Gerard Butler: the only lady in my life is my pug, Lolita

Premiere Screening Of Overture Films' "Law Abiding Citizen" - Red Carpet
Jesus, the things I would do to this man. I could take that suit off of him with my teeth. I would lick that smug grin right off of his face. Mmm… where was I? Ah, yes. Gerard Butler was in great form for last night’s Los Angeles premiere of Law Abiding Citizen. His hair looked good, he looks like he’s lost some weight (the moobs did not make an appearance), and his suit was actually beautifully tailored and not very shiny (unlike the casino pit-boss getup he wore recently). While on the red carpet, Gerard started fooling around with some of the photographers behind the press rope line. He took away one female photographers absolutely massive camera (the lens is twice the size of Gerard’s head!) and began posing with it. Then he went back to the lady and made sure everybody got pictures of him posing with the photographers. He looks so cute.

It looks like Gerard and Jamie Foxx posed for a few pictures on the red carpet, which is nice to see. There were some rumors during filming about how Gerard and Jamie didn’t really care for each other. One source told the tabloids several months ago: “Jamie is jealous of the female attention Gerard gets. And Gerard is annoyed that Jamie’s always jetting off to Vegas to party.” Sources also claimed that the two men had horrible nicknames for each other – Gerard might have called Jamie “The Fool” while Jamie called Gerard “Ger-tard”. Worst. Nicknames. Ever. But now Jamie is singing Gerard’s praises, telling reporters on the red carpet: “The movie is absolutely incredible, Gerard Butler is absolutely fantastic in the movie and it was great working with him… It’s a great popcorn, sit-down-have-a-good-time movie.” Gerard said Jamie was “the most incredible guy, an incredible actor. He’s a true gent.”

Despite posing with several ladies on the red carpet, Gerard was solo for the evening. Some days, I tell you, it really is like he’s waiting for me, isn’t it? I will walk on a red carpet with him someday, by God. He told reporters that he’s only got one woman in his life – his pug Lolita (twitch). Gerard said, “My leading lady, she’s at home. I couldn’t find her a dress.” How f-cking cute is he?

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  1. Ash says:

    ahhhhh cute.

  2. Kris says:

    Now there is my handsome Gerard! Where the hell have you been?! LMAO!!

    Oh, and by the way Kaiser, he is not waiting for you… He is waiting for me! ;0)

  3. Praise St. Angie! says:

    usually this guy doesn’t do much for me, but he does look HOT here.

    love the way he’s goofing off with the photogs, too.

  4. wow says:

    Sorry Kaiser, but the line starts behind me. “Lolita the pug” is just a cover to protect his love affair with me (hair flip). 😉

  5. Kaiser says:

    Hands off, sluts.

    *sharpening slut dagger*

  6. Eileen Yover says:

    Have mercy.

  7. Eileen Yover says:

    Look at how he’s biting his finger in frustration while gazing into my eyes in pic #6…knowing we are so far apart is killing him!!

    Ugh-ok now I have to get back to the real world and pick my kid up from preschool.

  8. Catherine says:

    That man looks hot in a suit. YUM!

  9. Only thing that comes to mind is delicious!

  10. Sigh. says:

    It’s on.

    **Taking off earrings**
    **Kicking off heels**

  11. jule says:

    you ladies are hilarious!! 🙂

  12. really says:

    The comments were better than the story here! He is all kinds of hottness. I think Lolita needs to meet my Pugsy, we can have a date at the dog park.

  13. I choose me says:

    6 (Kaiser, Sigh, Puresweetness, Kris, wow and Eileen) enter a room to duke it out for the love of Gerard Butler. Only one emerges victorious. Which one?

    My money’s on Kaiser and her slut dagger. 😆

  14. Kaiser says:

    *aiming slut dagger*

    Seriously, step off my Scotsman. Bitches.

  15. samantha says:

    Good god, this guy is uglier than a mud fence! He looks great from the neck down, but is the epitome of a ‘buttaface’. Definitley a double-bagger.

    However, I would be interested in his bank account. If he would lavish me with expensive gifts and luxurious meals, then we can talk. Otherwise, Gerard can hit the bricks LOL.

  16. Eileen Yover says:

    Biotches please! I am 100% Scottish and like to brawl as much as I like beer. You girls don’t have a chance!!
    And didn’t I read a blind item that Gerry likes being kinky with fans by having them chase him screaming while they are getting it on? We’re like his ultimate wet dream! Any time Gerry!! Any time!!

  17. Such a gorgeous man. And that voice! Perfect, absolutely perfect.

  18. Anah says:

    Yes, yes, hot in a manly way, but the dog comment! Get a life love, a dog can do fun things for you (with jam, you now where, sure!) but I´m bendy, talk dirty and do sexy noises in several languages, so don´t you dare to compare women with dogs dear! Sooo gayy and you don´t even like boys. Is official, the 90s ruined men for ever, now they have feelings and talk about their pets in public, puah. Ok, he´s nacked, in my head and with his mouth shutt. I forget all about the doggy.