Heather Mills to be a contestant on ‘Dancing on Ice’ in the UK

Heather Mills, a former US “Dancing With The Stars” contestant and the generally despised ex wife of Paul McCartney, is reportedly set to appear on the UK reality show “Dancing on Ice.” Mills is a scary, deceitful, self-absorbed person by most accounts and judging from her behavior and interviews. She is also involved in several charities and is an amputee. She’ll get some rightful accolades for being brave enough to enter an ice skating competition with a prosthetic limb, just as she did for her stint on “Dancing.” She’s sure to relish the attention as she always does:

Heather Mills will star in the next series of Dancing on Ice, according to insiders on the ITV reality show.

The 45-year-old has apparently ordered a range of prosthetic legs to get practicing with a professional skater before the programme’s official rehearsals start at the end of the year.

The insider revealed: “Heather has often been linked with Dancing On Ice but this year she’s finally decided to do it.

“In typical Heather fashion, she is convinced she’ll be a huge attraction.

“She knows she divides people but there’s never a dull moment with her. Whatever people say about her, she’s certainly entertaining.”

The ex-wife of Paul McCartney is rumoured to be starring alongside former England goalkeeper Peter Shilton and Simon Cowell’s ex girlfriend and X Factor mentor Sinitta.

As usual, it will be presented by Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby when it returns to our screeens in January.

[From Mirror.co.uk]

The UK doesn’t have much patience for this woman because they’re more familiar with her antics. “Dancing on Ice” is scored much like “Dancing With The Stars” in that both the judge’s scores and the public vote counts toward keeping contestants on the show. Maybe Heather will be off the show within a week or two, owing to the public’s lack of good will toward her, or maybe she’ll surprise us and will last much longer. She does deserve some credit for putting herself out there and trying to skate as an amputee. For everything you can say about this woman, she’s definitely not shy. She’s also not going away.

Along with this rumored stint on “Dancing on Ice,” Heather has reportedly signed up to film an episode of another reality competition show with Katie Price aka Jordan. The two will compete in some kind of contest while on the rides at an amusement park. The show, called “Scream If You Know The Answer!”, will air on UKTV and is hosted by Duncan James of the group Blue. James will “give the stars a string of task during a daring day out at Surrey’s Thorpe Park.” My money is on Mills if there’s any kind of trivia involved.

Heather is shown on 8/27/08. Credit: WENN.com

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15 Responses to “Heather Mills to be a contestant on ‘Dancing on Ice’ in the UK”

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  1. rzrlvr says:

    Why, Paul? WHY? Her face is so weird. And where’s the daughter she worked so hard to keep at?

  2. smallwonder2738 says:

    This woman is atrocious. She is a media whore.. I love how she made sure everyone does not forget about her fake leg by wearing a short stocking on that leg.. and making sure it was seen when posing. (I feel sympathy for anyone who loses a limb–just not when they exploit it for personal gain).
    @ rzrlvr … you said it all…

  3. AlaskaJoey says:

    Didn’t she only last a week or two on Dancing with the Stars? Why does she think this will be different?

  4. Lindsay says:

    “Scream Like You if the Answer” sounds amazing. Two classy celebrities in a theme park with a really non-stupid plot.

    After reading that paragraph multiple times I am only more confused. What will they be doing? How will this be entertaining for an hour? Much less a couple shows? Why those two people out of anyone? Who do they think will watch this? I would rather see random people try to answer trivia questions. Maybe I should send them that idea, it is not good but it is better the the one they have.

  5. Lindsay says:

    AlaskaJoey – Because she is delusional, her ego will not let her see the reality that most people cannot stand her. I think she will be the first to go – she is disliked more in England than she is there. So I don’t see her sticking around.

  6. Victoria says:

    Wow she always has that kRaZy look in her eyes.

  7. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Put her best foot forward.

  8. Fat Elvis says:

    Damn, she is really unattractive.

  9. v says:

    anyone wanting a good laugh at this cunt’s expense should read the first chapter of Jim Norton’s book “i Hate Your Guts” He gets her good. best bit was in his list of ways she could make him hate her less was something about her doing a porn where the guy was doing her from behind and she had her left side propped up on a stack of phone books. lol

  10. Catherine says:

    She looks like she is off her rocker.

  11. orion70 says:

    That header pic is terrifying. I think she just stole part of my soul or something.

  12. LL says:

    Did she always have those crazy, weird lips or did she have plastic surgery on her face after the accident in which she lost her leg? I have always wondered what she used to look like before-Paul.

  13. j. ferber says:

    Okay, I’m the dissenter on this one. I think she is attractive and much of the hate directed at her is because of her divorce from Paul. And V, that’s a really vile, misogynistic post you’ve got going there. It’s great that you feel it’s welcome and appropriate on a site catering mostly to women.

  14. Madchen says:

    She has a crazy look in her eyes that makes me scared of her, and her mouth is on crooked.

    That’s a really juvenile thing for me to say, and yet I am unable to stop myself.

    I should’ve averted my eyes.

  15. justme says:

    She should do great with the axels!!