Jobson: Duchess Meghan won’t visit the UK because she’s not ‘popular’ there

Meghan Markle looks stylish in a red velvet suit as she arrives at a Harlem elementary school

After the Oprah interview especially, I felt like the Duchess of Sussex would likely not return to the UK for any reason for a good amount of time. But then there have been several references in recent months to Harry and Meghan’s desire to visit the UK to at least introduce baby Lilibet to her great-grandmother, and have Lili christened at St. George’s Chapel. So I don’t know. If Meghan takes the view of “this is water under the bridge, we should be able to be polite for a few days in the UK,” then so be it and I admire her strength and her Zen-like ability to move past trauma. What’s pretty funny about that is the royal commentary class is obsessed with the idea that Meghan shouldn’t come back to the UK because… they’ll just continue to bash her and force people to think that she’s “unpopular.” Allow Robert Jobson to explain:

Keeping her distance? Meghan Markle may not make an appearance across the pond until the dust finally settles following her 2020 exit, according to royal commentator Robert Jobson.

“I’m not sure Meghan will ever come to Britain again,” the Prince Philip’s Century: The Extraordinary Life of the Duke of Edinburgh author told Us Weekly exclusively on Tuesday, September 21. “She’s not popular [right] now.”

While the Duke of Sussex has made quick trips to the U.K. over the past year, Jobson doesn’t think Meghan will do the same — especially not for Queen Elizabeth II‘s upcoming Platinum Jubilee. The celebration will honor seven decades of the 95-year-old monarch’s service to the Commonwealth, making her the first British royal to reach the major milestone.

“We have to wait and see. … Harry, I’m sure he thinks he’ll be there for the [Platinum Jubilee],” Jobson told Us, claiming that some people might view the Sussexes “doting on the queen” as “hypocritical” following their recent public statements against the palace. “But you’ve got to remember that within months, he’s going to have a book coming out. … It’s gonna be quite awkward.”

The festivities should be about the queen’s “70 years of continued service of dedication and duty,” Jobson explained. “The focus should not be on whether Megan’s happy or not, or whether Harry is looking the wrong way from his brother, [Prince William]. … The queen deserves more than that.”

[From Us Weekly]

Meghan is actually quite popular, as she showed in New York during their tour. I would suspect that if and when she visits the UK, she’ll also be treated like a rock star, with crowds gathered to see her and charities breaking down her door for her to do events with them. And I’ve never understood the royal media’s play here – they desperately want nothing more than Meghan and Harry to come back for any length of time. They desperately want those photos and those stories. So why continue to villainize the Sussexes? I think the answer to that question is “these people are all horrendously stupid.”

Meghan Markle shares a smile as she returns to her hotel with Prince Harry after duties in NYC

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are seen after a visit to One World Observatory with Governor Hochul and Mayor de Blasio

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  1. Becks1 says:

    The royal family needs Harry and Meghan, even if its just as punching bags, way more than they need the royal family. Same with the British press.

    Is Andrew going to be at the jubilee?

    • MMadison says:

      @Becks1: You have hit it! They will have a very difficult time explaining why they shun Meghan/Harry yet embrace Andrew. This question is indeed a problem for everyone but The Queen because I’m 100% certain she wants Andrew at the Jubilee….PERIOD

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Spot on. The press needs the side by side comparison of Meghan with the regal, beautiful, never puts a foot wrong one to shift copy for weeks on end as the rest of the royals do not sell. The NY tour showed plague island that the Sussexes are superstars who have been embraced by America and the rest of the world while the UK continues to be in a mess of its own making.

    • Over it says:

      I think Mariah said s it best, why you so obsessed with me Robert? Well she didn’t say Robert but you get what I mean.

    • Over it says:

      I think Mariah said s it best, why you so obsessed with me Robert? Well she didn’t say Robert but you get what I mean.

    • Annaloo. says:

      You know, Kate could DO SO MUCH to end this. She could fricking take it upon herself and be the bigger person, and end a lot of the gossipy speculation, the female to female rivalry the toxic press has set up. She clearly has the upper hand with the press, but chooses to NOT TO. I’m not new about this, but it galls me that these things run as wild as they do, bc the effects (racism, hatred of Americans, etc) are tolerated and allowed to grow.


      • Christine says:

        She could actually work, for her taxpayer paid lifestyle, but wishes are horses where Kate is concerned. They should all be embarrassed, at this point. Continuing to push this narrative about Meghan is revolting.

    • Sushiroll says:


      Yup. Also, being a stupid racist pig sounds F-ing exhausting. So much mental gymnastics, so much rageful clenching of the sphincter. Like, relax already. High sodium island, indeed.

  2. GuestWho says:

    Not popular in the UK or not safe in the UK?

    The way they bang on about how the focus should be on the queen and not M&H and then devote all their coverage to M&H is ridiculous. Irony thy name is Jobson.

    • Snuffles says:

      I’m going with not safe in the UK. Not as long as the RRs are stoking up hatred. And not as long the royal family is raging about how Meghan “stole” their workhorse/scapegoat Harry. Not as long as the “joke” about beating the crap out of them. But they are extraordinarily popular with the younger generation.

    • Merricat says:

      Agreed. Not safe. And how proud they are of themselves. It’s breathtaking.

    • Jegede says:


      And this is not ALL on Jobson.

      He & Penny Juror are hard shills for Charles and often do Clarence House bidding in the press.

      100% Jobson has been given the green light to say this.

      Interesting this follows Tindall’s Harry remarks being caught out over the weekend.🙄🙄

      • GuestWho says:

        I agree, it’s absolutely not all on Jobson. There are a dozen “experts” who do the exact same thing. The system is just disgusting.

      • Izzy says:

        You know what my wish list includes? That just a few of the vitriolic messages directed to the Sussexes – and you KNOW they’ve received some serious threats based on race – get leaked to the press, so the rest of us can go HAM pointing out all the little media shites who contributed to the current state of affairs.

        I hope Meghan never sets foot in the UK again, but if she has to, I hope she’s there and gone before anyone finds out.

    • Bettyrose says:

      Yeah that’s the issue, safety. I do think she’d be greeted with cheering crowds at a UK event but no way would that be safe. If she returns for a christening her movements need to be top secret and thoroughly protected.

      • Becks1 says:

        The cheering crowds are the issue IMO. the rota and most (all?) of the royal family don’t want to hear the cheers, they want to keep pushing this narrative that everyone hates the Sussexes. They dont want people to hear the cheering and have proof that people still love them, not in spite of what they did but because of it. That’s very damaging for the royal family and they would rather keep their heads in the sand and act like the world hates them.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ GuestWho, has definitely nailed the issue, as well as the conspirators involved with the campaign of trying to emotionally destroy Meghan.

        @ Snuffles. @ Merricat. @ Jegede. @ Bettyrose
        All of you are have pointed out ALL of the players involved in their campaign to not only destroy Meghan, but to carry out this campaign for 3+ years!! They consistently wrote/spoke with vile, disgust and racist allegations that verified Harry’s statement that he was fearful of history repeating itself. Harry had to endure a very public separation of his parents that played out with his parents, adding that he lost his Mum at such a young age and how the reporters played an active role in her death. Harry’s fear of the consistent campaign of hatred against Meghan, from not only the RR, but his family as well, led to their final decision. And yet, they still haven’t stopped their hate campaign.

        I don’t know how Meghan was able to handle these daily attacks, on top of being pregnant. I never once saw Meghan downcast, sullen or angry. Thankfully she addressed her breaking point with Harry.

        Though, I am so angry that not only did the RR, The Men in Grey and members of the Royal Family participate in these vile actions, but to deny them and to deny Meghan any mental health on top of NOT calling off the dogs, is reprehensible. I don’t know how Harry and Meghan consider stepping foot on that vile island again.

        I am extremely happy for Harry and Meghan now. I can see endless happiness, fulfillment and utter joy as they live their lives, free from control and freedom to do, say, see and live as they want!!!!

      • GraceB says:

        I don’t really know what would happen tbh. As someone who lives in the UK, the kind of people who gather in crowds at royal events tend to be the same people you see on TV, with houses stacked full of so much royal memorabilia that they look like a charity shop. They’re also going to believe every last thing the royals and tabloids say. The remaining crowd is made up of people with nothing else to do for the day and tourists.

        The rest of the UK is pretty apathetic towards the royals, and are likely to simply shrug their shoulders, demand a bank holiday, and get back to panic buying all the petrol (or whatever it is they’ve moved onto panic buying at that time), while the royalists are distracted.

      • Sarah11 says:

        I honestly don’t believe H&M are popular in tne U.K. their status there is more of the infamous variety, not the rock star variety, Kaiser, IMO. Oh well, they don’t live there anymore and Harry’s visits have been semi-official only and very short. Their future is in the US, not the U.K. I don’t think Meghan and the children will ever go back.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Exactly. She needs to not go back when that family clearly wants to hurt her

    • Lorelei says:

      @GuestWho: MTE. They’ve shown they can bash Meghan 24/7 (and during the NYC trip it literally was 24/7) no matter where she is. Canada, New York, California— it doesn’t matter. I’m sure safety in the UK is her main concern, not “negative press coverage since she’s unpopular” which she’s dealt with from these racist morons every day for years and hopefully is able to just tune out at this point. If there was any question about her popularity, it was answered by the standing ovation she received walking out onto the stage on Saturday.

      Their obsession with this Jubilee is so OTT. Even if Meghan stays home and Harry attends it, how much do we bet there will STILL be less coverage of the Queen than there will be articles about why Meghan didn’t come, what she must be thinking right now, either she’s devastated at not being invited OR she’s a b!tch who insulted the Queen by declining the invitation, blah blah blah.

      They continue to show over and over again that their “magnificent” white royals in the UK are simply not interesting or lucrative enough— it is ONLY stories about the Sussexes that will get clicks because they aren’t as dull as dishwater.

      • Christine says:

        “Even if Meghan stays home and Harry attends it, how much do we bet there will STILL be less coverage of the Queen than there will be articles about why Meghan didn’t come, what she must be thinking right now, either she’s devastated at not being invited OR she’s a b!tch who insulted the Queen by declining the invitation, blah blah blah.”


        God, I used to be such an anglophile. I accidentally minored in English history and English literature, because I loved the classes, and took them for fun. No more, I am all the way over it. I will still adore Doctor Who, this sh*tty family cannot take that from me!

  3. Belli says:

    Honestly I hope Meghan, Archie and Lili never return to the UK. Just for their safety, let alone having to deal with the vile royals and press. They deserve their peace away from all that.

    Harry I suppose will have to go back a few times. Once the Queen passes though, I wouldn’t be surprised if he never goes back apart from for funerals.

  4. Roo says:

    It’s as if the BM all took those pitiful men’s rights/incel courses and are negging H and M as hard as they can in the hopes that H and M will show interest. Pitiful.

    • GR says:

      @ROO – I think you summed it up it perfectly!

      • lanne says:

        yes–they’re a bunch of broke-down wannabe pick-up artists who paid $500 for a class on “how to meet girls.” And when the girls they try their mess on treat them like they have contagious Ebola, they claim they “hate women and those women they hate are all fat and ugly anyway.”

        The ratchets can’t even be original with their hate. They just follow tired old tropes that have been done over and over again. They’re like those “geniuses” who have an “epiphany” one day: “Racism isn’t really about race, its about CLASS! If those POCs would act more CLASSY, the police will stop killing them! Yee hee I’m so smart!!”

    • Haylie says:

      Spot on, Roo!

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Perfect analogy Roo. The Rf in the past has never really had to try that hard to justify why they exist. There have been vague words like good for the economy, tourism, patronages, etc in the past but now that the glitter has truly fallen off the turd, the rest of the world sees them as another money-grubbing over-privileged self-absorbed family with very questionable morals and behaviours.

  5. Seraphina says:

    Why question is why would a victim want to go back and visit where he/she was traumatized? I mean, to look them in the face and KNOW what they did – and have to relive all that AND act nice? No thanks. Stay strong Meghan.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Meghan and Harry turned out to be stronger and more strategic than people thought. You don’t walk away from a family as powerful and traumatising as that to then turn around and go back.

  6. Noki says:

    Meghan doesnt care about popularity and being out there. Even when she was a lesser known personality she never tried the tabloid relationships or silly PR. If she was thirsty we would have seen more of her pre Harry. I think she is like Beyonce as in she really shows up for a cause,appearance or event that matters. They try to talk about her in the UK papers like she is Katie Price. Put some respek on her name!

    • superashes4 says:

      I agree. I think Meghan’s concern about being liked probably went out the door once she became suicidal, and then survived and was able to escape. After that, who really gives a damn what the tabloids think?

  7. JT says:

    Who cares if she isn’t popular in the UK? As the NYC trip showed, it does not matter if she or Harry ever step foot over there again. Not that they won’t but it’s isn’t necessary for them to be loved or even liked. H&M have too much going on to be concerned if the UK likes them

  8. MellyMel says:

    Not popular in the UK, but had a livestream on her and her husband’s movements while they were in NYC…yeah okay. If she doesn’t go back, it’s probably because of safety and not feeling welcomed by her husband’s racist family members.

  9. atorontogal says:

    The festivities should be about the queen’s “70 years of continued service of dedication and duty,” Jobson explained. “The focus should not be on whether Megan’s happy or not, or whether Harry is looking the wrong way from his brother, [Prince William]. … The queen deserves more than that.”
    So why is he focusing on H&M?

    • goofpuff says:

      ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ moment?

    • Lorelei says:

      They all do this, they act like it’s completely out of their hands, as if tons of coverage about Meghan during the Jubilee will inevitably come out of nowhere when THEY are the ones making the editorial decisions, writing the stories and making the constant comparisons. It’s so disingenuous. And infuriating after a while.

      The Queen is so fcking great? Okay, Robert, so why aren’t you writing solely about all of her accomplishments during her reign and all of the reasons why she’s so wonderful? Why can’t you write one single article about the Queen without referencing the Sussexes?

      I’d really love if just once someone asked him that if she’s so “unpopular” in the UK, why does he cover her so much— an “unpopular” person won’t bring attention to or clicks on your work, will it?

    • PrincessK says:


  10. Here4Tea says:

    Harry and Meghan are incredibly popular in the UK. The Royal Rota don’t reflect public opinion. To be honest, we’ve got more pressing concerns right now.

    • Jegede says:

      Incredibly popular? I’m a Brit and I’ll disagree.

      However indifference to the BRF is a far wider, truer, response.

      • Here4Tea says:

        Harry has always been incredibly popular despite the general indifference to the Windsors. Give your fellow citizens credit in able to see past the Establishment ‘s rhetoric.

      • swaz says:

        Well the Brits didn’t ask William to give the award to the vaccine scientist, they went all the way to Montecito ???

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @Jegeda – I think the indifference to the BRF is fairly large in the USA, Canada and UK.

      • PrincessK says:

        Well I am a Brit and I say that Harry and Meghan are popular in the UK. The royal rota people write for the largely right wing press and represent brainwashed middle age Brexit voters, only one section of society. If you check with the under 30s it will be quite different, and that is the demographic that matters.

    • Killfanora says:

      Here4Tea, totally agree, Harry and Meghan are incredibly popular here in the UK! It’s just the media who says they aren’t and whips the anti brigade to a frenzy. The Daily Fail and The Scum’s commentators are mainly bots and the unhinged.

      • goofpuff says:

        Harry and Meghan have to be really popular with the amount of news coverage the British media (specifically the tabloids and talks shows) devote to them. If no one cared, the media wouldn’t spend so much time on them.

      • Here4tea says:

        When Charles was heckled in Glasgow, the heckler didn’t shout “ we hate Meghan.” He shouted; “Charlie yer brother’s a nonce!” I think most people in the UK believe that the campaign against the Sussexes, and Meghan in particular, was cover for Andrew’s alleged criminality and TOB being the Fredo in the family.

      • PrincessK says:


  11. Lili says:

    Sounds more like the ramblings of a dust old White bloke playing to his audience. there is a whole other world out there, and i’m sure black & brown brits and sussex fans would love to see her. Alot that didnt pay attenion to the royal family till she came along.

  12. NicB says:

    I have to disagree. I really don’t think Meghan is as popular as most of this audience believes. What I read everywhere from Americans and people in the UK, is that there is a large and vocal group of people that love to tear her down. I think her popularity on this site is overstated at times. She has so much working against her no matter what she does. The British Press and the Palace did their job well enough.

    • Lila says:

      The group is very vocal but not large. Most of the unhinged hate for Meghan comes from the same people who run multiple accounts.

      • Snuffles says:

        Agreed. It’s not large at all. Statistics have proven that most hate speech on Twitter is actually a small number of people with multiple accounts and using bots to amplify their voices.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Lila, right. A recent example being someone who was seen posting all over the place about the Time cover being bought with a ridiculous explanation.

    • Belli says:

      If you relentlessly hammer away at a narrative every day for 5 years, it’ll stick. How many people have said that “there’s just something about her” that they don’t like. They can’t name what it is, but they hear “Meghan bad” on loop absorb it.

    • Noki says:

      I actually have seen what you mean. We love and defend her on this site and rightly so as she gets a raw deal. Putting the Daily Fail aside many other blogs/insta accounts dont seem to like her or are atleast indifferent. And i read and follow an array of various blogs with different demographics.

      • Haylie says:

        The same hate accounts on those other sites have the same hate accounts and bots on all the other sites too.

        The internet in general is a poor representation of the world at large. The biggest bullies have overstated influence. People who are “so unpopular” don’t get thunderous applause and standing ovations in real life. Let alone multimillion dollar media deals. If they were that unpopular, partnering with them would be toxic to a brand.

      • anne says:

        @haylie “The internet in general is a poor representation of the world at large. The biggest bullies have overstated influence.” < This, 100%.

        That's one of the (many) problems with the Internet and social media; a small, vocal group can seem like an "army" of people, when it's in fact, a very small number of people. For example, researchers were able to trace 95% of vaccine misinformation on the internet to TWELVE people. That's all it takes.

    • Snuffles says:

      The only thing the palace and RR have done is turn her into a superstar in their desperate attempt to tear her down. If they had actually done their never complain/never explain motto, the early fascination in her would have eventually petered out. But now they’ve turned the Sussexes into an epic romance for the ages and a formidable philanthropic power couple.

    • Chelsea says:

      If you’ve seen any of the live footage, especially from the GlobalCitizen event, you will know that Meghan is incredibly popular in the states, especially among young people. The crowd literally started screaming her name before she and Harry were even introduced. Polling of US audiences also backs this up and her clothes still sell out within hours of a public appearance.

      Hell even after all of the crap she’s taken in the UK she still got a huge positive response during their last tour in the UK. I don’t doubt that her popularity has taken a major hit in the UK the last couple years but she still has good numbers with young people there and she obviously still has a lot of support outside of the UK.

    • Merricat says:

      Meghan is popular with everyone she’s ever worked with, which counts more with me than all the racists who can’t put their finger on why they dislike her.

      • JT says:

        I wonder who bought The Bench then? Or the Hubb cookbook? Or Smart Set? Or the Time magazine cover which sold out. Or all of the clothes that Meghan wears. If the only proof people have of Meghan’s unpopularity is coming from blogs, than you aren’t looking at the big picture. The internet is not the end all be all, as thousands of people screaming Meghan’s name at a live events has shown.

    • Jegede says:

      Very true.

      The WSJ had an interesting piece about the future of Archewell and their ongoing success.

      And a Disney exec quoted his surprise at the strong backlash, to Meghan’s Elephant documentary, and worried that bad reaction to her could depress UK viewing figures.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        No doubt the Murdoch owned WSJ had an interesting piece. I read it. The backlash “quote” is something being repeated from a DiM story. The DiM story said “Disney exec” and now WSJ is claiming “Disney team”. Pffft. It’s also curious when names are not named. Similar to “royal sources” and “palace aides”.

        The family that owned WSJ regretted selling to Murdoch afterwards.

        The fear over the pond is that if Meghan were to go it could very well show she is more popular than they want her to be.imo

      • lanne says:

        Look at any new item, blog, or story featuring POCs giving opinions on anything. Look at response to the Obamas, Simone Biles, Beyonce, Kamala Harris. There will always be haters who can hide their racism behind their anonymity. Heck, any woman who speaks out period gets online hate. So in that context, it’s no surprise that Meghan gets it too.

        I don’t think it’s a mark of “unpopularity.” It’s a mark of being a WOC with a voice she isn’t afraid to use. The only women who don’t get hate are the women who have no voices. So comparing that hate that Meghan gets to the hate that Kate gets isn’t really very informative. Kate has gone out of her way to maintain her silence–whether it’s her choice, or that the royal institution forces her into it. She’s praised for being silent. That shows us how far we still have to go in accepting the public voices of women. The hate Meghan gets is fomented by the royals and the ratchets, yes. But it’s also a pretty strong indicator of how women are viewed in the public sphere in our times. There is a large segment of the population of men who feel that women exist only to be decorative and to serve them. A population of white men afraid of ceding the power they have held for the past 500 years in the west. They have the “public square” of social media to spew their hatred. We have decisions to make as a society as to how we are going to address this. The Meghan hate is part of this zeitgeist.

      • BUBS says:

        Yet, when the numbers are out, the UK always has high volumes of those that watch. They watched her and Harry’s interviews more than the queens speech! They’ll search out her ring when they have someone wearing Diana’s own ring! They hate-watch! That contributes to Meghan’s popularity. Her popularity has never been in doubt, despite what Yougov says. I think it’s more of her safety that’ll keep her away. Not popularity!

      • Becks1 says:

        If Disney was that worried about any backlash because of Meghan they wouldn’t have been in the running to get their production deal with Disney Plus.

      • MsIam says:

        I don’t believe this article, its more Murdoch lies. When Elephant premiered it was in the top ten in streaming on Disney Plus. And Angelina Jolie gets a lot of hate/backlash and Disney has made three movies with her so far.

      • goofpuff says:

        Yeah WSJ is pretty much a tabloid now shilling right wing media dreams. Its really sad for me ;( because before it went downhill I used to read it.

    • LP says:

      I wrote this before I saw your comment. I do think there is a segment that don’t like her but I think it also seems like that because on blogs , social media etc her trolls are everywhere. They run to any site or page because that’s their job. Most people still like her especially in the US as shown with what happened in NY. It might not be the same in the UK because tabloid media dominates everything. But here unless your paying attention to gossip sites and tabloid media you are mainly seeing the good things they do on legitimate news channels.

    • Anwahets says:

      I disagree. Meghan and Harry are incredibly popular and when they speak the world listens. Their final visit to the UK was a success, a viral once in a lifetime picture, a great reception at a school and their final visit to the cw service.
      We just watched 60000 people cheer on Meghan a few days ago. She’s also a bestselling author, her vogue magazine was the fastest selling edition and time magazine is selling out as well and they were basically treated as rockstars in NYC.

      Jegede, elephant outperformed Natalie Portman’s dolphin.

      I think some commentators have an agenda against Meghan and same for people like jobson. It’s basically their tried and tested method of creating an echo chamber around someone and repeatedly telling them how hated they are then offering to ‘repair’ the negative coverage if you just give them access.

      Meghan and Harry will never give these people the access they want and as they go to more events they see for themselves that they have support.

      What the British media are doing does have a backlash. They look more and more like clowns to the world. Also, you can’t claim someone is unpopular then spend every moment speaking about them. They signal to the rest of the world’s media just how popular the two are and how easier it is to have access by just being professional. A lot of these british media types have taken a hit in their standing by how unhinged and embarrassing they are.

      • JT says:

        @Anwahets You’ve listed all of these proven successes of Meghan’s and still people say she isn’t popular and I don’t understand it. There are tangible results spelling out her popularity. The Bench sold out very quickly despite no promotion until after it was already a best seller. What about all of the charity drives done her behalf? The Sussex Squad has raised hundreds of thousands in H&M’s names. Those are actual people spending real money for the Sussexes, not bots, and people want to act like they’re irrelevant.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Anwahets – 100% agree

      • BUBS says:

        @ANWAHETS, I agree with this comment you made: “I think some commentators have an agenda against Meghan and same for people like jobson.”
        Talking about Meghan not being popular when everything about her is breaking news! She and Harry made the Times list and basically everyone forgot that other people had been named on that list!

    • MsIam says:

      Meghan is not popular but millions tuned in to see her give an interview, her book was a best seller, her name put a little vegan coffee company on the map. And we don’t even have to go there about this past week/weekend. But sure she’s not as popular as “you” think. Maybe you should think about that some more, lol.

    • BUBS says:

      LOL. Meghan is every bit as popular as we believe. Didn’t we just see the reaction to her in Central Park? Didn’t her book stay atop the NYT best seller list for weeks? Are we even talking about sales of expensive clothing items that go up astronomically when she wears them! Her haters are extremely loud, but they are not as many as they appear to be. Heck, have we forgotten the crowds that followed her everywhere she turned up in the UK? Remember at the school when the students were praying it was her and not Kate? Is it because she has been low key while pregnant? Let them drop a podcast today and you’ll see how they dominate news cycles again. Meghan is incredibly popular…with her lovers and haters!

    • Royalwatcher says:

      I think you’re completely wrong, simply for the fact that Keen and TOB copy them at every turn, the family sends its members (Mike T, Carole) and staff out to bash/threaten the Sussexes, and all the RRs do is talk about them. Almost every article – even when it’s about another royal – will have references to Meghan and (sometimes) Harry. If someone wasn’t popular and influential, they would be ignored. If the other royals didn’t see Meghan and Harry as a threat to their own status quo or in other some way, they wouldn’t be so obsessed with them. There wouldn’t have been talk of TOB wanting to exile them to Africa so he can have the spotlight.

      Also, some woman did research to show that the majority of online hatred toward Meghan (something like 90+% I think) came from a handful of people. Not to mention what others have said about the amount of money raised by Sussex fans, everything Meghan touches selling out, etc., and when they went on the Oceania tour they drew crowds that rivaled the queen’s.

      • JT says:

        H&M’s holiday special was number one in dozens of countries, including the UK, as was Harry’s interview with Dax Shepherd. There were live feeds on multiple channels covering their NYC trip. That Valentino the Meg wore dress was thousands of dollars and it was sold out on some sites as was the $2,000 Armani that Meg wore for the Oprah interview.

    • ziaaa says:

      @NicB “I think her popularity on this site is overstated at times.” No it isn’t. Meghan and Harry are actually immensely popular. Not only do they ace all the other royals in popularity they also wield a lot of power and influence. There is a saying that “when hordes of people are trying to bring you down over every miniscule and inconsequential detail of your life, it means you are doing something right that threatens all their wrongs.”

      Celebitchy provides positive and fair coverage of the Sussexes and that is the reason it attracts the H&M’s supporters who shell out their money and time to support and uphold the couple’s positive causes. But this coverage also attracts a barrage of mini-Jobsons who would like nothing more to spread their haterade from the daily fail, tumbler, twitter, and seedy blogs to filter in on this site. Hence, the repetition of the stale talking points like “he’s her hairdresser:, “what an awful mother who shuns her breast-feeding duties!”, and “But her coats….”.

      After making multiple posts in the same vein all over the internet they will come here to state it as a fact that the Montecito couple is wildly unpopular. Despite the fact that thousands cheer them on, their minutest actions dominate the headlines the entire year, their call for action motivates the people to open their purses and donate thousands in amount, everything they create, wear, and eat is passionately followed and generally sells out. But yeah they are super-unpopular you guys! Whatever helps Jobson and his internet-clones sleep at night…

    • Becks1 says:

      So, I do think some of the tabloid sticking points have…..well, stuck. Like I’ll see comments on WaPo about her and it will say something like “I like her and Harry, I’m just confused because I thought they wanted privacy.” It’s not necessarily something negative about Meghan, its just that this person has bought into one of the tabloids hit pieces against her, so to speak.

      I think the more they are out there and the more they continue to do good work, the more that confusion will go away.

      But also, if people hated them that much and if they were so unpopular – anything related to them wouldn’t sell out. Hate watching or hate buying doesn’t matter to the streaming service or the publisher. Omid Scobie’s publisher doesn’t care how many people bought his book bc they hate Meghan. They care that they bought it. Apple TV doesnt care how many people subscribed just to make fun of Harry in The Me You Can’t See. They subscribed, didn’t they?

    • San Diego says:

      @NICB Unfortunately, I think people are not understanding just how effective the media campaign has been against her and Harry. They are meticulously trying to destroy her character. They never mention any of her or Harry’s accomplishments but have tagged every incendiary label they can on her. I have had discussions with friends or been online where people don’t even know why they hate her, they can’t give a valid reason, they just do. Headlines matter and for the past 5 plus year in England, 98% of it has been negative. That gets picked up and other media outlets reports on it because those are the so called experts. There’s so much hate online and I’ve noticed the most hateful and vile they are against H&M the more views and engagement they have.
      It’s disheartening sometimes.

      • BUBS says:

        As long as Meghan and Harry keep doing what they’re doing, they’ll eventually drown out all the noise. If Global Citizen has showed me anything, it’s that most of the world loves them. New Yorkers are a tough crowd but they gave all the love to H and M. The people who relentlessly hate Meghan are those determined to hate her. No need to fret. They’ll be just fine.

    • Sid says:

      Not that popular yet the clothes she wears sell out, the book she wrote and the book she helped get published both made bestseller lists, the Disney doc she did the voiceover for had more viewers than the accompanying doc voiced by Natalie Portman, the capsule clothing line she helped get done for SmartWorks sold like crazy, the British Vogue issue she guest edited sold out AND had some of the mag’s best sales in a long time, people were jumping to participate in her 40×40 initiative, etc. , etc. ,etc. Is there a loud, vile, obnoxious group of racists that love to make their insane hatred of her known? Yes. Is that representative of most people? No. As my parents love to say, empty vessels make the most noise. The group of people who like Meghan or are indifferent to her combined are much larger.

  13. Em says:

    Personally I feel they shouldn’t go, I understand their beef isn’t with the queen, but there’s no difference to the public. They still have a bullying investigation hanging over her head, plus the other stuff the royals haven’t even acknowledged or apologized for. If the sussexes go it’s gonna look weird on a public stage, it falls on lili’s first birthday so I think they should send wishes, say they’re gonna visit the queen privately and take a trip to an island with their kids. Also it really isn’t safe for Meghan or her children, with mike tindall joking about the royals saying they want to punch Harry, only god knows what they want to do to Meghan and her children. They need to stay really far away from those people.

    • LP says:

      I don’t think anyone is thinking about the bullying investigation like we think. Most people have moved on. I see it more from her supporters than anyone else.
      She isn’t a bully plus media and people move on quick in the 24 hr news cycle. Most have forgotten about Ellen, Chrissy Teigen is everywhere, the karashian family is still around and getting work. (These are just recent examples of people considered “bullies” but are still getting work, support, connections)

    • Lorelei says:

      @Em, totally agree with everything you said. I think it would cause them to lose credibility, for all the reasons you mentioned, with a lot of people, and it not worth that imo.

      Other people’s’ opinions aside, the fact that the family has never once acknowledged or apologized in any way for their role in Meghan’s mistreatment — in fact they’ve done the opposite and continue to sh!t on her constantly! the way they behaved over Lilibet’s name was shameful — should be enough to keep them away forever.
      Harry will no doubt want to go back for that old bat’s funeral, but I hope he goes alone and then that’s it. They’ve moved on to bigger and better things, and deserve the kind of treatment they got in NY, not the kind of petty nonsense they’d be subjected to in the UK. And safety is a very real concern.

      The past year and a half has proven that most things people always thought needed to be done in person can absolutely be done via Zoom, so H&M can continue to support their charities in the UK without physically traveling back there.

      Meghan’s 40×40 was just a simple video she made without even leaving her house, and it still got an incredible amount of attention (more than any other member of the BRF gets for actual in-person engagements, lol!) and support, so they could definitely keep helping the British organizations they worked with before they left.

  14. Layla says:

    ‘Duchess Meghan won’t visit the U.K. anymore because her in-laws are racist, toxic psychopaths who were willing to have her out of the way (by any means necessary) without remorse to increase their none-existing popularity and are open to the idea of hurting her husband and their son because He dared to protect his family from their toxic selves’
    Fixed it.

  15. ABritGuest says:

    Lol not the rota trying reverse psychology after all their flop ‘Meghan is coming back in September’ stories proved to be a lie. So now trying she’s not coming back as she’s too unpopular. For what it’s worth I do think they will be back as a family at one point. Meghan still has friends & charities in the U.K. Hopefully they can do it discreetly.

    The rota are desperate for her & the kids to be back in Britain for pap pics of the kids, leaks from the palace & they probably want to arrange a stunt like a booing. It would make Britain look pathetic after the warm reception in NYC but I don’t put anything past the tabloids. Today the sun has ‘joke’ about how the spider & snake will & Kate petted were called Meghan & Harry.

  16. Over it says:

    The queen deserves nothing, hasn’t she benefited enough from all that stolen wealth? And you Robert the racist and the rest like you might not care if Meghan is happy or not because black pain and suffering means nothing to your kkk type but most of the world does. Especially those in those commonwealth countries you mentioned that happened to be made up mostly of black and brown people. Just like Madame Duchess. And let’s be honest. They are in desperate need of Meghan return

  17. Amy Bee says:

    Jobson is all over the place with these comments. I remember the press saying Meghan wouldn’t go back to the UK after the January 2020 announcement and she did. If Meghan goes back to the UK it would be to visit with her patronages. I don’t see her making any public appearances. I think the same will apply to Harry. I don’t see them attending the Jubilee next year.

  18. TIFFANY says:

    Honestly, I think she would return to support Harry when that Old Bat finally dies.

  19. A says:

    If they ever do show up Im pretty sure the tabloid press and the idiot palace staff wont be told. Honestly, I think some of these reporters are just enganging in fan fiction with the sussex’s at this point because if they dont show up to events like Christmas and the Jubliee there’s a chance people at least internationally will just tune out (or worse they’ll have to deal with Andrew’s mess and Charles’s honor scandal…as opposed to the real crime of being half black). I do wonder however whatever happen to the magnficant 7? And, how did we go from everyone’s gonna work together to help out poor grieving Betty, to well only William and Kate can save us?

  20. RoyalBlue says:

    Sounding just like the schoolyard bully that he is. All I hear is; “Hey Meghan! na na na na boo boo, nobody likes you! You are not popular and don’t get to hang out with the popular kids, loser.”

    Does he hear himself? And people wonder why there are bullying complaints in schools.

  21. Scrambled Eggs says:

    While there seems to be a vocal minority who really bangs on about how much they hate her, if Harry and Meghan showed back up in the UK for a public event there probably would be Fiji-like crowds clamoring to see them. All the casual, “I don’t know, there’s just something about her I don’t like” folks would go out to see them out of curiosity, then return home saying, “You know, in person, she’s actually quite lovely,” and change their minds, at least for a while before they got brainwashed again.

    That said, I hope she never goes back. There’s a dangerous stalker mentality at work with the RR and the tabloids and the crazed haters that frightens me just as a reader of gossip. I can’t imagine experiencing that first hand. Diana never had peace in the UK once she got involved in that family. I think the same is applicable to Meghan.

  22. Jane B says:

    But we know why the UK media treats H&M like villains! As Tom B said, as Omid said, if you do ANY positive coverage of H&M, Buck House and Clarence House and Kensington Palace will cut you off. And if you’re a reporter, you have a beat, and if you have a beat, need inside sources; if the inside sources freeze you out, no beat, no sources.

  23. Lizzie says:

    Because Jobson usually knows what either of the Sussex’ next move will be .
    *eye roll*

  24. S808 says:

    As someone else stated, not popular or not safe? I personally would not return to place that serves as such a huge source of trauma. Not this soon anyway. And definitely not with my children and have them around the very people that prefer they not exist. Harry would be on that balcony by himself tbh.

  25. LP says:

    The Royal Reporters want so badly to be able to control Meghan..ha. They’ve lost all power. They said Harry and Meghan would not be covered if they didnt have the Rota covering them. They said they wouldn’t succeed. BUT Harry and Meghan have proved them wrong. So now they have to justify their behavior and narrative that they built in their minds. Meanwhile M&H are minding their business working hard.
    I think both of them will be back at again together at some point. They said so themselves. I’m sure there will be some idiot in the media who will boo like they did at their final even with the military in March to create a narrative but everyone moves on eventually. I hate to compare them to this but Kim kardashian had powder thrown on her on the red carpet years back when most people didn’t care for her and now here she is making millions of dollars. There will always be haters but there will be supporter.
    Harry and Meghan have a lot more support then the rota wants to imagine

  26. Lemons says:

    So quickly they forget the “Could have had a bad b—h tour”! Meghan is extremely popular for everyone who isn’t confined to a walker, a ratty couch, or typing away in the basement of their parent’s home (if they have the room!)

    But I don’t trust the royals and I wouldn’t put it past them to try something to endanger her or their children. Kate is *this close* becoming a body snatcher.

  27. Nilber says:

    If the children go… Meghan will go. I’m not insinuating that Harry couldn’t take care of the kids. Meghan strikes me as a Mom that would turn into a lioness when it comes to her babies. They both have proven through their actions that the Archie and Lili’s safety and happiness is their first priority.
    Some folks proclaim the importance of children’s safety and privacy while simultaneously putting them into the spotlight when they feel like it

  28. Izzy says:

    Not SAFE is more like it. If any of the palace vipers get any info on the Sussexes’ plans, they’ll be leaked immediately, making it much harder for their security team to do its job.

  29. Cessily says:

    No one besides the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (and possibly a handful of trusted people) will ever know if Duchess Meghan and their children plan to go to England until they are spotted there. They are not required to submit their travel plans or get media approval. I imagine they will be very busy traveling in the USA and abroad for various meetings and work related events in the foreseeable future.
    The person who wrote this article and all those who write similar narratives are deflecting from the rotting cesspool of serious scandals that are not being investigated and covered by the unprofessional British media.

  30. Sunshine says:

    How do Americans feel about the racists royal reporters, on behalf of the royal family, spreading their racist message in the US using their right wing contacts?

    • lanne says:

      We Americans need to out the ratchets as much as possible. The royals do not want to be connected to MAGAs. MAGAs are numerous, but they are openly racist clowns that are made fun of and scorned in mainstream public discourse. The royals didn’t even want to be photographed with Trump and his spawn in London. They fell all over themselves to be photographed with the Obamas.

      If the ratchets use right wing contacts to spead their shit, we all need to shout it from the rooftops. That means they will be less likely to be contacted by our mainstream media. If the royals are linked to MAGAts, that will NOT help them with their own Commonwealth. It’s pretty disastrous for them. They sent a cease and desist to a MAGA bus that rolled around Florida with a picture of the Queen on it. MAGA links the royals explicitly to white supremacy. That is not helpful to them, even if they are inwardly sympathetic to white supremist causes.

  31. Noor says:

    UK is a class based country where the elites do not bother to take notice of what is happening in the tabloids and their working class readers.

    This explained why royal biographers like Angela Levin is able to spout nonsense on Prince Harry and Meghan while other more notable writers like Hilary Mantel do not intervene to set the record straight.

    This also explained why Piers Morgan is able to write in the Daily Mail slandering Harry and Meghan of “milking their royal titles with the obscene greed of a sounder of swine” without any respectable journalists from say the Financial Times or even the Guardian protesting that Piers Morgan has crossed the line.

    It also explained why the ex MP Ann Widdecombe ridiculous comments on Meghan is met with radio silence from other MPs.

  32. Harla says:

    It makes me laugh to see how important Jobson and the other RRs think they and that isle are! I hate to break it to you mate, but outside of the UK no one cares about you or what you say.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      Yes, but meanwhile, back in the UK they have free rein to spew their vile to their heart’s content and rest assured it will go unchecked as they intentionally work to turn the public against the Sussexes. This is not ok.

      • LP says:

        But even with their constant vitriol thrown at Meghan and Harry people are seeing through the vendetta the media has. At least normal reasonable people. After a while it gets tiring constantly hearing about private jet, woke woke, $300k engagement ring and then silence on the other royals who do the same thing. It will get old!
        As Meghan and Harry are more visible people can see for themselves especially if they add their own social media.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        @LP that assures me and you are right. More and more people are seeing for themselves and calling it out on social media. however I am also concerned that regulatory authorities like Ofcom are not doing their job.

    • SunRae says:

      RRS appear to be a bunch of losers who clawed their way to relevance but latching on to their perceived betters and are now even more protective of the system that oppresses them because they were lulled into a false sense of relevance.

  33. Meg says:

    This is like someone compulsively bad mouthing someone they when they come up for a breath they insist they dont care about this person -lol ok

    • Jaded says:

      That’s a good analogy Meg. It reminds me of an old boyfriend I dumped ages ago because I caught him cheating a few times. He begged me to come back, insisted that he’d change his philandering ways and proposed to me. When I said no he started bad-mouthing me all over town. When I found out I called him and told him to stop. He denied everything and had the gall to ask ME to stop harassing him….these dusty old farts are acting just like jilted lovers.

  34. Margaret says:

    The latest article about the lamebridges requesting privacy for the kiddies, is another joke. Tell me the Sussexes are not Influencers.
    Helicopter willie, and waity parade the kids out all the times, now they request privacy, like the Sussexes. Well golly gee, these people are truly monkey see, monkey do hypocrites. Could it be the big deal to see the sussex children, that is not a big deal anymore for theirs?. Of course it is.

  35. Margaret says:

    Well if you recall, when news on Andrew was held up, it was a threat from Betty and couriers that they would be denied royal assess if they printed the story. Those are the people the journos are afraid of. One will eventually breakout and make a name by reporting the truth, the whole truth and nothing the truth so help them, be respected by the people.

    • LP says:

      This is legit what I hope and pray happens. All it takes is one and wall crumbles. I wish it was sooner than later though. I sometimes wish omid link up with some of the buzz feed writers that joined the royal beat and do something since he’s had a glimpse into this all. Maybe they are already taking notes. Some reporters in the US see it but just might not have enough access or undeniable proof.

      • MsIam says:

        I doubt Omid will because he said these people were threatening him and his parents. Who does something like that over nothing other than lunatics?

  36. L4frimaire says:

    Every time Harry and Meghan, especially Meghan, do something big, the same dusty reporters come out saying the Sussexes can’t come to the UK, but are begging to go to the UK, but they’re so selfish if they don’t come to the UK, but everyone hates them, will snub them or slap Harry, and YouGov polls show they’re so unpopular. This happened when Harry did the polo match, when Meghan did her 40×40 birthday, and after the Time cover. However, once they start traveling around, you’ll get the stories that why are they going to XYZ country but not the UK? Meghan is not paying attention to these people. Also, everything they’ve done have just blasted these stupid stories out of the water. Weren’t they supposed to be in the UK in September? Tomorrow is October and they ain’t in the UK. Based on Harry’s last visit, the Rota will not be anywhere near them if they did go there. Jobson knows nothing.

  37. Slippers4 life says:

    She’s not safe in the UK. Mike Tindall already threatened to physically assault her and pulled a textbook “just joking” abuser deflection and he’s family. I still can’t believe there wasn’t a complaint about what he said. Is it not illegal in the UK to utter threats? I’m legit scared she won’t get out with her life and then Kate will attend a vigil without a mask and a photographer in tow and tell everyone she sent flowers and a card to, Doria. Not even joking. History has shown these people are not safe and continue not to be so.

  38. Marivic says:

    You.Gov poll showing Meghan’s popularity in the UK may not be accurate. It could be that the poll is subject to survey error and response bias. I also read about a You.Gov poll in the US that resulted to an unfavorable view of Meghan in terms of popularity. I couldn’t believe it. I think they’re popular in the US where Americans are analytical and critical thinkers. This poll could have been rigged.

    • BUBS says:

      Yougov screens the people it surveys to know their affiliations beforehand. It generally only surveys those that love the monarchy. People on Twitter have constantly pointed that out – as regards their RF popularity polls. No sane person takes those polls seriously.

  39. HeatherC says:

    “Recent comments?” Again stoking the fires by claiming the Sussexes are constantly talking bad about the monarchy.

    An interview over 6 months ago is not recent. Especially in a 24 hour news cycle. This how desperate they are all.

  40. AD says:

    Well yougov puts her popularity at 57%. Some have put it at 60% in the US. 57% and 60% are neither here no there. So they have about 200 million people in the US on their side. One third do not like them that is pretty darn good if you ask me. She is also very newsworthy. Despite how many time they say they hate her, they also love to read stories about her and will follow her relentlessly.

    That is the power they hold. Some love them because they bucked the system, some are just mad at them because for the cardinal sin that they think she committed she should not be as visible and others should not be fawning over her. She should not be treated as royalty or as a celebrity. That makes them very upset.

    They will always dominate the new though. Even the telegraph had to admit that they have the ability to knock the BRF off the front pages. Some were actually asking why they were being treated as royalty.

  41. canichangemyname? says:

    100% don’t blame her. Who needs that bs in their life? Certainly not her. Keep it moving, she doesn’t really owe them anything at this point. As for not being “popular,” that’s some middle school lingo for the lose. But if she isn’t comfortable, she shouldn’t go. She should be putting herself first and ignoring any toxicity.

  42. jferber says:

    I think none of the Sussexes, including Harry, should ever step foot in England again. It’s simply not safe for any of them.

    • L4Frimaire says:

      The thought of them there is actually stressful. The press will make complete fools of themselves and the other royals with be showing their worst face forward in public or overdressing to get more attention. Would be a whole clown show. If they don’t go, that will also be a big deal. This is all baseless speculation at this point but I recall at the time of the funeral, they said she’ll never step foot in England again because she was wasn’t able to attend, and they were angry she wasn’t able to be there. They really want this to be a showdown at the UK Corral.

      • lanne says:

        I think they only say that to set up the damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. Just like if she skipped Beatrice’s wedding, she hates the royal family but if she attends, she’s deliberatly drawing attention to herself.

        If she misses the Jubilee or Christmas or whatever, it’s because she hates the Queen/royal family whatever but if she shows up, it’s “how dare she pull focus! She’s so selfish!” The ratchets have it set up that she is always wrong, and they can always criticize her. Their problem is that they think their criticism actually means something. The people who already hate her already hate her. The ratchets are preaching to their racist choir. It’s like Trump supporters watching Fox and OAN. They hear their party line on loop.

  43. Eurydice says:

    This is stupid. The UK is an entire country, for heaven’s sake. They’re private citizens – Harry was born there, his children are half-British, Meghan has traveled there in the past and still has connections to charities there. And they’re going to let the RF and its henchmen keep them from traveling across the Atlantic? Harry and Meghan will go back when they feel like it, when they’re ready, when they have a reason to do it – and they’ll do it in the same way they do everything, in an organized and thoughtful way.

  44. MsIam says:

    Well don’t forget y’all that this is all a cover up for Andrew. He and his lawyers couldn’t get the lawsuit thrown out of court. That means the US media has a legitimate public interest in covering his case. Not to mention Ghilane Maxwell’s case. So yeah, lets make it all about the evil Sussexes in the US, they are the real bad guys, not Pedo Prince.

  45. Jais says:

    My dream is for pics from Mayhew or some friend of the sussexes to be released showing them in England but weeks after they were there, once they’re already home and safe. That would be awesome and whew the fury from the RR would be real.

  46. Monica says:

    “Not popular.” Thinking of all the excited faces—so many of them children, at every event at which she appeared.

  47. aquarius64 says:

    Let’s call this for what it is: fear. Robson and the rota rats are afraid if anything happens toMeghan and the children on UK soil the world press will blame the BRF and the BM, just like when Diana died the paparazzi chasing the car was blamed.

  48. Fanciful says:

    I hear from UK women all the time that they don’t like them: I don’t know why I just don’t like her, they said they wanted privacy but never shut up, make all these mocking posts on social media – and none of them are sun or fail readers. the guardian mocks them too. they bad pr works.

    I hope Meghan and the kids never go back.

  49. Diane says:

    The RF,RR, UK has successfully diminished its standing on the world stage and it has nothing to do with H&M on the other hand H&M are of great value to the world and represents what good and decent in humanity

  50. Bibi says:

    If I were Meghan I would never attend a Royal event ever again because these vile people failed to protect not just her but also her baby boy. I, personally, can never forget that horror and as we now know the entire family seems to have been in on the plan, including the Middletons. The Firm and family should be glad Meghan isn’t an African Black because someone like me would have set the entire firm ablaze.

  51. Marivic says:

    How can Jobson say Meghan is not popular in the UK? The rigged poll is not even accurate and is very biased.

    The British media always has to have Meghan in all their articles otherwise they all don’t eat. Nada food on their tables. They know in their heart of hearts that their Kate articles are not getting the clicks when they don’t insert Meghan’s name in it. They grudgingly have to insert Meghan’s name so that their Kate articles are read. And now they say she’s not popular? Meghan is the most googled royal even if the Brits claim she’s not royal anymore. Take that!

  52. Sarah says:

    This seems more like a think piece and not actual fact. Jobson “thinks” she won’t show up. We will have no idea whether or not H&M show up for the jubilee until they step foot in England. When the time gets closer and if you hear of definitive plans then you know that the palace has leaked the news to the media. I personally think that they’re showing up for this event, if anything due to the fact that Harry wants the Queen to see his kids. If they don’t appear for the jubilee then they’ll be there for Christmas.

    Also, can they stop with the whole interview and the disrespect from the Queen; she and Phillip are the main ones who were doused with love in that interview, can’t stand when they reference the Queen in these articles.