Steph & Ayesha Curry renewed their vows in a backyard ceremony after 10 years of marriage

Despite the dramatic dissolution of Steph Curry’s parents’ marriage, it seems Steph and Ayesha’s marriage is going strong. Steph and Ayesha recently used their invitation to the Met Gala as a date night away from the kids. Ayesha just posted some sweet photos of a vow renewal ceremony she and Steph had in their backyard. One of the photos shows their eldest child, daughter Riley, officiating the ceremony. According to the post, Steph surprised Ayesha with the ceremony recently. Their tenth wedding anniversary was on July 30th. Below are a few more details via PageSix:

“A couple of weeks ago @stephencurry30 surprised me with the most beautiful vow renewal ceremony,” Ayesha wrote, accompanied by photos of the couple’s outdoor celebration.

“He even picked out my dress for me and had it waiting 😭,” she added.

Ayesha then explained how the pair’s three young children participated in the ceremony. While daughter Riley, 9, officiated, sons Ryan, 6, and Canon, 3, walked their mom down the grassy aisle to meet Steph.

“It’s everything I’ve always dreamed of but didn’t know could be possible in this way. A moment I will never forget,” continued Ayesha, who wore a long-sleeved, lacy white gown for the occasion. “I love you @stephencurry30.”

The post’s accompanying photo sees Riley presiding over her parents’ updated exchange of vows as Ryan and Canon observe the touching moment from their spots on a picnic blanket.

Steph and Ayesha — who made a date night out of their Met Gala debut on Sept. 13, walking the carpet in designer looks styled by Jason Bolden — met and fell in love while attending high school together in their native North Carolina.

[From PageSix]

Ayesha looked beautiful in her dress and I love how she and Steph incorporated the kids into the ceremony. It is sad that Steph’s parents are divorcing and it seems to be quite contentious but I hope Steph and Ayesha are able to avoid those pitfalls. I personally think vow renewal ceremonies are a bit much and unnecessary but I understand why people do it. To be fair weddings make me itch too so there’s that. I find Ayesha a bit extra (not to throw shade), but I cannot begrudge the love she and Steph have for each other. It is hard to make a relationship last, especially when the couple is in the spotlight, so I am here to celebrate it when marriages cross the ten year threshold. I hope that Ayesha and Steph will celebrate another ten years together and that their relationship will just grow stronger. In the mean time, I am going to go look at their pictures again because that Valentino wedding dress Ayesha had on was STUNNING.



photos via Instagram

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  1. Jillian says:

    Riley looks like a miniature Steph! Beautiful family

  2. Lady Baden-Baden says:

    I reckon there’s a hint of desperation to some renewal ceremonies – an attempt to paper over the cracks in the hope it will bring a couple back together. On the other hand, some people just want a do-over. Personally, I’d love another go at it somewhere down the line. I was pregnant at my wedding (couldn’t even enjoy the fizz!) but subsequently lost the baby, so my memories of the wedding are forever tied with that. I’d like to make new, happier memories. And, of course, have a big, post- Covid drunken blow- out!

    ETA – If my husband picked out my dress I’d be crying too. Not in a good way.

    • I just can't says:

      Yup, same.

      And I suspect that’s why she oh-so-subtly mentioned that little tidbit right off the top.

      The applique on the neck/chest/boob area is really, really bad. Like, no excuse for that sort of bad.

      But, on the positive side, her hair looks amazing.

  3. KL says:

    Just a humble Canadian stepping in to take issue with “…while attending high school together in their native North Carolina”.

    Ahem. Ayesha is fully from Markham, Ontario #GTArepresent

    • Sarah11 says:

      I looked it up. Her family moved to North Carolina when she was in her teens, so everyone is right – she’s from Markham and she met Steve in high school in North Carolina.

    • Lionel says:

      And even I know that they have two daughters and a son, not two sons and a daughter. C’mon Page Six, step it up!

    • Marsbar says:

      Hahah yessss! MARKHAM REPRESENT! Never thought I’d say that sentence on Celebitchy lol

  4. Neners says:

    They are such a beautiful family!

  5. just a small town girl says:

    I hate the perception vow renewal ceremonies have because I want to have one one day (in lieu of a wedding, we eloped, but I desperately wanna party eventually!), but theirs was very sweet and I hope they get another ten years!

  6. Christine says:

    I find vow renewals to be extremely weird. However this looked pretty lowkey and I love that they included their kids. Very cute

    • sarah11 says:

      I hope theirs is just a fun-loving, family-focused vow renewal and not the frequent death knell that it is for some marriages. And i thought her dress was very sweet.

  7. Mina_Esq says:

    Uh-oh. I’ll take this as a sign that their marriage is in trouble.

    • Say Whaa? says:

      @Mina_Esq: Normally I would agree with you, but it could be a bit of “reassurance” for their kids who are seeing their grandparent’s marriage hit the skids.

    • dogmom says:

      Yeah, she is giving him some major stink-eye in that header photo, and he’s barely smiling. I can see the argument that they want their kids to know their marriage is secure with Steph’s parents divorcing, but I always side-eye vow renewal ceremonies anyway, and given pro athletes are known scoundrels …

  8. Noki says:

    i think vow renewals after a decade or so is rather cute. Mariah used to do them annually with Nick. That has to be so exhausting!

  9. Renee says:

    Here’s the story I’ve been waiting for…I CANNOT love Steph Curry more (or Stephy as I will refer to him).
    I love that they did this and included their kids. I would have expected nothing less from my Stephy. I love how he and Ayesha seem so respectful of one another and how loving they seem towards their kids.

    Ayesha’s dress was gorgeous! Stephy did a great job picking it.

    P.S. Take note Page Six….Ryan is their daugher, not their son.

    • detritus says:

      Usually a vow renewal ceremony feels forced (the yearly ones) or as a bandaid to fix an issue.

      This just seems like Steph celebrating his love for his wife after his dad publicly was a cheating POS.

      There was something that sparked it, but it’s not a them issue, it’s an outside one.

      Lol that he picked her dress, was wondering because it’s not quite what I’d consider her style

  10. Call_Me_Al says:

    He has better taste in dresses than she does!