Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez walk the carpet together for the first time since 2003

'The Last Duel' red carpet, the 78th annual Venice International Film Festival, in Venice, Italy, 10 September 2021.

Well, it happened. And it was glorious!! Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez walked their first red carpet together since 2003. They arrived in Venice together last Thursday, and the premiere for The Last Duel was on Friday. What was nice about it is that Ben and J.Lo knew they were the main event and they weren’t shy about embracing it. Apparently, they arrived first on the red carpet, and they were both prepared for all of the walls of photographers greeting them. While J.Lo is an old pro at red carpets, it must have been different for her to be at the Venice Film Festival just as Ben’s plus-one. I’m not sure she even wanted to pose solo, and Ben certainly wanted her by his side the whole time.

For those wondering about the dress… J.Lo wore a gown from Georges Hobeika’s Fall 2021 Couture collection. The material is crepe satiné and the “diamond” detailing is Swarovski crystal. She wore Jimmy Choo shoes. She brought her whole glam squad and they’ve been styling her the whole time. I think she’s doing some kind of photoshoot in Venice too, I don’t know if the shoot is for a magazine editorial or maybe one of her advertising contracts?

Anyway, Bennifer. I love them. Celebrities are on-board the Bennifer Revival too. Gwyneth Paltrow left a comment “okay this is cute” on an Instagram post of Ben and Jen kissing on the carpet. Kim Kardashian posted “Long Live Bennifer” on her IG too. That’s what it feels like across the board: people are happy for them and happy that they found a way back to each other. Ben seems thinner, fitter, happier, looser and more comfortable in his own skin. J.Lo is completely glowing and they seem enamored with each other in a genuine way. I love this.

I could honestly watch videos of their interactions for hours. Once you see Ben in motion, I kind of think he took something to take the edge off a little bit? I’m not saying booze (he doesn’t seem drunk), but maybe a Xanax or perhaps an edible.

The Last Duel Premiere At The 78th Venice International Film Festival

"The Last Duel" Red Carpet - The 78th Venice International Film

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez attend the red carpet of the movie 'The Last Duel' at the 78th Venice International Film Festival

"The Last Duel" Red Carpet - The 78th Venice International Film

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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  1. Noki says:

    I love Bennifer. Ben seems more in love this time around and more dgaf what people think,before he was slightly more guarded and she was the giddy one.

  2. Sierra says:

    She looks amazing..

    • Beenie says:

      I know she eats extremely healthy, exercises regularly, takes excellent care of her skin, and is disciplined about getting sleep but….

      …when will she finally admit to drinking the blood of children to stay young forever? Because she looks so freaking good that’s got to be it.

      • Sierra says:

        Lol I agree 😂

        She also doesn’t drink alcohol nor smoke. That helps too.

      • mindy_dopple says:

        I cackled!!

      • BeanieBean says:

        That has to be it! I don’t drink or smoke either, exercise daily & watch what I eat, and still am somebody you’d not even notice as you pass by me on the street.

      • Juju says:

        I think it’s a combination of being extremely disciplined (diet, exercise, not smoking, no alcohol or caffeine, etc.), long term maintenance (she’s likely getting skin treatments, facials, etc on the regular for at least the last 20 years), and some well done subtle work (injectables, breast augmentation, etc). Diet and exercise alone will not allow most 50 year old women to look like that!

      • Meg says:

        Professional trainers nutritionists help too, most of us don’t have that

      • josephine says:

        I think she’s had subtle, high-quality work done but you can’t forget genetics. I have this vague recollection of a very beautiful mom with lovely skin. JLo definitely makes the most of what she has been given for sure. I like her because it seems like she has always worked super hard and has never let anyone tell her she can’t achieve what she set out to do.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Sierra, she actually does smoke, has for decades. She just keeps it hidden. When she was filming in NYC they had pictures of her smoking behind the sets, that’s probably why she doesn’t mind Ben smoking. Though, she does look incredible, and she may have quit. As this was about 2 years ago that she was snapped smoking.

    • Myra says:

      She really does.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      Yeah, I like the dress. She looks happy.

    • Jeanine says:

      She looks like she’s a real person and not a poses doll like with the baseball player. She looks like she has aged which is a good thing because she is human.

    • LaurenMichelle says:

      Jen looks amazing, but I would have liked a dress a tad more classier, without her boobs hanging out. Ben looks handsome and happy. They both look like they are glowing and proud to be with eachother. Very sweet.

  3. Lively says:

    I love this… I was lost on Instagram for hours looking at vids and pics from this premiere
    How can people not enjoy this jeez
    Loving it

    • minx says:

      I love it too. The dress isn’t my favorite, from a fashion standpoint. I’m tired of the extremely low cut excess boobage look. But I think she was going for an overall wow look, and she certainly achieved that. They look glamorous and happy.

    • a reader says:

      I’ve been enjoyed them on a superficial level but after watching the video above, I’m all in.

      I am rooting for this couple to make it. Ben has never looked better. I get the sense he’s ALL IN this time, finally, and Jennifer deserves that. I think that the reason she bounces from relationship to relationship is not necessarily about being in love with love (although I grant that’s probably part of it). I think she’s been chasing that spark, that magic that these two so clearly have together. Once you taste that, you chase it for the rest of your life.

      My gosh, she is beyond glowing right now. I am just so happy for her. I actually choked up a teeny bit watching the video because he’s so clearly there for her. And HOORAY FOR MATURE LOVE!! This gives me hope!

  4. Seraphina says:

    It feels like I am back 20 years again. She looks great but I do not like the bodice, it does her no favors. And her clean up team did a good job on Ben.

    • Surly Gale says:

      Oh, thank you! I don’t like the bodice either; it seems to squish her breasts. I’m also thinking: she’s gorgeous, but her dress doesn’t need to be cut so wide/low. It would be just as, if not more ‘sexy’ if they were more discreetly ‘displayed’, IMO.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Surly Gale, I agree!! She doesn’t need to show such a deep cleavage as it apparently was troublesome since she looked down after she got out of the car to make sure her girls were still in their respective places.

        But I will say that they look absolutely adorable with each other and they both look extremely happy!! That’s all that matters, as long as they are happy!!! And they do seem much happier this time around. I hope that they stay together actually!! I want JLo to have her happily ever after so much!!!

    • FHMom says:

      I don’t like all the boobage. With her pretty face, I wish she would go for classy instead of just sexy. It’s possible to do both, you know.

      Anyway, this is all going to end gloriously.

      • Jaded says:

        Agree. But she’s always shown off her boobs — remember that sheer grey dress she wore to the Oscars some years back? You could see EVERYTHING and when she presented she had to be shot from the neck up. Then there was the green dress she wore when she was with Diddy. There was nearly a wardrobe malfunction then when someone bumped into her…thank God for boob tape.

  5. terra says:

    I guess I’m in the minority on this one then because the only thing I’m enjoying about it is the thought of how amazing the coverage is going to be when this inevitably fails. It just feels so . . . forced.

    • Keats says:

      Lol it is forced but I don’t know, I’m enjoying the ride

    • Millennial says:

      I was telling a friend I know this all ends in Ben getting caught gambling and drinking with an Instagram influencer, but I’m enjoying it anyways. I just hope JLo is prepared!

      • Anne Call says:

        Just hope their kids have at least one stable parent in their lives. J. Garner is that for Affleck kids, god knows who is for J. Lopez twins. Maybe grandmother? Also that dress has almost laughably “hey look at me cuchie-cuchie” Charo vibes.

      • terra says:

        @Millennial: Listen, if all Affleck gets caught doing is drinking with an internet random I will eat my ear buds.

        He got a hideous back tattoo after Garner, so I’m holding out for a Mike Tyson-esque face tattoo when Bennifer 3.0 crumbles.

        Either that or photos of him doing blow with talking horses, à la Mr. Ed. While I’d love horses that actually speak to become a real thing – horses seem like they’d be FANTASTIC at shade – I’m open to the possibility of Ben getting high while he smears peanut butter on their gums.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ terra, you are absolutely twisted and I love, love, love it!!!! You should be a stand up!! I shooting coffee
        every-f#@king-where!!!! Were have you been all my life?!?!?!?!?

    • FHMom says:

      This is the build up before the break up. I’m loving it

    • WithTheAmerican says:

      Yes, nothing about this feels genuine. But it’s good drama. The break up will make Brad and Angie look peaceful.

    • minx says:

      I’m enjoying the ride, because I can’t figure out how this all ends. If they were another couple I’d say they’ll just be together, have their careers, blend their kids here and there. But JLo has to be married, or on the road to marriage, and I just don’t think BA is doing that again.

    • L4frimaire says:

      I’m happy for them, they look amazing, and we love when flames are rekindled. However both of them are so messy in relationships and never seem to have a breather. This is the glow up, honeymoon period but real life always gets in the way, and we turn on these people very quickly if they mess up. I hope they’re taking this one day at a time and enjoying it, but we the public should stop weaving fairy tales and looking for these epic love stories. This is fun, glam, and romantic but hope this is more for them than for us and the press, and they ignore us.

      • Becks1 says:

        Very well said @L4frimaire.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        This ☝️
        @ L4frimaire!!! You are absolutely right!!!

        I posted earlier that I am pinning my hopes on JLo finding her happily ever after, but I am doing exactly what you have accurately described as to what I shouldn’t do. I am a big romantic and I should know better than to stick my nose where it doesn’t belong. I hear your message, and thank you!!

  6. Amy Bee says:

    I love this. More please.

  7. Tanya Nguyen says:

    I do not like the dress. It looks cheap. I thought she was going to go with a high fashion look. This looked oily and the dress fit wasn’t the most flattering. They are definitely both embracing all aspects of the press this time. Their presence overshadowed the movie. Is anyone talking about if the movie is good or not?

  8. Calibration says:

    Ben looks really really good. Jlo looks amazing, though I’m not in love with the dress. He does seem very relaxed!

  9. Becks1 says:

    I Actually felt like this was anti-climactic after all the paparazzi shots over the past few months. I saw these pics and just thought okay well now that’s out of the way (the first “red carpet moment of Bennifer 2.0!!!”)

    Ben does look a lot more comfortable here than he did in 2003, and I honestly think in large part that’s down to his success over the past 18 years. He knows there is Bennifer interest obviously but he also knows that this premier would generate interest even without JLo being there bc people are now even more interested in his work than they were in 2003. Or maybe that’s just me? Like I enjoyed him in Good Will Hunting but then I thought he floundered for a long time and I like his directing way more than his acting and I think he has used his success there to do more interesting projects.

  10. Noki says:

    OAN how much roasting do you think A Rod has heen getting from his friends in the last few weeks? 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Juls says:

    Love the dress. Her body is banging as always. The shoes are cute BUT they look painful.

  12. Al says:

    This was so much fun!! So extra!!

    They do seem genuinely happy and in love. I lost at least an hour on Instagram looking at videos from different angles lol. Thought they both seemed nervous but in a sweet way.

    Worth noting it’s his first red carpet since Jennifer Garner.

  13. BusyLizzy says:

    Just came here to say that JLO is absolutely gorgeous! They look great together.

    • Pix says:

      Yes, she looks so freaking hot…that he is hot by extension. He’s been pretty messy for a while that it’s nice to see some shine on him.

  14. Karisma says:

    I spent houurs looking at every single videos and photos, that was glorious. They were really giving the old Hollywood glamorous A list movie stars vibes and I’m here for it.
    They do seem really smitten with each other and it’s so nice to see. I’m rooting for them

    • Eleonor says:

      Same here! There’s something really old school glamour that I like.
      Probably because of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.
      And I think with the pandemic and the variants going on, this kind of celebrity romance is what we need.
      And she is gorgeous! He looks good .

  15. K says:

    She is so beautiful. He looks totally high.

  16. Zut Alors says:

    Jennifer is off the charts gorgeous 😍. Ben looked good too.

  17. Merricat says:

    Lol, I’m starting to feel persuaded by their romance, even though I know Ben sabotages himself and will eventually come off of this public high to plunge into the depths of his self-loathing. Ugh, I hope he stays solid. I do think they’re good for each other in many ways.

  18. Queen Meghan's Hand says:

    She is his elixir! And Affleck is not “high”, he most likely took a beta blocker along with a dose of JLo Glow.

  19. KMAC says:

    I LOVE her dress!! 🔥😍 these two together again are giving me life. The last time they both looked this radiant and happy was when they were together 18 years ago🎉🍾🔥❤️

  20. LaUnicaAngelina says:

    I love this and want this to be end game!

  21. Elo says:

    Nice Benifer…..but did you notice Matt Damon was alone again? Where is his wife? That is the tea of the night.

  22. Twin falls says:

    She’s stunningly beautiful to me. I loved the whole glamour gorgeous in love vibe of it. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Bennifer is the best Bennifer.

  23. psl says:

    A low cut dress smashing her boobs and a thigh high slit? She never wears stuff like this. How original of her. And the open mouth pose too!

    *rolling eyes*

  24. Stephanie says:

    She looks great but… he also looks really good here too. He has looked a little tired & stressed out this year but he looks refreshed in these pics.

  25. Green Desert says:

    I don’t like the dress from a fashion standpoint, but they look SO happy and in it. I’m totally loving them and rooting for them!

    Also, regarding how great she looks: yes she works hard and takes care of herself, and has maybe had some subtle work done (but if she has, it’s VERY subtle IMO). But genetics play a big role as well. If everyone her age did exactly what she did (exercise, diet, sleep, lifestyle, skincare) they’d still all look different. She works very hard but also has some genetic luck on her side.

    • psl says:

      She has had PLENTY done. Yes, genetics and hard work are on her side, but she has great doctors and a team of dermatologists.

      It is NOT “olive oil” like her lying liarmouth likes to spew. :)

      Oh, and I am 50 – exercise like mad, do not drink and get plenty of sleep. I don’t look 50 either.

  26. CJ says:

    Don’t like the people, the couple, the event, her dress. Judge all you like. Just know that when you use words like “Charo” and “oily” to describe the style of a Latina you are outing yourself in a big big way. And it ain’t pretty.

  27. Diana says:

    They look good and she is gorgeous!!!! The bod- goals for days. But come on… was over this drama from go. The thought of going back to your ex while in your 50s… it just seems so dumb. You should be smarter, wiser and more discerning now. It’s annoying tbh

    • WithTheAmerican says:

      This is how I feel. She’s gorgeous and he looks so much better. But we all know going back to an ex is a dead end street, and she certainly hasn’t done any work on herself in between men and he has obvious issues that are just not appealing.

      I mean, I love her game. I don’t have the energy for even one day of her fabulousness. I’d love to see her with a grown up man who has his shit together and a history of being faithful.

      • Ambrodial says:

        I don’t think going back to an ex is necessary a dead end streets. Especially because Ben and Jen seemed to have some unfinished business, she did call him her first real heartbreak. Even if it does end once again at least she would have been able to get him out of her system.

      • Ann says:

        Is going back to an ex always a dead end street? I don’t know, honestly, I’ve never done it. My husband’s sister reunited with her first sweetheart after a tough divorce in her mid-twenties (she married too young the first time) and they are still happily married with two college age kids now. I’m not saying their marriage is perfect, but it’s overall strong and they love each other.

        I’m glad they’re happy now and I agree Ben seems more comfortable with himself than he did the first time. He really did care too much what people thought when they were together before. She looks amazing, though I also don’t care for the excessive boobage. But I don’t know, if I looked like that at her age, I’d probably show off too!

    • a0 says:

      I think they’re not the same people they were. It still might not work out but they are in a very different place. Both divorced with teenage kids, and he’s sober after a very rough period.

    • Lene says:

      When these two were found out hanging out again this spring, her publicist used this sentence: “the timing was never right.”
      Read between the line here, it does imply these two were trying to reconnect in the past decade, and not just simply pick up again all of sudden 17 years after in 2021.
      There have been rumours about them two since at least 2015 when Ben and Jen G separated. In fact this blog even reported back then. Also didn’t they have a flirtatious reunion in the Oscar night in 2015 and we heard they were texting in 2016 and Jennifer Garner was pissed when she found out?

  28. DiegoInSF says:

    I have been so giddy all weekend and keep looking at the pics and rewatching the videos over and over again, their chemistry is just so undeniable, they never had that with their previous spouses. I had a thought last night that maybe Ben was messy with alcohol and gambling because he realized he had let the love of his life go and now he has her back. 🥲

    • CJ says:

      This. And something tells me that they have never not been longingly in touch with one another.

    • Notachance says:

      I agree with you about Ben boozing and gambling because he wasn’t happy with his life. I never thought JGar was “it” for him.

      Clearly Ben and JLo have always held a torch for each other. Looks like the 2nd time around Ben doesn’t GAF what anyone thinks about him and JLo, unlike their first go at it.

      I hope they can go the distance.

      • Jaded says:

        I think he looked at J Garner as a savior, someone to nurture and “mommy” him. I also think in one sense he parentified her and she was willing to take on a “project” because she was nuts over him. It worked for some time but then he relapsed. It boils down to having to take ownership of your issues and work on them instead of running from them, which is what caused their marriage to tank. He’s clearly spent some time working on himself over the ensuing years, with a few relapses, but maybe this renewed relationship with J Lopez is what he needs to maintain sobriety. I wish them well.

      • Notachance says:


        I’ve never bought into the Saint JGar act. Back in the day when Ben was with Jlo, people were not as accepting of their relationship as they are now. His star was on the rise and he wanted to be mainstream. He needed a wholesome, apple pie image – which JLo was not, but JGar was. He thought being with JGar was going to boost his image. JLo was more “street”, if you will. He is to blame for the ending of their engagement. At the same time JGar had the claws out for him as well. She is not an innocent. Got “accidentally” pregnant so he could marry her.

      • iconoclast59 says:

        @Notachance: Women don’t get pregnant by themselves, “accidentally” or not. If Ben didn’t want JGar to get pregnant, he could’ve worn a condom. But since you believe that JGar was a total schemer, let me also point out that Ben was under no obligation to marry her. Shotgun weddings are a thing of the past, and besides, JGar’s career was going great and she could easily support herself and a baby. Yes, Ben’s reputation would’ve taken a hit, but if fear of bad PR is the reason he married JGar, then that’s totally on him. Perhaps we should assume they were both adults who knew what they were doing and went in with eyes wide open.

      • Lena says:

        NotaChance especially and Diego your supposition of “why’ Ben relapsed is as gross as people calling JLo Charo. He started being a real BIG mess (because he’s always been a mess it’s in his DNA) started when he began shooting Batman’s various movies so I think it’s Batman’s fault.

      • Lene says:

        iconoclast59, Lena, Ben talked about shame and its toxicity and the hold on his drinkings. He also talked about the timeline.
        He said: he was sent to rehab in 2001, then he was sober for a couple of years, then he started to drink normally for 8 years, before he became alcoholic again. The two years he was sober, he was with JLo (2002-2003). He relapsed in 2012 based on the timeline calculation. In 2012, he wasn’t doing Batman yet. But in 2011, JLo separated from her husband. At that time, in order to force Marc, JLo’s ex husband’s hand, JLo’s mother sent a secret email to Ben, asking for advice. It was widely reported at the time. In fact, you can still search this news even on this blog. The intention of that secret email and its subsequent exposure by sources was obviously to humiliate Marc, cause by asking for Ben, Lupe (JLo’s mother, marchiarch of the Lopez family) made it clear to Marc that Ben, even if he didn’t make it to the altar, was still regarded as the man-in-lieu of the family, not him, her supposed son-in-law, that he was always an outsider and Ben was the son that she always wanted. 3 days later, Marc relented and separate from JLo. Around the time, sources started to report that Garner would fight JLo with tooth and nail to save her marriage. Then she became pregnant the third time with a son. I’ve searched gossip news from that period. Ben always wanted a son. He didn’t get one the second time. They finally had one the third time and it seemed the son made him stay in the marriage. The reason I said so is because years later when he and Garner separated in 2015, sources began to leak that there had been marriage problems for a long time, that the third child was a band-aid one. In restrospect, he hinted strongly when he made that Oscar acceptance speech in 2013. Even in that time, that speech raised eyebrows for an otherwise private guy. Then based on his alcoholic timeline he recounted, he was stupor again in 2012. And as I mentioned in the beginning, he talked about shame and its toxicity…
        Oh, and I don’t want to be conspiracy theorist, but the timing of Ben’s 2017 and 2018 back to back rehab stints coincided with JLo went out with Alex in 2017 and she hinted for a marriage proposal from Alex in 2018.

    • OriginalLeigh says:

      Ben’s substance issues started long before he met JLo. He has been struggling with alcoholism since at least the 90s and his father was also an alcoholic. I hope he’s able to stay sober, healthy and happy for his sake and hers. They do look stunning together.

      • Ambrodial says:

        Yes Ben’s family has a history of addictions issues, alcoholism, depression, suicide. His battles with his personal demons has nothing to do with him losing the “love of his life”.
        I do like bennifer together and think she could be good for him, but addiction and mental health issues shouldn’t be use in a way to romanticize their love story

    • a0 says:

      Ben first went to rehab in the summer of 2001, the year before he met JLo, and relapsed a “couple” of years later. So he was drinking at the tail end of the Bennifer relationship.

    • minx says:

      I’ve always felt for BA and his struggle with alcoholism. Wish him the best.

    • Joey says:


  29. TheotherViv says:

    Let me admit that is a banging body and I kind of want that wig.

    • L4frimaire says:

      She really is body and fitness goals. She gets a lot of help from her glam squad but she puts the work.

    • Philly says:

      I watched Hustlers last night and am in awe of her body. She looks better better than ever.

      As for Bennifer, I’m one of the doubters but they did look more genuine this time and I would be happy to be proven wrong.

      • Joey says:

        I watched the youtube video on her channel that documents how she learned to pole dance. HOLY MOLY! what a workout! very intense work. she was all bruised up on her legs from practice. I wish i had that type of discipline to work out!

  30. Kate says:

    Poor Jodie, her big moment ruined by these attention seeking clowns.

    • L4frimaire says:

      Jodie is not yet there in regards to the star power of these two. She’s great but these two have been around a long time and she hasn’t.

      • Carolnr says:

        @ L4FRIMAIRE
        This was Jody’s night…not Jennifer Lopez’s. This was her movie premiere, not Ben & JL’s red carpet premiere, which is exactly what this turned into! It doesn’t matter that Jennifer
        has ” been around a long time”
        You do realize that JL also upstaged his best friend, Matt Damon that night, as well!
        The reviews are out & not good. “The two stars play 14th century French Royal soldiers in a tale of romance & political treachery that gets told three times from 3 points of view.” “Maybe once would have been enough.”

    • Debbie says:

      I don’t know who this Jodie is, but if you’re in show business and you can’t command or sustain the attention of the public or media on your own wattage, or star power — then you’re in the wrong business, girl (As Whoopie Goldberg’s character said in Ghost). No one should have to “dim their shine” for anyone else.

      • Ann says:

        Are we talking about Jodie Comer? I don’t know, maybe she just wants to be a successful actress and not the type that gets followed by paps all the time. I know I would prefer the former. I don’t know her, so it’s possible she was miffed by them taking the spotlight, but that’s just how it is in this business. She’s doing just fine, so I’m not going to get worried on her account.

      • Carolnr says:

        @ Debbie
        Jody Comer won an Emmy award for( Killing Eve) Oustanding Lead Acrtess in a Drama Series & 3 British Academy TV awards for best actress in 2019.
        She is also in Free Guy with Ryan Reynolds.

  31. Elo says:

    Ben legit looks healthier and happier than we have seen him in probably a decade. Very genuine smiles. Im happy for them.

  32. Normades says:

    I have that boobage but without the waistline, toned arms etc…So, I’m actually loving the dress even though it’s not my jam. Werk it girl.

    Of course she takes amazing care of herself but also has had some great work and the best upkeep money can buy. No reason to be hard on yourselves…no one expects you to look like jlo. I’m the same age and don’t look anything like her, but I still think I’m hot. 😂

    Anyway, I was super cynical about this couple but now that I’m on board they’ll probably break up next week.

    Also loved that she tagged her whole glam squad…Stylists, makeup artist, (man)icurist. I went down several rabbit holes on Instagram.

  33. Snarkle says:

    Guys, they’re at the Venice Film Festival. The word classy does not exist there style-wise. It’s supposed to be over-the-top, garish and flamboyantly theatrical. I think they nailed it

  34. Julia K says:

    I have never bought into the Bennifer timeline. Ben met Garner in 2000, when he was with Jlo and she was married to Scott Foley. After their 2003 red carpet appearance, things started to cool because Ben and Jen Garner were already involved, though not publicly dating until she divorced Foley in 2004. They married in 2005 when she was pregnant. I think that’s why Matt Damon and other friends did not like J Garner; she stealthily snatched him away from Jlo. To save face for them both, they came up with a myriad of excuses for the breakup, but I think Jlo knew all along that Ben broke it off because he was seeing someone else. Just my take on connecting the dots. That Ben reached out to her when his marriage and her relationship with Arod was over, speaks to some guilt over his previous behavior towards her. That she can forgive him is to her credit.

    • TheOriginalMia says:

      Uh…what? Nope. Ben didn’t want to get married and JLo was being extra extra about the wedding. Instead of being a man and telling her he didn’t want to get married, he started boozing/gambling heavily in public and was caught with a stripper. After months of being embarrassed, Jennifer called off the wedding and they broke up. As for his relationship with Jennifer G, he needed to clean up his reputation and he got involved with her. They got pregnant and he married her. His friends don’t like her because they are probably jerks who enabled his bad behavior and still do.

      • bettys_closet says:

        @theoriginalmia…agree with you 100%. Jon Favreau (director not policy wonk) had a show dinner for five years ago.

        Jennifer Garner, Ben, maybe Kevin Smith and I don’t know who else was on. (Colin Farrell, just rewatched episode)

        But JG and BA only had eyes for each other. This was pre anything being announced. It was still jlo at this point, I think.

        I loved dinner for five so much.

      • Lene says:

        Then tell us why he spent a million for that pink diamond ring? Why he got his mother’s help to prepare the proposal setting in his childhood home? Yall make things up to suit some narrative.

    • Miss Melissa says:

      Jennifer Garner left Scott Foley for her Alias co-star, Michael Vartan. They were together in 2003.

      She dropped Vartan for Ben in 2004 and crushed him.

      • Joey says:

        very true. i remember those rumors (i totally believe it) interestingly scott foley was interviewed by andy cohen this week and was asked if he would ignore jen garner whenver they see each other in social settings and he said Foley replied, “you know, everybody says ‘hi’ and you’re cordial and you move on.”

  35. Tiffany says:

    The Last Duel is getting dragged by critics. Yeah, he needs this press.

  36. Bebe says:

    Am I the only one who noticed how freshly botoxed Ben is? he almost looks overdone. JLo always grooms her men

    • a0 says:

      Nah he has serious crows feet and eye bags in the close ups. No shade, he looks great but I think work he had done wore off in like 2019.

  37. Miss Melissa says:

    The hottest couple in the world right now are both over 50.

    Something to aspire to.

    • Joey says:

      as a 40 something year old that makes me happy! lol, makes me feel like love does not have an expiration date!

  38. Moonglight says:

    They look amazing and honestly they did what needed to be done, love me some good high quality Hollywood entertainment and they delivered, the pda was on point too.
    They seemed to be still full into the lusty honeymoon phase, it’s nice to see, wish them the best

  39. The Voice says:

    Ben looks good but a little too done. Looks like he had some eye work done. And he looks like he’s on something to calm his nerves. Jen looks amazing. She knows the dress cuts that work for her body. I love her hair, her makeup, and her dress. It’s a lot of boob but it looks great on her. She’s got it so she should flaunt it. The only thing I noticed is her right “strap” doesn’t sit well and there’s a gap. Otherwise she looks like a million bucks.

  40. Laura says:

    I think Ben microdosed with shrooms.

  41. Annaloo. says:

    Love them.

    Gwyneth shouldn’t be mentioned anymore when Bennifer is discussed. She’s trying to ride publicity coattails and has slagged on him in interviews. JLo Glow way over Goop Glow

    JLo’s mom probably knows best. It seems she has always held out hope for them to get back together

    Long live Bennifer. I’ll be here for version 3.0 too bc I don’t know how long Ben can fly straight