Shakira stood up to a pack of wild boars that stole her bag in Barcelona

Shakira is making headlines for a recent Instagram story she posted. She showed her really cool industrial-looking backpack which was dirty and ripped inside, saying in Spanish that she was with her son Milan, eight, in a park in Barcelona when wild boars approached them and stole her bag. (She also has son Sasha, six, with her partner Gerard Piqué.) Shakira stood up to the boars and got her bag back like a badass! This blows my mind. I don’t speak Spanish after spending four years studying it in high school, so here’s a translation via People:

Shakira… said she was walking in a Barcelona park with her son Milan, 8, when they were attacked by a pair of boars, which snatched and destroyed her bag.

“Look at how two wild boars, which attacked me in the park, have left my bag. They were taking my bag to the woods with my mobile phone in it. They’ve destroyed everything,” she said in a video shared to her Instagram Story Wednesday that was captured by the Daily Mail.

In the clip, Shakira showed off the torn black bag, which was covered in dirt and had begun fraying inside, and said she was able to retrieve it after she confronted the animals and they left.

“Milan, tell the truth,” she told her son in the clip, according to the BBC. “Say how your mummy stood up to the wild boar.”

[From People]

Given that Shakira was posting to Instagram it looks like she got her phone back intact at least. Years ago I lived in Berlin and was astounded to see entire families of boars crossing the street. They would also just hang around the edges of biergartens waiting for people to leave food. I’ve only been to Barcelona once (it was beautiful and the people were super nice I would go back!) and didn’t realize boars were a problem all over Europe. It sounds like they’re getting more aggressive with humans. I don’t know if I would have Shakira’s nerve to confront a pack of boars like that. While the numbers aren’t high, they have killed a few people in the US and in Europe, mostly hunters. (Here’s a list of US States where boars are a problem. They seem to be the worst in Texas.) From what I have found they’re like black bears in that they typically won’t attack humans unless they’re threatened, but I still wouldn’t mess with them. When I go hiking I carry bear spray. I googled “does bear spray work on boars” and no one really knows. The advice is to back away slowly while trying to appear large. They attack by trying to knock you over so step aside when they charge. I hope I never need to know this information!

Here’s the video from Shakira’s Instagram story. Thanks to Dlisted for featuring this!


Photos via Instagram

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  1. Mcmmom says:

    Yes, I can attest they are a problem in rural Texas (they don’t roam our city streets like they evidently do in Europe. You’re not going to find packs of wild boars hanging out in downtown Houston). My husband has hunted them (legally).

    • Desdemona says:

      They don’t??

      • Ann says:

        No, they are not in the cities. They are in the countryside and the exurbs. My husband plays golf and he has sometimes seen them on the golf course, but they are not in the urban or close-in suburban areas. There is still a lot of open, rural space here so they don’t really need to come closer to densely populated areas.

    • Ashley says:

      I’m from Texas and never saw them until one night when I was moving to Pipe Creek. It’s where Bandera Rd turns into highway past Helotes and my mother looked down and when she looked back up she swerved because there was a pack of them in the middle of the road. Only time I ever saw them. In the two years out there I never saw them again. It was split second, almost died thing. No idea where they came from. But at least in Texas Hill Country (from Austin to San Antonio) I’ve never encountered them outside of that incident. Not sure about the rest of Texas.

  2. Jais says:

    I’m sorry. I usually avoid this topic I’m about to bring up but I gotta say it. Shakira looks like she is in her twenties and she’s actually 44. Is it all the dancing? Lol idk?

    • Emily says:

      I know! She’s naturally so gorgeous and always looks happy (maybe that’s her secret).

    • BrainFog 💉💉😷 says:

      it’s mind-blowing, isn’t it? She looks so so young. Amazing.

    • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

      Forget about those hips, her entire presence doesn’t lie… she exudes a shining beauty inside and out. I can see it in her eyes, everything. She really is spectacular.

  3. Alexandria says:

    I’m in Asia and in a very urbanized country so we have the same problem. It’s because we have been clearing their homes.

  4. PrincessPossum says:

    Are wild boars the same as feral hogs? Because just the other day 30-50 of those ran into my yard while my small kids played.

  5. Tx_mom says:

    Feral hogs are all over the countryside in Texas. Driving from Corpus Christi to Houston last year I saw close to a dozen as road kill!

  6. Noki says:

    When i lived in India all sorts of animals roamed the streets in Urban areas. From cows,elephants,camels,monkeys etc you actually get used to it.

  7. FHMom says:

    This story made me laugh so much yesterday. I guess it is no joke and am glad Shakira is okay. People were so funny on Twitter.

  8. TeamMeg says:

    Love this!! Power of Women personified. xx

  9. AmelieOriginal says:

    Wild boars are also a huge problem in France, I’ve heard stories from relatives who live there. They’ve been know to cause property damage and they are aggressive. I lived in Spain for two years in Madrid but I had no idea they were also there or in Barcelona (which I’ve been to twice but you aren’t going to see them roaming around Las Ramblas I’m guessing).

    Feral hogs/pigs are not the same as wild boars btw, wild boars are not native to the Americas. Most wild hogs in the US are descendants of domesticated pigs (first brought over by European colonists) that escaped.

  10. Barbie1 says:

    She has such a beautiful family. Those kids are adorable.

  11. BeanieBean says:

    Feral pigs can do a lot of environmental damage, as well; they’re diggers. And they’ve been known to get aggressive in Hawaii.

  12. JillyBean says:

    Shak 4 ever!!! She is so awesome!

  13. Jess says:

    Why does she talk with Spanish accent now?, I still like her, however it is a little bit tacky!

    • Misha says:

      Well shes lived in Spain for a long time now so its probably just rubbed off on her. I learned the Spanish accent since Im European, so it sounds lovely to me.