Queen Elizabeth has developed a nihilistic ‘after me, the flood’ complex?

State Opening of Parliament

The Daily Beast’s royal coverage is being partially outsourced these days. They’ve brought in some different people to talk more seriously about what’s going down in the House of Windsor. Late Friday night, the Daily Beast published a lengthy piece by Clive Irving, author of The Last Queen: Elizabeth II’s Seventy Year Battle to Save the House of Windsor. Irving’s thesis is that the Queen’s recent health issues reveal “how much the future of the shaky edifice of the House of Windsor still rests on the shoulders of the queen alone.” Meaning, in a sense, it’s become all about the 95-year-old Queen and how she’s clinging to her throne with both hands. Irving comes right out and says that this is because she’s loathe to hand anything over to Prince Charles:

… Perhaps mother, like many others, knows the truth, that although Charles was commendably early in warning of the consequences of climate change his deeds don’t match his words. Indeed, the queen’s determination to keep Charles in the wings for as long as possible while she remains center stage suggests that she fears that he falls well short of representing the kind of invigorating generational change the monarchy will need to prove equal to the stresses of the 21st century.

Also, she cannot be amused by the fact that some palace insiders have made clear that Charles intends, on becoming king, to make Camilla his queen, rather than princess consort, as his mother prefers.

There is a sense, though, that the queen’s determination to never let up on being a highly visible head of state is not just about the shortcomings of the Prince of Wales. It must have been galling to her, reading the empty platitudes of the speech handed to her as she opened parliament, that the body she was obliged to acknowledge as “my government” was that led by Boris Johnson, which is setting records for its mendacity and serial incompetence.

The queen has every reason to have developed an après moi, le deluge complex. At the end of this historic reign she can look back on the many pressures that have changed her nation in lasting ways—political, cultural, social and economic. She has not always found it easy to adapt, and has made mistakes of tone in responding to them. But now she appears to be the one stable and steady hand that helps the country to cohere.

[From The Daily Beast]

“Après moi, le deluge” means “after me, the flood,” meaning all hell will break loose once she’s gone but she’ll be gone so she doesn’t actually care. Which, again, reminds me of just how the monarchy is essentially a different animal altogether when she passes – it will still exist, just in a smaller, more parochial form. The Queen isn’t actually concerned about what happens after her, nor does she want to be around for the reign of her firstborn son, the son she never thought was adequate for the task. A good manager knows when to hand things over to their replacement, and a good manager knows how to delegate as well. The Queen has failed at those two fundamental managerial tasks because she’s been told all her life that she should rule until she dies.

Also, she loves stuff like this:

Royal Garden Party

Prime Minister Boris Johnson G7 Summit Day One

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Moderatelywealthy says:

    Chaz will make up for lost time, ungraciously evicting old cousins and enacting petty revenges on siblings while William tries his hardest to compete with Harry and NOT do any meaningful work.

    Chaz, as an unfortunate King and Wills as a very victorian, work shy Prince of Wales are recipe for disaster

    • Liz version 700 says:

      100% agree. Mean and Meaner will be awful.

    • Jan90067 says:

      “…he falls well short of representing the kind of invigorating generational change the monarchy will need to prove equal to the stresses of the 21st century….”

      Invigorating generational change??? WHAT did Ol’ Brenda change? She did everything the way her father did it, and then the way HER MOTHER wanted. This woman clings to “tradition” like a barnacle! She hasn’t instituted any real change at all. What garbage.

      I *do* think Charles will start to sink the monarchy (the giant chip on his should is pretty heavy!), and Bitter Brother will complete the job with his neglect and arrogance.

      • Couch potato says:

        Yes, what did she change? The only one trying to change things back in her younger years was Phillip, and her mother was fiercely against it. It’s said that her uncle started to make changes in the royal court when he became king, but as soon as he abdicated the queen mum (then queen consort) changed it back to the old vicrorian ways. It’s pretty much been like that ever since.

      • Emma says:

        Every retrospective or analysis of her reign should include an assessment of her complicity in covering up Andrew’s crimes against Virginia Guiffre and let’s be honest probably other young women as well.

    • Chloe says:

      To be honest, i think charles will make a better king than william ever could be. And i also don’t think that cutting of hanger ons is necessarily a bad thing.

      The queen should have largely stepped back from most of her public duties so that charles could have been more visible and the public should have gotten used to him. Personally i think this should have happened back in 2012, around her jubilee, when the monarchy was at its popularity peak.

      They also shouldn’t have chased out the only young couple that would have been more than capable of taking on some workload.

      • ModeratelyWealthy says:

        I have no doubt Chaz will,. at least, work. But he knows he is not loved, and he knows this is not a popularity contest, and this frees him pretty much to do what he want, no matter the optics or consequences.

        Chaz is the one that thinks ” apres moi, le deluge”…Elizabeth is very old and frail and she, like many people at this stage, is fine with things the way they are, she is simply uninterested…

        In many ways, Chaz is already acting out, not caring if he is tanking the Monarchy because, wtf, he waited his whole life: Denying Edward the courtesy title that comes without lands or wealth just because he can, come to mind but never forget: Chaz lackeys were the ones telling Harry the Law would be changed so that Archie did not get to be called Prince ( it can be inferred it was Charles because this would only come to play when Chaz ascends, so the issue does not pertain Elizabeth) …he was the one pulling security just to teach Harry a lesson and have him come back.

        and again, evicting people on their late 70´s 80´s, which is apparently his plan, even though said people are living by grace ( meaning, they pay very low rent, if they pay) IS a bad thing, regardless.

        Will is Charley son in the worst way possible, so…

      • anotherlily says:

        Totally agree with Chloe.

  2. MipMip says:

    I think it’ll be a hell of a deluge, bigger than anyone even expects.

    • Bettyrose says:

      Feet up, popcorn in hand, bring it on.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ MipMip, yes it will!! A majority of those on that island have only even known Elizabeth. TQ has no intention of retiring, she will reign until she dies. Once she passes, I see a great number of Commonwealth countries gearing towards independence, with Scotland in first place!

      • Do you think Charles will make Harry (and vile william) walk behind him at the Queens funeral so people wont boo him like at Diana’s funeral? Because I bet lots of people won’t be happy he’s king.

  3. Rapunzel says:

    Apres moi, le deluge? Wow. If that is Betty’s real attitude, she must hate most of her family. The flood is going to wash them away, and she couldn’t care less.

    • Chloe says:

      I think she does care actually. Her whole life her sole purpose was to maintain the monarchy. And after she goes i can’t see it exist for much longer. Let’s just say that i’d be surprised if George will ever make it to title king.

  4. SuSuSusio says:

    She’s got a point.

    I wonder what she thinks of all the stories planted by her grandson’s Mother-in-Law insisting the people want to pass over her eldest son for his eldest son? Assuming she’s aware of such stories.

    To use a sports analogy — something I’ve never done in my life — looking at the bench, the truth is the game is over.

  5. Cws says:

    She isn’t a manager, she’s a monarch, completely different animals

  6. Anastasia says:

    I wonder if she wanted Anne to be Queen, I’ve always wondered, she seems so much more prepared and willing to work.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Anastasia, excellent deduction! I agree with you as she and Anne seem to have been cut from the same cloth.

      • vociferousgirl says:

        I didn’t realize she wasn’t the first born child until a couple years ago, and I couldn’t understand why QEII wouldn’t have just done that whole, “heirs don’t have to be male” change earlier since she clearly favored Anne.

  7. FrodoOrOdo says:

    She did this to herself and I don’t even care.

    Also, who needs a global monarch anyway?

    She could have raised her children similarly to how the other royal houses around her have done, expecting them to be somewhat modest, well educated, resourceful, and fairly responsible.

    Instead we’ve got workshy lay abouts who spend more time whining about how hard it is to be royal than actually being royal.

    Imagine being 40 and still behaving as if you’re too young to be expected to work even part time.

  8. AmelieOriginal says:

    As a kid I always wondered why she clung to her throne and why Charles wasn’t king. I thought back then it was because she loved being Queen and the attention that came with it and she would have no sense of purpose if she ever retired. And my 9 year old opinion has not changed: she thrives on being the center of attention and adoration (whatever “adoration” there is left at this point). You can argue it’s about duty and service, which I’m sure that’s part of it. But she doesn’t want to be alive and witness herself being replaced because her ego can’t handle it.

    I think Charles will be a fine king, he won’t be amazing but he’s been stepping up more in the last decade. He knows what to do. William though is the issue. We all know the monarchy won’t survive with William. I don’t know how it will happen but I don’t think I’ll ever see him become king.

    • Over it says:

      I believe you .SHE definitely can’t take being replaced while she lives and yes Charles would make a way better king than william because let’s face it, william is a full 💯 asshole And as for Betty sitting on the throne for so long have yet to see what she has done that will impact lives for generations.

    • Anance says:

      She loves being Queen–look at how she prevented Margaret from competing with her for public attention.

  9. Lala11_7 says:

    I’m sorry…with hindsight…other than giving speeches…WHAT DID THE QUEEN DO THAT HAS MADE A POSITIVE LASTING IMPRESSION ON HER COUNTRY? Her reign is a reflection of her character…and it’s messy…filled with mean spirited…bigoted family members and a lack of humanity & generosity that is breathtaking in retrospect

    • Maria says:

      Yep. Her broken legacy is her own fault.

    • Laura-Lee says:

      Agreed!!! She could have done so much to repair, repatriate, and heal from the colonialist damage and terror done in the name of the crime she wears. No one who makes secret loopholes to exempt themselves from environmental laws is interested in anything but their own self.

  10. Lulu says:

    99% of England’s kings have sucked or have been forgettable. While Charles is better at the job than his son, he doesn’t really inspire positive feelings for anyone. It’s too bad this is a hereditary monarchy as opposed to one where the monarch gets to choose their heir. The UK’s monarchy is gonna look and feel so decrepit and Victorian in comparison to all the future young queens of Europe. I mean, it already does, but the contrast is really gonna be glaring. While I’m no proponent of divorce, I really think the best thing William can do for the throne is to divorce Kate once all the kids are grown (before she becomes queen) and find himself a capable and intelligent woman to marry who can hold her own. However, I don’t think he could ever attract such a woman, short of a massive attitude and personality change. In conclusion, abolish the monarchy.

    • FrodoOrOdo says:

      Honestly, for all the stories of him disliking Kate and I’m sure that he does, William also has the wife he wants. While yes, he’d rather have picked up some better pedigreed, charismatic jewel, he also wants a wife who will endure his affairs, allow him to not really work, and really just wait around and match his level of disinterest. And she provided the heir, spare, and then some.

      The only one who can save William’s legacy is William himself. If he does get himself a super star wife, he’s sure to ruin it in short order.

  11. Sofia says:

    I think she won’t step down partly because of her uncle’s abdication and how it affected her but also because she has 0 faith in Charles and doesn’t want to see him be King while she’s around to see it. Once she’s dead, she can’t stop him being King but she can’t watch it happen.

  12. lanne says:

    I find it interesting how much the establishment is clinging to an idea of William as the “perfect future monarch,” especially as they know how completely ill-suited he is to the job. The really expected that Harry would prop him up, but instead of making nice with Harry, they doubled down against him. They really believe he should destroy his own life for the sake of a crown. I’m not sure how it was supposed to work, exactly: Will-di Amin does the ceremonial tut-tutting while Harry is dispatched to do all of the work? Wouldn’t people see that Harry was the one who was the real star, and wouldn’t William be jealous and petty? It sounds like the courtiers, as a bunch of mediocre white men themselves, never gave much thought to how this “magical reign of Kate and William” would actually function. Harry would have likely bounced at some point or another, even without Meghan. And they won’t be able to hide William’s deficiencies forever. Not in the age of social media.

    The courtiers basically want Will and Kate to magically turn into Harry and Meghan, and that isn’t going to happen. Or maybe they pin all their hopes on George, George being the “clean slate” who isn’t “tainted” by Charles and Diana like Willian and Harry were.

    Apres moi, le deluge indeed.

    • Anance says:

      B/c the establishment knows Will and Kate will just sit there and warm the throne. If anyone will retire early, it’s him.

      Chaz OTOH will be up to all sorts of unpopular things, starting with the elevation of his wife. The London crowds yelled “Whore” at Anne Boleyn during the coronation ride, I wonder if the same sorry fate will occur to Camilla.

  13. Mooshe1 says:

    Yeah, the Queen pretty much seems to have a F’em attitude now, lol. Andrew’s gotten himself into this mess and she’s only interested in helping him, the others have to fend for themselves. Chuck and Bill are both so arrogant and jealous the only way the others will get anything is if they bow and scrape, on a continuous basis. Harry is lucky not to be living a few hundred years earlier because TOB is obsessed and jealous. Bill is 100% a Windsor, which is why Diana took her genes away. The Queen’s probably leaving Andrew money so he can continue being a spoiled brat. The rest are out of luck.

  14. Jaded says:

    The Commonwealth will start to shrink once she’s gone, Charles will have to turn a few of the royal estates into public museums, cut unnecessary relations off the royal dole, downsize staff, and it will be a time when he’ll have to put his words on climate change into serious action. Keen and Mean will continue to faff around doing practically nothing but wasting money, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Charles withheld the POW title until William stepped up to the plate and worked hard to sustain the Duchy of Cornwall. After all, he took that fakakta organic farming course (which he didn’t finish…no surprise there) to prepare for that day. The institution and BRF are rotting from within and if it remains status quo it will collapse because the tabloids will turn on them in a heartbeat, and I hope I live to see what skeletons in the royal closets they will reveal.

  15. Over it says:

    Chucky might not be my favorite person, but I am willing to bet my hat he will be a far better king than the incandescent lazy ass Baldimort

    • Concern Fae says:

      Nope. The real danger is that Charles believes the King should have some say in government. He’s already ticked all sorts of people off sending memos telling them how they should do their job. If he does this once he is actually King, it could set of a constitutional crisis. If he starts picking fights with the Tories, it could be interesting. Should the same happen with a Labour government it could get very interesting. Most interesting would be if he began fighting with Tories over Brexit/corruption.
      He just really seems clueless about how power actually works. The second season of the UK House of Cards was about a newly crowned King sparring with the Tory government and Prime Minister Francis Urquhart. Filmed in 1993, it shows Urquhart cozying up to the King’s ex-wife. He eventually force’s the King’s abdication and the crowning of the his teenage son.
      Wonder what Baldimort thought of that? BBC would probably not dare to air that today.

  16. Rice says:

    Mr. Rice and I discussed this very thing recently. We both think that the monarchy won’t survive after QEII. Hubby thinks the rest of the family will get jobs. I agree, but they won’t be regular 9-5 jobs. That’s beneath them. Instead, they’ll get ambassadorships/diplomatic jobs or even charity managers or something similar where there is little work or thinking involved but with lots of pay and holiday trips.

  17. Izzy says:

    Willieleaks is a lazy, workshy, total ahole, so “Charles will be a better king than William” is not exactly a high bar. But if he is not truly ready to take it on, that’s on Petty Betty. It was her responsibility as both monarch and parent to prepare him for his duties.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Yes, Chaz will be a tremendously greater king than Burger King could even imagine! I am glad that Chaz is not interested in a popularity contest but he should be much more interested in making changes that benefit the taxpayers, not just the Royal family.

      As for Borish Johnson, TQ needs to fire his arse immediately!! He is incompetent and has managed in his short term to cause a great deal of damage.

      With your analogy, it is the fault of Chaz for how PWT has turned out as well. But I think that PWT has fought him tooth and nail with dashes of temper tantrums, screaming and withholding the grandchildren as well!

  18. MangoAngelesque says:

    I 100% believe that the only reasons Elizabeth clung to being Queen and never passing the throne to Charles had nothing to do with her beliefs in his ability to be King, but in her ability to NOT be Queen.

    She would’ve had to go back to being Philip’s wife, and a grandmother, and even though as a Queen Mother she would still wield public authority and love, she wouldn’t have the ACTUAL position she craves. She’d see Camilla in the positions Philip used to stand in, Charles wearing her robes and crowns, and she had no idea how to be anything beyond that.

    She may not have been ready to become Queen when her father died, but once she leaned in and it became her identity, it became the only friggin’ one she has.

  19. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    Isn’t it time to admit that God did not choose her bloodline to rule, and get rid of the monarchy?

  20. The Recluse says:

    You know, Buckingham Palace might make for a really great home for a vastly expanded NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART. The royal family has so many artistic treasures and that building could house both collections readily and even include their National Portrait Gallery….Just thinking ahead, folks, to the days after the RF, which feels more and more likely.

  21. Julia K says:

    When she passes I wonder what will happen to her amazing selection of colorful coats and matching hats. She wears hats better than anyone. They could go on display at one of the public spaces for tourists.

  22. Mads says:

    The Queen holds a psychological grip as “the nation’s grandmother” – not only in the UK but the Commonwealth as well – the palace and the right wing press work in tandem to promote this image. It affords a shield from real scrutiny and criticism but that will disappear when she dies. Then there will be a domino effect of Commonwealth countries looking to finally have their own Head of State and I can see an increased chance of Scotland voting ‘Yes’ in an independence referendum. Abolishing the monarchy in the rest of the UK is a huge problem with incredibly difficult constitutional issues to untangle. The above article shows how the monarchy and government are so entwined. Very interesting times ahead.

  23. Janice Hill says:

    What a shame that, because she doesn’t trust her son, she’s held on for too long. Now courtiers basically run the place and do what’s best for their own positions.