Kate Hudson & Alex Rodriguez face new round of pregnancy rumors

Fashion's Night Out Kick-Off with Anna Wintour and Michael Kors

Just think, it all started out as a pleasant little summer romance. It wasn’t supposed to go anywhere. And yet, here we are, still talking about Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez. Their relationship started in late spring of this year, and it’s lasted until the fall. Good for them. Seriously. The rumors about Kate and Alex have been mixed – everything from “they’re moving in together and getting married” to “everybody hates them together”. I tend to think Kate is probably following her standard operating procedure in this relationship – she moves in really fast, gets serious and loved up in a matter of weeks, and spends the rest of the relationship, however long, eating the guy’s soul. I mean that in a good way.

I’ve been reading bits and pieces of this latest “Kate Hudson is knocked up” rumor for several weeks. I think it’s because Kate wears loose, hippie clothes that make her look bumptastic (pictures here and here), and because when Kate gains weight, it tends to go to her stomach. I don’t think it’s a baby bump. I think it’s Yankee Stadium’s hot dogs and beer.

KATE HUDSON and ALEX RODRIGUEZ have been eying up new pads – and it looks like they may need a nursery.

You, Me and Dupre star Kate was showing signs of a baby bump as the pair toured various Malibu properties.

She’s been dating baseball star Alex, nicknamed A-Rod, since May and already seems to be playing mum to his two kids.

Baseball star A-Rod split with his wife of six years CYNTHIA in July last year and was romantically linked with MADONNA around the time of her break up with GUY RITCHIE.

[From The Sun]

Of course, Kate really could be knocked up. It wouldn’t really surprise me, but I just think for these particular rumors it’s just weight gain and loose clothes. I do find the whole house hunting thing interesting though – will they really move in together? Maybe. It could work. No joke.

Fashion's Night Out Kick-Off with Anna Wintour and Michael Kors

Kate Hudson watching the Yankee game in New York

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  1. mel says:

    Good Luck to Kate but if he cheated on his wife, chances are he’ll cheat on Kate. Only time will tell if they are destined to be together.

  2. Dee says:

    Kate sux! she goes thru men like we change panties everyday its fine when you’re single but she introduces her son to all of her guys and then breaks up with them! Poor kid! She’s setting a really bad example for him! I think she should just WAIT and make sure its the right man then introduce her son to them.

  3. Birdie says:

    I just feel ‘meh’ about Kate… but my theory with all this is that she has gained weight in the past year or so, probably 10 or 15 pounds and she just looks heavier than before so tabloids keep picking up pregnancy rumors with her. To me her stomach doesn’t look any bigger proportionally than her face or arms.

  4. sophia says:


  5. princess pea says:

    I think Kate is like the girl version of Clooney. She doesn’t want to get married and settle down anytime soon.

    Why should she?

  6. HEB says:

    I agree on the hot dogs and beer baby bump…shrewd observation there.

  7. I also think it’s the hot dogs & beer, but only b/c A-Rod is the only person who can afford them. The new Stadium is EXPENSIVE!!!

  8. Dena says:

    Like Kate, I wouldn’t care if one bit if he cheated on his wife. He is hot and the sex is probably good. All of that cheating stuff only matters if you plan on investing your heart and not just your time. Please. I’d take A-Rod in a . . . do I say it. . . a NY minute if he looked my way. He looks fit and in his prime. Come on, ladies.

  9. ms.bitch says:

    Yuck! Sorry but it seems like this chick is randomly throwing her va-jayjay around. Furthermore all of her family is white..why would she want a mixed baby?

  10. ms.bitch says:

    Shes still ugly..and he will stray back to scores (put money on it, cuz I KNOW)

  11. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “Furthermore all of her family is white..why would she want a mixed baby?”

    wtf kind of bigoted question is THAT?

    let’s just pretend for a minute that her getting preggers with A-Rod is true.

    it may amaze someone of your narrow-mindedness to find out that people of one race actually fall in love with people of a different race ALL THE TIME.

    wanting a baby with that person isn’t about the other person’s race but about wanting to have a child with someone they love.

    jeebus…are you for real?

  12. Dena says:

    “Furthermore all of her family is white..why would she want a mixed baby?”

    Yuck. Sorry. But it seems that some chick is randomly throwing around ignorant comments. And that was an ignorant, narrow-minded comment you made.

    According to your logic, if she had a baby with a blonde white man but the child were say brunette or had red-hair, then they should put the child up for adoption because it doesn’t match her coloring, her blonde husband, and her older child. Right?

  13. TwinkleToes says:

    You guys just fell for a troll with a link, that I am not going to click on.

  14. Praise St. Angie! says:

    hey Twinkle, thought it might be that, esp since there was no response…

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