Stanley Tucci was diagnosed with cancer three years ago, was successfully treated

Stanley Tucci has a charming interview in Vera, the Virgin Atlantic’s in-flight magazine. I’m going to use the Vulture excerpt, though, because scrolling through Vera will give you serious FOMO. It gives a brief overview of all things Tucci, including his movies, his home life and his recent rise to fame as a cocktail-making bon vivant. It’s predictably charming but one admission that caught many of us off guard was Stanley’s discussion of his battle with throat cancer. Three years ago, doctors discovered a lump under his tongue that they couldn’t operate on, so they treated it with radiation and chemotherapy instead. However, Stanley had watched his first wife suffer through the treatments as she was dying of breast cancer, and he hated to make his kids go through that again. Fortunately for all his kids and his current wife, Felicity Blunt, he did, and the good news is that it looks like Stanley is and will remain cancer-free.

Stanley Tucci opened up about his past cancer diagnosis and successful treatment in a new interview. Tucci explained in an interview in Vera magazine that he was diagnosed three years ago with a tumor on the base of his tongue. “It was too big to operate, so they had to do high-dose radiation and chemo,” Tucci said. “I’d vowed I’d never do anything like that, because my first wife died of cancer, and to watch her go through those treatments for years was horrible.” Tucci’s first wife, Kate Spath-Tucci, died of breast cancer in 2009 at the age of 47. Tucci explained that his cancer treatment involved the use of a feeding tube for six months. “The kids were great, but it was hard for them,” Tucci shared. “I could barely make it to the twins’ high-school graduation.” The actor shares two children with his first wife and two children with his second wife, Felicity Blunt. “[Cancer] makes you more afraid and less afraid at the same time,” Tucci said. “I feel much older than I did before I was sick. But you still want to get ahead and get things done.”

[From Vulture via Vera]

It sounds like he received this diagnosis right after the birth of his last child with Felicity. I can see why he would change his mind about the treatments knowing the alternative was to leave five kids fatherless. (The excerpt said Stanley has four kids, but he has five, twins and another child with his first wife Kathy and two kids with Felicity). Anyone who has watched a person die of cancer has probably made similar vows as Stanley. I’ve watched two people close to me die of cancer and I swore many things as a result. But Stanley had just restarted his life with Felicity, his grown kids were still in high school, and he had an entirely different prognosis with his cancer. It sounds miserable, though. I’m so sorry the family had to go through that a second time. I can only image how frightening it must have been.

Speaking of his prognosis, Stanley’s throat cancers sound the same as Michael Douglas’. Michael’s also started by discovering a lump in his throat and was cured with radiation that took a severe toll on his health. In Val Kilmer’s documentary, he doesn’t say the lump was on his tongue, but he does say the throat cancer was cured quick enough, it was the radiation that wiped him out. Whereas Stanley had a feeding tube, Val had a breathing tube put in, that’s how he lost his voice. I’m glad all three men are out the other side of this. I hope we continue to learn more information about this type of cancer and what to look out for. I remember Michael claimed it was HPV, I wonder if that was true?

One thing cancer didn’t take was Stanley’s love of food. He latest book, Taste, My Life Through Food, comes out Oct. 5.



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  1. Lightpurple says:

    So glad he made it through. Also so glad CNN is doing a second season of “Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy.”

    • Spicecake38 says:

      I’m so happy to hear this I really enjoyed the first season.He was so at ease while still being informative and interesting.It was a perfect watch for me.

      Wishing him the best of health.

  2. Lee says:

    So glad he has been successfully treated. He’s one of my fav actors and looks like a great human being!

    • FHMom says:

      He had a public affair with Edie Falco while married to his first wife. He went back to her when she was diagnosed. I hope someone will correct me if my facts are wrong, but I would not call him a great human being. Flawed, like all of us, for sure.

      • Oh-Dear says:

        Hopefully that experience made him reflect on his behaviour and he is now a great human being who grew from a horrible indiscretion.

      • Maria says:

        He also repeatedly sexually harassed Anne Hathaway on the set of The Devil Wears Prada. I enjoy his work, so hopefully yes, he has grown.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Glad to hear his treatment was successful. The Falco/Tucci story is true. Pretty sure The Devil Wears Prada story isn’t. Anne has never told that story in a real interview that I’m aware of – could be wrong. The originating source from 2006 of that story was WENN. Not really known as a credible source. Hathaway & Tucci worked on a movie together in 2020.

      • Maria says:

        The original interview appears to have been in a British paper that is no longer in existence. Other sites covered it, including WENN and Celebitchy and the Sun (not great journalism now, I have no idea about 2006). She made deprecating comments about it then to downplay it, and yes, made nice comments about him in their reunion. I read those a year ago. She is a nice person who I believe does not want to make waves, so it makes sense.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        The article is copyrighted to WENN. There are a lot of stories covered by sites that aren’t true and they’re discussed. The BM (and other outlets) cover each other’s stories about a certain couple that moved to California that are not true. Anne is a nice person that did talk about Time’s Up in 2018 . If she was sexually assaulted by Tucci, I really doubt she would do a movie with him again. She’s not an ingenue who might feel the need to take whatever work and play nice. The deprecating comments were part of the originating story from WENN. Not a fan of the Today show since they opted to have Camilla T. on but this interview with Anne & Stanley about The Witches seems like two people that have a fun friendship than an uncomfortable one – at least not one in which someone supposedly sexually assaulted the other 15 years ago and then made a movie with them. because they are a nice person.

      • Maria says:

        Quibbling about the source aside, the assumption that someone in Hollywood wouldn’t work again with someone who harassed them would exclude about 98 percent of actresses from working again, including ones you wouldn’t think would accept it (why not? It’s not their fault anyway)

        Tucci and Hathaway were not nearly on the same level in 2006 and she was not what she is in the industry now. Of course he would be more respectful now.
        We know Tucci is capable of not being so great so I’m not sure why the idea this may have happened (if it wasn’t true, surely Anne would have publicly denied it? It made some pretty prominent rounds including on this site and she’d have lost nothing by doing so) is so weird.

      • PixiePaperdoll says:

        @ FHMom
        I feel like I had imagined all of that! He and his wife had separated and then he went back when she got sick and it’s never EVER mentioned.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        I believe the source of any story is important – not an act of quibbling-but credibility. The original story said Anne revealed. Who did she reveal too? Not a Wenn interview. There is no interview with WENN. As I said in my previous post, a lot of stories are covered on sites that are not true-they’re discussed.

        At this point in her career, Anne would not be in the 98% percent. The actor who had the power in The Devil Wears Prada was Meryl Streep. Anne was 2nd billing (Anne was the 9th choice to play the character, the studios wanted Rachel McAdams, Streep pushed for Anne after seeing her an early screening of Brokeback Mountain which premiered 12/2005) and Tucci signed on 3 days before filming started. Tucci wasn’t in a position of power over Anne for TDWP. The WENN story came out a week or so before the premier of The Devil Wears Prada. Denying the story, which really wasn’t covered in mainstream media-Page Six was probably the most prominent back then for sharing it-that link is also broken, would have drawn attention to the gossip and detracted from the movie.

        The idea of it happening or not happening isn’t weird. Lord knows between Metoo & Times Up, enough shit has happened. The idea of being friends with someone who sexually harrassed/assaulted/abused you, no matter how much time has lapsed-is weird. I say that based on experience. Anne must be the most evolved person considering she welcomes him with open arms and would love to do a movie with him where he cooks and she eats. Along with Emily Blunt, who introduced Tucci to her sister, whom he is now married to. How did that introduction go? I certainly wouldn’t introduce & be supportive of my sister marrying someone who supposedly elbowed a co-star in their boobs repeatedly while on set when they said no. If those rumors were true, Tucci would be considered an even bigger a$$hole because his then wife Kate’s diagsnosis of breast cancer came out before filming of TDWP.

        He is guilty of having an affair with Edie Falco that ended in 2004.

      • Maria says:

        WENN was not the link used when Celebitchy covered it and I trust the writers here even if it was some time ago. I don’t agree that Page Six was the most prominent source running it.
        Of course Anne didn’t need to deny it at the time. But a lot of time has passed. She hasn’t since. Surely she would have? Especially talking about MeToo….
        Maybe try to imagine a situation in life where you felt you were obligated to move past bad behavior to maintain relationships with people particularly if they are well-connected. That’s a pretty common thing with women anyway, famous or no. Your take that because they are friends now that means he’s always been a great person on set is not necessarily accurate.
        Anyway, I’m not trying to cancel him or anything. I like his work. You can feel whatever you want about him.

  3. EnormousCoat says:

    If anyone has not seen the movie “Big Night”, I highly recommend it. It’s one of my favorite movies of all time with an outstanding cast and Tucci gives a knockout performance.

  4. Abby says:

    This is shocking! I’m so glad he made it through. Stanley’s Searching for Italy was a balm for my soul during this pandemic. I miss travel so much and he made us feel like we were right there with him on his journeys. Just love him. I got one of his older cookbooks after we started watching and it’s been a real joy to make the simple-yet-delicious dishes from the recipes. And his cocktail videos on Instagram are great too.

    • Christine says:

      Me too! He has been a bright shining light, during the pandemic, and I am so glad he is healthy now.

  5. Calibration says:

    I mean I love him so much but I feel for anyone with cancer. I don’t give celebs special treatment in my mind

  6. OriginalLala says:

    My uncle also had throat cancer, it was pretty scary, he needed a massive surgery, and chemo and it was brutal, but he has been in remission for 4 years now and we keep all of our fingers and toes crossed for continued good health.

  7. Bookie says:

    He’s a treasure.

  8. olliesmom says:

    The. Devil. Wears. Prada.

    Microphone drop.

  9. Miss Melissa says:

    I have such mixed feelings about Stanley Tucci, mostly because he is so honored now and he was not a great husband to his first wife.

    I don’t wish illness on anyone, not Tucci, certainly not his wife nor the pain the diagnosis put his children through (now twice). But it is gross the way the media plays up his wife’s tragic death in tandem with this “poor devoted husband” baloney.

    Tucci publicly humiliated his first wife and left her for Edie Falco in a very public and painful affair. He was not good to her at all. When the Falco thing eventually ended, she took him back and then got sick.

    Not a nice guy, really. Celebrities are not the characters they play, and the rarely live up to their public personas.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      I didn’t know this but of history regarding Tucci, but he is human like the rest of us. We are all flawed and have made many, many mistakes in our lives. Hopefully, Tucci begged for forgiveness and she forgave him. We don’t know what happened and why Tucci strayed. Why does someone stray? I know why I did, it was before my marriage. But I did since we were basically housemates instead of a couple. I had emotionally ended my relationship before I left, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that I was unfaithful. I came clean after he wanted to get married, the affair had been over for over a year, but I didn’t feel worthy of him by then. In the end, he forgave me and I promised never to be unfaithful and I have not been unfaithful again.

  10. Renee says:

    I’m so glad he is doing well. I just watched his series Searching for Italy on HBO Max last night and loved it. He is the perfect host for a show like that.

  11. Duhno says:

    Glad he is better. Love his acting.

  12. jferber says:

    I love Stanley and I’m so thankful he is well now. God bless.