Thomas Markle now claims he won’t sue the Sussexes for visitation

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I’m sure Thomas Markle thought he would be the centerpiece of royal coverage this week. He probably coordinated his appearance on Australian television with Kensington Palace for all we know, and they wanted a big, negative story to coincide with Prince Harry’s birthday. So it’s especially funny that Time Mag dropped their cover. The overwhelming message from Montecito is that the Sussexes are in their Thrive Era, that they’re happy, fulfilled, rich, powerful and hot. So let’s talk about Thomas Markle’s desperation to get attention. Someone is writing these scripts for him and I would love to know who. He’s an actor for hire, and this week’s script was that Meghan and Harry need to bring their children to him in Mexico.

Speaking to Channel 7’s Sunrise, Thomas Markle said: ‘I think they (Archie and Lilibet) are being deprived of seeing all their grandparents and I think they are being deprived of seeing all their relatives and I think that’s terribly unfair to them.’

Asked if he would consider legal action to see the children, he said: ‘I’ve had offers from several lawyers – pro-bono – because we do have the right to sue to see our grandchildren. But to me that’s like trying to descend into a game and using them like pawns and I won’t sue to see them because I just think that’s using them and it’s not what I plan to do. They shouldn’t be used, they are just babies. So no, I will wait. I will wait patiently until they are ready to bring them to me. But as long as my daughter has the attitude she doesn’t want me to see them, that’s the way it’s going to be.’

He later urged the couple, who have been living in California since their acrimonious split from the Royal Family, to return to England.

‘I would like them, all four of them, to go back to England and fulfill their duties. It’s better for the children and it’s better for them. By not taking back they are cheating their children. They also get much better protection in England than in Montecito. I would like to see them maybe make up with the Queen and make up with his (Harry’s) father, and then we can make up.’

[From The Daily Mail]

“I would like them, all four of them, to go back to England and fulfill their duties…” Seriously, if anyone has the tea on who is writing Thomas Markle’s scripts, I would love to hear it. Sometimes I feel like it’s Piers Morgan and the Daily Mail editors feeding him these lines, but then sometimes I wonder if he’s getting the talking points from one of the palaces. It’s coordinated and disgusting. As for Toxic Tom’s new approach to NOT sue Meghan and Harry for visitation… I assume this new strategy is because no reputable lawyer would bother with an unhinged nutjob who gets paid to do stunts and read scripts to hurt his daughter.

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Screencaps courtesy of 60 Minutes Australia.

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  1. LoonyTunes says:

    No shit? You don’t say? 🙄

    • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

      Uhm… according to my law degree from Dick Wolff Law School (waving to Kaiser, a fellow graduate (with honors!), a grandparent has to have a STANDING RELATIONSHIP with a grandchild to even think about doing this. Toxic Tommy only has a standing relationship with the tabloids to take their $$$$ for selling out his daughter and SIL.

      Tough, Toxic Tommy…you’re SOL.

      • Anne says:

        Yup. Not only would he have to prove a standing relationship (NO), lawyers would have to prove that it’s in the child’s “best interest” to have visitation with him, which…obviously a BIG, HUGE NO.

        And according to, in general, “grandparents cannot file for visitation rights while the grandchild’s parents are married.” So I don’t believe for a hot minute that ANY reputable lawyer who actually went to law school would be offering their services to Toxic Tom.

      • fluffy_bunny says:

        I also have a law degree from DWU but all of my grandparents rights experience comes from reddit because grandparents love to threaten that to their children and sons and daughters in law on justnomil.

    • @NashkiaStarr says:


  2. MsIam says:

    “Go back to England and fulfill their duties”. Um that would be a ” nope” Toxic but I think you know that by now. How about you fulfill your “duty” to be a decent father, but I guess that’s too big of a lift for you.

    • Mac says:

      Why does he care about fulfilling the duties of the BRF? As someone who worked in the entertainment industry you would think he would be all for H+M’s production deals.

    • Alarmjaguar says:

      Also, the gall to say that would be better for the babies when we all know how awful it was for Megan (and Harry’s) mental health. Ugh

      • Debbie says:

        Thanks for saying what I was thinking. The actual gall of the man, who is so distant from Meghan’s day-to-day life that he has never even met her husband, to dare to say what she should do w/ her kids – who again he had never met. Also, his saying “bring them to me.”

      • Christine says:

        Exactly. Between the two of them, Harry and Meghan have, AT MOST, two decent living family members, who don’t appear to want to sell them down the river (Doria, of course, and Eugenie). The onus is not on Harry and Meghan to defend the exact people who have tormented them.

    • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

      Yet no one brings us HIS *duties* to his other grandchildren? The ones he’s never met/bothered to have ANY relationship with? Any calls for *them* to be “brought to Mexico”?? Has he ever gotten off that massive ass and gone and seen THEM? Yeah…didn’t think so.

      • Andrew's Nemesis says:

        And that the children ought to be ‘brought’ to him, as if he were some great official languidly receiving largesse? Toxic narcissistic sociopath.

    • AlpineWitch says:

      Plus I want to add something to your perfect comment… who in their right mind would move from California to England??

      I live in England and if I had a 14-million-dollar villa in California you wouldn’t see me back in England even for a visit as a tourist 😂😂

    • HeyJude says:

      This part pisses me off. They are free human beings. It’s 2021 no one- not even a direct line heir- has a duty to be in any monarchy if they don’t want to. (Or in this case were so totally rebuffed and insulted they were made to not want to.)

      There’s no reason for it. The monarchy’s not saving England from warring nations anymore, it’s cutting f’n ribbons in tuxedos.

      These people need to get a grip.

    • why says:

      he wants them to go back to fulfill their duty as punching bags from the royal families and medias
      I mean, what else it could be mean?

  3. Duch says:

    I don’t know — there’s some lawyers who would love the opportunity to be in a front of a microphone (also see: fraudulent election attys), so I doubt it’s lack of legal representation. So there’s something else there, something he wouldn’t want to come out in discovery / litigation. Maybe it is getting paid by tabloids, or maybe something else that would mean he’s not safe around the children.

    All conjecture of course.

    • fluffy_bunny says:

      He has no leg to stand on because H&M are married and he has no prior existing relationship with the children where it would be harmful to the children to not have contact with him.

    • Amy Bee says:

      @Duch: He had no case. His petition would have been immediately rejected upon submission.

    • *****Stevie*** says:

      I believe since he had never met these kids, he had no standing as someone who had been a meaningful part of their lives, hence he probably had been advised of this.

    • MissMarirose says:

      Yeah, if he had enough money to make it worthwhile, he’d have found a lawyer to bring, even a baseless suit against them. As the post-election sh*tshow has shown, there’s plenty of them out there. I’m willing to bet that Markle just didn’t have the cash.

    • Louise177 says:

      I seriously doubt Tom was actually going to sue. It was about attention. I think it’s obvious that he’s working with the RF or British media. It’s ridiculous to think he came up with fulfilling their duties.

      • Pinellas Pixie says:

        Exactly right. He was never going to sue bc he doesn’t care about those children other than any money they could put in his pocket. He is being paid and I think it’s by CH. He wants them to go back to England because as long as they are in America, no one is clamoring to interview him. When they are in England and it’s all hatred all the time, he is much in demand. I think the well has dried up for him by a lot and he is desperate for money.

      • Debbie says:

        You say Toxic Tom may be working with the RF or the British media. I say, why not both? Just that phrasing he uses about both of them returning to England to “fulfill their duties.” Hah, that’s not an American mindset.

    • HeatherC says:

      It’s possible a lawyer or two would take the case to challenge the entire issue of standing. It’s been tried in other states throughout the years to “strengthen” grandparent rights. It would be tilting at windmills of course, but I could see an ambulance chasing lawyer trying to use this to make a name for themselves.

      In general I find the whole issue wrong. Unless there is a serious danger to the kids (and then CPS should be involved anyway) there is no one that has a right to usurp decisions away from parents.

  4. Seraphina says:

    Toxic Tom. That is all.

  5. Sofia says:

    It’s the same script every time with him: I hate Harry, I want to see Archie and Lili, hurting the royals etc etc. All I can do is laugh at him at this point.

    • Debbie says:

      You can always tell when he’s running out of money and needs to make a mortgage payment though. He uses his daughter (poor thing) as a bank. Shameless.

  6. Princess Peach says:

    He has no shot so isn’t bothering. Grandparents can’t sue for visitation without a prior relationship with the grandchildren which he doesn’t have.

    Agree that someone is feeding him lines with respect to the go back to England thing. Because if his goal is mending their relationship California is much closer to where he lives.

    • MsIam says:

      Exactly. Its all a sham with the Murdoch media because any journalist with half a brain would point that out to him.

  7. Sunshine says:

    The script is definitely coming from the palace that has him on retainer and is paying for his beachfront.

  8. Snuffles says:

    He’s not suing because he literally has no grounds to. Seriously, he wouldn’t even make it past the paperwork stage. He doesn’t meet ANY of the criteria. I’m sure every lawyer he spoke to told him that and refused to take the case.

    As to who is feeding him these lines? Could be anyone. It’s so heavy handed and obvious.

    But do any of these idiots think this will work? Like, seriously? Are they just doing this for clicks or are they just in deep denial? Can they not see how much happier and better off the Sussex’s are? Do they think by ANY stretch of the imagination they would return and submit themselves to the daily torrent of abuse “for Queen and country”? Is that normal to them?

  9. booboocita says:

    I thought this had already been settled. Under California law, a grandparent can’t sue for visitation rights unless there’s an established relationship or bond between the grandparent and grandchild. No such bond exists between Toxic Tom and the Sussex children, so he has no standing to sue.

    I sometimes wonder how his other grandkids feel about this mess. As far as I know , he has no relationship with them, either. But of course, there’s no money to be made off those kids, so why would he bother? But do those kids feel slighted, or are they just relieved to be out of the fray?

    • BnlurNforever says:

      Relieved, I am guessing. I know I would be relieved not to have such a person trying to get a chance to exploit me. I am so thankful for the parents I have and know without a doubt that neither my mom or dad could ever under pain of death be induced into betraying me this way. I feel so bad for Harry and Meghan, both have two of the worst humans to call parents. Well, at least there’s Doria and she no doubt has taken Harry into her heart as a second child at this point, so all is not lost.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ booboocita, I think the only parent that would support his narcissistic idea of suing to see his grandchildren would be that snake Samantha. She would be all over that like bees to honey. It’s funny though that Sam’s kids don’t speak to her, nor their grandfather. In regards to his other children and grandchildren, I personally as a parent would be burning his phone line with such vitriol and profanity, that my last line to him in his lifetime would be to go straight to hell!! He’s such an awful person on the inside and out. His constant need to be involved in their lives, thinking that his opinion is how they should live their lives is an example of his true belief that what they do with their lives is not acceptable unless they tow his line. Furthermore, his demand for speaking in regards to their choices, now that they are far, far away from White Salty Island, have all evaporated and his cash cow is dry. Yet, I wouldn’t put it past CH to coach him into these conditions. He is a puppet and everyone is using him as much as he is using them to get his narcissistic message out in the world.

  10. Eurydice says:

    Ok, so how will H&M moving back to the UK make it easier for Tom to see his grandkids? And who is the “we” that have the right to see the grandkids? Doria already sees them – is there a third grandparent out there? I can imagine that whoever wrote this script is banging his head on his desk, saying “No, no, you idiot, those aren’t the lines, can’t you remember anything?”

    • Here4Tea says:

      I think at one point during the interview he actually picked up that script, he can be seen holding some papers. Anyway apart from the pathological hatred of Harry, he also spewed out his usual crap about being conned by paparazzi ( the ones that paid him handsomely for his services.) Said paparazzi obviously complained to the TV network ‘re ‘unfounded allegations ‘ and the interview has been pulled from their platform. Interestingly, he did say that it was a plan to stop the wedding. He also bigged-up Knauf. Meanwhile, others are peaceful under a tree.

      • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

        From all the stuff that’s come out, about how excessively possessive TT was with Meg from the time she was born (which fired the intense jealousy/hatred from Psycho Sam), I think there is a *big* component of Emotional Incest or Surrogate Spouse Syndrome:

        TT has come off as jealous of Harry “stealing” Meghan away, of Harry being the recipient of Meg’s love, devotion and attention. It’s beyond creepy.

      • kelleybelle says:

        @ (TheOG) Jan90067: Yes, it’s beyond creepy. It’s sick. It was always his own sick and twisted behaviour and action that drove Meghan away. Sr. was never 1/100th the man Harry is and he knows it. Sr. has always treated Meghan like chattel.

      • Debbie says:

        Does anyone know what T. Tom said about Harry? Also, if he’s saying he was “conned” by the BM, did he give them their money back?

  11. Amy Bee says:

    At least the lawyers were ethical enough to tell him he had no case re. grandparents rights. Last month he said he was going to sue for visitation. It’s clear he doesn’t care about Meghan because how could he want her to go back to royal life after she said she was suicidal. He has never supported Meghan and is only interested in getting paid to spout KP talking points in interviews. He should have gotten the message when Meghan said she lost her father, she meant that there was no chance for reconciliation.

    • superashes says:

      This right here is what I find so nauseating about this interview, telling your child to go back into a situation that was so damaging to her that she honestly thought she would harm herself, while pregnant no less. To me this is just abuse being practiced through national media, and I don’t understand how it can continue to occur.

  12. Becks1 says:

    Well, Archie and Lili do see one of their grandparents – Doria. And I did not get the vibe from the interview that Meghan and Harry are going to keep their children from Charles, its just been a global pandemic so Charles has not met Lili yet (and the relationship /b/ Charles and Harry is still probably in a state of….work, lets say.) Maybe that has changed or will change, but I do think that the Sussex children will see Charles and know him. And I do think Archie and Lili will have relationships with some of the other royal grandchildren – Eugenie’s children maybe, or Zara’s, I don’t know, depending on how things stand with all of them. but we have never heard H&M say that they weren’t going to let their children have a relationship with family. (also “family” means a lot more than blood sometimes.)

    so its really just Thomas.

    And I think this is definitely KP feeding him this script – Harry needs to come back, the children need to come back, they need to fulfill their duty – for KP that means “their duty of being our scapegoat.”

    • LMR says:

      Not to hijack, but I don’t know what Charles is waiting for. He has more time now before his mother dies to quietly go to Cali and visit his grandkids. This IS the calm before the storm in his life.

  13. *****Stevie*** says:

    My guess is this…. Notice he states in this same interview that both of his daughters are controlling, so I’m guessing Sam doesn’t want him to waste her inheritance on a lawsuit he can’t win, therefore she is allegedly advising him to not go forward with the lawsuit.

    • kelleybelle says:

      He would never have a leg to stand on, ever. There is no pre-existing relationship. It was a stupid, irresponsible thing to even consider. Aussie media is in the toilet and so are the people they choose to feature. This man is an abusive, greedy shit-heap. A known, proven, court-documented liar and abuser. Nothing more.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ kelleybelle, should he file a lawsuit, it would take 10 minutes into discovery to find that TT has, through multiple publications and interviews, that he has committed slander against Harry and Meghan constantly for a better part of two solid years.
        He’s dead in the water, as far as presenting a caring and concerned grandfather.

      • kelleybelle says:

        @BothSidesNow: Yep, absolutely. And longer than two years, too.

    • Debbie says:

      Meghan is NOT controlling Tom. She’s just living her own life, just because Tom doesn’t like that she won’t see him that doesn’t equate to “controlling” behavior. I think Tom’s projecting again. He’s trying to control Meg but she won’t let him, hence he calls her controlling. jerk.

  14. Here4Tea says:

    He doesn’t want a real relationship. The lack of relationship is his USP 💰

  15. Nicole says:

    Oh my goodness. I never thought I would say this, but yah this is totally scripted. Grandparents do not have any rights when it comes to visitation in the US. No legal action can be taken. And it’s better for their children to be in England? Where has he been? They are doing just fine in Santa Barbara. The royal press should find an ex-pat who actually lives in the states to make the narrative a touch more realistic. I’m sure those across the pond are eating this up, but that excerpt was pure fantasy.

  16. Aurora says:

    Thomas had better be careful. If the palace is paying him then that means he’s a liability who could compromise them at any time. I’m sure they can arrange an “accident” down in Mexico.

  17. Over it says:

    Does he ever stop and think for one second about how these interviews he continues to give are what is standing between him and his chances to ever meet these grandchildren he brings up for publicity?
    As far as I am concerned the only grand parent these children need is that incredible woman they already have . Ms. Doria, the grandma who should be put on a pedestal for being an incredible mom and grandmother.

    • kelleybelle says:

      He knows he is dead to Meghan. She disowned him years ago. He doesn’t want a relationship with anyone, he just loves the money. He’s nothing more than a greedy POS who’s in love with his own bank account. Mostly what his kids saw while growing up was an obsession with lottery tickets, booze, coke, underage sex, complete disrespect for marriage, relationships and kids. He has 6 other grandkids he has no relationships with. He won’t meet these ones, nor Harry, ever. Look at the relationships Scam & Jr. have with THEIR kids: doesn’t exist. That’s what they saw growing up. Lovelessness and abuse. And boy, does it show.

    • ***Stevie*** says:

      That boat has sailed. The threat of suing for visitation put air in Meghan’s sails to where I don’t believe she will ever let him meet these kids.

  18. Harla says:

    He thinks that the Sussex’s would be better protected in the UK?! WTF! Look at all they’ve done since they left and nothing, Nothing has been leaked, very, very few pap shots and they appear to be quite well protected by their own security. Whereas the UK couldn’t protect them at all, not from their own family or from the rabid, racist press.

    • superashes says:

      Yeah. He basically is telling his daughter, in public media, to head right back into a situation that was so damaging to her she felt she might actually commit suicide. Father of the year. He needs to f-all the way off into the sun.

  19. superashes says:

    I know I’ve said this before and have been shut down (for good reason) but I have to say it again, when is the point that they get a Court Order to get this jerk to disappear? You just know once Archie and Lili are older the White Markles are going to be doing the most to try to get at them otherwise. All this mess on the internet is going to make life so much harder for the grandkids he so desperately wants to meet and love (sarcasm), but he obviously cares even less about them than he does his own child. So infuriating. I don’t understand how it is alright for these outlets to continue to provide a stage for him to continue to practice this abuse.

    • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

      Archie and Lili have, and will continue to have, the very best personal protection, thanks to their parents (if left to Grandpa Tampon, they’d have NONE!). They will be going to private schools, have friends in their parents’ circles.

      I doubt the Malevolent Markles will be getting anywhere near these kids. Ever.

    • HeatherC says:

      If he or any white Markkkle make any physical move, show up at the school, playground, follow them in public, pitch a tent outside their driveway….no doubt there will be a court order in no time.

  20. canichangemyname? says:

    Duh, because a competent attorney told him he has no case. I’m not a Meghan & Harry stan (still have trouble getting past his Halloween/Nazi stunt), and no, I don’t hate Kate or Will, but I feel for Meghan in a lot of ways. Thomas is toxic AF. He has no interest in seeing Archie or Lili, his only interest is getting money. And that’s gotta hurt for her in a BIG way. My own father is going downhill, has been for a year now. Dementia set it and it’s a constant heartbreak. But it’s medical, he can’t help it. But to think of seeing your own father (who it seems she was close to for at least a while) continually sell you down the river … my God. I just want to give her a hug.

    • ***Stevie*** says:

      What’s going on with Tom’s mouth in that interview? Looked twisted to me. Wondering if there has been a mild stroke or Bell’s palsy. If so, it is too bad he couldn’t restrain himself.

    • Tessa says:

      I credit Harry for apologizing. ANd he did over that stunt.

  21. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    Don’t know about anywhere else but when we had an issue about seeing one of our grandkids we were told we could sue for visitation but would not win. Fortunately it all turned out to the good but grandparents have an uphill battle.
    (NOT DEFENDING TOXIC TOM, not at all.)

    • Tessa says:

      I hope most grandparents have hearts and are not as cold as Tom. They would not need to sue because they behave like decent human beings unlike Tom.

  22. Merricat says:

    Bag of wind blows.

  23. agnes says:

    “But to me that’s like trying to descend into a game and using them like pawns and I won’t sue to see them because I just think that’s using them and it’s not what I plan to do.”
    So what exactly is this loving Grandpa* doing right there, talking about his grandchildren like this?

    */s, obv.

  24. Lady Digby says:

    Bad dad gives a monthly interview for income so each time likes to say something provocative to justify the update. It is all BS : but he loves the attention and the money.

    • Eurydice says:

      This, exactly this.

    • Debbie says:

      I don’t know but every time Australian media does this kind of hitjob on M&H it reminds me that England used to send their criminals and awful non-desirables to that place. I guess the descendants of those undesirables are running the media now.

      • OzJennifer says:

        Like England used to send their criminals and undesirables to the USA?

      • nina says:

        @OzJennifer. Wrong, the whole world knows that Australia was the English penal colony and it shows.
        The US was England’s slave colony.
        Sending them there, would have been too close, would’ve been too to hop on a boat back to merry old England. So shipped them off to the end of the world

  25. Jan says:

    Toxic Tom hates Harry because chances are he told Meghan stop financing her abusive dad.
    So hence the stories about Meghan changed when she met Harry, means TT con job is not working any more.
    TT also said Meghan is like her mother thank goodness for small mercies.

  26. Cj says:

    Why yes, SIR, they “shouldn’t be used” at all. *pointed stare*

    Whatever. Let him scream into the void until his end of days; the only people listening are the ones writing his lines. Must be the worst theatre performance they’ve ever attended

  27. Ann Latta says:

    No one mentions Doria Ragland, who is the personification of grace. Harry and Meghan are not keeping their children from their grandmother. In all the photos of the wedding, the baptism of Archie, and excursions with Meghan, she is beautifully and appropriately dressed and lovely. I assume that she is a vital and welcome part of Archie and Lili’s lives.

    • HeatherC says:

      He did mention Doria, saying he’s tried to call her and left messages at her door to get her to “talk sense” into Meghan. Doria has not responded, instead probably said F that fcker, I divorced him for a reason, shredded the letters and recycled them and erased any voicemails. After watching her baby girl go through so much, watching her ex add to it just for beer money, yeah she’s not stepping up for him. And she shouldn’t.

  28. SUNNYVILE says:

    Fking prick🤬what about HIS duties as a father?? God I shouldn’t but I wish if he could get smacked by a couple of locals or something. This ugly deadbeat is so out of it that he can’t even realise how he’s humiliating himself

  29. Likeyoucare says:

    Someone should follow the money trail.

  30. Tessa says:

    Predictable that he’s trotted out during the Andrew scandals and the Time Cover.

  31. L4frimaire says:

    So the Australian Channel 7 issued an apology on air because Markle made some unfounded allegations about a reporter and photographer. Now they need to pull that version of the interview. Interesting how they’ll pull it off those lies, while he continually lies about his daughter and lies by omission. Why anyone still gives this man a platform is incomprehensible.

  32. ElleE says:

    Fun Fact: when I had a baby, my mom sent a few veiled email threats with subject lines like: “Grandparents Rights”. Lol, ok nutbag. This was in response to my husband’s telling her she had to treat me with more love.

    Flash forward over the years and she rarely takes the opportunity to see her grandkids because it isn’t all about her. I hate to admit it but I don’t think she really loves them or sees them for the beautiful little people that they are. They are just things to her.

    TM seems like the same person as my mom but in a different body. Do they have a playbook for this? 🙂

  33. aquarius64 says:

    The Aussie TV show got dragged for putting Bad Dad on air and thought it was tasteless. Dan Rotten had an SAS officer on his show and the officer said TT needs to say off the TV because the interviews look like a cash grab. People are starting to get sick of Bad Dad.

  34. Sarah says:

    Can he shut up already!!!!

  35. Cole says:

    Imagine having a father like him. I’d rather be fatherless!

  36. Etherbunny823 says:

    The four of them need to go back to England to fulfill their duties??? How do two BABIES (ok one baby and one toddler) have DUTIES to the Crown??? The only duties they should have are eating pooping crying and standing squarely in between their parents and a full night’s sleep.