Ed Westwick looks busty, furry & hilarious on Arena Homme cover

Okay, I don’t even know what Ed Westwick is promoting for his cover interview in Arena Homme Magazine. Probably Gossip Girl. Who knows or cares? Especially when we have this epic cover to analyze. First off, it appears that this cover shot was done before Ed got those fug tattoos a few weeks ago. On one arm, he got a naked lady. On the other, he got a damn feather! CoverAwards analyzed Ed’s visible tattoos on the cover shot, and they claim he’s got “Heartbreak Hotel” tattooed on his chest, “21 Grams,” “Love Me Two Times,” “I Heart Romance” on his forearm and “You Make Me Feel Like the One” across his shoulder.

I sent the link of the cover to Jaybird yesterday, and we riffed on all that is happening here. I might have started out by posing the eternal question, “Ed Westwick is gay, right?” But Jaybird came out with the best quote about it, in my opinion – she asked “Is it me or does he look busty? I feel like if it were a full body shot, we’d see that he’s also wearing a waist cincher.” Later, Jaybird confessed, “Chesty maybe? I can’t decide if he’s busty or chesty. But if this were a woman I’d know how to feel.”

I tend to think that Ed’s rampant chest fur is adding to the moobs illusion. The fur, and his “what is happening to my ass?” posture. The expression on his face, and what was happening to his ass was something that Jaybird and I contemplated quite seriously:

Jaybird: All I know is I feel like I shouldn’t be looking at it, for a variety of reasons. And pasties would go really well with that look on his face.
Kaiser: It honestly looks like… and I’m not trying to be gross… it looks like someone is doing something to his ass. And Ed doesn’t quite know how to feel about it.
Jaybird: I think the problem is he’s fine with it, but trying to make it look like he isn’t.
Kaiser: Oh. my. god. You have to stop. I have tears streaming down my face I’m laughing so hard.
Jaybird: Doesn’t that look like his expression though? It’s like he’s doing his best cheesy Gossip Girl acting to cover up. I’m calling you out Ed!
Kaiser: Yes! You’re right – he looks like he’s secretly enjoying whatever’s happening to or with his ass, but he’s trying to put on his “serious heterosexual” face.
Jaybird: It’s like he was going for nonchalance but accidentally ended up giving it all away. I think this is exactly what gay James Dean would look like. Actually, I’ll bet you anything that’s who he was imagining.
Kaiser: No, he was remembering how much fun he and Chace Crawford had when they were “roommates”.

Now, maybe it’s wrong to judge a person’s sexuality on one magazine cover. If it’s wrong, then I don’t want to be right. I also want to thank Ed for giving me the best laugh I’ve had all week – seriously, thank you, Ed. I needed this.

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  1. Ash says:

    What are all of these random magazines? I have never heard of half of these covers celebs do.

  2. bros says:

    this guy totally skeeves me out. there is nothing attractive about him.

  3. embertine says:

    I’m not judging his sexuality by one magazine cover. I’m judging it by the fact that he relentlessly pings my gaydar every time I see him. Fair play to him, say I.

    Plus, really nice to see a guy that won’t wax his chest just because the CW can’t handle real men. Yes, Jared Padalecki, I AM talking to you. Luscious though you are.

  4. ligeia says:

    That’s a rather strange and unflattering picture. Perhaps they were going for edgy and unique look?

  5. lucy says:

    I don’t find him attractive at all either. I don’t get the appeal, and yeah, he pings my gaydar too.

  6. BitterBetty says:

    Ditto, bros.

  7. JayBird says:

    This made me ridiculously happy.

    And I think my initial phrasing was right, he is “busty.”

  8. Chris says:

    Dude is so gay he could suck the yellow off a canary.

  9. Bellatrix says:

    I initially thought he was doing his best centaur impression on the cover.

    But I now strongly follow the I-like-what’s-going-on-downstairs-but-let’s-be-cool-and-pretend-not theory JayBird & Kaiser have worked very hard on… (no pun intended)

  10. Smith says:

    “I feel pretty …oh so pretty …so pretty and witty and ….”

  11. Kaiser says:

    I’m still laughing at this cover. It really is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

  12. Joanne says:

    ewwwwww My neighbor lived across st from him.. gay gay gay

  13. bros says:

    centaur, yes! I could see the other half of him being all horsey-the way he is standing all straight and the angle of his body would totally fit with his other half not being human.

  14. blaugrau says:

    I may be the only one, but I don’t think he’s gay, but this cover is just ridiculous.

  15. Kathie says:

    “Dude is so gay he could suck the yellow off a canary.”
    God Bless you Chris I needed a laugh today, thank you!

  16. Nicole says:

    I’ve never watched Gossip Girls, but to be honest when I saw him and Chace Crawford I thought they were both gay. I assumed they were the show’s “gay characters.” Then I found out they really weren’t playing lovers. Didn’t see that one coming…