Angelina Jolie helped Salma Hayek celebrate her b-day with ‘La Mordida’

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Last year, Salma Hayek and Tiffany Haddish appeared on Watch What Happens Live to promote their film, Like a Boss. At one point, Salma was asked about what it was like to work with Angelina Jolie on The Eternals, which she was filming at the time. Salma completely fan-girled over Jolie, and Tiffany did too. It was a nice reminder that once people meet Angelina, they actually adore her and want to be friends with her.

Over the the past two years, Salma has gushed about Angelina a few times, and from the looks of it, they’re good friends now. They’re tight enough that Salma invited Angelina to her birthday party (Salma is a Virgo queen, with a September 2 birthday). And Salma ended up posting this cute video of “la mordida,” which is a popular birthday tradition in Mexico – it’s when the birthday boy or girl’s hands are held back and their face is shoved into their birthday cake. It looks like Angelina didn’t actually want to shove Salma but the whole thing is super-cute:

Forever Jolie-stans: did you predict this? I never would have predicted this. I never would have predicted that Angelina-in-her-40s would be doing Marvel films, hanging out with Salma Hayek, The Weeknd and Ellen Pompeo, and living full-time in LA. What a turn of events. Anyway, I hope Salma encourages Angie to come out of her shell a little bit and I can’t wait for The Eternals promotion!

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The American Actress Angelina Jolie spotted in the city of love and heads to a restaurant via a taxi boat in Venice.

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  1. Sierra says:

    I think Eternals came to Angelina at the right time because it seems the movie and the cast has helped her heal.

    From the massive reception at the Comic-Con when Kevin Feige announced her name to the way her co stars all seem to adore her during the filming and finally the reception she got when the teaser and trailer were released.

    I think Angelina truly let’s go and has fun when she is with her children and friends. It’s only now we are seeing her allow others to put that up on social media.

    • Golly Gee says:

      Not to mention the record she broke when she joined Instagram. With all the crap that’s written about her in the media, I hope she is gaining a better sense of the support that is out there for her with the general public. It’s probably not something that she puts a whole lot of weight on, but it still must feel good to know that people want the best for you.

  2. Cerise says:


  3. ennie says:

    Sad changes sometimes bring good changes. Blessings in disguise.
    Yes, Cerisse! que padre verlas!

  4. TIFFANY says:

    When AJ and Jack Black were doing Kung Fu Panda promotions, she was a big old, cute dork as well. I really want those two to do a live action film together. The promotion will be great.

  5. teecee says:

    Salma is in a cult. Be careful, Angie!!

  6. Myra says:

    The hanging out with The Weeknd is the most random bit about this Angelina-in-her-40s era. But you know what? Good for her.

  7. BeanieBean says:

    Ok, I’ll be the person who asks: are you supposed to eat the cake after someone’s face has been shoved in it?

    • Aiza SANDOVAL says:

      It’s a tiny bit on the the edge. They cuy that slice for the brithday person and serve the rest. Sometimes, a clownish mean soul pushes too hard the face against the cake and everybody is sad. The birthday person because feels is suffocating and dying, and the rest pf the people cause there’s no cake for anybody.

      “La mordida” it’s a tacky and disrispectful tradition some people have.
      There are many videos of kids being pushed by adults.

  8. Ferdinand says:

    Well, it’s not like Jolie was stranger to franchises. She’s been in a few, some worked some didn’t. But yeah, at least with Marvel you know the franchises will work.