Oscar Isaac & Jessica Chastain brought their hot AF chemistry to Venice

SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE Red Carpet during the 78th Venice International Film Festival

Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac were in Venice to premiere and promote their HBO miniseries, Scenes From a Marriage. The reviews suggest that both actors are giving tour-de-force performances as a fictional married couple going through the everyday dramas of a regular marriage. Jessica and Oscar have worked together several times already, and they’ve been friends since they attended Julliard together. That kind of personal and professional history is obviously quite helpful when working together in a miniseries of such intimacy, where they’re playing a couple who would reasonably have their own kind of shorthand and backstory.

All of that came spilling out on the red carpet in Venice. I don’t know if they planned to do this, but Oscar and Jessica did a little scene for the wall of photographers. The scene – a glamorous redhead poses solo in her glittering, strapless Versace gown, the flashes bouncing off her alabaster skin. Enter: a handsome Cuban-Guatemalan man in a tuxedo. The redhead smiles softly when she sees him. She drapes one arm across his shoulders, angling her body so that the photographers can still get the photos of her gown. The man stares at her like he could eat her for breakfast, then gently rubs her arm. He leans in and kisses her bicep. And SCENE. The slow-mo is one of the hottest things ever, but the real-time video is f–king hot as hell too.

Here’s a video of Oscar and Jessica (he calls her Jessie) talking about how well they know each other and what that was like on this project:

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Scenes From a Marriage premiere, 78th Venice International Film Festival, Italy - 04 Sep 2021

Scenes From a Marriage premiere, 78th Venice International Film Festival, Italy - 04 Sep 2021

SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE Red Carpet during the 78th Venice International Film Festival

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. sunny says:

    They have fantastic chemistry- though Isaac seems to have great chemistry with everyone. One of the most accurate/funniest things i saw on the Internet about this was one writer talked about how the movies have gotten a lot more sanitized and less sexy over the last few decades but it is clear that everyone of Oscar Isaac’s characters f%#k. So funny!

    As for Scenes From a Marriage, I’ll watch because they are both such fantastic actors but I am fully surprised they would attempt to remake this particular work because the original is an absolute masterpiece.

  2. Wiglet Watcher says:

    All the hotness coming from Oscar. He’s smoldering!

    Jessica is always “meh” for me.

  3. ABritGuest says:

    Love Oscar & phew the chemistry. I will be watching the movie .

  4. mrs.no says:

    Thank you KAISER for writing about this :’) I had a blast yesterday reading through the comments under that tweet. You could find LITERALLY ANYTHING under it…from conspiracies about cheating on their spouses to angry fans yelling at everyone that ‘it’s the slow-mo that makes it hot’…
    At least now EVERYONE FINALLY UNDERSTANDS why people are so obsessed with Oscar.

  5. Anony83 says:

    God Bless them, they must have known the firestorm pictures like this would cause, and hopefully, it plays out in huge streaming numbers* just to thank them for bringing these videos into the world. Heck, just to thank Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain for existing at all for that matter.

    *I might rescind my wish for the film’s success if it turns out these two are *actually* having an affair.

  6. Merricat says:

    Lord have mercy, Oscar Isaac is hot, hot, hot. Whew!

  7. Lexilla says:

    This is the first and only snippet I’ve seen of this so I could be off-base, but in the slo-mo it seems like she’s surprised and uncomfortable by the kiss.

    • Escondista says:

      When my husband is over-the-top sexual like that towards me in public, I also get outwardly embarrassed because PDA can make others uncomfortable but I’m secretly THRILLED. Hopefully, if she did feel uncomfortable, she would tell him not to do that ever again. However, for the sake of Oscar-loving women everywhere, I hope she loved it and it just made her feel giddy.

    • Sof says:

      I noticed she seemed surprised too and wondered the same, but yesterday she posted a picture of the moment on her stories and today a photo of Morticia and Gomez. So I don’t think she is uncomfortable now, at least.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Yeah, it didn’t look rehearsed to me, either. She’s joking, puts her hand up to keep him at at arm’s length, then drapes her arm on his shoulder, but she’s still got him at arm’s length. The kiss caught her by surprise.

  8. Zatfig&Kitty says:

    Oh I am HERE FOR THIS. These two are are so hot together

  9. Sofia says:

    Whew! They have great chemistry.

  10. Ana says:

    This is sexy because it is HIM. I can’t imagine any other actor doing this without me thinking “sheesh, what a creep, are you sniffing her armpit?”. But him? I’m all “ooooooh aahhhhhhhh”

  11. BusyLizzy says:

    Hot! I wish I was her bicep

  12. C-Shell says:

    Of the ~9M views of that slo-mo, I personally can account for ~500K.

  13. Mary Mae says:

    Deleted due to double post.

  14. Mary Mae says:

    I hope it was at least a planned moment between them to get people talking about the movie. Because regardless whether it was planned or not, it definitely worked.

    I love Oscar Isaac and think he is sexy AF but at the same time I don’t care how close I am with someone. This would be weird if a friend did something like this, especially since this is actually a very public work setting for them. If they have that kind of relationship cool, but if I were Oscar’s partner, I would at the very least be raising an eyebrow.

  15. Lena says:

    They’re both actors acting I get it (which takes some of the heat from it) but being an actor’s spouse is hard enough with them going away for months, working with super attractive people (no matter how attractive you might be also), pretending for months that they’re ‘in love’ -I can’t help but feel for Oscar’s wife and Jessica’s husband.I think if they were as well known as their spouses people wouldn’t think this was hot, they’d be pissed for them. It’s just disrespectful.


    It was strange seeing the slo mo and then the still because in the latter it looks like he’s all up in her armpit.

    I love Oscar because he’s got so much magnetism and charisma, but doesn’t have the like classic “movie star” looks- then you have Scott Eastwood who is chiseled and symmetrical and comes off like a piece of wet cardboard.

    Attraction is about so much more than appearance. Also this is not to say Oscar is physically unappealing, I’m just making a specific note about Hollywood.

  17. SM says:

    Oscar! That’s all I have to say here.

  18. Sof says:

    I know it wasn’t as hot as this, but I remember her and James McAvoy on Cannes promoting a movie together and they seemed really into each other. Jessica has great chemistry with everyone! Good for her.
    Also, for those worried about her consent: as I said above, she is posting images of this moment and of the Adams marriage, so we can say that she is not upset or feels uncomfortable about it.

  19. Lilly (with the double-L) says:

    I watched The Addams Family with baby girl girl and Oscar as Gomez and, yes, even in animation, still hot. Lol.

  20. Ladiabla says:

    Such a sexy man, I’ll watch anything with the two of them 😍

  21. BeanieBean says:

    I don’t know who they’ve got to play Desi Arnaz opposite Nicole Kidman’s Lucy, but Oscar Isaac would be perfect.

  22. Rice says:

    You can see his wife from another angle and she’s laughing with them. Now, whether that pic was taken before/after this pregnancy-inducing moment in history is another story.

  23. Jill says:

    I saw the comment on Twitter “can you imagine if he MEANT it?” and I was ded. Like, fall over ded. His wife is a lucky woman.

  24. Barbie1 says:

    Blessing us with their bright movie star wattage and chemistry in these dark times.

  25. Naomi says:

    I didn’t realize that Oscar also stars in The Card Counter with Tiffany Haddish, also premiering in Venice (He did not grab her & was also wearing laid-back clothing). Looks like he and Jessica were just having fun. Her red dress is fabulous and so is his tux.

    So 2 Oscar films to look forward to! I need this.

  26. Stina says:

    Oscar flirts with everyone. He is lovey dovey with all his costars, male and female. Was this particular clip extra hot? Definitely. Though, they have been friends for 20 years, having gone to Julliard together. It seems like they are taking something out of the B.Coop and Gaga playbook. This tiny clip is viral. I’ve seen several tweets where ppl are saying it made them want to not just Scenes From A Marriage, but also A Violent Year and all of Oscar’s movies! It had the effect that I am sure was intended. Oscar’s wife was right there, if it meant anything more, do ppl really think he would be doing that out in front of the paps? It’s kind of funny to watch a bunch of people suddenly realize how hot Oscar is. I feel like people have been sleeping on him in general. He isn’t just beautiful to look at, he is a really great actor and musician. He pretty much has it all. I’m getting a little annoyed with the accusations of cheating or some calling him a creep. He is one of the few unproblematic actors left. Maybe I have missed it, but I’ve never read or seen a bad thing about him. Fans always say he is friendly and kind. As far as the “drama” with him wearing an Ayn Rand t-shirt 10 years ago…it’s a fucking t-shirt and he was a young guy. We are lucky if they even wash their clothes. Anyways, as a longtime fan of Oscar, I’m excited that he has 3 projects coming out in the next 5 weeks!

  27. Stacy Dresden says:


  28. Sarah I says:


  29. holly says:

    Don’t find him attractive at all, tbh. I don’t get what the fuss is all about. He’s a good actor, but he gives me douche vibes.

    She’s absolutely stunning, though.

  30. molly says:

    This is what Lady Gaga and Bradly Cooper THOUGHT they were doing.

  31. Nibbi says:

    I don’t know a thing about him or his marriage situation but I’ve always had a soft spot for Chastain. I can’t imagine that someone’s spouse would see this and be hugely thrilled, no matter how supportive etc. It bothers me bc it clearly surprised her. She was trying to keep him at arm’s length- then she “friendly-fied” it – then he took super advantage. Can’t say I’d be that comfortable with someone’s face that close to my armpit in a mega-public situation, either. This has an Adrian Brody & Halle Berry at the Oscars feel to me, though obviously far less extreme – dude pushes the envelope with friendly or romantic contact, chick plays along despite surprise/discomfort so as to be agreable and because almost literally standing in the headlights.