Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s Squid Game party: trolling, tone deaf?

Last week Chrissy Teigen and John Legend had a really professional-looking Squid Game-themed party. A party planning company came in and transformed their mansion, complete with wall adhesives that looked like the Squid Game set, and games and furniture from the show. Red-helmeted guards served food, there was a giant piggy bank with cash and a replica of the bunk beds where people slept before they got murdered in competitions. There was also dalgona candy with safety pins, just like the

Chrissy’s birthday isn’t until November 30th, John’s is late in December and Halloween was of course last month. I’m assuming they scheduled the party last week so that more of their rich and famous friends could come. Chrissy has limited comments on some of her posts about the party but there are still people saying this is an incredibly tone deaf theme. It’s one thing to wear a Squid Game jumpsuit for Halloween. It’s much different to recreate an entire show about desperate people being murdered for the entertainment of the uber wealthy. Here are some of the comments via Buzzfeed:

theafterlifeoftheparty__: Rich people dressing up as characters from Squid Game… way to miss the point of the show. Super tone deaf.

kristinacheeseman: I love this…. But I’m also getting rich white men watching the glass bridge episode vibes

mollyyamill: This is so beyond tone deaf as a millionaire to invite your rich friends over and reenact squid games which is rooted in the violence of capitalism

radradryan: Complete lack of self awareness

[From Instagram via Buzzfeed]

Chrissy dressed as the Red Light Green Light murder doll and John dressed as one of the masked viewers who came in toward the end of the series. This is just an obnoxious theme for super rich people. They would be the people watching Squid Game, and they seem somewhat aware of this in their choice of costumes. Chrissy has shown us, again and again, who she is. John is showing us too in his unwavering support for her and participation in stunts like this.



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  1. Amy Bee says:

    Chrissy and John watched the whole show and got out of it that it’s great to be rich and to play with the lives of poor people.

  2. Le Nugget says:

    Not unexpected for CT whatsoever, just another day in the life. I always get a kick out of people saying JL is better than this or he should leave her because he’s so nice… I’m not sure why people think he isn’t exactly like her? Because he is quiet and writes loves songs? Writing love songs does not a nice person make… they dated for years before marriage, he knew what she was like.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      He is as awful. He just flaunts it less.
      Their costumes are too on the nose to be costumes. They are the villains of the story.

  3. OriginalLala says:

    This is what I took away from it:
    1- Totally tone deaf – celebs/rich people are failing to understand that people have lost patience with their antics, and clearly refuse to acknowledge the current state of the world.
    2- Total lack of understanding of the show’s themes
    3- Chrissy’s rich, celeb pals still support her even though she is a garbage person (celebs have no ethical compass?)
    4- People need to stop saying John Legend is such an amazing person.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      For Chrissy’s friends I’m so disappointed in Mindy Kaling for allowing her friend to leave a job on her own terms and Mindy not issuing a statement against child abuse and online bullying. She swept this Trauma and Abuse her friend inflicted on others for years under the rug when she had a platform to do better.

      • kira says:

        that’s not fair, it’s not Mindy’s job to correct other people.

      • OriginalLala says:

        Hollywood is an ethical cesspool and in recent years the curtain has been lifted somewhat, so we hear more and more about how truly despicable some/many celebs are – it’s also put a glaring spotlight on the fact that these celebs are often pretty popular with their peers, which says something about the kind of people in those circles doesn’t it.

      • Kviby says:

        Mindy doesn’t need to comment on it none of it was her fault or happened on her watch. Let her concentrate on making the great shows she makes for us

      • Jules says:

        @OriginalLala– totally agree. Yet people always have to jump in and excuse their favorite celeb for shitty behavior. It comes down to blind fan worship and it is gross.

  4. Penguin says:

    Would ppl actually, genuinely miss chrissy if she just disappeared into obscurity? I really don’t think so

    I just don’t like this fame hungry woman she comes off as entitled and entirely obnoxious

  5. Leah says:

    They totally missed the part about people fighting for their lives in the game while others pay to view the suffering/bet on the outcome. Hostel, only with prizes and school yard games.

    My guess is, they just heard about a popular show, saw some pictures and ran with it.

  6. kira says:

    but would people be this mad if Ariana grande or Beyonce threw this party, I think it’s insensitive but if anyone else threw this would people be really that upset (im asking honestly)

    • Keekey says:

      Yeah, I think so. Picture Taylor Swift throwing it. She’d probably end up apologizing.

    • OriginalLala says:

      yeah it’s totally tone deaf for uber-rich people to act like this, especially right now. But also, CT is an especially vile person so ya.

      • kira says:

        fair point was just curious!

      • kira says:

        I don’t really understand the whole “its ok” to throw parties I thought we were still in a pandemic. I know things have gotten better but are people really comfortable, even fully vaxxed, going to big gatherings. So confused

      • ME says:

        @ kira

        That’s what I was thinking. It seems like the pandemic is over for rich people, but not for everyone else. Michigan has huge case numbers. California just re-instated it’s indoor mask policy didn’t it? I just don’t understand how people think it’s cool to have parties and then post pics of their stupid parties at a time when so many are still getting sick and dying (even vaxxed people).

    • Gillysirl says:

      I think this is a fair question. I was surprised at the lack of backlash for celebrities attending the Dolce & Gabbana show/party earlier this year. They’ve been blatantly racist for years and have shown no desire to change. And yet so many “progressive” celebrities attended. Makes me wonder what is fact and what is marketing.

    • Kviby says:

      Kira, yes less upset but they’d still be criticized. Chrissy is being watched more intensely now. She was quite pretty when she was younger, that’s why we know her name. Then she was very funny especially when punching up at trump. Both those things are gone now as she wrecked her face with fillers and her personality was revealed with the punching down (even at literal kids) issue. Her offering now is being john’s wife and having a good cookbook. Whereas Beyoncé and Ariana are still beautiful talented respected and entertaining. To the point no one cares that Beyoncé’s husband is not worthy of her or cares to remember ariana’s husband’s name. And they didn’t have any scandals/rudeness near the size of Chrissy’s

  7. Tootsie McJingle says:

    Am I the only person who hasn’t watched Squid Game? Should I?

    • Lena says:

      I tried but a bunch of people getting shot up in the beginning episode just made me turn off. Life in the US is violent enough I don’t need to see in on my screen.

    • L says:

      Nope, I’ve never seen it nor do I intend to.

      • Tootsie McJingle says:

        I remember reading the description when it came out and thought “Eh that doesn’t really seem like my type of thing.” But then it was everywhere and I wondered what I was missing.

    • GreenEyes says:

      Haven’t watched the show.. never plan on watching.

    • Ann says:

      We tried. Watched half of the first episode then turned it off. It just didn’t draw me in and I knew it was going to get very violent and wasn’t interested in seeing that either.

    • Erin says:

      I haven’t either and don’t plan on it even though it’s everywhere right now. Things are depressing enough so I try not to watch stuff that is going to bring me down even more.

    • Swack says:

      Haven’t watched it and have no desire to watch it.

    • Dierski says:

      Haven’t watched either, and just don’t feel the draw to violence or death in shows right now, especially in a ‘game.’ That said, I’m not surprised its popular – if it weren’t for a pandemic and a trump presidency, I would probably have enjoyed how bizarre and twisted it sounds… but now? Not feeling it. Maybe in a few years, haha

    • Jayna says:

      I have no desire to.

    • Louisa says:

      I watched the first 2 episodes to see what all the fuss was about. But as others have said it was too violent for me to find it “entertaining”.

    • Chazzz says:

      I tried to watch it the first time. but only got 15 minutes in before giving up. It struck me has having the same heavy handed pseudo-try hard depth of the matrix. But I talked to a friend and it said it was ok, but that he needed to get through episode 2 to get into it. I forced myself to watch it, and at 1.5x speed. It did get better. There is some really interesting character development, good acting..But there is a lot of really drawn out suspense in some parts. I love 1.5 speed, I wish they had 2x speed. It isn’t good to watch real art sped up but most modern day media is like fast food, it doesn’t need to be savoured. I’m glad I watched it, just because I now know what the hell people are referencing. If you aren’t a know it all, you don’t need to see it. It is not bad, it has some really interesting moments.

    • lemontwist says:

      This thread makes me feel seen! My initial thought was no thanks, what is entertaining about dystopian violence? Then it became such a huge deal that I thought I must be missing something & tried to watch it. Didn’t finish the first episode.

  8. Jenns says:

    I love watching rich people show their a$$. Imagine missing the point this hard. And Chrissy was all over social media this weekend trying to blame Buzzfeed for this reaction.

    Also, how much was the staff paid to dress up in those guard costumes and serve drinks to rich people while they made total fools out of themselves?

    • Coco says:

      Not surprising that Chrissy is blaming other people for her choices. Not to mention no one would have known about the party in Chrissy didn’t post the pictures on social media looking for attention.

  9. Missmerry says:

    I saw her name in the credits of a documentary of a “weight-loss church” and just decided against watching it altogether. I have zero interest in the things she is connected to.

    • Imara219 says:

      You are referring to The Way Down. It was a terrible but good documentary rolled into one. I watched the 1st episode amazed at how easy it is for cults to form. Like you I was stymied by Tiegen’s attachment.

  10. Case says:

    Chrissy and John have totally jumped the shark.

  11. Veronica S. says:

    I think it just cements that they’re dumb. They watched it because it was the fad that was in and didn’t really digest any deeper meaning from it. I’m not offended; I just want them to be taxed lol.

  12. ME says:

    Why do rich celebs feel the need to share everything they do on social media? Are we supposed to be jealous of this party?

    • LeaTheFrench says:

      Yeah it struck me, too. Everybody is posing so hard, they seem to forget it’s supposed to be a party where, you know, people would normally have fun. Look at the people in the background in the video – they seem bored to death, there’s just zero energy there…They look like they’re going through the motion for the sake of an instagram pic.

  13. canichangemyname says:

    I’d call tone-deaf for sure, but I doubt trolling. It’s a popular show, it’s spooky-time … honestly, a party planner for rich people probably suggested it and they were like, “Oooh, fun” – I doubt there’s any deeper meaning. I just hope they’re paying their fair share of taxes because rich people are *always* going to be tone-deaf.

    • ME says:

      What I don’t understand is why she felt the need to post pics? Has she not learned? I thought she was going to shy away from social media after being “cancelled” ? I don’t understand. She just needs to admit that she’s addicted to attention just like the karJenners. They can’t stay away.

      • Anne Call says:

        You new to social media? EVERYONE posts everything. I basically know what my friends and family are doing and where most of them are at all times. I was disappointed to see a few political people I follow at this party but I noticed all the pics they posted have disappeared. Anyway bottom line, I don’t really care about stupid stuff like this. Legend cares about doing the right thing and supports and advocates for the right causes. One stupid party will not change that.

      • Emma says:

        This party is a small thing (compared to telling teenagers to kill themselves and then being super aggressive and defensive when you get deserved criticism for it) but small things also reveal character.

        Yes — they’re Democratic donors. That is great (it’s also one of the reasons the right wing media pounced joyously on their scandal so THANKS SO MUCH, John and Chrissy, for handing weapons to the enemy who want to make Democrats look like assholes and hypocrites). But it doesn’t mean we have to worship them just for being politically involved when actual fascism was the alternative.

      • Jules says:

        She’s a narcissist and she is addicted to attention and outside validation.

      • ME says:

        @ Anne Call

        So did your friends ever get cancelled for bullying people on-line? You can’t compare what your friends post to what famous people post on-line. It is not the same…unless your friends have millions of followers, got cancelled, said they would stay away from social media, then went back to posting a week later and never learned their lesson ?

      • Angie says:

        @ Anne call – yeah idk if we are talking about the same people but I was confused as to why the pod save america guys were there. It seems like Jon Favreau’s wife tries to be BFFs with Chrissy and I don’t get it…

    • Coco says:

      Except it’s not spooky time Halloween and the whole month of October have been over for weeks and the party just happed.

      I agree no one would have known about the party if she didn’t post the pictures.

  14. Rice says:

    Pretty sure Chrissy wouldn’t like it if someone dressed up like her with a sign saying “Try-hard Bully”.

  15. L4frimaire says:

    That eye makeup is so incredibly creepy, can’t get past it. She’s make such a great dictator’s wife. This party might have been ok for Halloween but definitely weird. It’s tone deaf but none of her guests were exactly complaining and were happily photographed.

  16. Leskat says:

    Chrissy really got her hackles up over the criticism (shocker!) because she posted a bunch of Buzzfeed-type articles with “they really missed the point” written over them. She’s trying to compare an article about “would you live in Squid Game based on this Buzzfeed listicle” to her living it out in real life. She’s salty and she knows she looks like a massive a-hole here. She’s trying to throw the “but they did it too!” out there just like my 5 year old does.

    • kerfuffles says:

      I thought some of the criticism to the party was over the top. Squid Game is fictional. People dress up as fictional monsters and killers, etc., for Halloween all the time. But her REACTION to Buzzfeed’s article just shows again that she is an immature, entitled, spoiled woman who refuses to take responsibility for anything.

  17. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Meh. Throwing theme parties certainly has its own range. Post ur pics, and you get what you get. There’s only one party that’s truly offended me in all my years. A party I left five minutes after arriving. Baylor. Frat Halloween party. Party throwers were Baptist preacher’s kids, twin boys. A few years prior, they had stolen the headstone of a toddler girl to give her a ‘birthday’ party every Halloween. It was a massive party, and I was dumbfounded. Thank goodness those in my car were with me and would rather dance at the underground dive bar over socializing with rich degenerates.

  18. jferber says:

    I’ve always liked John Legend. I think he’s super-talented and sweet. I know a lot of press berates Chrissy, but I never really read about her. They have two beautiful kids. I also never watched Squid Games, but really like Nora From Queens and Frayed on HBO Max (I’m hoping for Seasons 3 for both of those shows).