Jennifer Lopez finally announces pregnancy

Christina Aguilera confirmed her pregnancy after it was painfully obvious, and now Jennifer Lopez has done the same. In Miami on the last night of her tour Wednesday night she told the crowd “we’re expecting.” She didn’t say when or how many, but she did explain why it took her so long to come out with the news. Lopez says she didn’t want fans worry about her while she was on tour:

”Marc and I are expecting,” she said as the crowd of 10,000 erupted.

Anthony then bent over and kissed his wife’s belly.

”I didn’t know she was going to talk,” Anthony said.

The 39-year-old star went on to say she had waited until the end of the couple’s concert tour in order to make the announcement because she didn’t want their fans to worry about her.

Throughout Wednesday night’s show, JLo joked with the crowd.

”You don’t mind if I catch my breath for a minute,” she said at one point, holding her belly.

[From the Miami Herald via WeSmirch]

Of course Lopez’s clothing designer, Roberto Cavalli, spilled the beans last week, saying that designing for Lopez was different from his everyday work because “she requests something very special because she is waiting for the baby.”

Like an excellent hairdresser, you’re not going to dump a clothing designer you depend on for talking a little smack and she surely forgave him.

Lopez and Anthony let the crowd know that they might stay out of the spotlight for once as Lopez completes her pregnancy. Lopez added “We’re going away for a while.” These two aren’t as overexposed as some, but that sounds like a very good idea. Stay tuned for the tabloids to run “J.Lo’s twins in danger!” headlines next week. They’ve already started speculating in earnest.

Thanks to Splash News for these photos of Lopez in concert last night.

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