Kay: Maybe the Sussexes’ ‘royal racist’ wasn’t even royal, think about that!

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On Monday and Tuesday, I was a bit surprised by how quiet everything was in Windsorville. August 31st was the 24th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, and it also marked the publication of the paperback edition of Finding Freedom, with the new epilogue. As it turns out, everyone seemed to be waiting for the first day of September to unleash a mountain of shenanigans. Enter Richard Kay, known to royal-watchers as one of Prince William’s go-to columnists at the Daily Mail. While Kay doesn’t always carry water for William, Kay has absolutely let it be known that he loathes the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Kay has a new column about the FF paperback edition, and in between bitter moaning about H&M, Kay tries to spill some hilariously bad tea. Some highlights:

The anniversary of Diana’s death: Yesterday, on the 24th anniversary of the princess’s tragic death in a Paris car crash, came the sound of a noisy intrusion from far away California. It was the arrival in the bookshops of an updated version of the Harry and Meghan biography Finding Freedom. With it came a jarring reminder of how no issue in their supremely cossetted, opulent lives, however petty, can be allowed to rest, nor any criticism go unchallenged.

Naming the “royal racist”: Intriguingly, broadcaster and columnist Jeremy Clarkson has offered an alternative view. ‘If my sources are correct,’ he wrote this weekend, ‘the real reason they didn’t name the person might have something to do with the fact that they are not actually a member of the Royal Family.’

The “Meghan bullying staff” smear: Take the storm that flared up in the wake of claims that Meghan had faced an allegation that she had bullied staff, forcing out two palace assistants and undermining the confidence of a third. Rather than deal with the allegations of the highly detailed complaint, the book dismisses it as a smear and quotes a figure in the couple’s circle saying that it ‘served as a reminder’ to the Sussexes that they had made the right decision to leave Britain.

Salt Island is tired of the Sussexes: Publication of this new book may turn out to be timely, because it comes as those mission-statement pronouncements no longer receive the universal acclaim they once did. Many in Britain have tired of this feather-bedded couple’s griping, especially when it appears to include criticism of a much-loved 95-year-old monarch.

Again with the Saudi diamonds, curious: Remember those ‘blood money’ earrings Meghan wore on a royal tour to Fiji in 2018. It was disclosed that they had been a gift from Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who had been accused of ordering the brutal killing of reporter Jamal Khashoggi. Finding Freedom draws attention to the fact that the Queen, Duchess of Cornwall and Princess Diana had all received jewels from the Saudi royal family. It neglects to say that at the time no Saudi royal had been accused by the CIA of being behind the death and dismemberment of a prominent journalist.

[From The Daily Mail]

I’m sorry, but people are now going with “maybe the royal racist isn’t even royal” LMAO. Wow. Okay. It’s really funny because when Harry and Meghan refused to name the royal who commented about what color their baby’s skin would be, we all literally made “good cases” for why it was Prince William, Prince Charles, Camilla, Duchess Kate, Princess Anne and more. There’s more than enough evidence that the entire family is racist trash. But sure, Harry definitely lied about how the racist wasn’t even royal!

The Saudi earrings issue still bugs me – I feel like it was a set-up by Angela Kelly, for sure, but I also believe that no one in the British press wants to actually examine how the earrings even got to Meghan’s earlobes. Mohammed bin Salman most likely gave the earrings to Prince Charles and Prince William to pass along to the Sussexes for their wedding, since MBS met with Charles and William in March 2018. I also believe that the earrings were not a personal gift from MBS to Meghan, but rather like all of the other Saudi jewels – gifts from the House of Saud to the House of Windsor. But of course no one wants to examine that.

Mohammed bin Salman visit to UK

Mohammed bin Salman visit to UK

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, CBS.

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  1. goofpuff says:

    More desperation from them (meaning the Windsors and their courtiers). Same old same old.

    “Listen to what we say but don’t look at it closely! Just take it on faith!” is the way these abusers work.

  2. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    Maybe Kay is hinting that the royal racist is one of the marrieds-in or their near relatives – Wiglet, perhaps, or Carole (Mrs Bennett). It wouldn’t surprise me if it were Carole; that woman is a social-climbing hell on wheels.
    Perhaps Kay would like to answer the question – why did the RF accept jewels from the House of Saud in the first place? Why does the Queen hobnob with a man who kidnapped his own daughter?

    • JT says:

      I don’t know. H&M not naming the person is protecting them and I don’t think they would go out of their way to protect a married in, a random Middleton relation, or some staffer. The Sussexes said it would be damaging to name the person responsible, so if it wasn’t a royal why cover it up? They would’ve clarified it wasn’t xyz, like they did for Liz and Phil.

    • Lila says:

      Kay is just trying to distract from what we all know: Charles and/or William had concerns about a member of the royal family being “visibly” black.

      Actually, all of them were talking about this but these two are the only ones important enough to be protected. Meghan also said she felt this “concern” was linked to her son not being a prince, so it wasn’t some married in.

    • TigerMcQueen says:

      I think this confirms that more than one person said something about the color of Archie’s skin, and so Elegant Bill’s mouthpieces can use that to distract from his own racism.

      M&H weren’t talking about some relatively unimportant person, like Carole or some staffer or some third cousin still on royal dole. In saying it would be damaging to the person who said it, they confirmed that it was someone much more important to the firm…TQ, Phillip, Chuck, or Elegant Bill, and they’ve helpfully narrowed it down since they confirmed it wasn’t TQ/Phillip.

      But I would be SHOCKED if only one person said something. I’m sure lots of the Windsors and lots of courtiers had opinions about any kids H&M might have and said lots of racist things in their speculation. And they’re telling on themselves now, trying to twist themselves into knots pointing fingers over it, and Kensington Palace is using that to cast doubt on who exactly H&M meant.

      • iconoclast59 says:

        @TigerMcQueen – This. I see the BRF as a hotbed of gossip, with everybody from senior royals to chambermaids flapping their gums and offering their hot takes on everything instead of minding their own business.

    • FancyPants says:

      Hmmm when I read that headline I thought he must mean somebody like Peter or Zara or the Kents/Gloucesters who don’t have a HRH, but now I think he’s just lying.

      • pottymouth pup says:

        they honestly wouldn’t have been surprised by anything coming out of the mouths of the proudly racist Kents – frankly I’m sure the Kents said some heinous racist stuff about Meghan/her family as well as conjecture about Archie to others in the family and loudly enough for Meghan to hear any time they were within earshot of her. Their comment made it clear it was someone close enough in the family to not only be in the position of making the comment(s) to Harry but in a position that their comments were not just offensive to Harry but actually mattered because the closeness in relation and the position within the family that the person had. That points to William or Charles.

    • Nic919 says:

      Harry wouldn’t care what Carole would say because I doubt he even sees her. This is William using Kay to put out a lie to distract from being the one person Harry would actually care about and only his racist comment disappointed Harry enough for him to mention it.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Nic and it’s *infuriating* because for the rest of our lives, whenever this subject (or really anything pertaining to the BRF being racists) comes up, the royalists and Cambridge stans will screech smugly, “But it might not even have BEEN a member of the royal family!!!” even though this is very clearly BS to try to throw people off the scent, and to speculate about everyone else it could be instead of a Windsor.

        The person they were referring to is absolutely a royal; there’s no way Harry would have been as heartbroken and that they both would have been so reticent to name names if it wasn’t.

        And once again, the BRF is assuming their subjects are complete morons with zero critical thinking skills who will believe anything they’re told.

      • North of Boston says:

        Once again the BRF and their hangers on seem spectacularly clueless about how far out on to thin ice they have slid on the surface of Lake “F Around and Find Out”

        M & H have receipts. M & H gave a giant gift/peace offering in their decision to NOT name names. M & H also fired a 2-part warning shot by #1 pointing out that it would be very damaging to whoever said it to have their identities revealed and #2 preemptively disabling TRF/RR’s go-to protective shield by immediately clarifying it was NOT TQER or Philip.

        This people really are determined to sink their own battleship aren’t they?

    • luna says:

      I was sure that it was Charles/William but considering all the smoke about Camilla and Sussexes lately, I think it might be her.

    • BabsORIG says:

      First and foremost, Meghan said “several conversations between this person and Harry about Archies skin and what that [the birth of a dark skinned child] would make the monarchy look”. Please tell me, which one of Carole Middleton, the Kents, Zara and he brother whose name I forget that was married to the Canadian lady, which of those people would have “several conversations with Harry and express concern over how Archie’s skin color would make the monarchy look”? Please people, stop twisting what the Sussexes said.

  3. Sofia says:

    It’s absolutely telling that the press isn’t denying that somebody raised “concerns” but instead trying to find excuses and cover stories for it.

    And miss me with the concern about Jamal Khashoggi. A lot of Middle Eastern royals have done terrible things yet the Windsor continue to remain chummy with them. And it’s not just the royals but the government too.

    • WithTheAmerican says:

      The idea that the Fail cares about journalists made me spit out my coffee.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ WithTheAmerican, the words journalism and Daily Fail are an oxymoron. They should give up while they were ahead, about 12-15 years ago, if not longer!

    • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

      Did they make ANY stand/statement about Khashoggi at the time? Did they make ANY stand/statement about MSB at the time, or even SINCE about the murder? Sever ties?

      Yeah… didn’t think so.

  4. STRIPE says:

    I will say that I agree with Piers Morgan on one thing: I wish the Sussex’s would have named names on this. I think the British public deserves to know who said this.

    • tempest prognosticator says:

      I agree… and they can still can name the racist(s). Why make it a blind item?

      • ABritGue says:

        What do you think would happen if they did name the royal racist(s)? If they said it was Charles or William what do you think will happen realistically? If it was conversation with Harry unlikely it was recorded so would case of he said, she said etc.

        There’s already proof of lots of racism in the royal family in modern times including racist hiring policies. This should have supported their claims on Oprah but instead it’s swept under the carpet. People like Piers just wanted them to name names so they can discredit the claim & make excuses for them

    • Lila says:

      @ABRITGUEST Exactly. Naming the people who were making these comments would change nothing. The British public already knows the BRF is a racist institution made up by racist people.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Lilak yes!! Never give them them the ammunition to fire an assault so that they could turn around and call you a liar, as they did mercilessly with Meghan. Including, when they suffered a miscarriage. Who would question someone for having a miscarriage? This points to the fact that the royal lying rats will lay down with the dogs whose lies they are spreading all for the sake of protecting the worst of the offenders in the RF, and we are pretty certain is was Baldimort, given his blatant hatred and racists attitudes towards Meghan. It’s one or the other FFK, though I a betting on The Tooff!

    • Lorelei says:

      @Stripe typically I would totally agree with you, but in this case I actually think it’s better that they didn’t, because all it’s done is bring the world’s attention to the fact that there are *so many* racists in that family that there’s a good case to be made that it was any one of them. And that’s more damaging, imo, than if they’d named a single person.

    • The burden isn’t on Harry or Meghan to serve the British public.
      That onus is on reigning Queen, William and Charles to step up and finally serve their subjects.
      The reason why people remain agitated is because it is a REMINDER that the royal family, institution doesn’t have the moral leadership, courage and bravery to address how racism is a societal cancer.

      What decent person would continue to worship such cowardice ?

  5. A says:

    The House of Saud wasn’t accused of murdering the one journalist when the rest of the Windsors accepted gifts from them? That’s the excuse? Look, I’m not trying to be flip about Khashoggi at all. His death was horrific and everyone from royalty on down should be making that clear. What I am saying is that the Saudis have been the heads of an extremely brutal and repressive regime since 1932 and for journalists to imply that it was acceptable to receive gifts from them before 2018 is ridiculous.

    Also, how does any paper see someone write that their Buckingham Palace gossip comes to them by way of Jeremy Clarkson and agree to publish it?

    • Laura says:

      That’s what I thought too… this was said by Jeremy Clarkson, the racist car guy?

      • A says:

        Right? He’s not shy about being a bigot. I’m sure he’s got plenty of acquaintances around TV and newspapers and the like but, like, come on. If mY sOurCes aRe CorRecT- he doesn’t care if they’re correct or not. He cares about making the Duchess of Sussex look bad.

      • Lorelei says:

        His “sources” are the little voices inside his own ignorant head.

    • Emma says:

      Yeah, it is completely hypocritical faux outrage. Who really lives a cosseted life — let’s talk about Charles or Andrew, shall we?

      • Lorelei says:

        It’s HILARIOUS that someone defending the BRF has the audacity to criticize other people for living a “cosseted” life. Do these people even hear themselves??

      • Debbie says:

        I know, Emma, “supremely cosseted, opulent lives, feather-bedded.” Oh my Lord, the lure of the Sussexes’ multiple bathrooms must have blinded this ignorant yahoo about the queen’s golden piano-&-somebody-to-dust-it life.

    • lee says:

      Yep, the Royal Family is so outraged I bet they’ve returned the gift to the Saudi’s Why not just agree to disagree and end the feud OK.

    • equality says:

      1975-King Faisal assassinated by his own nephew. 1977 Saudi Princess ordered executed by her own grandfather for adultery. 1982-Saudi Prince mistreating and basically holding servants hostage in Miami. 2010-Saudi Prince beats lover to death. In SA people beheaded for being homosexual and human rights offenses, as you said, for decades. Suddenly it’s problematic that one person died? (not saying that wasn’t horrible either) Yet not so much a problem that the UK (or the US) cut ties with SA over human rights violations. But, sure, it’s all somehow Meghan’s fault that the royals accept gifts from the Saudis.

      • BeanieBean says:

        You forgot 2001: Saudis fly planes into the World Trade Center Towers, the Pentagon, & into a field in Pennsylvania.

  6. Cessily says:

    No matter what The Duke and Duchess say they think somehow some unknown and unnamed source from a tabloid or Royal commentator (who have proven that a heavy paycheck is more important than truth or ethics) is believable.
    These people profiting from smearing the Sussex’s have no integrity.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Or morales @ Cessily! We must not forget about morals as they certainly have none, neither do the RF, but you expect journalists to have some, but not on The Island of Salty Bitterness and Jealously!!

    • Debbie says:

      True, Cessily, but in this case, the Sussexes haven’t said a word. Someone else wrote/updated a book about them. So for this Kay bum to gripe about the noise from California (long may she reign) is absurd. So is implying that the English are tired of hearing or reading about the Sussexes when again this guy is summoning their names, instead of just lying back and thinking about Princess Diana (who I’m sure he would have exploited if she’d been around.).

  7. Talie says:

    Meghan said there were several conversations – Harry didn’t go further than the one. I’ve always thought it was a possibility that it was more than one person raising concerns, but it would only be damaging to someone high up the food chain.

    I think the sourcing for Jeremy Clarkson is just an indication that the palace sources are trying to throw people off the main players. I’m pretty sure the major royal reporters already know who it is and if it was someone unimportant, it would’ve been revealed already.

    • JT says:

      I agree that the RRs know who it is because they seem to know everything that’s happening in the palace, especially with the help having them on speed dial. They even knew about Meghan’s struggles beforehand.

  8. Noki says:

    They killed that earing story very quickly,they really dont want to open that can of worms,their whole jewelry and art collection has blood on it.

  9. Amy Bee says:

    I think Harry and Meghan not naming who were the royal racists was one of the best decisions they’ve made. It keeps BP nervous that the information will come out one day and it prevents the media from having the upper hand and using this information against them. It is clear that the press is very angry that Harry and Meghan refuse to name the persons.

    And what makes MBS any worse than the rest of the House of Saud. He was just doing what that his family has done for decades. The difference this time is the act took place outside the country and to a person who had ties to the US media. The Windsors have been accepting blood diamonds for centuries. Kate is going to wear that
    Saudi suite that was given to Diana one day and there will no mention of the atrocities committed by the House of Saud on its own people.

    • Lolo says:

      I agree!! It will forever haunt whoever said it and hopefully keep them in check. Ever since news of the book came out we’ve barely heard from “courtiers” so they seem to be scared into silence.

      • Lorelei says:

        Please. When Kate inevitably wears it, which she will 100% do if Diana did, there will be countless articles about how she’s finally “come into her own” and is a senior member of the family “in her own right;” that she’s proven she has the gravitas to be able to pull off wearing serious jewels like that.

        Oh, and somehow they’ll also claim that it proves how deserving the Queen (if Liz is still alive) thinks she is to be able to wear it, and how much the Queen loves and respects Kate and all she’s done for the BRF (lol) by deigning to lend her the jewelry in the first place.

    • Emma says:

      Exactly, like, shall we talk about the Koh-i-noor???

  10. Lori says:

    So we’re supposed to be mad about earrings from an alleged killer but not GAS about gifts of puppies from an alleged sex trafficking money squandering pedo?

  11. Lolo says:

    It’s funny how they say people are tired of H&Ms claim yet they keep writing stories about them.
    The reality is all this stuff we’ve heard before. They’ve rehashed it practically every month since they’ve been gone. In fact we’ve had a new book every few months with more still coming.
    When H&M say something new is when things blow up again.
    They want people to not care but people still do.

    • Lorelei says:

      Right? Absolutely no one else is still harping on it every single day except them.
      I swear to god it’s amazing to me how these people are simply incapable of learning about (and truly internalizing) the Streisand Effect; they do this over and over again without EVER learning that keeping their mouths shut is always the better way to go.

      I mean, would we even be looking at those photos of Chuck and Elegant Bill posing with him right now if Kay hadn’t dredged it all up? No, we would not! No matter how hard they try to blame literally anyone else for their constant fckups, they themselves are truly their own worst enemies.

    • equality says:

      That’s what I thought. This guy is saying nobody will pay attention to the book while paying attention to the book. The BM are irony-impaired.

  12. fluffy_bunny says:

    I’m sure more than one person associated with the Windsor klan was concerned about the color of Archie’s skin.

  13. MissMarirose says:

    Wait. What?! The source of the “not royal” story is Jeremy Clarkson?!! The jerk who got fired from Top Gear! LOLOLOL

  14. Eurydice says:

    The earring story had already been explained in the press before the Oprah interview. The earrings were given to the Queen during a state visit by MBS in 2018. Later, they were loaned to Meghan to wear at the event in Fiji. If the DM has a problem with murdered journalists they can ask the Queen.

    And I have no doubt that there are non-royals who are racists, too.

  15. Miranda says:

    Long before Jamal Khashoggi, there was Mishaal bint Fahd Al Saud. a Saudi princess and great-granddaughter of the founder of Saudi Arabia. In 1977, she tried to fake her death and escape the country dressed as a man, in order to elope with her Lebanese boyfriend. After being caught, she was given the choice to simply promise never to see her boyfriend again, but she refused. She was executed by gunshot, and after being forced to watch this, her boyfriend was beheaded by one of her royal relatives. Not being a professional, the relative needed 4 or 5 clumsy blows to finish the job. These executions were ordered by the Princess’s own grandfather, Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz, brother of the then-king, who had close ties to the British royals and was sent there to represent the Saudi royal family several times, including a coronation.

    These events were well-known in the UK, thanks to a very controversial docudrama that the Saudis lost their shit over. But sure, Meghan’s scandalous death earrings were practically dripping with blood.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Miranda, yes, it’s rich for them to act as if the Khashoggi incident was the first clue to the rest of the world that these are horrific, brutal people. Give me a break.

      And for them to use this particular line of attack on Meghan when they KNOW these photos of Charles and William both posing with him are out there? So inept it’s almost funny.

  16. nina says:

    Posing with Mohammed Bone Saw. They are shameless. They will hobnob with anyone that will fund their lifestyle even though they have enough money to keep 100 generations in extreme comfort.
    Trying to blame Meghan for the jewels received from Mohammed Bone Saw and they are the ones in the picture with him. Clearly Meghan and Harry never even met him, because if they did you know the BM will be publishing any photos with him over and over again. But the RF will not let facts get in the way of their spin.

  17. Aimee says:

    The Cullinan Diamond is the biggest blood diamond of them all and part of it resides in the Crown Jewels. Let’s talk about THAT.

  18. Agreatreckoning says:

    Oh Richard and Jeremy, that’s a loaded piece of deflection toast.

  19. RosaD says:

    Need a fearless investigative journalist, to investigate the RF. It’s time to expose the links between them & the press, name names.

  20. Lizzie says:

    Maybe the royal racist wasn’t royal OR a racist. Maybe it was somebody, not royal, who was excited for Harry and asked ‘Hey, have you thought about the skin tone of the baby?’
    These people are too much.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      At this point, the RR’s might as well say it was Wadsworth, the butler, in the Hall while polishing a colonizer candlestick.

  21. Marivic says:

    RKay and PMorgan and the rest of the rota clowns are frothing in the mouth in madness because they cannot convince the people of the world that the Sussexes are what these clowns say they are. No matter how much bullying and smearing they do. On the contrary the world sympathizes with the Sussexes and see through the vile slander these rotas throw at the Sussexes. All of them put together with William, Kate, Charles — they all cannot put the Sussexes down. They all cannot dim the light of the Sussexes no matter how much they want to bust that light. The world is not stupid. They see that these Brits are downright mean and rabid racist to the core.

  22. Gk says:

    Shortsighted of royals to put out that story. Now all of them will be under scrutiny for gifts. I want to know if M actually gets to keep those gifts. Or are they royal property . I know stuff that was Diana’s that she left her sons seems to be her sons .

  23. serena says:

    “..Came a jarring reminder of how no issue in their supremely cossetted, opulent lives, however petty, can be allowed to rest, nor any criticism go unchallenged”.. The fucking hypocrisy.