesn’t excuse the rudeness of refusing the generosity of the mother who offered to drive — and at the last minute. Like her or not, diva or not, she’s going through a rough time. Who knows what it would be like and what negative things happen to her that she doesn’t report to the tabloids? Again, I don’t like her persona and wouldn’t want to line up at Starbucks with her every morning, but some of this sounds one-sided.

  12. bros says:

    im not surprised-its not like khate can confine her cunty behavior to her husband or kids. everyone must feel the wrath. i cant think of anyone less deserving of fame and fortune. she is such a poser and wannabe. eventually she will burn her bridges with everyone, and fade away, because she is ultimately unlikeable and unqualified for everything.

  13. SolitaryAngel says:

    I don’t watch their show, and I didn’t know who these people were until I began to read about them on the gossip sites. That being said, I think that “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire” really does have meaning here–enough comments about Kate’s behavior have me convinced. It’s pathetic, really.

  14. wow says:

    I am thrilled that they dumped Jon and named the show after Khate. Now people really won’t watch and the rating will continue to drop even more drastically. Yay!

  15. Taya says:

    Kate is a disgusting vile piece of sh*t. With out the show, Kate is a nobody.She has no skills, no talent and no brains. I hope this show goes of the air for good and these two scumbags go away.

  16. Guest says:

    those 2 so so deserve each other…

  17. BiggieShortie says:

    I am baffled as to WHY it was so important to have her there at all? Who in their right mind would INVITE such an ungrateful hag (who so KINDLY waived an appearance fee, wow SO lucky that crowd). I don’t understand the appeal of kid pimps on any level, much less one where they are being treated like they are special and deserving of treating others like peons.
    Her AND her useless and nutless wonder husband need to vanish already. I’m so tired of them and their self-important drama.

  18. HS says:

    If the story is true then she’s a total Be-otch and ingrate. Ugh.

  19. junebug says:

    WOW, why did the organizer even waste their money on Kate? Kate isn’t a celebrity.. She only stayed there for what? 10 minutes? LOL

    I herd the crowed BOOED Kate as she stepped onto the ice. Because she was using the restroom to change and Steve was blocking the entrance until Kate was finished.

    After Kate introduce the 1st skater, She and Steve took off. Hmmmm..

  20. Judy says:

    Junebug…hmmm indeed to the Kate and Steve comment. Why is this hypocrite allowed to get off scot free while Jon gets raked over the coals? The reason I HATE and I do mean HATE this beotch is because Jon doesn’t pretend to be anything but a sleaze, while she gets away with her holier-than-thou, pious, virtuous persona while sleeping with her married bodyguard…what a bunch of crap.

  21. Jody says:

    I think Kate wanted the privacy of the 5-hr limo ride so she could be alone with the bodyguard. Alone.

  22. Judy says:

    Jody, you’ve got that one right. WTH TLC doesn’t call her on that is beyond me. I will never watch that show again.

  23. Aspie says:

    Hopefully “Kate Plus Eight” will fail miserably (I’m not planning on watching that crap fest) and it will soon get canceled and become a distant memory so Jon and Kate can focus on getting back to their jobs of being actual parents their to eight long-suffering kids.

  24. GatsbyGal says:

    People need to stop giving in to Kate’s demands. Who the hell does she think she is? I think the charity should’ve said, “Get in this car or else don’t come at all.” Seriously, she needs a limo? She doesn’t need a limo, she doesn’t even warrant a limo. She’s a year away from being a nobody.

    Ugh, those poor kids of hers. Who’s looking after them and raising them while their parents are off being famewhores?

  25. Jazz says:

    Judy you nailed it! I really can’t stand Kate. She sacrificed her marriage and children’s privacy just so she can chase a TV career. The show used to be about a couple struggling to raise 8 kids but how can it be like that now when they live in a million dollar house and earn 75k an episode. Not to mention all the free crap and “love offerings”. It’s not a home those kids are living in, it’s a TV set.

  26. Charalene says:

    I wish The Real Housewives would hire Kate and let her be one of the real housewives. They would eat her alive if she kept her present day personna.

  27. Gary says:

    and her butt sags.

  28. bklynj says:

    The new Mommy Dearest. It looks like she will beat Joan Crawford but will get to do it to eight instead of two kids. No wonder the guy left her his point is coming across and he was a smuck.

  29. dumdum says:

    when you saw her show – boy did she come across as being one of the nastiest wife and mom – she ruled her way or no way – what do you expect now – she should dedicate herself to her kids – they sure can use it – wanabe – will be a wanabe no more – she just does not have it- wife – mom – tv anything – she comes across as “ME” “ME” hey look at”ME”

  30. Eric says:

    I still don’t understand why anyone thinks that she is an okay person. It has been proven over and over again that she is just an actress and has been horrible to her husband and children! I would have left her too if I was her husband!

  31. rosy says:

    uggghh, i cant stand her. Why does she think that she is such an A-list celeb? She hasent done anything for the little amount of fame or money that she gets… All shes doing is getting the most money out of her kids if anything the kids should be getting all that fame and money… She sucks as a mother, i defenitly feel bad for her kids. She doensnt deserve her kids, shes a sorry excuse for a mother, i really dont blame jon for having an affair. She also doesnt deserve to be invited to anything anymore because thats just going to make her more into a “diva” because she has such a big fan base, not like the people who make all these top notch movies, come on next to her they are peasents. Really Kate, take a good look at yourself in the mirror so you can see the money craving monster that you really are, and look at your beautiful kids and love them for them and not the money that they can get you. Be a real mother not a “diva” mom, like who do you think you are? You are no better than anyone elseif anything you are below everyone else…

  32. Patrick says:

    She’s so annoying!! She acts like an A-List star when she barely makes the D-List. If she were angelina jolie or somehintg, i’d make mroe sense, but shes not even that famous and has no talent to brag about and the diva attitude is only gonna end up lose in the end

  33. I don’t wanna comment on that much but what I’m hoping is when doing some charity works we should be more patient, more decent and very forgiving at the same time. In that case, if you are a celebrity whether you have a big name or a new comer if we have pure intention when attending a charity event, we should not sounds like they owe us but rather we should be thankful because they want us to be part of that. I’m sick of those acts.