“Rita Ora & Taika Waititi went to ‘The Eternals’ premiere as well” links

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Rita Ora & Taika Waititi went to The Eternals premiere. [RCFA]
Ann Marie Lastrassi aka Beyonce was in Italy for a wedding. [LaineyGossip]
Tom Holland wonders if he’s come to the end of the Spider-Man franchise. [Towleroad]
I genuinely love the way Josh O’Connor dresses. [GFY]
Frankie Muniz got his first chest hair. [Seriously OMG]
Would you wear any of these Monique Lhuillier bridal looks? [Tom & Lorenzo]
Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green settled their divorce. [Dlisted]
Succession Ep. 3.1 recap: Game of Thrones. [Pajiba]
TikTokers are obsessed with Twilight. [Jezebel]
Tefi Pessoa wore her dress incorrectly, which just shows you that it was a stupid design anyway? Why are people criticizing her for this? [JustJared]
Virginia Democrats are ambivalent about Terry McAuliffe but they’ll still vote for him. (Because the other guy suuuucks.) [Buzzfeed]

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21 Responses to ““Rita Ora & Taika Waititi went to ‘The Eternals’ premiere as well” links”

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  1. Murphy says:

    Is it weird that I thought that was Kaley Cuoco in the first pic? Sorry Rita.

    • edixoo@yahoo.ca says:

      Me too! I literally had a “I thought that was supposed to be Rita Ora” moment when I looked at it.

  2. Twin falls says:

    Every time I tried to watch Succession the audible narration came on and I’ve looked through all my settings and can’t find out why it’s on.

  3. TeamAwesome says:

    From the featured links: Cowboy Bebop looks so good!!

    • L says:

      I am so nervous to watch the trailer, because I am very protective of myself over these sort of things!! CBB is one of those childhood properties that I’ll be heartbroken if it doesn’t turn out. I need to be braver, hahaha. However, everyone I know who has enjoyed the original anime says the trailers are actually solid, so, perhaps I should watch it myself. Anyway thank you for the motivation I suppose? :p

  4. cassandra says:

    Not gonna lie, I never expected Taika and Rita to keep going once the Thor shoot was over

  5. Bash says:

    Taiki is a true mess. Last I heard his former assistant he left his wife for was going to sue him for wrongful termination (he fired her & broke up with her all at once) & now, well, he’s with equally messy Rita Ora.

    Rita, ruin him 😉

  6. tempest prognosticator says:

    Taika and Rita are starting to resemble one another.

  7. InVain says:

    WTH with that suit? Nope.

  8. Tiffany says:

    Rita is not a six foot woman with legs for days and she needs to stop dressing like it.

    Dress for the body you have, woman.

  9. bettyrose says:

    That Pajiba recap is helping me process the Succession return a little better. I was so put off by the awkward humor (after two seasons of brilliance), but I appreciate their take that this episode had to reorient viewers to the characters after more than two years away (not everyone was rewatching the older seasons and speculating as much as I was, I guess) so I’ll give the exaggerated personality traits a pass for this one episode. They’ll be back on track by episode 2.

  10. here and kweer says:

    I can’t believe I once rooted for him. Ugh. Taika is such a loser. The more I read about his divorce and his family the worse it gets.

    Also, he should do something about that nose candy addiction before Disney fires him or something.

  11. Snazzy says:

    I know he’s trying to be fashionable but actually that suit just looks unfinished