Roman Polanski gets ironic star on Polish walk of fame; doesn’t get released

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Roman Polanski won’t be getting out of jail anytime soon. He’s being held in Switzerland pending an extradition to the U.S. But even though he skipped out on his sentencing for rape in 1977 and fled for France instead, his lawyers are ridiculously trying to argue that he’s not a flight risk. Snort. Yeah, why in the world would anyone think Roman Polanski would fail to show up to court when he promised? Especially in Europe, where he can just drive across the border to another country. Luckily the Swiss didn’t buy that garbage.

Roman Polanski lost the first round Tuesday in his battle to avoid extradition to the U.S. for having sex in 1977 with a 13-year-old girl. Already locked in a Zurich cell for the last dozen days, Polanski learned he will remain incarcerated for an extended period as the Swiss Justice Ministry rejected his plea to be released from custody. Swiss authorities expressed fear he might flee the country if freed from prison. The director of such film classics as “Rosemary’s Baby” and “Chinatown” has been wanted by U.S. authorities since fleeing sentencing 31 years ago.

“We continue to be of the opinion that there is a high risk of flight,” said ministry spokesman Folco Galli, explaining the decision. Galli told The Associated Press that the threat was too great for the government to accept bail or other security measures in exchange for the release of the filmmaker. Polanski was apprehended Sept. 26 as he arrived in Zurich to receive an award from a film festival. Authorities in Los Angeles consider him a convicted felon and a fugitive, and Switzerland says there has been an international warrant out on him since 2005.

Polanski’s legal representatives are also appealing to Switzerland’s federal criminal court to free the director. Galli said the Justice Ministry has submitted a letter to the tribunal explaining why it opposes release even on bail. Legal experts say Polanski stands a minimal chance of a speedy release, even if his lawyers have suggested he be held under house arrest in his chalet in the luxury resort of Gstaad. “In practice, I don’t remember any case where a fugitive has been released on bail while awaiting extradition to a foreign country,” said former Zurich prosecutor Peter Cosandey, adding that Polanski’s ownership of an Alpine chalet doesn’t aid his case greatly.

“He could easily disappear,” Cosandey told The AP, referring to Switzerland’s lax border controls. “He could just hop on a train to Germany. Coming by plane, you’re often just waived on. By car, it’s even easier.” Dieter Jann, another Zurich ex-prosecutor, has said extradition would be hard to fight, and he thought Switzerland had followed procedures correctly. In Paris, Polanski’s lawyers took note of the decision and said they would focus on convincing the court to free Polanski.

“In particular, Mr. Polanski undertakes to remain in Switzerland for the duration of the extradition procedure, and to respect all obligations that could be imposed on him to guarantee this commitment,” said a statement. One of the lawyers, Herve Temime, added that Polanski did not pose a flight risk. “We sincerely hope that the Swiss judges are able to remain detached,” he told reporters.

[From Yahoo! News]

“We sincerely hope that the Swiss judges are able to remain detached” means “We sincerely hope the Swiss judges will be star struck with this famous director and ignore raping a 13-year-old a long time ago.” The only thing that would make me half respect Polanski is if he finally took responsibility for his crime. Be a man and go back to the U.S. and work it out through the courts. I won’t even be all that pissed if he doesn’t actually serve any time. I’d love it if he did, but what really pisses me off is the running away and hiding out like a terrified little mouse. And then having the gall to argue that he should get to kick it in his chalet instead of jail while waiting for his extradition hearing.

In related news, Poland has finally honored Polanski with his official star on their Walk of Fame in Warsaw. I really, really, really hope this was something that had been planned for a long time, and not something they just hatched in the last few weeks. It’s tacky no matter what and they shouldn’t have done it right now. It just reinforces the notion that it’s fine to rape a 13 year old, and you can still go on to have a normal, enchanted life. Disgusting.

Here’s Roman Polanski at the opening of the 8th International Film Festival of Marrakech last November. Images thanks to .
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  1. Helen says:

    Why oh why did Wes Anderson have to support Polanski. Wes has a children’s film out this week, Fantastic Mr Fox. Not exactly good timing was it?

  2. Ellie says:


    Did you know that recently Poland approved the use of chemical castration for pedophiles and child rapists?

    Oh Irony….

  3. mila says:

    I’m Polish and the discussion about Polanski is pretty nasty here. The “elites” , artists, writers, “cultural” people try to show him as a great artist whose contribution to culture and traumatic past sort of “cancel” his crime while “normal” people are disgusted and angry (and I think some of them enjoy seeing the mighty fall). Everyone here thinks that it is pretty bad timing to give him his star but at least they are not hypocrites- whole world had celebrated and worshiped Polanski even though his terrible deed was well known.

  4. Kris says:

    I would lose all faith in the U.S. judicial system if this man does not have to serve any time. I think whatever time he is looking at it will be for fleeing the country and that is fine, but the man needs to serve time for something.

  5. Ellie says:

    If bad shite happening to someone in their childhood was a reputable defense in a court of law, NONE of the jails would be populated.

  6. Ellie says:

    Besides my above post, how many other holocaust survivors have you seen coping with their traumatic experience by raping and sodomizing a child? Or how many murder victims’ families with the same?

  7. Lem says:

    The shame just keeps spreading with this one.
    Shame on Poland’s walk of fame board or whomever decided this nonsense was a good idea.

  8. Katyusha says:

    I lost faith in the U.S. judicial system a long time ago.
    I expect nothing less in this case, too.

  9. MymaJane says:

    Look at that smug face…I just want to push him down those stairs!!

  10. Kaboom says:

    I hope the Swiss move quickly now and extradite his ass in a speedy fashion. It’s more than time for him to finally face the music.

  11. Ellie says:


    Last I read on yahoo stated that they are waiting on the paperwork from the US Justice Department.

  12. Ellie says:

    Okay, here is my 2 (or 10) cents regarding the criminal Roman Polanski.

    Bullet Point 1: Just because the majority of your family was killed in the Holocaust, it does NOT mean that you are given the right to sodomize and rape a 13 year old.

    Bullet Point 2: Just because your pregnant wife was horrifically murdered, it does NOT mean that you are given the right to sodomize and rape a 13 year old.

    Bullet Point 3: Just because you are an “artist”, it does not give you the right to sodomize and rape a 13 year old girl.

    To all the apologists that state:

    Bullet Point 4: “Oh it happened 30 years ago…”, does that mean we should stop hunting down Nazi’s because that happened over 50 years ago? Absolutely Not.

    Bullet Point 5: “He’s suffered enough.” I call BULLSHIT AND A HALF!!! If suffering means still being able to continue your lively hood and living the life of luxury, where the fuck can I sign up for that?

    Bullet Point 6: “The judge was going to renege on the plea so he is a corrupt judge…” In case people are not familiar with how plea deals work, that is the Defense and the Prosecutor who make the deal. The judge is not obligated in any way shape or form to accept the deal.

    Bullet Point 7: “He served 42 days”. He did not serve any time. He was undergoing a 90 psychiatric evaluation to determine his mental state BEFORE the sentencing hearing was to commence.

    Bullet Point 8: “The victim has forgiven him, why can’t you?” First of all, the case that he is being extradited for was and is a criminal case, not a civil. There is a reason why it is “People v. Roman Polanski. Criminal and civil cases are not mutually exclusive. That is why (example) OJ got off for murder in a criminal court and was reamed in a civil court lawsuit.

    Bullet Point 8.5: The victim did indeed initiate a civil lawsuit in 1993 against Polanski, and he settled it for $500k. Which by the way as of August of 1996, he STILL owed her the money plus interest.

    If any victim were allowed to just “forgive” their aggressor, how many victims would be intimidated or threatened into “forgiving” them?

    If bad shit happening in the childhood was a reasonable defense, the jails would be empty and tons of criminals wouldn’t have gotten what they deserved (sometimes less)

    Bottom line is I can appreciate what Polanski has brought to the world through his artistic side but he still is a piece of shit for thinking that raping and sodomizing a child is acceptable.

  13. Ellie says:

    sorry for the above being so long. just get extremely passionate about some things

  14. Frenchie says:

    It’s ridiculous that he is only arrested now. It would have meant a lot more for everybody, like 20 years ago. Please somebody explain me what’s behind this. Did the US justice had something else to do during that time ? Does Switzerland only cooperate now, and to get what ?

  15. Ellie says:


    The other times the US got wind of where he was going to be and Polanski found out and wound up not going.

  16. viper says:

    I hope this guy ‘accidentally’ gets his dick caught in a slamming shut drawer.

  17. RubyKaur says:

    Mila – Yeah, but everyone praised Micheal Jackson and it was said he was a child molester….sometimes people forget what evil lies beneath. RP raped a child and for those of you that are saying what a good director he was, think of how you would feel if it were your daughter he raped. So people, before you go getting your chuddies in a twist, I AM NOT SAYING MJ WAS a child molester, I am just repeating what was portrayed in the media.

  18. Mel says:

    There’s a petition being started on facebook asking the people who signed to Free Polanski petition to take back their signatures. Join it!

  19. girl says:

    I agree. He was actively avoiding being arrested this whole time. Predators know what they are doing. He slipped up and he got caught.

  20. MeMyself says:

    Ellie, you nailed it.

    End. Of. Story.

  21. Hanne says:

    Ellie, I totally agree with you!

    I hope he gets a cozy cell and a 6 foot inmate called Banger with a thing for child rapists, let’s wait and see if Polanski’s lawyers and friends think it wasn’t that bad and start a new list to free Banger!

  22. Minx2 says:

    EVERYONE knew about the case for 32 years and yet he was celebrated everywhere (in the U.S. as well, including an Oscar) as a great filmmaker. The star reflects that. People in Europe in general are capable of making a distinction between his career and his private life. Americans are generally incapable of doing that (those who try are predictably called “elitist” or even accused of… being pedophiles). The level of discourse is frighteningly low – merits of the case don’t matter. Gut reactions combined with lynch mob mentality is what dominates the American media these days. What can I say? it’s a country where a president gets impeached for letting himself be orally pleasured by a fat chick eager to make a career.. oh, right, he LIED about it.. About a sexual affair with a consenting adult. Another president starts an illegal war and sends thousands to their deaths but that’s O.K. But he’s a good Christian and never put his penis in a wrong box. Europeans are just laughing at you.

  23. marie says:

    He is a predator, trying to worm his way out. If it was your daughter, it wouldn’t matter how many years it took for justice to be served, as long as it is. Debra Winger sounde like a complete idiot in her speech defending him, saying how now ‘the art world’ is suffering a huge lose….WHAT!

  24. Diane says:

    The Los Angeles DA’s office has put up a timeline on attempts to arrest Polanski. He knew there was a risk, avoided England for one. He filmed in France and slipped in and out of country’s easily.

    He may have a presence in Europe, but the only film that has gained attention in the US in the last 30 years is The Pianist.

    What is he doing to his family by resisting extradition. He has a 12 year old son and 16 year old daughter.

    Good possibility he’ll be sentenced and placed on parole. I’ll hope he’s permanently deported.

  25. meow says:

    Minx2- All of Europe is not laughing, if you look at the above poster from Poland, you can read that for yourself. His career is celebrated, but he still RAPED a 13 year old girl. While some Europeans like yourself laugh at us, we (Americans) wonder how you can defend a child rapist? No matter what his career was/is he is still a rapist and he was allowed to live freely in Europe, makes you wonder what he did there. He has admitted to liking young girls, he dated Natash Kisinski when she was 15. Who would be crazy enough to come out and say he raped her after what happened to his rape victim here? As for intelligent discourse,there is alot of it, but most of it you probably do not agree with. Of course we Americans are too savage to understand his greatness anyway. It does beg the question who is more savage the 43 year old man who drugged and raped a 13 year old girl in three different ways (he is a creative genius after all) and fled the country like the coward he he is, or the American public who desires justice for a crime against a young girl who had less money, power, and prestige than her rapist? A rapist that was/is able to paint her as the offender and himself as the victim. He was seduced by her he says. I say that a 43 year old man that can be “seduced” by a young girl is a sick freak, not a victim, of course what do I know I am just a savage American.

  26. CandyKay says:

    I live in Europe, too, and I don’t hear anyone laughing.

    Even in France, there’s a lot of disagreement about whether or not Polanski should be extradited.

  27. Mel says:

    Minx2- So all of Europe is laughing? You are all snotty and intolerant of Americans. (I’m Canadian by the way) You hypocrites! Who do think saved your asses in the war? That’s WWII – in case you don’t know (sometimes Europeans need to be reminded).
    I’m sure over the last 30 years he’s raped and sodominzed plenty of young teens all over Europe. Lucky for RP you people are obviously far too sophisticated to consider pedophilia a crime, especially when committed by a “great European artiste”.
    Pardon my sarcasm here, but that is rich, really, really rich.

  28. Iggles says:

    “Bullet Point 4: “Oh it happened 30 years ago…”, does that mean we should stop hunting down Nazi’s because that happened over 50 years ago? Absolutely Not.”

    Thank you Ellie!

    This point is golden because they still hunt down former SS Officers, even though they’re in their 90s!

    Roman should go to jail, plain and simple. And, he should pay the victim the civil settlement he owes her!

  29. NIKKI says:

    Love you Ellie!


    “I hope this guy ‘accidentally’ gets his dick caught in a slamming shut drawer. ”

    that’s so funny! saw that on Weeds!

  30. RealDeal101 says:

    Teenageand and Child Rape Victims are afraid too understand what their rights are. Polanski knew what he was doing to Samantha Geimer. He influenced her with promises of fame and raped her by giving her drugs. He is guilty as sin. I signed this petition, I hope you do too.

  31. Ellie says:

    Thanks guys. I haven’t really spoken up before because I wanted to get my facts straight before I started ripping him a new asshole. It just makes me ill to my stomach that all these people are standing up for him. You know they aren’t turning the story around in their minds to think about what they would want if it was THEIR child who got raped. And I’m sure his children LOVE the fact that their daddy is not only known for his “artistic” abilities, but also for raping and sodomizing someone around their age. They are old enough to google you know….

  32. princess pea says:


    Don’t be surprised if he ends up serving less than a decade. Rapists are giving woefully small sentences when compared to murders and batterers. (Especially the rich ones.)

  33. Ellie says:


    He probably will do more time for fleeing than he will for the Rape. But at least, he will be paying for his crime one way or the other.

  34. Carena says:

    It makes me wonder. Sexual predators who prey on children have a very high rate of recidivism. He very well may have done it again. And since he didn’t get in trouble the first time, future victims may have been afraid to say anything.