Miles Teller is apparently unvaccinated, then got Covid on the set of ‘The Offer’

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If you didn’t know that Miles Teller is an actor and I just showed you a photo of his dude-bro face, wouldn’t you think “MAGA anti-vaxxer”? It’s his face. That’s just the vibe he gives off. I have no idea if he’s actually MAGA, but he’s apparently unvaccinated and causing a commotion on the set of The Offer. Miles ended up being the miniseries’ second choice for the lead role after Armie Hammer dropped out in a storm of abuse controversy. The Offer is about the making of The Godfather, and Miles plays Albert S. Ruddy, whose memoir is the source material for the series (holy sh-t, Matthew Goode is playing Robert Evans!!). The miniseries has been filming for a few months, and in July, the production was shut down briefly because…people tested positive for Covid. And Miles was suspected to be the unvaccinated Typhoid Mary.

Whiplash star Miles Teller was unvaccinated and refused a Covid test before testing positive on a Hollywood set, shutting down production, a senior industry source claims. Filming for Paramount Plus Series The Offer was shut down on July 28 after a production member tested positive for the virus, according to a studio spokesperson. And a source close to the executive team for the show told that that patient is Teller, 34, and that the actor had refused to get a vaccine or a previous Covid test before testing positive on set in Los Angeles.

‘Miles Teller is not vaccinated. He wouldn’t even get the test,’ the source told ‘Now he’s brought the virus to the set and the whole set had to shut down.’

The star’s publicist, Lauren Hozempa, told ‘Your facts are incorrect,’ but declined to elaborate further.

Property records list Teller’s address as a $2.5 million home in Studio City, Los Angeles. A woman who answered the intercom at the property told she did not know him, even though a UPS delivery ticket stuck to the intercom was addressed to M. Teller.

Teller, who had a leading role in The Spectacular Now and the Divergent series, stars in The Offer, a show about the making of the blockbuster 1972 movie The Godfather, alongside Giovanni Ribisi, Collin Hanks, Matthew Goode, Juno Temple and Dan Fogler.

‘Out of an abundance of caution, we have temporarily halted production… We will continue to follow all safety protocols and monitor the situation closely,’ a spokesperson for Paramount Television Studios told Deadline. Filming has since resumed for The Offer and Teller returned to the set.

[From The Daily Mail]

“Your facts are incorrect” – what the hell kind of denial is that? That being said, it’s gross that the Daily Mail sent someone to his home and rang the intercom. I’m not advocating for the harassment of anti-Vaxxers at their homes, come on. Harass them on the street, fire them from their jobs and yell at them online, by all means. But it’s creepy to go to someone’s home. Anyway, SAG-AFTRA needs to mandate vaccines to all of their union members. Every Hollywood production, studio and streaming company needs to mandate vaccines. The end. And Miles Teller seems like a total douche.

Miles Teller pops out to CVS wearing a Lakers Kobe tee

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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32 Responses to “Miles Teller is apparently unvaccinated, then got Covid on the set of ‘The Offer’”

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  1. Aimee says:

    How could he even clear insurance protocols???

  2. Voominvava says:

    Douche. He gives me major Shia Labeouf vibes.

    People are so selfish.

  3. Smile says:

    Such a POS.

  4. Wenny says:

    Why was he allowed to refuse to get a covid test before going set???
    Everyone on the crew has to take them multiple times a week.
    What a selfish person.

    • Amy Too says:

      And then they say they’re going to “continue to follow covid protocols.” You obviously weren’t following covid protocols to begin with if you let one of your actors refuse to test. And if he wouldn’t test then what makes us think he’s going to test now? Are they suddenly going to start enforcing the rules? I doubt it when their statement about “continuing” to follow covid protocols already contained a lie.

  5. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    It’s getting so much easier to cancel people…

  6. Lucy2 says:

    That’s just awful. He has a responsibility to the other cast and crew, and is now risking their health and work.

  7. Madchester says:

    How does he keep landing jobs? Like who hires these guys? To go from Armie Hammer to Miles Teller, there’s no way there’s isn’t better non problematic actors to hire.
    I don’t remember details but I know he’s showed us who he is enough times where it’s shocking he’s still getting parts.

  8. Eurydice says:

    This is weird. Other sets have strict Covid protocols, why not this one?

  9. Gertrude says:

    He’s flashing the white power sign.

  10. Giddy says:

    I wonder how much it is costing this production company that Teller wasn’t required to be vaccinated. I think he’s an arrogant douche and certainly not worth suspending Covid protocols for. Also, first Armie Hammer, then Miles Teller? Someone has made absolutely terrible choices for this role.

  11. YAS says:

    Oh wow. It’s always the guys you suspect.

  12. Scal says:

    Wasn’t he just in Hawaii? Prior to July 8th you had to have a vaccine to enter the state. Now they have a mandatory test you have to take and upload before you can come into the state. And you are supposed to be vaccinated or you have a 10 day quarantine in a hotel-didn’t hear him say anything about that.

    Maybe he’s vaccinated and so refused the test?

  13. CE says:

    A couple things. One, having worked on film sets myself, I am unfortunately well aware that the richer/whiter/more important/male you are, the less rules apply. Covid people will much more target people they deem ‘easier to control’, and production will turn a blind eye. This has been going on since pre-vaccine and believe me, HR and your safety teams or unions will do absolutely nothing. It’s very sad.

    Secondly, I worked with Miles right after he finished the divergent movies. He was and to this day is one of the worst people I’ve ever had to deal with. He was completely insufferable, and I have never let an opportunity go by to not share that information. So I am not surprised by this at all, but it’s unfortunate that the rest of the crew is being put at risk by his douchebag behavior. That’s all.

    • Jaded says:

      Thanks for that, it’s always good to have actual facts rather than rumour and innuendo to rely on. Why, oh why, does the film industry continually allow these bottom-feeders to get away with so much.

    • AlpineWitch says:

      Thanks for telling us your first-hand experience! I could never stand him since he went all arrogant during the promo tour of Whiplash. I cannot even say he’s cancelled as I always avoided him like the plague in movies.

  14. Ann says:

    Yes, he has a major douche face in that picture. What a tool. He is a good actor, actually, so I’m sorry to hear he’s apparently insufferable. At the same time, I’m glad I know?

    • Golly Gee says:

      A punchable face, as they say. One just needs to make sure to wash their fists for at least 20 seconds after the deed is done.

  15. nolabirds says:

    Other crew sources say there were several people who tested positive within the crew before Miles Teller (and Teller, being in the cast, would be getting tested anywhere from 3-5 times per week depending on the production).

    While it still doesn’t change the shitty and f-ed up fact that he remains un-vaccinated blaming Teller for the infecting others and the cause of it getting into the cast and crew without actually knowing the sequence of positive tests is also kind of f-ed up.

    • Golly Gee says:

      Sometimes karma takes a circuitous route.

    • McGee says:


      He refused the testing that others were taking. That they tested positive before him doesn’t absolve him as his test refusal is not testing negative.

      WHY was he refusing to test, I wonder.

      Also, as someone else noted earlier, his hand posturing in header photo quite revealing.

  16. LaraW” says:

    Does this mean he’s essentially torpedoed his career? From what I understand, losing a day of production costs sh-ttons of money. Miles isn’t a big enough star to be worth that expense, and he’s not pretty enough to survive on his looks. He’s a liability, and there are plenty of other actors ready to take his place.

    • ItReallyIsYouNotMe says:

      This. I went to see a movie because Miles Teller was in it said no one ever besides his own parents. He is not bankable enough to play these kinds of games.

  17. Jannie says:

    Did he not pay his wedding planner yet?

  18. isabella says:

    Sue his azz. Seriously these people need to be sued for medical expenses. Start suing their a**es.

  19. Mireille says:

    Plenty of nice, talented actors out there who will comply with COVID rules and studios still hire this asshole. Sorry, but no. He’s always been an arrogant POS and yet for some reason arrogant POS still get jobs.

  20. Ally says:

    Deux moi has sources on set who said it wasn’t him. That the crew gave it to him. So maybe, shockingly, it wasn’t his fault?