Shailene Woodley & Aaron Rodgers are reportedly spending less time together

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Real question: do you think the national outrage against Aaron Rodgers would have been as big as it was if he had been single? My question is more: do you think his engagement to Shailene Woodley brought more people to the gossip table than mere sports fans? I think it did. Now, I think there would have always been outrage – the man lied about being “immunized” from Covid, then he caught Covid and whined about the woke mob “crucifying” him for his anti-vaxx beliefs. It was always going to be a huge story. But there is a segment of the population who didn’t care so much about the NFL aspect and were just brought into the story because of the celebrity gossip part of it, because Shailene is a well-known bajingo-sunner who talks out of both sides of her mouth. While Shailene nominally supported her fiance during his woke-mob persecution (lol) and crucifixion (ha), Us Weekly’s sources say that all is not well between Aaron and Shailene these days:

It’s been a tough few weeks for Aaron Rodgers. The Green Bay Packers quarterback was sidelined after it was revealed on Nov. 3 that he tested positive for Covid-19; he also faced major scrutiny (and possible NFL protocol violations) when it was leaked that he isn’t vaccinated, despite claiming to be “immunized.”

Now, a source tells Us the athlete, 37, may be dealing with all this unwanted attention alone. “He and Shailene [Woodley] haven’t been spending time together,” the source says of Rodgers’ actress fiancée, 29. “She’s been busy with work, and he’s been busy with football.”

The source adds that things have changed dramatically for the duo since they started dating last year. “Everything was so different during lockdown. They were just living in their bubble,” the source says, adding that if a split is imminent, Woodley’s inner circle wouldn’t mind. “Her friends never thought Aaron was the best match for her.”

[From US Weekly, print edition, November 22, 2021]

Shailene said in an interview that she moved in with him pretty much as soon as they started dating. They weren’t just in a Covid bubble, they were in a love bubble with no work and no responsibilities and no woke mob coming to vaccinate them. It was always going to be tough to leave that environment and go out into the cold, harsh world where people expect you to NOT lie about being vaccinated. It would not surprise me if there was trouble in tree-bark paradise. Wouldn’t that be something, after all of the weird-ass courtship and engagement stories, they broke up and ended their engagement? LMAO.

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  1. Piratewench says:

    I hope this is true. I know I’m in the minority, but I have a soft spot for her. Maybe because I was also raised by hippies and it took me years into adulthood to figure out what’s normal and what’s just some hokey shit I was raised with. I’m glad I didn’t have to speak to the public in my 20s!
    She can move on from this. She seems like a very independent person.

    • corralee says:

      What makes you think she was raised by hippies? Her parents were a school principal and school counselor. She did all that weird stuff of her own volition.

      • Piratewench says:

        Oh really? I didn’t know that. I mean, my parents also ended up with legit jobs (though not college educated) so they could raise a family, but they remained quite different than most of my peer’s parents, when it comes to ideaology and closeness with nature, art, weed, views on capitalism, holistic stuff etc etc.

        It could be the same for her. Or she somehow came up with it all on her own!

      • Coco says:

        I do believe the whole “hippies” artsy persona was made up by her PR person. Just like Jennifer Lawrence regular guys girl image.

    • Ainsley7 says:

      Honestly, she never even defended him. People keep saying she did because the media decided that her Instagram story was about him and then twisting her words around.
      Her Instagram said “Calm Seas May Bring You Peace, But Storms Are Where You’ll Find Your Power,” Given the timing, it’s easy to see why the media connected the two things.

      However she later posted “Just read somewhere that the media is claiming I deleted an Insta story amid the ‘chaos.’ (An astrology post of all things) (not cryptic at all you dummies.) Do you even know how stories work brah? They self-delete after 24 hours (sic), Literally lol’ing (laughing) over here over your determination to make a story out of nothing. Grasping at straws my dears.”

      So, the media decided that she meant that people were grasping at straws when it came to Rodgers’ lying. She actually meant that her original post had nothing to do with him and that the media was making her posts into something that they weren’t.

      It’s likely true. He may have been lying to her as well. She is very hippy dippy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s anti-vaccine.

      • clomo says:

        She isn’t anti-vax and has been given the shots a while back so this has nothing to do with her influence over him. They are an odd match, I agree.

      • Emma says:

        Ainsley, that’s true but also she actually posted several stories defending him when a media organization claimed he’d broken quarantine. Remember, “I’m VERY familiar with Aaron’s body”?

    • Kay says:

      Also, you can be a hippie and still be vaccinated! If I were filthy rich, I’d be fully boosted (like I currently am as a peasant) AND sunning my ladybits and crystal foraging.

      • Bdog says:

        LOL Kay! We can forage and sun our bits on our time-off! Science and medicine work very well at helping our bodies fight this awful COVID. People are weird. Full stop. Being in love doesn’t mean it will go the distance. Real love seems to be a healthy portion of putting up with the other’s crap behaviors while trying to make your own less harmful so you can laugh at each other and endlessly find out what is for dinner.

    • JJ says:

      Me too, I’ve had a soft spot for her since Descendants. I’m cool with a granola vibe (as someone who has been vegetarian for 20 years…) but the line for me is being anti-vax/ anti-science, so I hope she is vaccinated… I find this craziness the last few years really concerning, it’s just highlighting a larger feeling some people have that their larger community/ the government isn’t looking out for them, whether justified or not…

    • Jessie says:

      I hope its true as well but for very different reasons. I think she is crazy (I mean who takes clay eating advice from a cabbie??), she isn’t even cute and its messing with Rodgers game.

  2. TIFFANY says:

    Hippy drippy or not, she is still a actress who commands 5 mil a pic and producers have to think she is worth it, so her house has to be in order.

    So if she is working, that means she is vaccinated, no.

  3. Dutch says:

    Ok so what this story is saying is that Shailiene doesn’t like Green Bay. Understandable, that she wouldn’t vibe with a place that views cheese curds as a vegetable.

    • Malificent says:

      Fried cheese curds are the food of the gods.

    • SarahLee says:

      Do not come for cheese curds! And no one says she has to live in Green Bay, for God’s sake. Aaron doesn’t live there. He has a condo there, but that is not his primary residence. If they use Green Bay as the excuse (and he likely won’t be playing there next year anyway), then that’s just BS.

      • Dutch says:

        The story is about spending time together since their Hawaii vaycay. The NFL season is a little over half done, so Rodgers has been in GB since training camp started back in July. If they were spending significant time together since then it would likely have to be in GB. I don’t necessarily blame her. Pro athletes, especially QBs, are all about their weekly routine. Rodgers is probably putting in 12-16 hour days between workouts, practice and film study. That leaves her with a lot of time to fill if she’s there with him.

      • Fortuona says:


        He said all this earlier on in the season when he came back ,that she had a load of work booked that had stacked up and she keeps signing on for more like a TV show and she was off in New Mexico for weeks as the replacement for Emma Roberts in a film with Jack Whitehall . And she spent weeks plugging Last Letter

      • Emma says:

        I am LOL-ing at this cheese curds defense. Very uh, regional.

    • Fortuona says:

      Her BFF lives across the Lakes in London ,Ontario

    • tealily says:

      You jest, but last time I was in Wisconsin I went to a restaurant that literally had mac & cheese listed as their soup of the day.

    • Joanna says:

      Cheese curds are amazing!!!

    • NotSoSocialB says:

      She’s in CA?

      • Mary says:

        She’s in NY filming a tv series… she has been vaccinated, or she couldn’t work on the series..NY also has a zero-tolerance policy. As for the rumors of them breaking up, totally looks that way…he actually said before training camp that it would be a good thing that they spend time apart…this sounded like a set up if you ask me. I can also see how her friends feel about them as a couple… it’s so obvious that as much as they seem alike, they’re worlds apart.

    • Jessie says:

      So what your comment says is you have reading comprehension issues. No where did it say she doesn’t like Green Bay and why wouldn’t she? Cheese is amazing in every form! We can eat them, drink our beer and still eat our veggies lol. To think someone is that narrow minded they are judging an entire state’s population without even having a clue.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Right. A lot of Wisconsites love the wild asparagus, morels, wild ramps, corn on the cob, fresh green beans and other vegetables(love the squashes)..vegetable gardens are big. We(my house) have salads almost every night in the summer and several times a week during the other seasons. California is 2nd to Wisconsin in cheese production. Fried cheese curds are delightful. I can only have cheese sparingly due to digestive issues. I am curious about where the macaroni and cheese soup sighting was..I’ve never seen it on a menu or as a soup of the day in Wisconsin. Granted, Broccoli & Cheese, Potato & Cheese, Beer Cheese and even Beer & Brat cheese soup are not uncommon. Usually it’s French Onion, Chicken and Dumpling, Chicken w/Wild Rice, Beef Vegetable or Clam Chowder (on Fridays). The only time I’ve seen mac & cheese soup was on 2 southern food blogs Deep South Dish & A Spicy Southern Kitchen. LOL, I guess I’m not overly concerned if Rodgers & Woodley are spending time together.

  4. Eurydice says:

    I actually follow football more than I follow celebrities, so the Shailene aspect didn’t resonate with me all that much. My first reaction here is that they’re not seeing each other as much because they’re both out in the world now and he’s not vaccinated.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Eurydice, well said!! On top of everything else, look at the source of this article as we!! Us Weekly? More like US Sneakly “Truth”!!

      • Ory says:

        This is all so ridiculous. Most of you sound like jealous, miserable people.
        First of all, Rodgers DIDN’T LIE! He did make attempts for a treatment that he wasn’t allergic to. If he said he didn’t have the injection, he would still have the bad press. I’m allergic to penicillin. If I refused to take certain medication that contained a form of penicillin, who the heck is anyone to condemn me? She’s working and so is he. I LOVE them both!

  5. Pinkosaurus says:

    Take this for what it is worth but I heard a couple weeks ago from coworkers who are friends with a couple different Packer players that Shailene and Aaron broke up. Sounds like Shailene is starting to get her side into the press, which is an interesting strategy as I would have taken them for a couple the couple who issues a matching “conscious uncoupling” email.

    • Winnie says:

      If they broke up why would she make that unhinged instagram post about how aaron has big feet and a big penis and hairy arms and drives expensive cars?

      • milliemollie says:

        She posted WHAT?!

      • Pinkosaurus says:

        I know, right? Supposedly they had already broken up by then so that post disparaging that poor guy’s car and foot size was even more weird. Keeping up appearances, I guess, or defending a friendly ex?

      • Meg says:

        His girlfriend’s being way too open about their sex life just feels like more overcompensating to combat the gay rumors

      • WithTheAmerican says:

        Shalene is out for herself. She dunked Aaron because the storm isn’t stopping and no one will touch her anti vax loving self unless she distances herself and cleans up her tree bark.

    • NotSoSocialB says:

      He’s lost celebrity currency amid PR failure after PR failure.

  6. Whiskey Juliet says:

    No big surprise here. This was never going to work out long term.

  7. MsIam says:

    If they are both working of course they don’t see each other as much. Do they film a lot of TV shows and movies in Green Bay? Plus half his games will be on the road so…. This seems like Us Weekly page filler to me.

  8. Ana Maria says:

    I think it is a direct result of her defense of Rodgers,iwhere she said “I know his body very well”(don’t remember if it was a tweet or instagram post); she sounded so inmature and silly, and I said to myself they will break up over this, sooner or later

  9. Amy Bee says:

    Shailene was supposed to be a progressive and a Bernie supporter. Her being with Aaron Rodgers with his anti-vaxxer, right wing stance, kind of makes her out to be something she’s not.

    • Malificent says:

      I don’t know anything about his other views, but being with Shailene, I assumed that Aaron was anti-vax because he was ultra-crunchy. A lot of “I give my kids sunshine and wheat germ instead” liberals who were anti-vax in general before the pandemic have maintained that attitude about the Covid vaccine.

      • TigerMcQueen says:

        I can attest to this. I work in a very liberal place (my city and state votes blue, and the place I work at is liberal AF). The vast majority of my fellow employees are vaxed, but a handful aren’t because they trust their herbologist/organic vegan lifestyle/yoga and meditation more than ‘mainstream medicine’

      • Malificent says:

        Yeah, my state allows a “personal belief” exemption for child vaccinations. And the upper-middle class, liberal areas often have lower vaccination rates than the working class/low income areas and middle-class MAGA suburbs. By contrast, my home state has very strict childhood vaccination mandates. My friends back home think it’s like something from the Dark Ages when I tell them that we get whooping cough in the schools here every fall.

        I live in a very socially and economically mixed area, so there is a good chance any given person I see isn’t vaccinated, but not always because of the same ideology.

      • josephine says:

        He said that he got advice from the ultra-right wing Joe Rogan, so I think that’s all we need to know about his views. Plus he did the ultra-Republican move of crying like an infant when he got caught lying, blaming cancel culture, and making abundantly clear that he is anti-science and could care less about infecting others.

      • NotSoSocialB says:

        He repeated every goddamned right wing trope he could during that podcast.

    • Jamie says:

      You’d be shocked how many Bernie “bros” (and sisters) aren’t vaccinated.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Jaime, as a big Sanders fan, I would be shocked as I thought that they would be very pro-vax.

      • Normades says:

        I have very left wing family members who refused to vote for Hillary and refuse to get vaccinated. Something, something big pharma.

      • Korra says:

        A subset of Bernie Bros opted to pivot their support to Trump in both 2016 and 2020 instead of supporting Clinton or Biden. And some have even got sucked into QAnon. So yeah, these are probably the same ones who refuse the vaccine.

    • Summergirl says:

      There was an article about this in The Cut recently. Some of those very progressive, ultra-leftists are in fact anti-vax, or specifically anti Covid-vax. They like to think of themselves as more enlightened or educated than the typical right-wing anti-vaxxers, but it all comes down to the same thing.

    • lunchcoma says:

      Over the last few years, I’ve seen a few people who I thought of as being mostly crunchy and New Age but generally on the left associate themselves with the right wing. Anti-vax is the gateway, but I also think there’s an appeal for someone who doesn’t have many core beliefs and primarily likes to be seen as different and edgy and rejecting cultural norms.

      • steph says:

        This right here ^. It wouldn’t shock me if she was antivaxx. It falls right in line with her holistic beliefs.

      • Jules says:

        There has been a weird overlap with New Agers and Trumpers, all weirdly relating to conspiracy stuff. As if two cults merged.

      • Korra says:

        In my experience, people who identify with the New Age movement have some left-leaning views on environmental issues, animal rights, and maybe even some other social issue like LGBTQ rights; however, I have seen so many of them show their bigoted, privileged asses on racial justice issues. When it comes down to it, their support of Trump isn’t all that surprising.

  10. Kaye says:

    I’ve been a Packers fan for years, and a fan of Aaron Rodgers by association. I was never very interested in his personal life.

    I’ve been astonished, though, at how fast he fell off his pedestal and by the fury of his previous admirers.

    He has always seemed smart enough to say the right things, even though he apparently wasn’t walking the walk.

    Not much opinion about Shailene except to say – really . . . her??

  11. Teri says:

    Danica Patrick must be laughing her ass off right now!

    • Bernadette says:

      Danica is from the midwest area, no nonsense, down to earth it appears..whereas Shailene is
      from L.A., known to be somewhat hippy..try anything once. Not a good match.

  12. superashes says:

    I feel bad for saying it, but I’ve always felt like Aaron Rodgers’ relationships have been fake. This one included.

  13. girl_ninja says:

    I will continue to say what a disappointment he is and what a phony she is.

  14. Ariel says:

    I have been in those relationships- haven’t most of us- where you start in a love bubble, and it is perfection, just the two of you in your own little world.
    And then real life comes back at you, and commitments, and friends and separate interests, and the relationship just does not work in the world.

    Those love bubble times are great- though not meant to last.

  15. pottymouth pup says:

    I don’t think the engagement to Woodley increased the coverage of him or the fallout of his asshattery but I do think this debacle lead to people really side-eyeing her more about her comments like “I make my own medicine” and other statements she’s made. If there were other issues bubbling up (or a little more reality poking holes in their love bubble), I wouldn’t be surprised if she wasn’t acutely aware of the potential blowback on her and how that could impact her marketability

  16. lunchcoma says:

    Eh. I don’t think these two will actually break up. I think her reps will try to put some distance between her and his image, but that they’ll end up getting married or having a baby together within the next few years.

    There’s nothing that suggests that Shailene doesn’t have the same anti-vax views as Aaron, especially since she’s also good friends with Miles Teller. I do think that there’s a good bit of PR behind this relationship, but I also think she likes the idea of being married to someone rich enough for her never to have to worry without getting the label of being a trophy wife. On his side, he’s not going to find a better PR matchup right now or maybe ever, so he’s got some incentives to keep her happy.

    • Fortuona says:

      This was the case since the start of the season and he came out and said shehad a shit load of work planned that had beem held up and she has kept getting more since then – 5 films ,an animation and a TV show to film all to come (2 of the films she filmed over the Summer)

  17. AmelieOriginal says:

    I do think the outrage against Aaron Rodgers would have been just as big had he been single. Shailene amplified it a bit when she defended him, but the fact that he said he was “immunized” when he in fact wasn’t would have provoked a strong reaction no matter what. He misled the media and lied to their faces and the media never takes kindly to that sort of thing. He’s a very well known NFL QB, football barely exists in my reality and even I know who he is (and I knew who he was pre-Shailene). Shailene was mostly an anecdote in this story to me.

  18. LadySwampwitchGivsneaufux says:

    Contract must be up.

    • Holly says:

      That’s my thought. Let’s face it, she probably has the same exact views as him, she was just wise enough to keep her mouth shut.

  19. Yonati says:

    I don’t understand why his stomach looks like vulva lips. that’s all I got.

  20. Valerie says:


    Anyway, what’s everyone having for dinner?

  21. Normades says:

    I think they’re both trying to distance themselves and do damage control. Time to jump ship…every man/woman for themselves. I think they will quietly let this relationship end with a whimper without making any big statements but I wouldn’t be surprised if like someone said up thread they are actually already dunzo.

  22. jferber says:

    I hope she does dump his ass because she’s afraid he will hurt her popularity. He himself has dumped other lovers who did not want to be dumped: Danica Patrick and Olivia Munn. Dump him, Shailene. He’ll ruin your Hollywood career with his toxic, lying ways.

    • Kam says:

      And you know he dumped Munn and Patrick how exactly? You’re being toxic.

      • Mary says:

        Olivia stated as much and so did Danica on one of her podcasts…she never said Aaron, but she did say that her last relationship ended because she was not picked… this gives credence to the rumors of them sneaking around behind Danica’s back

    • Ory says:

      Most women, actors or not, would LOVE to be with Aaron Rodgers!
      He’s handsome, brilliant, a great QB
      and does a lot for the less fortunate.
      He’s very kind. Oh yes, VERY wealthy.

  23. lena horne says:


    They weren’t just in a Covid bubble, they were in a love bubble with no work and no responsibilities and no woke mob coming to vaccinate them.

  24. Kam says:

    What’s with all the toxic people on sites like this and Pajiba who openly root for pretty much every celebrity couple to break up? Bitterness is a terrible quality to have.

  25. jferber says:

    Wow, Kam, that was unnecessarily personal. We’re talking movie stars, not family members. Lighten up.

  26. Malinda G Curnutte says:

    @Kam agreed! Bitter & jealous people with nothing better to do than to come on here and attack people with different views than theirs. I don’t know why they can’t just live and let live.

  27. MrJulius says: