Angelina Jolie: ‘I’m not a perfect parent by any means, I’m pretty tough on myself’

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I wondered if People Magazine would do another royal cover this week, since they seem to be in the pocket of Big Palace. But no! This week’s issue is “the Kindness Issue” and Angelina Jolie is the cover star. While she is kind, let’s be real: she’s on the cover to promote The Eternals (and her book too, I would imagine). The first excerpt from People’s exclusive with Jolie is all about her kids, most of whom have been on red carpets in recent days/weeks for the premieres of The Eternals.

Jolie on her kids: “They’re pretty great people and because there’s so many of them, I think they’ve had a very significant effect on each other. It’s not like I’m the head of anything. I’m very honest with my kids. And I’m very human with my kids.”

Her priority as a mom: The mom explains she is “curious about all the different aspects of who they are” when raising them, and her priority is to “be there to support and develop all the different aspects of who they are.”

She’s around teenagers all day: “I have six very individual human beings in my home. I am so excited about all the different stages and feelings and curiosities that they go through. Why wouldn’t you be? We’re supposed to help them figure out who they are. And you can’t figure out who they are if you don’t enthusiastically develop with them.”

She’s tough on herself as a parent: A longtime advocate for refugees through her work with the U.N., Jolie admits to being “tough” on herself when it comes to being a parent, however. “I’m not a perfect parent by any means. Every day I feel like I’m more aware of everything I don’t do right. And I’m pretty tough on myself, because I feel often, ‘Am I doing the right thing? Did I says the right thing?’ ”

Her kids are kind: “My children have done many, many loving things. My children’s kindness has been very healing to me.”

[From People]

As we’ve been seeing so much of the teenage Jolie-Pitts, I’ve been thinking a lot about all of the “predictions” about how they’d all end up wild and terrible and bratty. That’s what was said, years ago, and the preemptive blame was always placed squarely on Angelina’s shoulders because how dare she or whatever. From everything we’ve seen of the kids as they grow into young-adulthood, they’re good kids. No, they’re not perfect and Jolie wasn’t a perfect mom. But she raised them to be good kids. They’re curious and well-behaved and well-adjusted, all things considered.

16th Rome Film Festival, Red Carpet of movie 'Eternals',Rome, Italy

16th Rome Film Festival, Red Carpet of movie 'Eternals',Rome, Italy

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid. Cover courtesy of People.

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14 Responses to “Angelina Jolie: ‘I’m not a perfect parent by any means, I’m pretty tough on myself’”

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  1. Sierra says:

    It’s a slap in the face for those Angelina haters that those children seems to be happy and well adjusted.

  2. Noki says:

    Well the truth is we dont know what type of mum she is or what type of kids they are and thats fine. Unless she decides to do a reality show no one knows what happens behind closed doors.

  3. Amy Bee says:

    Any celeb mag promoting kindness is gaslighting their readers but it’s good to see an actual celebrity on the cover of People for a change.

  4. Mireille says:

    WHAT??!!! Angelina did not come out with a carefully crafted press release on The Hair Extensions Mishap!!!! What the frick, Angie!!!! You owe every stylist, all your haters, and Twitter fashion critics an explanation!!!!

    That aside, this woman LOVES being a Mom and she gushes about her kids whenever she gets the chance. And I love seeing her with her 2 eldest daughters on that powerhouse walk on the red carpet in Italy. Her kids have flourished over the years — and she loved them just for being who they are. Something she always credited her own mother as setting the example for her to follow. That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    • Jules says:

      Lol exactly, she does not care. She focuses on the meaningful stuff, and never brags about how socially aware she is. She just is.

  5. superashes says:

    You know, I think she is a great mom. I remember when people were obsessing over the fact that Shiloh did not dress feminine and Angie just came out Montenegro Style to get people to focus elsewhere and let Shiloh be, and it really stuck out to me because at that time we didn’t have the types of conversations we are having now and there was definitely more pressure on girls to dress girly, and even then Angie didn’t give a damn. When she is out with her kids it also looks anything but staged, and she just in general seems like a hands on loving parent. I also really liked the fact that she fought for her children.

    • Eve says:


      Love your comment. Especially the “Montenegro Style” reference. I remember those days really well.

    • AMA1977 says:

      I bet she is too, you can see in the kids’ body language how much they love her and how safe they feel with her. I especially love how when you see her with them in candid shots, she’s always turned towards them and paying attention/engaging.

      I’ve said this on here a dozen times or more, but my mom (former SpEd teacher and administrator) told me when my older one was a tiny toddler (probably about 12 years ago) that the parents who worry that they’re not good parents invariably are, because bad parents don’t ever stop to consider whether they’re doing a good job or not. I’m sure her kids know she’s not perfect, but if they know they are loved, safe, and secure, that’s the important thing. That’s what I want my kids to know above all else.

  6. ennie says:

    The comments on social media still hate her and call her horrible names. I love that she puts her head high and could care less about all the brouhaha. She knows her children.

  7. JJ says:

    Wow, love her always but I can really relate to her here, this part was really touching: “you can’t figure out who they are if you don’t enthusiastically develop with them.” My kids are 14 and almost 16 and I think about us all changing all the time. When you are a kid you imagine being a parent as being some kind of solid person but that’s not what it’s like at all. You do your best to keep them safe and fed and supported but you’re also changing as much as they are, and it makes looking back on old photos feel strange, at least for me, lately…

  8. Wit of the Staircase says:

    Any mom who can get their teenage daughters to hold their hands in public is a hero. My own daughter didn’t want to be seen in the same room with me much less hold my hand. (She’s 28 now and hold my hand, don’t worry). Her kids seem to genuinely LIKE her as well as love her. Job well done Angie!

  9. lucy2 says:

    6 kids raised by 2 Hollywood stars, there was a good chance at least one of them would be kind of wild and bratty – but I would think what they went through together has really bonded them, and made all of them grow up quickly and deal with serious, tough things. They seem to be a tight knit group of good kids who had to learn fast what was really important, and it’s probably damped down a lot of typical teenage rebellion.

    In general I don’t love celebrities making their kids so public during promotional stuff, but Brad has been such a giant turd for the past few years, I don’t blame Angelina for saying “hey, my kids and I are a loving, close family” right now.