Anya Taylor Joy wore Dior & Tiffany jewels at the ‘Last Night in Soho’ premiere

Los Angeles Premiere Of Focus Features' 'Last Night In Soho'

Last night was the big LA premiere of Last Night In Soho, Edgar Wright’s original horror-drama starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Matt Smith and Thomasin McKenzie. Matt didn’t make it to the premiere, but Anya and Thomasin were on hand.

Anya Taylor-Joy now has two huge brand ambassadorships with Dior and Tiffany’s jewelry. Anya has worn so much Dior over the past year, I thought she already had a contract with them, but they made it official just this week: she’s the new global ambassador for fashion and makeup for the house of Dior. Dior gave her this metallic gown for the premiere, which… it’s okay. She’s worn better Dior looks and I don’t think her makeup is the best here. She paired the dress with Tiffany’s “Sea” necklace from their “Colors of Nature” collection. At first I thought the stone might be light emeralds, but I think they’re probably peridots? The necklace is prettier than the dress, honestly. PS… does she remind anyone else of Jaime King in these photos?

Los Angeles Premiere Of Focus Features' 'Last Night In Soho'

Los Angeles Premiere Of Focus Features' 'Last Night In Soho'

Los Angeles Premiere Of Focus Features' 'Last Night In Soho'

I can’t even find an ID for Thomasin McKenzie’s sequined dress. She’s a pretty woman but this isn’t it! Maybe Anya’s stylist can help a girl out.

Los Angeles Premiere Of Focus Features' 'Last Night In Soho'

Los Angeles Premiere Of Focus Features' 'Last Night In Soho'

Taika Waititi was at the premiere? I think he was in lockdown in Australia for so long, so he just flew to LA and he’s been hanging out and partying for months with Rita Ora.

Los Angeles Premiere Of Focus Features' 'Last Night In Soho'

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Avalon Red.

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  1. Case says:

    Anya is just stunning. That dress is gorgeous.

    Thomasin’s dress looks…very cheap, and is really unflattering. She could definitely use Anya’s stylist’s help!

  2. Ariel says:

    The trailer for the movie left me mesmerized. I hope it’s good.

    • lucy2 says:

      It looks SOOOOO good! I’m eager to see it too, hope it lives up to my expectations from the trailer.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I became a big fan of Anya’s acting from Queen’s Gambit, and the trailer for this movie looked so stylish and creepy! I’m very excited to see this movie. I hope it is streaming, because I’m not going to theaters yet.

  3. Sue says:

    I hope Dior dresses Anya well. They made J. Law wear things that were way too ugly or too old for her.

  4. Va Va Kaboom says:

    I think Anya looks like Kendall Jenner, if Kendall Jenner contoured her cheekbones to the Gods.

    • Jan90067 says:

      Agreed. She has a triangular face with wide cheekbones and narrow chin. She doesn’t NEED the contouring; gives her face a “skull” look.

      She has such huge, gorgeous eyes…play them up (like they did with Twiggy…I mean, if they’re going for “Mod”… what a model to copy!)

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I don’t think her cheekbones are that heavily contoured (compared with the Instamodel standard), they just really stand out a lot. That’s her face, and it is unique and beautiful.

  5. Leanne says:

    She’s lovely. The hair might be a bit to much.

    • Jan90067 says:

      Too platinum, and too fried! A good haircut and moisturizing mask, or a gloss, would help. I loved her as a redhead in TQG, wish she’d stay red 😊. It was striking!

    • Thirtynine says:

      Yeah, the dress and jewels all work, but the first thing you notice is the artificiality of the heavy contouring and plastic looking hair. None of it seemed to go together. I like Anya, but I guess what I’m trying to say is that the hair and make-up were so garish I looked at them instead of the woman.

  6. lucy2 says:

    I like the material of Anya’s dress, but not the design of it. That necklace is gorgeous though.

    • dj says:

      I need that necklace! I think it is gorgeous. Poor Thomasin looks so uncomfortable. She maybe needs to wear something more like her style and comfort level. I feel kind of sorry for her in this mess.

  7. HandforthParish says:

    Funny I really hate that dress! I find the fussy fabric withe the low cut too fussy, it creates a really odd silhouette and the necklace is totally lost there- shame as it is so beautiful.

  8. Léna says:

    For some reason I find Anya’s hair distracting. I like the dress but not the way her hair is styled

  9. Steph says:

    Nah, Anya has such a unique face, she doesn’t look like anyone else.

  10. Jackson says:

    They look like green sapphires to me, but I don’t know anything about that jewelry line so maybe not. Can’t wait to see the movie

  11. FrodoOrOdo says:

    Whomever contoured Anya face needs a bronzer intervention.

  12. tealily says:

    Petty comment: Taika’s looking less puffy than the last time we saw him. He may be partying, but maybe he’s getting it together.

  13. MarcelMarcel says:

    I wish I wasn’t a total baby about horror because Anna Taylor is so gifted! But I was already a little scared watching the trailer 🤣
    I love how her magically expressive eyes are emphasised with the dramatic brown smokey eye shadow.

  14. Crooksandnannies says:

    RE Anya – makeup is too dramatic and harsh with her lovely porcelain skin. Jewels are gorgeous. The fabric of that gown is stunning, but the neckline is limp and the silhouette almost looks like a drop waist? Which does not jive with the metallic party look.

    • Lilibetp says:

      The contouring is total overkill, like me putting highlighter to make my face look rounder.

  15. Betsy says:

    That dress is the pits.

  16. Sof says:

    People want her to play Victoria in a live action of the Corpse Bride, maybe she was aiming her contour that way. Honestly, I like her make up! I prefer when people exagerate their own features instead of mudding their faces to create things that are not there to look the same as everybody.

  17. SM says:

    Taika is there probably because Thomasin was in Jojo Rabbit fairly her first well known film in US and she is a daughter of his friends from NZ.
    I find Anya’s features so weird. Almost unatractive in some cases and absolutely stunning in other.

  18. Misskitten says:

    I think her necklace is probably tourmaline. I’m a huge gem enthusiast (not necessarily a jewelry enthusiast) and those look more like green tourmaline to me. Or possibly green sapphires. Peridot (my awful birthstone) is more of a yellow-y pea green.

  19. Erin says:

    Her makeup is terrible. I’m not sure what is exactly wrong, but it seems to be fighting against her naturally, gorgeous unique face.

  20. Ann says:

    Thomasin’s dress looks like a cheap mermaid costume.

  21. eliza james says:

    More pro ana bs.

  22. Bread and Circuses says:

    Thomasin is so pretty, but I do not like that dress. The neckline suited her, though, and I really like her hair and makeup.

  23. ItReallyIsYouNotMe says:

    I love the gold Dior dress and the green necklace!