Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt meet with Iraqi refugees in Syria (update: twin picture!)

Friday, October 2, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie traveled to Damascus, Syria on a United Nations goodwill mission to meet with Iraqi civilians displaced by the Iraq war. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi refugees have found temporary asylum in Syria (and Jordan, Turkey and Iran, amongst other countries). Usually, Angelina goes solo on her UNHCR missions, but Brad joined her for this trip, meeting and speaking with two families. After meeting with the refugees, Angelina met with Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad to discuss the refugee situation in his country – but there is no mention of whether Brad joined her for that part of the trip. Angelina was last in Syria in 2007, when she also traveled to the Iraqi border camps housing refugees.

DAMASCUS, Syria, October 2 (UNHCR) – UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie called Friday on the international community not to forget the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi refugees who remain in exile despite a relative improvement in the security situation in their homeland.

Tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians have returned to their country from Syria and other nearby countries over the past year, but many more are unable or unwilling to return to a country still rocked by violence. As the Iraqi story has largely disappeared from global headlines, so has the plight of the refugees.

Jolie, returning to visit Iraqi refugees in the poorest suburbs of the Syrian capital of Damascus after a 2007 visit, said these refugees still needed vital help and support. “Most Iraqi refugees cannot return to Iraq in view of the severe trauma they experienced there, the uncertainty linked to the coming Iraqi elections, the security issues and the lack of basic services. They will, therefore, be in need of continued support from the international community.”

The acclaimed American actress, traveling with her partner Brad Pitt, was welcomed into the homes of two Iraqi families in the Jaramana district of southern Damascus. The first family, grouping seven people, fled to Syria in 2006, while the second family, members of a minority religious group, fled to Iraq in July this year after a son, Waleed,* was twice abducted and his mother, Hoda,* physically abused. The family patriarch, Fares,* had to pay US$25,000 in ransom the first time Waleed was abducted.

The second time, both son and mother were snatched, and Fares had to find US$40,000. The two were released, but they had suffered a terrible ordeal, including torture. “I was assaulted every day for 13 days by up to 10 men,” Hoda* recalled, her voice trembling. “I wanted to kill myself and the only reason I decided not to go ahead is because of my children,” she added. On the release of Hoda and Waleed, the family fled to Syria.

“I’m grateful to you for sharing this story,” a clearly moved Jolie said, clutching Hoda’s hand. “It helps to make it easier to understand your problems. There’s a lot of suffering in this part of the world; you’re a very brave and strong woman for putting this behind you for the sake of your children.”

The first family Jolie visited – mother, father and five children aged seven or under – were crammed into a squalid, stuffy one-room basement apartment with a tiny window. Most of their possessions, including mattresses, blankets and boxes of food, were provided by UNHCR. They also had harrowing tales to tell, including the kidnapping and torture of the father, Taha, who still suffers from nightmares and finds it difficult to leave the apartment. His wife, Ibtissam, spoke about their struggle to pay the rent and to buy extras such as clothes and medicine. She works as a cleaner in a market, even though she has a degree in teaching.

“I tore up my university degree,” she said, adding: “What value does it have when I am just a cleaning lady.” Ibtissam told Jolie that her family also wanted to start a new life in a third country. Two of the families that Jolie met during her 2007 visit have been resettled in the United States, while a third family recently returned to Iraq.

The Goodwill Ambassador said the families she visited today, “have not recovered from the trauma they faced,” while adding that, “until other solutions are found, or these refugees are able to go home, it is essential that the international community help UNHCR to provide financial and food support so that they can survive. They don’t have the right to work, so they have no way of surviving without our help.”

During her day-long trip, Jolie also met with Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad and his wife, Asma al-Assad, who told her about the efforts being made by Syria to provide health care to the most vulnerable and to encourage refugee children to go to school.

“It is clear that the Syrian people, no matter the challenges or difficulties they may face, have always shown generous hospitality to people in need. I hope that the rest of the world recognizes that we all have to share this burden and continue to take care of Iraqi refugees,” Jolie said after the meeting.

UNHCR estimates that more than 4.2 million Iraqis have left their homes since the beginning of the conflict in Iraq in 2003. To date, 215,000 Iraqi refugees are registered with UNHCR in Syria, the majority of whom are dependent on food and other material support.

* Names changed for protection reasons

[From UNHCR Press Release]

The Iraqi refugee crisis was one of the biggest disasters that didn’t get enough coverage. Pretty much after 2004, the Iraqi middle class began leaving in droves, fleeing to whatever country would take them. When Iraq began stabilizing in 2007 and 2008, thousands of refugees came back willingly, or were shepherded out of their host countries. Those who returned have begun rebuilding their country, and still face dangerous and terrible living conditions – and those who have not returned face the same.

Update by Celebitchy: Here’s a fan photo of Angelina, Brad and their nearly 15 month-old twins, Knox and Vivienne at an ice cream shop called LickyLicious in Amman, Jordan on Friday! The twins are so cute! Thanks to onemri via Just Jared for this photo:



Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt urge the world not to forget Iraqi refugees

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt urge the world not to forget Iraqi refugees

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt urge the world not to forget Iraqi refugees

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt urge the world not to forget Iraqi refugees

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  1. lisa says:

    Good for them. She has been doing this for almost 10 years.. Bravo.. And I am glad to see Brad supporting her. she has her causes and he has his.. and they have the things they share.. Great couple

    just saw pics of the twins. Very cute. Knox looks like Jayden (Brittney’s son). very cute little baby. Glad that Brad/Angie do their own thing and don’t worry about what the public or media say. That is the best way. No matter what they do they will get postive and negative. It is good to see that they focus on the positive and leave the negative at the door..

  2. Merridith says:

    Uh, that was so yesterday, today the big scoop is the twins in the ice cream shop, THE MISSING TWINS photographed in an ice cream shop AHHHHHH!!!!!!
    Angie is really embracing the Mrs. Roper look lately. I must say it is not a good look.

  3. Jenna says:

    Wow. Actual news about a horrible world situation… and the best anyone can come up with is cracks about the guy’s look.

  4. Ann says:

    Another PR stunt.

    When will those two stop using the misery of other people for their own purposes?!

    Whenever a tabloid publishes a negative story on them, family photos or photos with refuges show up the next day.

    It’s getting old.

  5. love life says:

    I appreciate Angelina and Brad bringing awareness to these places in need. Love the JP!

  6. Jazz says:

    I thought Knox looked like one of Britney’s boys too.

  7. Howie says:

    Wow, they pulled out the big guns for this pr stunt. THE HOLY TWINZZZZZ OMG!

  8. Enonymous says:

    Bloody hell, the weirdos that comment on Just Jared are freaking out over this photo and are having war of the words. LOL. There are some real characters over there showing up whenever a Bradangelina or Aniston thread comes up.

  9. Popcorny says:

    Yep, I agree, it (again) reeks of a PR stunt.
    Angie reallly realllly loves to get all decked out in costume to play her pious role and pose nurturingly for the camera.
    Conversely, Brad looks normal and sincere.

  10. Zooni says:

    @Ann and Howie – It’s pretty sad that the first thing that leaps to your mind about this story is that it’s all part of the Hollywood hype machine and a big PR stunt. I think it says alot more about people who think this than anything else really.

    Angie’s been doing this for years and years. She takes her work seriously and she’s good at it. In the sense that the plight of hundreds of thousands of refugees is getting reported again because guess what? Angie and Brad visited. Say what you want about their movies or the tabloid gossip that surrounds them daily, but these two are putting their money where their mouths are. I cannot understand the criticism for that.

  11. tess says:

    if brad and angelina are using their children to bring more media attention to a vile situation the world is largely unaware and uncaring of, i say more power to them. that’s what i call using your star power for good.

  12. Ash says:

    Props to them. Why do they need PR stunts still?! They are in the media regardless of these trips. Give them a break, Angie’s awesome.

  13. Howie says:

    “It’s pretty sad that the first thing that leaps to your mind about this story is that it’s all part of the Hollywood hype machine and a big PR stunt. I think it says alot more about people who think this than anything else really.” – Zooni

    Hi, Angie! You’re right, it does say a lot about me that this is this first thing that pops into my mind. It says that I’m not a complete dolt with my head up my ass.

    I’m just so glad that you went to visit the refugees, because now the problem is solved! What a relief.

  14. Ann says:

    If you believe in this than you’re naive. I prefer to use my brain.

    Why does she always drag a camera team with her?

    Steven Spielberg gives millions to charity but the press doesn’t report that because he doesn’t call them.
    Do you see Johnny Depp doing charity? No, but he visited the hospital where his daughter was brought when she was very ill and he gave money.

    Those people do good and don’t care if the public knows about it.

  15. raven says:

    AJ was working for the UNHCR on this trip. Her duties include publicity to raise awareness of the problems and to encourage donations to keep up support of people like this. The publicity IS HER JOB.

  16. Ann says:

    Are you really thinking that her visit will change the situation of these people?

    It’s just an oportunity to get in the headlines. She has built this image of a new Mother Theresa and her followers aka the Brangeloonatics believe it.

  17. Birdie says:

    What is there to hate on? Even if this was a so-called “publicity stunt” – what did they get out of it? Neither Brad nor Angelina are promoting films. The Iraqi refugees in Syria got in depth coverage on websites like this one that would never otherwise write about global issues.

    What beautiful pictures! It’s really nice to see Angie out of her “goth” phase (haha). The twins are adorable! But I can’t tell which one is Knox and which one is Viv! I thought Viv was the brunette and Knox was blonde like his dad…?

  18. Kaiser says:

    I think Brad’s holding Knox and Angelina’s holding Viv. And Knox really does look like one of the Spears-Federline boys, doesn’t he?

    *pinching chubby cheeks*

  19. Cadiebelle says:

    Ok – this is probably a PR stunt on Brad & Angies’s part – she desperately wants to manufacture a saintly image for herself – AND she looks ridiculous in that white dress/angel costume – but that being said, whatever their motives, they ARE raising awareness and bringing attention to plights of the people they visit – Isn’t that supposed to be her job with the UN? I mean she could just hang out tanning and getting her hair done like a lot of other celebs – but she is doing something –

  20. fred says:

    They are liars!

    You live in a castle.
    Buy toy weapons!

    They are liars!

  21. LolaBella says:

    I think Knox (in Brad’s arms?) looks like his Grandpa, John Voight. Brad and Angie look happy with their kids.

  22. DD says:

    I find it weird that these awareness photo shoots become more about them in the media than the people they are trying to help. I think when they get too big, all everyone can see is them and not what they are trying to represent. It doesn’t help that they keep switching up causes.
    I can’t imagine how scripted the “conversations” are between her and the President too.

  23. Nebraska says:

    Brangelina Rocks!

  24. sarah says:

    Wow, you really sound like a bitter person. And who’s the dolt here? The picture of the twins is clearly in a different place and at a different time than the others. Look at the caption: they posed for a picture that a fan wanted in an iced cream shop. What horrible people!!?!! They pose for fan pictures and they bring awareness to terrible living conditions around the world.

  25. Diane says:

    Cute baby pic = )

  26. cee says:

    The haters are absolutely ridiculous. But you know what to bad for them. I am so happy to see this family and the good work that they do. It is hilarious that after all these years and six kids later the haters still follow this couple more than there fans do. Can not wait to see the spin that the rags put on these pics. LOL already. God Bless the Jolie Pitts.

  27. toto says:

    yesterday they were in syria ,but the twins pictures taken today in jordan by fans in ice cream shop and post it on tiwtter and ll sites took it from there

  28. Beth says:

    I really don’t understand why everyone thinks it’s okay for Oprah and George Clooney to go to Africa and return to their multi million dollar mansions in private planes but it’s a crime when Angelina and Brad do the same thing. The Jolie-Pitt kids are some of the least photographed celebrity kids. How are they props? Especially considering the twins haven’t even been seen in 8 or 9 months. It they wanted publicity they just have walk outside. They don’t need the kids or charity to get their names out.

  29. lola lola says:

    SUCH a publicity stunt! Can’t they do anything without splashing it all over the press? I guess not.

  30. fizXgirl314 says:

    Jolie looks like she’s in her element when she’s visiting refugees, Pitt just looks like he’s tagging along… lol, Mrs. Roper look.

    That frock makes Angelina look even more like an angel while she’s handing out blessings to these refugees… PRAISE THE SAINT! :p

  31. alex says:

    LMAO @ the brad and angie haters on here. Gosh I wish I have the time and the energy to hate like some of you haters on here. But I have to say that it is kind of funny to see the haters lose their sh*t over this family


  32. xris says:

    YOU HATERS ARE INCREDIBLY VILE. bless them for using their celebrity for good. you must be pretty miserable, negative, hateful people to see “alterior motives” here. traveling to the slums of Syria to talk to victims like this and show compassion…i commend them.

  33. jennifer says:

    I’m just waiting for the people who are always screaming “WHERE ARE THE TWINS!!!” to now blast this couple for *gasp* showing the twins. *rolling eyes*

    People will look for any excuse to hate. Angelina could cure cancer (just go with me here…lol) and people would STILL say “What a PR stunt, what a homewrecker, will you look at that dress?!” Can’t please everyone, don’t bother trying. Good on Angelina for performing her UN duties and bringing attention to important causes. And yes, I can think for myself, thank you – since I’m not filled with bitterness (AND since I don’t take this celebrity stuff so bloody seriously and – dare I say – PERSONALLY) my mind is clear 😉

  34. girl says:

    Good on them for bringing attention to the situation. My husband has been out there and is in Afghanistan now. It really is an awful situation.

  35. crash2GO2 says:

    Wow, what deplorable conditions those people live in. It’s hard to fathom… it certainly makes me very grateful for what I have.

    Raising awareness is never a bad thing, no matter the guise. I can’t believe the number of people here who can’t see that. It makes me sad.

  36. Jess says:

    PR stunt or not, it is making people take notice of another horrible situation. Good for them for taking the time to give a shit unlike some celebs.

  37. Neelyo says:

    So when Audrey Hepburn did this sort of thing it was just for publicity too, right? She was always such a manipulative camera whore.

  38. boo says:

    I don’t think it’s a PR stunt at all. Angelina seems genuinely concerned about refugees and is using her fame to draw the spotlight in their direction.

    And, those babies are gosh darned cute.

  39. Wendy says:

    Let’s see.. the picture of the twins was taken by the ice cream parlor employee and posted on their personal tweeter account.. not exactly a paid pap photo or media announcement from the Jolie Pitt’s.

    The photographers with the refugees are paid for by UNCHR to document her field missions for use on their website. as part of her job to raise awareness. and yes it does seem to work since they credit her exposure of the situations to an increase in donations.

    Plus there are more donations and charities given to and supported that are not reported on the Millenium village, the schools, the hospital, the clean water initiatives, land sweeping, soybean farms, road building projects, animal preserves in Cambodia.. the girls school in kenya, the the smaller institutes and foundations that only get released by way of the tax forms for the Jolie Pitt foundation.

    Would you rather they ONLY spent their money on clothes, tiara for their lap dogs and $1000 dresses for Shiloh to wear once ala Suri Cruise??

  40. e-non says:

    ugh… the nitwits who whine about how they attract publicity when they do these humanitarian trips… THAT’S THE FRIGGIN POINT OF THEIR ASSOCIATION! they bring cameras that otherwise ignore these situations. why is that concept so difficult to grasp.

    oh right. hate.

  41. fizXgirl314 says:

    I’m really glad she’s doing this. And I’m also really glad this was not some passing hobby of hers, she has been at it for a while. I am also glad she concentrates on women and children as they seem to be most tragically effected…

    If I weren’t me, I would want to be Jolie in my next life. She has money, but she also seems to have a soul. That’s a winning combo because you can actually incite some change…

    As an actress, I think she’s a bit overrated… but as a human being, she gets two thumbs up…

    And I kinda like the fact that she tries so hard to look all haggard and it doesn’t work. Her natural beauty shines through despite the crap dresses she wears…

    Of course, she does need to eat a sandwich every now and then :-/

  42. geebz says:

    All of you focusing on them instead of their message or reasons for being there are the dolts that give the media & paps their coin to continue on their exploitive practices. I’m glad that they go to these areas and meet with and inspire these folks and let them know that people are concerned for their welfare. If I had money, I would like to make as much of an impact.

  43. BitterBetty says:

    Every time she meets with refuges there’s the obligatory shot of her crying. I find it inappropriate. she’s there to listen, not to monopolize the interaction with her melodramatics. if she needs to cry she should do it on her own time, in private.

  44. Cheyenne says:

    OMFG, the haters have lost it. If they keep the twins home, it’s because something is wrong with the twins or because “they aren’t cute enough” to take anywhere. If they bring the twins along, it’s a PR stunt. The freaks on FF are saying the twins look Russian and arent really their children. Well, guess what, assholes: Brad and Angie can bring the twins along or keep them home, whichever they want. They don’t have to answer to anyone for their actions, and especially not to you.

    The twins are adorable. Brad’s little mini-me looks exactly like him.

  45. Popcorny says:

    And for all you who decry others for “focusing on them”, you folks are doing much the same -the only difference is you are ringing praise and we’re not.
    I’m not hearing a whole lot of talk about the people they’re in the pictures with, maybe a quick remark … but the focus is squarely on “St Brangelina” pro or con.
    So the most all the awareness risen and drummed up is all about Brangelina.

  46. whatever says:

    They go to dangerous places and donate their time. Jolie has been doing this for 10yrs. How dare they! Let’s criticize them! What horrible people!

    Their detractors sure are twisted. Why don’t you save your hate for Paris Hilton? Didn’t she say she would do more charity work? And, now she’s spending all her time shopping and partying? Why constantly pick on the Pitts?

    For some reason, their detractors are completely obsessed with this couple. So, anytime the couple does something positive, they have to immediately criticize their actions in order to taint and malign them. Do their detractors actually think their constant spewing of negativity works? Well, it doesn’t.

    I still think the Pitts have done some great things with their time. I don’t see them as perfect or amazing people (far, far from it), but they certainly are doing something more positive with their time than many other celebs in Hollywood.

  47. sunnysunday says:

    first and foremost…. Good for them for being in Iraq!
    second- re pictures with twins:
    Brad actually looks really handsome
    Angelina looks terrible and wasted (as in wasted away)
    and the twins are cute but not as cute as Shiloh when she was a baby (at least from what I can tell)

  48. Zarah says:

    @:Howie – you sure your head is not up your ass? Cos’ you are missing the point entirely. PR stunt or not, when was the last time we saw pictures of Iraqi refugees in Syria? Yeah, think real hard about this one. Instead of admitting this has gotten the topic a ALOT of coverage (which is what a Goodwill Ambassador is SUPPOSED to do), all you want to focus on is that Brad and Angelina dared to have their names associated with it. That’s just silly.

    And for those claiming that everytime a tabloid writes something negative they run out and do the ‘saintly’ thing, that’s more delusion right there. There’s a negative story about them in the tabs every freaking week for crying out loud. STAR/In Touch/Life and Style, take your pick. She’s too thin, they’re fighting, it’s over, they hate each other, Brad and Jen are talking etc. It’s endless coverage and most of it is not pretty. So, I guess we missed all the other zillions of times they went and did ‘charity’ to counter a horrible story right?

    You do not have to be a crazy fan or a ‘Brangelunatic’ to find their charitable works admirable. Unfortunately Brad and Angelina are in the damned if they do and damned if they don’t category. Some people will NEVER be objective about them, regardless of who else benefits from their fame. Very sad.

  49. Angee says:

    It’s too bad for them that people find it hard to forget their “sins”. I find it difficult to get past that, too, and buy their displays of compassion. But I heard Dennis Miller put it to rest beautifully:

    “…[Brad Pitt] may not believe in God but the people he visits who are dying in some mud hut of AIDS, believe he’s sent by God…” (paraphrased)

  50. eternalcanadian says:

    Omg! The twins are alive! 😮

    Seriously, Knox looks exactly like Shiloh. I can’t see Vivienne enough to know whether she also looks like Shiloh.

    We’re gonna hear about the adoption pretty soon!

  51. TwinkleToes says:

    #8, nobody here cares about Just Jared and the loons over there except for bored Dlisters who troll for fights when they drive everyone away from Dlist itself.

    I have to say, this really is a shameless PR stunt and I usually never comment on these two. I love that Kaiser used that header shot of the oh so phony Jolie making that face. It’s as if AJ is trying to resemble an angel now in all white with wings. The shots of her are just so cringe worthy and so predictable. These two accomplish nothing by going there. Nobody is going to care about these refugees still.

  52. Angie is unhealthy says:

    Angi can’t be happy. How could she be happy if she is so thin? when I am unhappy I lose my appetite. I was depressed for a year and lost 20 ibs and I was already a thin person so I looked sick. Angie is going through the same unhappiness. Too bad Brad Pitt is too selfish to help her.

  53. Angie is unhealthy says:

    Twinkletoes, her publicity stunt has lasted for nearly a decade. Nobody started questioning her humanitarian work until Brad left his old life to be with Angelina and live in her life. now he is also considered a humanitarian but NEVER gets the questioning he has brought to Angelina’s life. Of course everything Brad Pitt does is sincere.*sarcasm* GMAB! He is the phony one. He lived the life of a Malibu Ken doll and all of a sudden wants to be a humanitarian after he had an affair. Angie was heavily involved with UNHCR for 5 years before meeting Pitt.

  54. Cheyenne says:

    Angie is unhealthy: when I am unhappy I lose my appetite.

    A lot of people do exactly the opposite. They use food as a crutch for when they are unhappy and depressed and then they pig out. These are usually the people who develop morbid obesity.

  55. so sad says:

    I think the people judging/trashing them are funny. It just kills you that they’re doing something positive w/their time, doesn’t it? There’s no movie coming out and they’ve done this work for awhile now. But go ahead and hate away b/c that’s how you like to spend your precious time. Your comments say nothing about the Pitts, instead, they SHOW what a sad peron YOU are.

  56. Anak says:

    They always put the kids to work…

  57. While I agree this is very good to see celebrities bringing light to such a tough way of life…part of me wonders if this is truly nothing more than a publicity stunt. And it’s probably sad that that even crosses my mind but with celebrities a lot of their actions are self serving. It’s the just the business they are in.

  58. crazydaisy says:

    OK, so what can WE do to help the Iraqi refugee situation. Rock on Brad and Angie. How can I help? If that was in the article, I missed it.

  59. wildflower says:

    I cried when I read of Hoda’s story. Didn’t anyone else? It’s a bit sad that I had to read it on a celebrity website but the truth of it is that the more personal stories like this aren’t in the newspapers. It does take measures such as Brad and Angelina’s star power to get the message out there.

  60. HashBrowns says:

    Someone up there in the comment mentioned this but I thought it deserved repeating.

    So many of you are whining about how the “haters” this and the “haters” that and why can’t Brangelina do something nice without the “haters” coming down on them…but no one mentioned the refugees. No one has said, hey this is a website where you can contribute, here is a phone number you can call to help these people.

    Brangelina are doing this to drum up support for these people and all the commentors on this site can do is whine about “haters”.

    I think that is a major problem with huge celebrities doing this kind of thing. People think the focus is on the refugees, but it’s not. The evidence is right here. 50-some comments and all people can talk about is Brangelina, not the refugees.

  61. nnn says:

    i am uterrly disgusted by the haters in here. It tells a lot about what type of vile individual they are in real life.

    Where is the disgust of you so called human being when it is first and foremost, a REAL story of REAL suffering of a woman who was RAPED and RAPED and RAPED for days by several men ? Where is your concern ? Where is your humanity ?

    You have zero decency nor humanity nor basic class. You rayther whine, criticize, conspire and use you hatred towards Jolie and her children because you rather pitty and trade your sorrow and insane compassion to another woman who is rich, american and made her 4 years old divorce the ultimate wordly tragedy than show the least compassion to another woman in the other part of the world whose life is a real tragedy.

    Two women, two historie and you just showed your absolute obsecnity by taking cheap shots at Jolie in the name of Aniston your martyr erasing in the process the main story of that real tradgey lived everyday by real peoples.

    Once again it tells MUCH MORE a lot about you and less about jolie. The shame is on YOU and only you.

  62. Rose says:

    “They always put the kids to work…’
    Sheeet, if ‘work’ involves nothing more than a trip to an ice cream parlour sign me up for 40 hours a week.

  63. Popcorny says:

    Maybe I haven’t been around these celebrity blogs too long but if anyone’s “losing their shit”, “hating” and behaving “sad” it’s the Brangelina fans personally attacking non-fan Brangelina bloggers/posters.
    It’s a little over the top and “fanatical”, dontchyathink? I do.
    As for me, my cynicism for the antics of Angelina stems from watching her personal act/life since she was a teen -and you may now see her as the flip side of the “goth”/dark person as she “was”, but I see the same person and pattern (the “look at me, look at me” syndrome) just packaged in different colors.
    I also think her weight is on account that she never kicked her drug habit (which also accounts for a lot of other behaviors she displays).

  64. blunt says:

    For all of you guys saying this is a PR stunt: the paparazzi didn’t take the photos, a fan did. That means this was a candid shot.

  65. hailei_2007 says:

    Their three natural babies are identical. How cool! 😀
    They have so beautiful, cute children, all of them, I would kill to have such a beautiful family. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll ever afford to adopt.. 🙂

  66. Ellie says:

    Yeah Angelina has been doing humanitarian work since she adopted Maddox which was BEFORE she met Brad. She visited countries the same way she does now, only she gets a lot more attention now that she is with Brad and has 6 kids in tow. If her humanitarian work is a PR stunt, she has been doing a good job of keeping it up for 10 years.

    And while I don’t like what she is wearing, aren’t Syria’s laws really strict when it comes to women’s clothing? Aren’t they supposed to be covered up? I think Angelina is trying to respect the customs of the country while trying to draw attention to the poor living conditions. What is so wrong with that? If she was wearing black, you’d all accuse of her of being too goth. Now she is too angelic looking.

  67. fizXgirl314 says:

    why do those babies look so gigantic?

  68. lrm says:

    okay,i should not even bother adding to this hot and heavy thread here…
    BUT,I will mention that the trump is the fact that AJ is on a UNHCR mission,and so publicity IS her job. At least,we have to differentiate that from private trips she might take on behalf of her own charities. With those,if she brings the kids out,and/or the photogs,then you can call ‘famewhore’. But,hole in the theory if it’s UN-all of these celeb ambassadors are meant to raise awareness via publicity.

  69. Sarah says:

    To the folks who are criticizing Angelina’s shapeless dress, you are completely missing the point: she is likely dressing in a culturally appropriate manner out of respect for the people she is visiting with. Syria is a very traditional, muslim country and form-fitting, skin-baring clothes are frowned upon for women, and even men are expected not to show much skin. I suspect Angelina is dressed like that for that reason… to be an effective and respectful advocate and visitor.

  70. Ana says:

    They bring the cameras to bring awareness to the situation.
    Who cares if they are getting good publicity?
    The important thing is that they are bringing attention to people who need it.

  71. RubyKaur says:

    lol – a chiffon tunic while talking to people living in squaller. You are supposed to assimilate AJ!! Cover your head while your at it!

  72. angelinafan1 says:

    For those who think that she does charity for good publicity: part of her job as a United Nations Human refugees commissioner is to bring attention (aka publicity) to this atrocities so that people can be made aware of what’s going on. This photo was taken by a FAN not a paparazzi, so I think this was a candid shot of them getting ice cream.

  73. angelinafan1 says:

    I wish she would stop aging herself with this old lady clothing. Was Jen Rade her stylist before she met Brad? Because her style was on point back then. Angelina, you are only 34!

  74. ok says:

    Let’s see–people criticized them for not showing the twins (they must be favored over the other kids, or ugly), criticize them for bringing out the twins (pr stunt), criticize them for walking to the grocery store (pr stunt), criticize her for wearing a black dress, now wearing a white chiffon dress, both of them for looking old, her for being too thin, ugly, him for not washing, looking disheveled, and having facial hair, and both of them for being bad parents because they should stay home, not go out with their kids, and not buy their kids dart guns as toys, and blah, blah, blah. Nothing but puke and negativity from the same people over and over.

    End result: You critics sound like a miserable bunch of sad dolts. Meanwhile, the Pitts look happy. Suck on that, critics!

  75. birdgherl says:

    I simply can’t bear to look at this painfully thin woman anymore. I applaud the good works. I am happy the kids are adorable. But please, please, someone needs to help her. She is clearly sick.

  76. redred2 says:

    #26 It’s because ppl think they are about to watch a train wrek. Some folks thrive on others misery.
    I’m just waiting for someone to comment on the kid’s head & his eyes are. Some were cruel on another site talking about the child. 🙁

  77. redred2 says:

    #28. U had a good point until u said “The Jolie-Pitt kids are some of the least photographed celebrity kids. ” Now that is an out right LIE.

  78. redred2 says:

    # 30, if u r not being sarcastic, GET HELP!!!PLEASE .

  79. redred2 says:

    NEITHER HAVE YOU!!! “Practice what you PREACH” , Remember that ? Or learn it if you don’t. For the record though, you are right . People (myself included) are missing the big picture. Also , I think the photo posted that the fan took of them & the kids should have been a seperate story. I think a lot of mainstream media does not care for these two. When they make these trips , I only see them on blogs. That is truely a shame. When George Clooney goes on his trips, everyone covers him. I really do believe Angie’s charity comes from her heart (dispite the crap I say about her sometimes). She was doing this before adopting Maddox. I just think this whole affair she had with Brad pissed so many ppl off because of the way they handled it- it could have been resolved with a lot more dignity ( Angie not bragging about falling in love on the movie set, & Brad not letting the ink dry before getting her pregnant. It should have been kept a secreat between them until the divorce was final -yes I know it’s wrong. Also, he should not have lied to Jen & had her come out supporting him when he knew he was lying…) Anyway, her charity seems to be sincere. She was doing it before she got all this attention.

  80. TwinkleToes says:

    Yes, Red, cruel people are saying FAS, only because they are expecting the children to be raving beauties, like their parents, after surgery, but genetics are a crap shoot when you have a kid. Some cases you never know what you’re gonna get. Shiloh was okay and so are these kids but if you’re looking for a blonde cherub that astounds, just go shopping in Northern places. These kids aren’t breathtaking where let’s say, Suri Cruise is an exotic looking little beauty. She’s probably the best looking celeb kid but Tom & Kate are less hotter than Brad and Ange, But time always tell. Like a commenter said about Brooke Shields, beautiful child, but peaked at 16.

  81. whatever says:

    Wow, popcorny, you claim Jolie is a drug addict still (Where’s your proof? Do you know her?), and then cry about how YOU are being “attacked” by Brangelina fans? Awwww, poor baby. Instead of feeling sorry for those refugees, I guess we should really feel sorry for YOU, huh?

  82. Josephina says:

    NNN– Bravo, well said. Amen to you.

    Hashbrowns, Popcorny, Twinkletoes, HOwie, Ann, DD, BitterBetty (and anyone else who thinks like this group–)

    As you already know that as an ambassador to the UNHCR for over 10 years, Angie’s role is to bring attention and awareness via publicity (yes, that would include LOTS OF PICTURES WITH HER IN THEM)to the squalid conidtions of refugees around the world. That is her job and she has many assignments. Her role has influenced who and where she has adopted.

    There are a number of actresses, Selma Hayek, Drew Barrymore, Nicoe Kidman, just to name a few, that are ambassadors as well and they have pictures too. But they do not have the star power that Angelina has accumulated in such an early time in her young life. She is only 34, and she is a very active, busy mom with 6 kids. Her passion for the refugees is genuine. She loves what she does, and it is obvious. She is living her life in a very full and content way– make no mistake about that.

    The Brangelina triangle has been put to good use. Unfortunately, the downside is that it has revealed and attracted undesirable comments about her hookup with Brad, and the never-ending rants from the Boo Hoo Sisterhood (check Female First). So be it. The good outweighs the bad in this situation.

    Angie presents herself as a woman who is growing spiritually and progressivley. There are people on this blog that present themselves as apathetic and appear to have challenges in the purpose of forgiveness. There exists very little value to your own character if you choose to stay “justified” in disrespect, anger or bitterness. You cannot accomplish much in life without forgiveness or humility. In fact, you will get in the way of your own progress.

    Angie’s accomplishments already have inspired many to donate, or become involved in their own community. She is admired, not worshipped, for getting involved and STAYING involved. And that is a good example to follow.

  83. June says:

    The haters and complainers are just jealous. Brad and Angie are two people who have it all. They are both millionares, have found the love of their lives, have a wonderful family and are living their lives to the fullest.

    Brad and Angie are very happy, enjoy each other and their kids. They are doing what they want to with their lives.

    Brad and Angie do not own anyone any explanations or apologies on how they conduct or live their lives.

    It’s been 5 years, people give it a break.

  84. Merridith says:

    Yes sarah, Just like she wore the sheer black top that exposred her bra on her visit a few weeks ago, yes she so cares, if she did, this chiffon number would not be the proper choice either.
    She is wearing the long “Mrs. Roper” outfits even when she is not on un trips, nice try though, to come up with excuses for the bony hag.
    I love seeing how ugly she is becoming, the ugly on the inside eventually shows itself on the outside, and she is one ugly person inside and out.

  85. June says:

    Brad and Angelina look so happy, you can tell they are so proud of their babies.

  86. cee says:

    It is so funny how the jenhens always manage to find something wrong with Angie. They feed the tabs with their lies and hate. Thank God Brad and Angie do not pay attention to any of their jealousy and hate and continue to do the good work that they do. The twins look adorable and as usual Brad and Angie look like happy parents and a wonderful couple.

  87. justathought says:

    # 20 post…aka “Fred”:
    Buddy, get a grip on your world! LOL!
    Kudos to the Pitts…true humanitarians.

  88. fizXgirl314 says:

    holy cow, calm the eff down! the way some of you go about defending these two you sound like you should be locked up…. IT AIN’T NORMAL… THEY’RE JUST PEOPLE!!!!

  89. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    Funniest. Comments. Ever.

    If any of you really are interested in helping Middle East charities please contact; Red Crescent, Medecins Sans Frontieres, Middle East Children’s Alliance, Americares, Oxfam, Save The Children, Amnesty International…etc etc etc. Don’t wail and moan about the horrors – just because this woman is in Syria now it doesn’t mean the problems stop when the cameras leave. There are millions of people all over the world who would benefit, not just financially, from ALL of us getting off our backsides to help them.

    Don’t be aware of the world and it’s problems because of a movie star. Be interested and care about your fellow humans because that is the ONLY way to really help.

  90. elisabetta says:

    #80 – twinkle toes – I think the Jolie-Pitts are really great looking babies, and in my opinion will grow to be beautiful adults. The opinion you are expressing verges on racism, because a baby is blonde and “cherubic” you don’t think it can be beautiful?

    Suri Cruise looks like a Mapother to me, and Tom’s sisters aren’t exactly attractive. But she’ll probably fix her nose since she is being raised with a $3 million dollar wardrobe. She’s going to end up a spoiled, entitled, Hollyweird brat. What do her parent’s expose her to other than cameras and shopping?

    I’d take a world-travelling, hand-me-down wearing, Jolie-Pitt baby any day.

  91. weckerfrlo says:


    She is a actor,
    he is a actor!


  92. girl says:

    I just do not understand the whole “famewhore” arguement.

    We are talking about Angelina Jolie and Brad motherfucking Pitt!

    They can walk out their door together with one of their children (or even without one of their children, sparking speculation that a child of theirs has some debilitating disease) and have their images splashed across tabloids. They do NOT need to do this in order to get attention. And even if they did, they are using their fame for something good, not something like say, a Lindsay Lohan or a Paris Hilton, showcasing their tattered and ragged old bat caves for all the world to see.

  93. gina says:

    If this is a PR stunt (like some of you are saying) to bring about attention to a horrific situation in the world, then so be it.

    I’m not a huge Brangelina fan, as a matter of a fact, I’m not a fan at all. But at least they’re hauling themselves across the ocean and doing SOMETHING to help these poor souls. And so what if she cries…I would, too!

  94. Popcorny says:

    Say now, “Whatever”, it’s obvious you’re just oozing copious amounts of compassion for the “refugees”.
    Oh wait, my bad, your post and focus was all about Brangelina 1st and me 2nd (whoops, strike that and reverse it).

    It’s also remarkable how so many of the fans of Brangelina attack other posters personally -and why? – just because the other posters don’t care for Brangelina.
    That’s not a plea for “sympathy”, it’s an unpleasant sociological and factual observation.
    I encountered much the same in a Michelle Williams thread.
    There’s a mob mentality element that seems to surface when a group (of unison thought) is of large numbers. People tend to become empowered to forget and/or lose civility, basicly becoming irrationale and unreasonable.
    I stated my opinion of this celebrity and was subsequently told, amongst many other things, that I am/we are (and I quote) … – “jealous”, “hating”, a “jenhen”, “bitter”, “angry”, “disrespectful”, “unforgiving”, “challenged”, of “little value”, “looking for sympathy”, “thriving on misery”, “sad”, “disgusting”, “shameful”, “miserable”, “twisted”, “vile”, “horrible”, “obsessed”, “indecent”, “inhumane”, “classless”, “obscene”, “nitwit”, “asshole”, “ridiculous”, “hateful”, etc.,. -How ironic.
    Of course, not all the Brangelina fans are exhibiting this *unique* behavior and have stated their opinions, communicate(d) and/or disagreed without the need for viscious personal attacks.
    Like I said, I’m new to all this celebrity blog/posting stuff and I just found/find it to be bizarre.

  95. Elias says:

    Syria is second home for anyone in this world

  96. Cheyenne says:

    redred2: I just think this whole affair she had with Brad pissed so many ppl off because of the way they handled it- it could have been resolved with a lot more dignity ( Angie not bragging about falling in love on the movie set, & Brad not letting the ink dry before getting her pregnant.

    You forgot to add: Aniston weeping and wailing to Vanity Fair and launching a five-year pity party. Don’t leave that part out.

  97. raffzahn says:


    fake fake fake!
    Its a shame Angelina!

    And I very disappointed with Brad.
    He now also doing these PR-things.

  98. Cheyenne says:

    Some more photos of the ice cream trip. Scroll down for a close-up of Vivienne with her big blue eyes.

  99. TwinkleToes says:

    I just pray that none of our tax dollars go towards providing Brangelina with any type of national security. I’d be so annoyed then.

  100. Rose says:

    You should keep praying, that will really help your cause.

  101. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    Great link Cheyenne thanks – Viv looks just like Shiloh.

    Say what you like about these two they sure have a heap of gorgeous kids!

  102. regulaar says:

    WOW, nice PR action Angelina
    and Brad, you are surch a clown!

  103. Jac says:

    Thy are so cute and adorable. Just like Shiloh, they look like Brad.
    I’m so glad this sweet couple don’t care what the mean vengeful hateful freaks say. They go on loving each other and their kids.
    Lovely the way they try to help other unfortunate people.
    The bitter vengeful nasty people can go on hating all they want, you really are only making your own life miserable.

  104. Miriam says:

    For your information, Angelina pays for all expenses incurred during her humanitarian visits. She DOES NOT bill for her humanitarian travels.

  105. QB says:

    PR stunt or not , they are bringing awareness to a sad situation. They are damn if they do and damn if they don’t. If you are goin to be a media whore this is the way to do it.

  106. Gem says:

    For goodness sake, when are they going to stop all this publicity crap.

    Home wrecker Jolie ! ans cheat Brad, nobody likes, you and if they do, then they admire fools !

  107. george says:

    What the heck is Angelina wearing?

  108. whatever says:

    Popcorny, still crying about the haters being called names which fit their internet comments? Y’all can dish it out some, but cry long and hard when it’s dished out right back. Now, write me a long, three-page post screaming about how I’m wrong and you’re really not obsessed, etc. That’ll prove your point, for sure.

  109. paranel says:

    Angelina is a very admirable woman . I applaud her for her humanitarian efforts over a decade ( as well as Brad Pitt) .

  110. Firestarter says:

    OMG! I just love how in a post about Brangelina being in Syria and meeting war refugees, someone has to throw in the name “Jenhens”. The term is stupid, juvenile and over used and totally not necessary in this post.

    Good for Brangelina. Nice they are doing this.

    On a snarkey side note: Her outfit is ridiculous.

  111. Raven says:

    Smart Celebitchy. Put up a Brangelina story and get the publicity all weekend. People just keep on posting. Even if they’ve said it 100 times before.

  112. crash2GO2 says:

    I just want to know in which picture Angelina is crying? ’cause I don’t see any tears.

  113. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    @Whatever – popcorny = vaguely troll-like in nature. Do not feed. LOL

  114. spiceh says:

    God bless them for having such passion and bringing awareness to these kind of sad situations. I don’t understand how people keep talking about her past behaviors and decided that she can’t genuinely care and determine to do great things for others many, many years afterward. Don’t you grow up and change over the years as well? Don’t you see the world differently and have more compassion, especially after you become parents? Don’t you feel sad looking at these pictures and imagining you were there to witness the horrible conditions these refugees are in?

  115. Cheyenne says:

    What cracks me up is for months the trolls have been braying like a bunch of demented donkeys “Where are the TWINSSS?? We wanna see the TWINSSSSSSS!!” and making snarky comments that Brad and Angie have been hiding them because there was something wrong with them or they weren’t cute enough to be shown in public. So now they see them, normal, healthy, and beautiful, and the haters are totally losing their shit. Maybe next time you’ll remember to be careful what you wish for…

  116. ferdis says:

    She has other clothes!

  117. Ricky says:

    I just love how most of you make jokes and state that Angelina Jolie only does these thngs for publicity. She does these things because she cares, obviously most of you could care less. When was the last time any of you people donated money for ANY charitable cause or spoke about it with your family or friends. Don’t go bad mouthing all the positive things Angelina Jolie has done to try to help make this a better world especially for those who are suffering and are starving and are dying because they can’t afford food or medicines. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves for down playing the good things not only Angelina Jolie does, there are many actors, actresses, musicians, singers who contribute not only money but their time to visit the sick and the poor and just listen to their stories of how hard it is for them. We are all so lucky to have jobs and homes and we take it all for granted. Just the fact that we all have computers, is a luxury for us. Just imagine yourself going one day without food, or watching TV, or keeping and going to your doctors appointments, and driving your cars, no matter if it is a hyundai or a jaguar. We are ALL so blessed and these people that Angelina goes to and visits and contributes her time and she does not have to, she wants to and you are all saying she does it all for publicity…she doesn’t need publicity, almost all her movies are box office hits, so she doesn’t need publicity, those people are not as fortunate as we are. What was the last selfless thing any of you have done lately? Just think about that when you are having a delicious dinner tonight and other people are, if they are lucky, are only eating rice for dinner. People need to count their blessings before casting stones at Angelina Jolie or any celebrity that contributes their money and time to help out those who don’t have what we have. Shame on all of you that down play what Angelina Jolie does.

  118. Gigi says:

    Thanks Ricky for sticking up for Angelina Jolie. I have been feeling the same way about her for years. She really puts herself out there, genuinely cares about those less fortunate than she is, and doesn’t care what anyone thinks about it. Good for her. The gal has got character, class, and charisma.

  119. RPM says:

    Don’t know what to think about these two Hollywood Humanitarians. I’ll give them the benefit of doubt and know that karma can be a real bitch if they are not for real.

  120. sandy says:

    SHAME on you who say this is a pr stunt! that’s alot of time and travel and expence for pr. They are doing something that is vital. I had no clue so many people were dissplaced and living like this. If not for them I wouldn’t have known. The only thing that concerns me about Brad and Angie is they are living in sin, not married. All the good works in the world won’t save them from the wraths of God for living in sin. Good works won’t get you into heaven.

  121. Linda says:

    Why is Jolie wearing white?

  122. Linda says:

    Why is Jolie wearing white ???

  123. Jasmine says:

    I served in Operation Dessert Storm and Iraq OIFV and just to have the will to sit this close to these refugees deprived of running or fresh water, medical care and the basics of household comfort says a lot about the selfless and caring person. She and Brad could be vacationing anywhere and still get media coverage, as well as their children. The effort and emphasis she places on causes close to her heart is admirable. If I could stand behind her in a support role and touch the hand of one of these aching souls I would. What that does for them is bring them home! For them to see what a free world can be for them is hope, if not in there generation in their children’s and that is worth giving to others. I have grown to love Angie and Brad’s heart… they are kind and God Bless them both.

  124. hope says:

    WHO CARES why they are there. it does some good for those in need. who cares if it is a PR stunt. It gets money where it’s needed. enough said.

  125. Elvira Walker says:

    Linda, why are you even on this site. What a question. What difference does it make what color she wears. They are bringing attention to some much needed plight. I LOVE THESE TWO. They are capable of ignoring all of the ignorance that some people speel out of their traps. GEEZZZ

  126. GEANO says:


  127. James says:

    I wonder if other countries have their own Brad & Angelina.

    I wonder if we concentrated together as a people, we could take care of the issues that Americans are suffering everyday her in the U.S?

    I wonder if I’m ashamed or inspired.

  128. Erika says:

    REGARDLESS of their reasons they are still raising awareness…a large majority of the ppl who responded to this negatively are probably miserable ppl who sit at their computers all day and do this kind of stuff. I digress, where are the ppl visiting Katrina victims? why is America so caught up in wats going on in other parts of the world when there are casualties amongst casualites in our very own countyy…so shamefuL

  129. Erika says:

    oh and Sandy, arent we all living in sin each and everyday? is’nt it true that no sin is worse than the next? God is the only law giver and judge. He alone can save and destroy. who do you think you are to judge someone else? (James 4:12)HIPOCRACY!

  130. Neran says:

    Screw you all you Angleina Haters….

    She is truly beautiful within for bringing awarness to these lost souls, now if we can only get OPRAH to spend some of her Billions doing a segment on this we could really bring some help to where is needed most!

  131. mighty isis says:

    RE: Clothes – When someone goes on a diplomatic mission, clothes are carefully considered. the point of her visit is to generate as much positive publicity as possible – in middle eastern media as well as western. she will have other appts that day, and must wear clothes acceptable to muslim leaders and middle eastern media – thus the full coverage. however to wear all black would be a bad image – possibly percieved as promoting or mocking the wearing of the burka, the traditional full-coverage black garment worn by traditional muslim women. this would be bad for her visit – a wardrobe distraction from her mission – and would be bad PR for the US.

    She is doing a great job of promoting the US’ image and calling max media attention to these forgotten people, very helpful to keeping the US and west welcome on humanitarian efforts there.

  132. aileen says:

    i think why the heck can’t they put their money back into our country and adopt. children in the united states their r plenty of them. what about spending money to help out the poor in the united states .try helping ur own first.

  133. Kiki says:

    I’m sure they mean well, but I don’t like them.

  134. B says:

    I’m sorry, but I just can’t believe they don’t know exactly what they’re doing. I know, I know. I’m a horrible person for doubting the beautiful and rich hollywood humanitarians. They can’t possibly be anything but blessed angels. How dare I. And maybe they do care. Maybe they do. I can’t know for sure, and none of you can either. I just don’t understand how such a public and well orchestrated image can be blindly accepted as biblical truth. Especially when said persons are involved in drugs and infidelity, spend most of their time promoting/making movies, and continue to buy up expensive real-estate. It doesn’t make sense. All the serious people that I’ve ever met who care a lot about third-world countries are never satisfied by going out and displaying their ridiculous wealth. They live casual, humble lives as a result of what they’ve seen and what they believe. You can’t be an angel and be self-serving. It’s against nature.

  135. B says:

    And not that I haven’t talked enough, but I think it’s important to make this point: if Angelina is as caring as she claims, I don’t understand why she can’t do more of this work in private. She has a truly massive amount of money. She could live a very comfortable life while giving away all but a quarter of it. If it’s truly satisfying for her to help those in need, why doesn’t she give up the glorious hollywood lifestyle and dedicate her life to good? She could get a lot more accomplished behind the scenes; you know, like the real aid-workers? I don’t know. It’s just that “movie star” and “billionaire” and “humble humanitarian” don’t seem to go together.

  136. B says:

    aileen–in their defense, I’m sure they’ve thought about adopting in the US. But unlike other countries, the US has very strict regulations and background checks that are applied here. A person with a long medical history would have a seriously hard time adopting here, much less someone who has an extensive drug abuse record, a history of mental illness or a record of self-abuse, which Angelina has. Also, adoption agencies in the US (and in some other countries) require that a child come into a family with married parents, as it has been proved children fare better with a married mother and father. Although I’m sure there are exceptions, that could be hindering them as well. They’re very selective about the types of agencies and countries to adopt from because of their history. Plus, Angelina is always talking about building a family that has many different races and cultures. Adopting from the united states wouldn’t be exotic to her, especially when you can birth your own caucasian children.

  137. les says:

    Zoe (The Other One): Thank you. The voice of reason and truth.

  138. karen says:

    Wow, the charity police is here! Yeah, how dare they help the rest of the world! They should be living according to YOUR standards of what’s right. Brad has been helping New Orleans for awhile now, but I guess that’s not good enough for some people. You guys sound really self-centered and judgmental. And, all you can do is criticize others. Sad.

  139. Embee says:

    I think I have read that Angelina’s trip to Cambodia (filming Lara Croft) is what sparked her interest in foreign adoption and refugees. What she saw there opened her eyes. Since then her priorities shifted and she dedicated her life to those causes. She’s not perfect; thus, she made insensitive comments about her relationship with Brad to the press. She has also not saved the world. But she has been effective in what she chose to champion. If she took up every cause she would spread herself too thin and decrease her ability to make a difference.

  140. Cassie says:

    The Jolie Pitt Foundation donated 5 million to MIR in Nola, donated almost a million to cancer hospital in MO named after Jane Pitt, donated 1 million to Children in Conflict to assist kids whose parents affected by IRaq war.Go to Jolie Pitt foundation to find out about donations to American organizations. Angie stated in an interview that she doesn’t see borders that she cares about Amrerican kids but she also cares about Brazilian kids and African kids etc. Maybe you think America(ns) deserve more help than other others but many people see the world as a global community.The people who are suffering the most i.e refugees should be help the most.There are no foster care agencies or food banks or welfare offices for those people to go. The poorest in America still have free lunch programs county hospitals food stamps etc . There is no comparison to the poor in the 3rd world.

  141. Sharon says:

    To #14: Why would they have to bring a camera? Don’t you know how the world works by now? Newspapers and magazines pay people to go and follow and take their pictures, and fans are everywhere doing the same. You strike me as pretty ignorant.

  142. Judith says:

    Hey, I wonder which one of those poor kids pictured above she will end up buying (oops, I mean adopting)this time!

  143. LuLu says:

    They’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t. They keep their kids out of the public eye as much as possible and that’s a smart thing to do. Famous people are the targets of crazies the world over. It’s a wise idea to keep their kids away from people taking pictures of them AND to never carry pictures in their wallets of their kids. Why? Because the less people know about their children, the safer those children will be. They don’t need anyone harming or harrassing their children so keeping them away from crowds, away from the spotlight, is a very good idea! My hats off to them.

  144. Cheyenne says:

    A question for all of you whining about all the American children in need of homes whom Angelina hasn’t adopted:

    How many of them have you adopted? Yeah, I thought not.

    Until you put your money where your mouths are, STFU.

  145. Lucie says:

    Jeez! If they were partying all the time, spending millions on themselves and living a clueless, entitled existence, the very same people who are bashing them now would be bashing them in THAT case! They are at least doing something meaningful and seem to have some concern for people whose lives have been ripped apart.
    These two are not Speidi, ater all.

    What was that last thing any of you did for someone less fortunate?

    I thought so.

  146. karen says:

    Lucie, I think some people here are too busy complaining about how other people are living their lives rather than living their own. heehee

  147. dan says:

    She’s an actress. there was a camera on her. Enough said…

  148. HashBrowns says:

    @Cheyenne: What a ridiculous comment. Most people can’t afford to adopt. These people could afford to do it some 5 times over and probably will continue to do so.

    Some people just aren’t in a place in their lives where they can adopt (too old, too young, too poor). Its extremely rude and silly to say that a person can’t criticize someone for not adopting in the US just because they themselves haven’t adopted from the US.

    And my prior comment got deleted or just not put up but I was saying that Zoe is the only one with a proper head on her shoulders. She’s the only one who provided the names of places that you could give money to or call to actually HELP the Syrian refugees. Everyone else is so damn concerned about the internet well-being of a couple of narcissistic knuckleheads that they can’t be bothered to worry about the people DYING in refugee camps.

  149. FutureSTAR says:

    OMG! Angelina and Brad are such good people! Their kids are sooo cute!

  150. Angelina J. just wants to put on a show like she is a great person. Why does she not take care of people in our states..I feel that is important..but no! she is else were putting on an act..She needs to just quit it…She just wants to be in the camera…Does she have guilt for taking away someone elses husband or what? She is a phoney..

  151. alyssa says:

    wow i hate this to most people its all about gossip who cares wat celebs do they have paparazzi on them they dont need annoying ppl so stfu and get a life

  152. Steffy says:

    I think this is a great thing Angelina is duin. i read that she always has to “drag a camera crew around wit her”. How else will people pay real close attention to wats goin on out there? The only wayy people will listen is if a really big celebrity goes out nd does something because evryone wants to be like that celebrity. people shuld stop actin like real bitches nd get over the fact that while they are sittin around duin nothin, these people actually have the heart nd do some good for this world.

  153. Sue D in NY says:

    To all those who bash, do you feel better about yourself now? Are you feeling a little elevated! Seriously?! The comments on buying, ooops adopting and the cracks on the wardrobe. Really? These are people that are doing things to better the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, with their charitable works. They donate not only millions of dollars, but something priceless, their TIME. And they go to dangerous places. Until you are willing to get off your butts and volunteer for your communities, I suggest you stop bashing in an attempt to make yourselves feel better about your less than stellar lives. People who put others down for no good reason (and when they are doing good and get put down) it’s called “leveling”. I am going to bring you down to elevate myself. It’s sad and it happens all the time, a lot with women. A gorgeous woman walks in the room and women will tear her apart. You KNOW this is true! This is exactly what is happening here with the stupid comments. It really stems from not feeling good about yourselves. Why else would you put down anyone doing such great things for the world’s community?!?!

    I am not a fan of hers, but I do commend what she does, humanitarily. I say BRAVO to them and the world needs more people that are willing to give and to all those who bash people that are giving, I suggest you look deep inside and figure out why you would look at giving as a negative. It’s a sad commentary on some people’s perspectives. Peace….and I really mean that!

  154. Robin says:



  155. me says:

    Why don’t these wanna-be mother theresa’s help the poor IN OUR OWN COUNTRY?!

  156. badrockandroll says:

    I saw the article about Brad and AJ on the UNHCR website on Friday. That’s a day before it hit the gossip blogs. The full UNHCR website mentions how people can help families in situations like Hoda’s (sadly they are all over the world). Too bad the blogs left out the links – you can google UNHCR if you like. Altho not American myself, I often wonder why US based NGOs and aid organizations like Red Cross don’t have something like Good Will ambassadors to raise awareness for their US based clientele. It is such an amazingly successful program for various UN agencies that incorporate it (& incidentally dates back long before AJ). And these trips are not spontaneous – lots of logistics must be worked out well in advance. If AJ was a famewh*re, she would have leaked them out weeks before, don’t you think?

  157. Kaelen says:

    As I understand it the pics were taken by a fan and posted on their twitter account. Hardly a PR stunt.

  158. so-so says:

    badrock, your comment makes sense, but I’ve learned that there’s no reasoning w/people here. You can say–Jolie has been doing this for 5 yrs before she met Pitt. Or, that the point is for her to raise awareness. But, no one responds to those points. They just repeat the same reasons they dislike them (famewhore, pr stunt, look at her DRESS!, etc) over and over. Everyone has picked sides and found their reasons to rationalize their position and nothing will change their minds. That’s why these blog posts on the couple become tiring. It’s the same people making the same comments, etc.

  159. Alan Brellis says:

    Kudos to Brad and his wife, Angelina, for their humanism helping displaced families of Iraq. It is not right to assume this is a PR stunt and with their popularity overall, they do not need to go to aid refugees to recover from negative and intrusive tabloids. Obviously, there is a horrid amount of irrational and negative commentators speculating about their kind work, like calling them “wanna-be mother Theresa’s” and calling shots on who’s wearing what or looks like what while they are sweating in makeshift homes of refugees helping people. If very successful people in the world limelight start helping anyone it is often deigned as a facade, but that is not objective. And who said they never helped the poor in this country? They are not allowed to help some people unless they help everyone or what? It is sickening that there are so many people blogging away mean and unproved things in regard to them. I was not going to even make a comment but noticed so much lack of fairness to them and a complete disrespect for their privacy because the media was following them that I had to say something. Brad and Angelina, you have done well.

  160. jude says:

    Why dont they do some “good works” here? There are families living in their cars because they have lost their homes. Hard working Americans that due to recent changes have lost their jobs. Some losing their children because they cant afford to care for them anymore. Why do all the people that could bring light to these situations do all their good work in other countries. Take care of your own first!!!!

  161. Carlie says:

    I would like to know what qualifies her for the tite Goodwill Ambassador???Just because her visit to cambodia “opened her eyes to third world countries problems……????I mean c’mon, all these celebs talking to ambassadors and heads of state….sounds to me lie they need to fulfill their narcistic desires to always bein the press or on TV.

  162. Vee says:

    Saintly/Angelic dress? Clearly, people have forgotten what part of the world this is in. Sometimes one needs to dress differently to respect the culture of others (ie: covering, skirt-vs-pants) as well as for conditions (ie: weather, safety, physicality).

    As for domestic aid projects, New Orleans is a big one. Brad has done quite a bit in the US. The reason why most of Angelina’s time is devoted to international causes is due to the fact that’s in the duty description of her ambassadorship.

  163. Mary says:

    I’m sorry they have these problems, but one could have been prevented. I can’t feel sorry for anyone who has five kids in a shack. Stop having kids you can’t afford. If you can’t support one, don’t have four more.

  164. so-so says:

    Everytime they do charity, the haters come out in full force. If you don’t like them, then STOP responding. The more you talk about them, the more MONEY these sites make. Then, these sites will print EVEN MORE stories about them. It’s a cycle. Say what you want, you guys are not proving a thing except Brangelina is VERY popular and they bring in money for blogs, etc.

  165. Cajunbabe says:

    I admire Angelina & the UN for bringing this sad story to our attention. Not all Iraqis are bad people. I felt bad for Hoda too & for the man who was attacked & won’t leave his house. Praying for all of the Iraqi innocents whether in Syria, Iraq or elsewhere

  166. TwinkleToes says:

    Not a soul mentioned that Gisele Bundchen is also a UN Ambassador since last month.

  167. Sally says:

    OK, don’t have time for “all” the comments. I’d like to know how much money they give to this cause. Also, why don’t we have published reports on celebrities who give to such causes. After reading their salaries, many which make $100,000 to $1M per week, I’d like to know how generous they really are, as well as all the other people who profit from all this TV and movie wealth.

  168. Claire says:

    who cares about their looks or evn if its for PR ! the good thing about it is that it gave awareness to the public. I think people should stop worrying about how they look or if its only for publicity at least they are doing something good. Ask yourselves this: WHAT HAVE U DONE LATELY TO HELP SOMEBODY IN NEED

  169. Catharsis says:

    I LOVE THESE TWO. HOW CAN TWO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE BE SO LOVING, SO GIVING, AND SO DEDICATED TO THESE CAUSES. They can be selfish b/c they have it like that, but I think these 2 give so much of themselves all over the world. Brad w/Katrina victims donating a lot of his own money to help build houses. What other celebs are doing such things. Not many.

  170. whatwhat says:

    so over them and angies attempt at correcting karma for all the evil she produced… she is still a homewrecking whore and crazy psycho blood wearing brother kissing freak

  171. Dan says:

    God bless you and Brad for bringing awareness to this travesty of the human condition.

  172. Dan says:

    God bless you Angelina and Brad for bringing awareness to the travesty of this human condition.

  173. Tom says:

    Where were they when Iraq invaded and killed, raped and looted “kuwait” poor, poor iraq. germany or japan would have loved them in 1944.

  174. cassie says:

    What qualifies George Clooney, Nicole Kidman, Lucy Liu, Salma or Drew as UN ambassadors. Do you criticisize pics of them taken on their UN trips. As for domestic adoption it doesn’t cost to adopt kids from foster care. Keep in mind that the kids are older(3+ y.o.)and most of them are not white

  175. RubyKaur says:

    TwinkleToes – and Gisele Bundchen has earned that right because she is….hmmm? A good role model? Yeah.

  176. rosa says:

    anyone who serves as instrument in disclosing to the world the plight of the oppressed, the displaced people badly situated in evacuation places or countries seeing all these affected children is such a great act. UN is doing really good in exposing to the world these less fortunate people with a hope that at least one or authorities or proper action will be done. And to those criticizing that they are doing it for publicity, hello, do you think UN would get a famous and paparazzi favorite like angelina and brad pitt if they dont aimed to have all these projects pictured and be published?..Instead of sharing your insights on what fortunate ones can do to help, you just focus on them having all these pics..too low..

  177. lennie says:

    As far as gossiping about celebs private lives and careers is concerned, I think that everyone should be entitled to his/her opinion. As for important and crucial causes, talking about dead people, victims of wars, it should not be a subject of mere gossiping. Unfortunately, celebs are almost “committed” to something now, I mean because they know that is THE thing to get them in the spotlights. And one must consider who has really done relevant things for a certain amount of time (not just things like selling teddy bears, or going to million-dollar-costing charity galas, give me a break why not donate them directly??)

    Angelina started her humanitarian activities at 24, an age when actresses are the most egocentric and fame-hungry (see Megan Fox now? Scarlett Johansonn?). For 10 years now she has travelled all over the globe, and through the UNHCR website you will be amazed of her works: tons of reports and articles she writes herself, documentaries or meetings to raise awareness about displaced people, to suggest some solution to their problems including donating millions of dollar, while as far as I know she is NOT the richest actress in Hollywood. What she is doing is beyond admirable regardless of what she is: a star, an actress…for us yes. For people who need or who benefit fro even a tiny piece of her achievements, she is just one of the generous and big-hearted-people who make the world a better place.

  178. truck says:

    please……all leave Angelina & brad alone they are gorgeous and they need no more fame ….. so just leave them to do what they want in peace,
    go Ange.go go go… are the best same to you my friend brad.

  179. shana says:

    she’s WAAAAY TOOO skinny!

  180. wannabe says:

    I like charities and I think that Angie do it for a reason : bcoz helping people in needs
    Makes her feel happy.In my case,giving to poor ppl in
    The streets or to orphanage etc makes me feel less guily
    Of my privileged life. And happy too. It made my day. So
    Brangelina may not be perfect beings,but if all people doing what
    They can for anyone in need,this unideal world can become
    So much better 🙂