Kate Gosselin teary on Today: “I can’t sleep, can’t pay my bills”

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Kate’s interview starts around 2:00 into this interview

Kate Gosselin appeared on the Today Show this morning to talk about the latest developments in the ongoing media-divorce-financial war between her and Jon. CB already covered the latest developments earlier – over the weekend, Jon emptied out a joint back account that he and Kate shared – he reportedly took more than $230,000 by the latest estimates. Allegedly, he left Kate $1000 in that one account, and obviously, they probably have several accounts. To me, it didn’t seem like a move aimed at depriving Kate of funds to feed and clothe their children – it seemed more like a douche move to try to make some kind of legal or financial point in the divorce proceedings. I think it backfired – and so did CB.

Kate still took to the NBC airwaves to tell her side of the story. According to Kate, she can’t pay her bills now that Jon took the money from the joint account. As far as the idea I had that this joint account was far from their only account, Kate said that the joint account contained all of their “liquid money” for bill-paying. Kate says that at one point, she took money out because she thought Jon might try some kind of douche move. The arbitrator made her put the money back in, but Jon took the money out before the arbitrator‘s rules were laid out. Okay – I’m revising my position. That was not just a douche move, Jon is really trying to hurt Kate and his kids. He is so f-cking asinine. Here’s some of the transcript from the interview (some of it transcribed by People Magazine):

“I’m hanging in there. It’s hard. Every morning I don’t know what I’m going to wake up to. When we started this out, I was determined, I didn’t want to discuss this stuff, I didn’t want this out there, I didn’t want to talk about it.”

“The arbitrator said that neither of us could take money out without the other’s consent. However I was given, historically, I am the bill payer, I am the money manager, so obviously I was allowed to show proof of every bill I paid and use that money that way.”

“He had done it [taken funds out of the joint account] before. A few days before I filed for divorce. He didn’t empty it completely, but it was enough that I was afraid… I was afraid, he was buying erratic purchases, randomly purchasing things… and… I’m sorry… [Kate gets choked up]…the last thing I wanted was to be on this show, not being able to pay my bills….I have a stack of bills in my purse I can’t put in the mail.”

“When you’ve left your children and their mother without the funds to lay for the roof over their head, it’s not acceptable. I need that money to provide for them. We were in the position after our sextuplets were born that we could not pay our bills. We did the show to provide a better life for them. Never did I think I’d be back in the same position.”

“Whenever we have a conversation and ‘solve’ things, he hangs up the phone and does something different. I simply cannot reach him.”

“I can’t sleep at night. I can’t pay my bills. I think he’s receiving bad counsel. He’s always been one to listen to the one next to him.”

“I told the kids over the weekend that we weren’t filming. Times eight, there was wailing and sobbing. They love the crew, they love the interaction, they love the events. It is not harmful to them. They are angry.”

“I’m still hoping at some point I’ll receive a phone call, and the old Jon is back.”

[Transcribed from Today]

There’s a lot of information in the video that I didn’t transcribe. Kate describes in deatil the history of Jon’s financial shenanigans over the past few months, and I totally buy Kate’s version. She doesn’t seem like the kind of woman who doesn’t know what’s happening with her accounts – she really kept track of it, and if I was in her position, I would have kept track of it too. I feel for her – even though I know she probably has millions of dollars tied up in investments and “non-liquid” accounts, it really seems like Jon has gone off the deep end.

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  1. AlaskaJoey says:

    Someone who steals from his own children has a special corner reserved for him in hell. And I’d believe they only had this one account for liquid assets – how many Americans have several? The limit that the Gov’t will cover in case of a collapse is $250K, right?

  2. Lindsay says:

    Some people do have several(I do)and if you make the money they are pulling in it only makes sense. You don’t want to have much more in their than what the government will ensure. At the very least almost everyone has a checking account and a savings account.

  3. Jane says:

    asinine is the word for Jon.

  4. hawkster says:

    Anyone remember the movie “War of the Roses”? This is following the plot of that movie to a “t”. We can only hope that Jon climbs onto a chandelier and, it too, falls – with him still on it. Actually, I don’t think many are surprised by this action, on his part. Pretty predictable with someone of his nature and immature attitude. I don’t particularly care for Kate – but, no spouse and family deserves this type of sabatoge. Period.

  5. TRT says:

    She is really lowest of the low! How can people believe her words and her soooo fake behavior!? Why does this nation need someone like her and her family all together on TV? Did we really run out of decent, fun, educational ideas?

  6. Jane says:

    FDIC will insure 250k per co-owner of a joint acct(newly extended and revised) in case of institutional failure… Not necessarily theft by co-owner.

    I agree that Kate is totally stupid to be out fame whoring/ collecting a cry club on tv. Jon is just an idiot for more reasons than just his recent behaviour.

  7. Diane says:

    I have a problem feeling any sorrow for either of these, “adults.”

    The daily waaaaa = )

  8. Jazz says:

    Can’t pay the bills? You’ve gotta be sh**tin me! They earn at least 75 grand an episode, live in a million dollar house and have staff waiting on them. They must have millions from the show already. I’m not buying the crocodile tears. They both need to stop famewhoring and go look after their kids.

  9. RubyKaur says:

    Oh, cry me a river!

  10. bros says:

    bitch, please! get your famewhore ass off tv if you are so worried about your bank account. go work it out with Jon instead of crying on every TV channel like an idiot. these people are just disgusting running to the networks everytime some new development happens. cant pay your bills. whatever. im pretty sure she has large amounts stashed away. what an asshat.

  11. Jane says:

    @Diane. I am with you. They totally deserve this kharma for both of their actions starting from WAY back. No one is perfect, but this is getting ridiculous. Is this just a plot for the show? It seems like a cheesy soap opera plot.

  12. Andrea says:

    These people don’t need to be on our radar. What a disaster!

  13. Faedra says:

    Jon Gosselin has obviously had a break down; in communication, and in mental stability. The Alien Jon first appeared when Hailey Glassman got her well used va-ja-ja hooked up to this married man. Her friends state she has always wanted to be on television, and be a celebrity; however, before snagging whimpy azzed , limp fish Jon, she had no vehicle to reach that end. For Jon to do the vicious things he has to his wife and his 8 children is insane, i only hope the judge finishes the divorce quickly, end of Nov supposed to be final, and Kate can put this stupid, Hailey’s Robot child-man behind her. NO judge in his/her right mind will give Jon partial custody , i think Kate will get full custody based on Jon’s erratic and vicious behavior, and may even have supervised visitations. As to money he wants as his? What money? Jon has always spent over $200,000 on Hailey, car, trips, gifts… i think he took his share and gave it to his skank. The money in a separate account is for the Children’s College Fund, and /or any emergency for THEM. The joint bank account that Jon emptied TWICE, once required to put back, is shared moneys, BUT, also the money to run the household, and feed and clothes his children. We see where Jon’s prioroties are don’t we.

  14. mel says:

    I kinda agree with TRT I think Kate wants sympathy and Jon is paying her back for the way she treated him even tho he is a slumbag. I feel for the kids and hope they can come out of this situation unscathed.

  15. birdie says:

    I think a lot of these commentators have never been in a position where their financial security depended upon one unstable person.

    Kate’s whole demeanor seemed very shaken, very scared. Other times I have seen her in interviews she hasn’t seemed so frightened. When she first filed for divorce, wasn’t it the weekend after Jon and Hayley went flying to the south of france? The erratic purchases he made for her were probably withdrawn from their joint-bank account.

    Totally believe that Kate was the only one who balanced the checkbook. All you have to do is see how Jon spends money like it’s going out of style, to understand how she budgeted things and was strict with him… HE IS A CHILD!

    That’s why Kate still appreciates the show, she appreciates the extra funds and the money that she and her children would have never had without the show. You know she appreciates it because she doesn’t abuse it.

    Jon spends money buying his girlfriend a Porsche, he spends money renting an exorbitantly expensive NYC apartment, he’s just not financially responsible.

    I hope Kate rakes him in this divorce. Really they should give her all the money and have him get a monthly pittance of alimony, enough to survive, but not enough to keep himself and his trashy girlfriend decked out in Ed Hardy.

  16. Lynn says:

    Remember when Khate withdrew $100,000 from this very account and hid it from Jon? Payback is a bitch. So tired of all this divorce drama being aired in the media daily thereby increasing the Gosselin wealth and that of the media outlets. How come Meredith interviewed her again? Don’t they take turns on the Today show? Why doesn’t Matt Lauer interview Khate? Oh I forgot … Matt is against these children being filmed and has stated so publicly. These children who cried and “wailed” at the thought the filming was going to end? Cmon Khate enough of your lies.

  17. Lindsay says:

    Lynn – she had put it back when their agreement was finalized, which she did, part of this is he is breaking an official agreement, which is a court document filed with the family law judges.

  18. Cristina says:

    Shame on all of you- he had no right to take family money out for his personal use. PERIOD

  19. amanda says:

    Both of them suck, and there is no excuse for either of their sorry selves!!! I don’t want to hear Kate’s sob story on NBC and I don’t want to hear Jon’s sob story anywhere else. Divorce is a b*tch and if they didn’t know that before heading into it, then they are stupider then everyone thought they were. There is a special place in hell reserved for these two “parents”.

  20. Beth says:

    Kate is making a huge mistake in doing interviews. She should be quiet and let Jon continue to look like a loser so the public remains on her side. No she’s looking like an opportunist. They probably do have a lot of money but put the money in trusts, cds, investments, etc. So if they touch it, they will get stiff penalties.

  21. Kevin says:

    Arg, I say pull the plug and end the whole thing… this is way to much for these children to deal with.

  22. Westender says:

    If it was not for the fact that we have eight children caught in the middle and having to witness their parents act like idiots this would almost be funny.
    No matter who gets custody or who controls the money the fact remains that Jon and Kate will always be connected to each other because of the children. Time they both grew up and started to act like adults!

  23. Eileen Yover says:

    They both need to deal with their issues QUIETLY and quite involving the public. I feel for her with the money, but why is she on tv talking about it? This is getting totally out of hand. Those poor kids.

  24. Lynn says:

    Lindsay I know Khate put it back. The point I tried to make, unsuccessfully I guess, was that neither of these two “adults” have exhibited responsible behaviour! It’s all so wrong cause they are earning a great portion of their money from the filming of little children. They are both famewhores and this media circus and filming needs to stop to protect those said children.

  25. crash2GO2 says:

    John seems like a deeply passive aggressive person. All cow eyes and dopey on the outside, while really doing very VICIOUS hurtful things to his wife without regard for his children. He seems completely unable to put anyone before himself. Very creepy.

  26. Lindsay says:

    Jane – you are right the only cover the money if the bank collapses not if a co-owner takes out money with out permission. There are other avenues for handling that.

    Lynn – I also think she was trying to set something aside so this sort of thing doesn’t happen. She says she pays all the bills for household stuff so she knew if it withdrew a lot of the money she would be in trouble. It turns out her instinct was right, he took the action she thought was enough of a possibility and tried to prepare for it in case it did. Even now she said when she takes out money it has to be a household expense and the kids’ clothes and after she spend it she has to turn in receipts.

    They probably have investment accounts she could liquidate (depending on the terms of the separation agreements or him she had one in just her name.) But it would take awhile and she would probably take a big financial hit for withdrawing early.

  27. Shelly says:

    I actually believe Kate this time. There are no words to describe what Jon did or how he’s acting. He’s only harming his kids more and more and he doesn’t seem to care one iota. I keep thinking, when I get on gossip sites, “Will today be the day that we see Jon Gosselin killed himself,” because he’s finally cracked.

  28. Linda says:

    Hey Kate – instead of going on TV and complaining and trying to ilicit sympathy – let your lawyer handle it. Somehow, I don’t think you are broke – this is just a way to turn the public against Jon and get everyone feeling sorry for you so you can famewhore yourself out more.

    Really – this is about the kids – then who’s watching them today??? The Nanny – going on TV and pretend crying is more important then one parent being home with the kids…you leave your children with a nanny…bitch.

  29. Guest says:

    For the first time I feel bad for her.

  30. Susan says:

    I don’t feel badly for either of them. They made their bed and can lie in it. If only they would stop involving the media and negotiate privately. Take care of your children. They take care of you (financially).

  31. Cathy says:

    I tend to think that Jon would be happy with not having custody of the kids, he seems to be having a hard time with it as it is. He’d rather party it up in NYC or vegas then deal with his kids.

  32. kristin says:

    Kate has to worry about herself and 8 children. I doubt many of us understand the costs involved with raising so many. She doesn’t know if she’ll be able to keep the show. So I’m guessing she really, really wants all the money that they’ve invested over the years to stay put. Jon just cleared out a SHI*LOAD of money – and it sounds like that is what they currently have set aside for bills, groceries, etc. I don’t care how much money she has saved up and invested – – she has 8 freaking kids to worry about – not just now, but also in the future. She has no idea how long this deal with TLC will last, especially now that Jon is trying to put the kabash on it. And what’s she supposed to do if the show ends and their funds start to dry up – – collect child support from Jon?! HA! There is absolutely NO WAY she can make enough money in a regular job to support all of those children and pay for childcare while she’s at work. I think Kate is truly worried about the situation – not faking it.

    Yes, she could work through the court and file a restraining order on him and try to get back that money. However, for all she knows, he’s already blown through it all (I’d say that is likely) and then what? What can she do about it?

    He is unbelievably immature and cruel. I don’t think Kate’s necessarily a wonderful person (or mother), but she at least does care somewhat for her kids and their future. I really think Jon is so self-centered that he doesn’t take the kids into account at all. They’re simply talking points for him to try to get the public’s sympathy (unsuccessfully). And he has been running through money like he’s got unlimited wealth and has no responsibilities. Seriously, he’s flying all over the place to party, renting out an impractical (for visits with kids) luxury apartment, wasting money on clothes, expensive restaurants and clubs, and buying cars. You know how there are always rumors about some celebrity or another being unable to pay bills or filing bankruptcy…and you shake your head and wonder how they could have possibly spent the millions you know they earned? I think that’s what Kate is afraid of and I think she knows that Jon is capable of bringing them into that type of situation if the courts don’t hurry up and help her.

    Feel bad mostly for those kids.

  33. Jules says:

    Here is an idea, they can grow up, quit whining and try to get real jobs.

  34. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Aw, wipe those tears with a $100 bill darling, you’ll get over it.

  35. manda says:

    It’s not considered stealing when it’s jointly titled. He had every right to take all that money out. It’ll come back and bite him later. They should have already started splitting up the assets. Is PA a community property state? Doubt it. Still, they didn’t come into money until after they were married, so it’s all marital property, and each is entitled to half. I would be worried if I was her, though, just because he might blow it all. A judgment isn’t really worth much if the person can’t pay it back or has nothing to lose by not paying it back.

    They both are crappy people though.

  36. Caprice says:

    I’m tired of hearing what Kate has to say all the time…

    I would like to know what’s going on in Jon’s world. There are two sides to this whole thing and everyone is constantly making him out to be the bad guy just because he seeing other women.

  37. kathryn says:

    PLEASE, I beg of Celebitchy.com, please stop reporting on them. From his flings in Vegas to all her stupid little antics. The only way these children have a shot is if their parents are forced out of the limelight and actually have to raise these children and spend time with them.

  38. the original kate says:

    she should put the money into a trust for the kids so that jon can’t spend money on more ed hardy shirts. then they both need to get real jobs, take their poor kids out of the limelight and shut the hell up.

  39. texasmom says:

    I’m with Kathryn — remember when there celebitchy.com had a Britney Spears moratorium? We should do that with this sad, unstable family.

    I was always more sympathetic to Jon but I think he has completely destabilized now. More attention will just wreck them up worse.

  40. oxa says:

    She can opne the vault and use all the cahs she has collected over the years from”Love Offerings” and selling her kids photos for 20 bucks a pop cash. I do not believe she is broke. I am sure TLC has been paying a huge portion of their expenses for when they film and left lots of left overs from craft services.

  41. lucy says:

    He shouldn’t have taken the money. And she shouldn’t run to a TV interview every time someone so much as sneezes in her direction. This all needs to be dealt with through their lawyers, PRIVATELY.
    Even if her claim that the kids like the film crew are true, that does not mean they should be filming this. Kids like to eat candy and ice cream for dinner too, but a good parent doesn’t allow that either.

  42. jeannified says:

    I know Kate was hard on Jon, and that it was her idea to have “one” more child, and they ended up with six more, but Jon is being a douche right now and needs to get it together, FAST!!! I hope the network steps up and helps her out with her bills and life in general. I didn’t feel that way at first, but I definitely do now. It’s obvious who is being the responsible parent right now, and it’s NOT Jon!

  43. Puhleeeze says:

    I find it difficult to believe that the people critizing Kate wouldn’t have made the same decisions she has made given the situation in which she found herself with 8 children to feed and an idiot for a husband. I would have welcomed the income. Jon is trying to get back at Kate and is shooting himself in the foot if he succeeds. You can be sure that he will be unable to support the family once he has burned his way through the money. I don’t blame her for being scared. She obviously has always appreciated their good fortune and has certainly taken advantage of a good opportunity, which is the smart thing to do, while he has frittered away the time and now has the nerve to be jealous of her success. He is with Hailey because she makes him feel like a man, something he is unable to feel on his own.

  44. TaylorB says:


    From what the report says since they are in arbitration neither is allowed to take large amts of $$ out, Kate pays the household/family bills out of that acct and is required to submit the rec’ts for purcases. At first she took $$ out, then was informed of the rules of arbitration, returned the cash. Jon must have know about that, so it seems odd that he would do the same thing months later knowing it was not allowed.

  45. Prissa says:

    I cannot believe this guy!! He really is an imbecile! He is gonna be a washed up has been with mountains of child support to pay because he WILL NOT
    get joint custody. What judge would ever grant him that with the kind of infantile things he does?? WOW, he just keeps digging his own grave deeper and deeper.

    Oh and I agree with kristin – Very well said indeed!

  46. JaundiceMachine says:

    Bitch, please!

    You mean to tell me, between the 1.1 million dollar home, the huge entourages, the multiple plastic surgeries, the multiple small business ventures, and the Land Rover, that these people only have $200,000 in liquid assets?

    That’s not to mention their shameless appearance fees at booksignings and churches. They even beg the parishioners for “love offerings” – on top of a requisite $20 postcard for autographs!


  47. samantha says:

    I wish Jon would put a bullet in his head! That would make me a happy gal. He’s a fat, ugly, inept simpleton that doesn’t deserve to live. Just end it Jon and the world will be a better place!

  48. lola says:

    jon is an idiot.

    go kate!!!!!

  49. KelBear says:

    I completely agree with Cristina. He just shouldnt have taken the money, period.

    Even if all of you say you “hate” Jon and Kate, even though u dont know them personally, you still have to realize that if the money was for bills or whatever else he should not have taken it out of the account.

  50. bros says:

    you guys really think 200k is all theyve saved up in the bank? come on. as others have pointed out, that was cash on hand. there are millions invested. they dont pay for clothes and get pretty much everything donated for free. im laughing about the idea of ‘expenses’ and can only think of kate’s spa treatments as something she would need actual cash for, and then again, TLC probably pays for that so she can look her best on camera.

    edit: jaundice mac: EXACTLY

  51. hatsumomo says:

    These pity me posts are gettimg on my last damn nerve! Almost every freaking day since their split there has been posts about they poor poor situation and how on earth will they survive living like peons the rest of us are. WaaWaaWaaaaa. I try to just not comment on this but, lets be serious. Enough with this B.S. already!

    And if a lot of the posters on here actually believe they cant survive without the reality show- let me remind you. She IS A F&*$ING R.N. A REGISTERED NURSE!!! That bitch wasn’t making minimum wage folks. And with all the damned money they were making from that show all these years and now has nothing ‘to feed her kids’?! It just goes to show her incompetents. And stupidity on that level shouldn’t be rewarded with another fricking show.

    Arrrrrggggg….I’m losing all patience with these posts. All this idiocy is just too much to bear…..

    Celebitchy, I know people ask for bans all the time, and if you request each and every one, you’d have nothing to post so how about a compromise? How about condensing J&K news in to one post and post it every few days? No more daily posts rehashing the same B.S. about them. Not an all out ban mind you, just cut back a bit so you have more in each actual post than it coming in minuscule dribbles. You know there is going to be plenty more shit flung between these two before they fade to irrelevancy.
    Gee I hope I sound rational…

  52. birdie says:

    #32 – kristin — great post! I completely agree with you.

  53. The Domestic Goddess says:

    I agree with the ban on posting anymore J&K garbage. Kate is .. I can’t find a polite word for her actions of yet again going on TV to “out” Jon’s latest foible, her pitiful attempt to cry whilst she claims she can’t pay her bills. Bollocks. Every single media outlet that interviews them, every single rag that prints their interviews and any site that continues to post this crap are all equally responsible for this muck and mire being forced down our throats. By that I mean whenever I go to a favorite site now, it’s covered with this garbage. Let those two sort it out, the show isn’t being aired for now …YAY … and let’s focus on happier and more newsworthy topics!

  54. Celebitchy says:

    The best way to ask us not to cover a celebrity in the future is not to comment. Jaybird is working on a Jon Gosselin story that will go up soon, but I’ll see if we can cut down the coverage in the future. There is a lot of news in this case and it was a big deal that Jon went on Larry King, pilfered his wife’s money, then she cried to the press about it. A lot of outlets are covering this. We’ll do our best to keep the coverage down if possible.

    I had two Gosselin stories today because my son is sick and had to stay home from school so I tried to work ahead on Sunday. Then there was the money-stealing thing which warranted its own story, and I didn’t want to delete the old one because it wasn’t bad. Then Kate went on The Today Show crying and that was a big deal. Jaybird will cover Jon’s response and Kate’s counter-response as one story and we’ll stop for today unless there’s a huge blowout or something. This is big news and is being covered by a lot of other outlets. We can’t just ignore it, but we’ll do our best to cut down if you’re sick of it. Again, just don’t comment on the posts if you really don’t want to hear it. They’re doing a ton of mudslinging and I have to admit I find it pretty mind boggling.

  55. minx says:

    From my experience dealing with divorcing couples, all I can say is: they deserve each other. They don’t know the meaning of “PRIVATELY”.. so don’t count on it, they’re both hooked on TV and tabloid coverage. Now it’s a game of winning the popularity contest in the media and pissing off the other side, never mind what it does to the kids. Neither of them particularly cares.

  56. For Sooth? says:

    My sister’s douchey ex did the same thing to her. She only had one child but she was stuck overseas with him and his new girlfriend with no means to get herself and her child home. He was using the money to spend on himself and his girlfriend. Sound familiar????

    I hope Jon has the book thrown at him. I also hope Kate refrains from running to the media every frickin’ time. ENOUGH!

  57. Anastasia says:

    Well since apparently we’re going to have more posts about these two douchebags, let me just say this:

    her appeals for sympathy are mostly falling on deaf ears. Did she dab her dry eyes again? I’m not watching her acting again, it’s ridiculous.

    WHAT happened to keeping the whole divorce private? Those poor kids. They’ll get to see tape of all this in the future, if they haven’t already seen it now. They’ll be reminded of it constantly.

    You cannot tell me Kate is broke. Wah wah wah, cry me a river, lady.

  58. Susana says:

    Seriously??!!! She lives a house worth well over a million dollars that is PAID OFF and they make tons of money on that show and we are suppose to believe she has no money to pay her bills?? Even if I HALF believed this b.s., maybe she could stop getting plastic surgery, stop coloring her hair, getting her nails done, etc.. to save a little money. Or even better- GET A REAL JOB LIKE THE REST OF US!!

    Please people, don’t buy into this BS or feel sorry for these selfish, egotistical people. Feel sorry for the children that are caught in the middle of their selfishness and immature bickering.

  59. Mave says:

    She is telling the truth. Jon is not. He has gone off the deep end and doesn’t know how to get back.

  60. j. ferber says:

    Other large families in these tough economic times are managing to stay afloat or are slowly sinking without the American public knowing every detail of their lives. The Gosselins are pathetic and despicable. Maybe they should have stopped at two kids if they feel they must foist themselves on the American public crying about the millions and millions of dollars they need to keep their lavish lifestyles going. They’re insatiable. Maybe the government should set up a budgetary office just for them and their brood. Why are they so important that their stupid problems of their own making should get so much attention? A lot of American kids are truly suffering, but the Gosselin kids are not. They are not hungry, they are not physically or sexually abused, they are not homeless nor do they have drug addicted parents, etc. I’m so sick of them.

  61. lennie says:


  62. Mom of 2 says:

    I am aware that Kate wan’t so great…but to date, Jon has become a downright lowlife…so being a responsible parent she has to make all of the decisions…stop wailing on her, she still has 8 children to tend to, take care of , feed, clothe, bathe, nurture, and commincate with..Jon is and has been a total azz, cheater irresponsible lowlife..it is very difficult to keep going when your partner is doing everything he can to make life miserable..he does not have the kids interest at heart! He is only jealous and concerned that he will not be making anymore money…Kateis right, she does need to put the truth out there even though Jon is doing a very good job of looking like a total fool and gigantic cheater..

  63. Annalea says:

    I don’t believe for a second that those children will not have food or heat and everything else they need. He took that money so she wouldn’t overtake it to keep the show going somehow. He wants out of the show, and he’s FINALLY putting his foot down. Of course she hates it, but in this case I think he’s the one making sensible decisions. He will pay for the needs of his children. Just because she’s “always been the bill payer” doesn’t mean she still is. Jon has grown a set of balls, and that’s a good thing. Especially for his children.

  64. asd says:

    you have to be an idiot to believe her story, ok, so he took out $200.000 and now she’s broke? are you serious? all the money they made over these episodes? and FAEDRA. get your facts straight..SHE took the money out the first time before she had to put it back..not him..idiot

  65. Elizabeth says:

    I fear for these children and for the adults that they will someday become- their role models seem to be digressing before the eyes of national television. As an adult child of divorce, I can testify that when your parents behave as these two, it affects you completely and shapes who you are in life. I became a cynic, my other siblings depressed and anxious still in adulthood (started around the time of the divorce). PLEASE, I hope that these parents WAKE UP: your fame will be over someday and you will have royally screwed up your children.

  66. Elizabeth says:

    I mean, this is someone’s LIFE. I don’t know that I would ever sell my life, my personal experiences ups downs, etc… we only live this life once, I think that Kate is seriously deranged- she was a control freak and a constant *negative* energy source on the “Show”, nagged Jon constantly, etc. People like her are toxic. I think that what Jon said is right- that these kids should not be on TV now with the divorce. It IS NOT healthy, their LIVEs are not healthy, Kate is screwball- this is not entertainment, this is weird and sordid and the fact that this is considered ENTERTAINMENT shows how low we have gone in society- just desensitized to such a degree that we think this behavior is ACCEPTABLE in our society- no wonder divorce is so rampant and the family unit is in danger- where are our values today? I may sound fanatical, but really and truly, this is such a problem that most are blind to.

  67. Jods says:

    Good Lord, how many other multiple kid families are out there making it on their own. Money has gone to Kates head. Has to have the best of the best. Try coming down to earth.
    If you knew you couldnt provide for all those kids, you shouldnt have had them all.Your damn lucky they are all healthy.Most of us normal familes could only dream of all the crap you have gotten and vacations you have received.

  68. ROSE says:


  69. Gerald says:

    They are both liars. Unfortunately in cases like this, NO ONE WINS… Except the lawyers.

    But there are losers. The Kids. Those poor kids. I really feel sorry for them but both the parents need to get this over with and split the damn money 50/50 or w/e.

    And as far as “I can’t pay my bills” or ” I can’t feed my children”

    BULLF’NSH1T. The exclusive interview above alone probably put 10k in Kate’s bank account. With the show being so popular and the future shows coming up , they both , the kids will still be millionaires..

    “I can’t pay my bills” Anyone who believes this has serious problems. HAHAHAHAHA

  70. Cheryl says:

    They both need to GROW UP, STEP UP, and do the right thing. It takes two to make and two to break. They are BOTH responsiable for those children. STOP airing your dirty laundry, and settle this in private. Kate should go without her expenses for hair, nails, and god knows whatever,and move elsewhere where she can pay the bills. Children don’t need expensive things, they need PARENTS!!!! Along with that LOVE!!!! GET IT? Looks like you are going to be a single PARENT!!!!! Now just start acting like it. Get rid of all nanny’s and help yourself into your childrens lives. STAND UP AND BE A WOMAN and quit the BOO-HOO. Enough is enough. YOU and JON will have to be there for the children. GET IT RIGHT!!!!!!! As for the money, it’s gone. Suck it up and go on. Dig deeply my dear and we know you can find some hidden cash. GOOD LUCK to the children!!!!!!!

  71. Cheryl says:

    Just a little add on: What happened to the money from the BOOKS? There was also the DVD’S and other things. So start digging there!!!

  72. Joe M says:

    so people now because she said he did it it means he did it ? what if she is faking? and between he showed up to take his kids to school any of us thinks thats a crazy thing to do? 1st day of school and he show up is that crazy what a freak control she is ! he has the right to be involved in all his children activities he is now saying he didnt take that money and he has bank statement to proof it and as far as we all know she admit that she is the person who take care of the financial things about the show :-s and about these people who saying he wana destroy her bla bla bla THEY ARE HIS KIDSSSS he is free to do what ever he wants to do she can go on the show by her self he wont and cant stop her :s but no one is allowed to get involved in his decision they are hids kdis not yours.

  73. Joe M says:

    she cant pay her bills lol she cant pay her kids bills ? LOL 11 bank accounts and she didnt have any money but the money she claims jon took looooooool who can believe these words? SHE IS SO DUMB just because she thinks people will believe her? that thing about her saying about him crazy because he showed up to take the kids for school on their 1st day show what really she is 🙂 do you guys think what he did is a crazy or a good thing? lol what a fake person kate is.