Police raid Amy Winehouse’s home


In Amy Winehouse drama news of the week, police were apparently all over her London house today. While no one from the Metropolitan Police Service will say exactly what they were doing, four men were arrested (at a different location) relating to the case. I’m going with drugs. I know, clairvoyant, right? What would make me go out on a limb like that, possibly exposing myself to public ridicule when it turns out I’m oh so wrong?

Police raided Amy Winehouse’s London house Thursday and arrested four men elsewhere in the same operation. The troubled 24-year-old singer was not arrested, and police did not reveal why her house was targeted but noted, “Investigations are ongoing.”

Officers from the Metropolitan Police Service were seen entering the back of Winehouse’s residence in northwest London, according to local press accounts, which said Winehouse and husband Blake Fielder-Civil were not believed to be home at the time. Four unidentified men ages 19 to 25 were arrested at addresses in east London on allegations of perverting the course of justice, police said in a statement.

Winehouse, who is appealing a pot bust in Norway, surfaced last week at the MTV Europe Music Awards, where she sang a low-energy “Back to Black” and offered a quiet “thanks” after picking up a trophy.

[From People]

There were several reports on various websites that Winehouse and her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, left their home in a hurry this morning. Which seems like it’s not a big deal – the only reason it’s suspicious is that so many websites made a point of mentioning it, so you’d think there was something odd in their behavior. Dose points out: “Winehouse and her fellow addict husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, were not home at the time, according to reports. It’s not known if the sweep was related to the fact Fielder-Civil is facing charges of grievous bodily harm on Monday for an incident, in which he and another man allegedly inflicted harm requiring medical treatment on bartender James King. Up to 13 police armed with forensic camera equipment swarmed the house after bursting through the door using a battering ram and crow bar.” That’s so dramatic! I’m guessing the pair will be all lovey-dovey in prison in under 24 hours.

Amy also failed to show up to film her new music video today. That’s not really indicative of guilt or legal trouble for her – she’s normally drunk and drugged, so it’s hard to say if she’s being traditional Wino or if she didn’t show up because of whatever’s going on with the police. Either way, she cost her record company $150,000. The crew waited for her from 8 o’clock in the morning until 11 in the evening. According the Sun, “Her management were running around calling her, calling her husband and sent a car to her place,” a source told the paper. “She kept saying she would be there in a minute.” Then Amy Winehouse didn’t show up. I’m going to find it mildly amusing if she didn’t show up because she was being booked into jail. This woman attracts drama like Britney Spears attracts Cheetos. One just can’t survive without the other.

Picture note by Jaybird: Here’s Amy today – she certainly doesn’t seem to be hiding from anyone. Splash notes: “Amy Winehouse leaves home and heads to the post office, where she finds she can’t open the parcel that was sent to her, so she asks the photographers if anyone has a knife. One photographer donates a key. After the post office, she heads to a news agent where she stocks up on a lot of chocolate bars and sweets. She also checks the newspapers for reports on her husband, who is due in court tomorrow. Then its off to her accountant. Image thanks to Splash Photos. Header image of police officers standing at the gate of Amy’s London home. Image thanks to WENN.


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