“Thank you for sharing, Will Smith, but that’s enough” Thanksgiving links

Will Smith

We’re all happy that Will Smith trusts us enough to share his many thoughts, but the headlines from his book promotion are a tragic case of TMI. [Gawker]
Kim Kardashian gave Pete Davidson a hickey?? Gross. [Dlisted]
Hailee Steinfeld’s fashion tour for Hawkeye has been amazing. [Just Jared]
Emily Ratajkowski wore hot pink Valentino. [RCFA]
Is Kirsten Dunst underrated, or is she just picking better projects? [Pajiba]
If I had Halle Berry’s figure, I would not dress like this. [Go Fug Yourself]
Sandra Bullock and the purple trend. [LaineyGossip]
China & Russia are furious over Joe Biden’s snubs. [Towleroad]
A wonderful photography exhibition about Native Americans. [Buzzfeed]
Addison Rae’s fire pit is cool and that’s all I’ve got. [Egotastic]
Angelina Jolie’s very first film role. [Seriously OMG]

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!! XOXO, Celebitchy, Kaiser, Hecate & Oya

'King Richard' film premiere, London, UK

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  1. Léna says:

    He’s sabotaging his own Oscar campaign, it’s sad to see

  2. North of Boston says:

    TMI indeed

  3. Barbie1 says:

    Who knew Will was so tortured his whole life? Wow. Hope he can live well these days. I’m sure having an open marriage won’t help.

  4. Sofia says:

    Everything I’ve learned against Will Smith’s sex life has been against my will.

    And to those who celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow CBers!

  5. Nanea says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to the CB crew and all commenters and lurkers.

    Have a great day and don’t overeat!

    (Will not comment on Will…)

  6. Busyann says:

    Kirsten Dunst is very much underrated. I saw her teen movies when I was younger and didn’t think much about her. I didn’t realize how good she was until I watched Marie Antoinette and loved it. That movie is a guilty pleasure.

    • ElleV says:

      so true! i’ve loved 100% of the kirsten dunst movies I’ve seen

      bachelorette, melancholia, marie Antoinette, bring it on, virgin suicides, little women, eternal sunshine, drop dead gorgeous – all moody indie girl bangers

    • terra says:

      @ElleV already mentioned it above, but my favorite Kirsten Dunst deep cut is Drop Dead Gorgeous. The epitome of a camp classic while managing to be genuinely great and wildly, darkly hilarious.

      It was the first place I remember seeing both Allison Janney – forever C.J. Cregg in my eyes – and Amy Adams and is just about the only thing I’ve ever seen in which Kirstie Alley was any good. To date, I still cannot hear Miami Sound Machine and Gloria Estefan’s Conga without it immediately popping into my head.

      Also, Jumanji! And she was just a kid in that.

      • Lizzie Bathory says:

        @terra, Drop Dead Gorgeous is one of my absolute favorite movies. And what a cast! I love introducing people to that movie. It’s always a hit.

      • ElleV says:

        OMG! I forgot she was in Jumanji! i’m realizing only now I’m a massive kirsten dunst fan lol

        I wonder if another reason why she’s not bigger is because she doesn’t feed stan culture via gossip and social media – she keeps her personal life pretty low key so you only ever see her in her movies

      • lucy2 says:

        I agree ElleV, she just does good work and lives her life, she doesn’t seem to have much interest in the celebrity side of the business.
        I’ve liked her in so many projects, she’s great. The one she did about MLM, Becoming a God in Central Florida, or something like that – she was fantastic.

      • K says:

        LOVE Drop Dead Gorgeous! What a fierce, mostly-female cast, and just a silly fun movie.

  7. Jan90067 says:

    Wishing one and all a safe, happy Thanksgiving, however you celebrate!
    🍗 🍷 🥧 🏈 🎉

    I am thankful I have all of you to share with throughout the year ❤️

  8. JJ says:

    I have loved Kirsten Dunst since I saw her in Interview with a Vampire – I was a young teen watching that so maybe that’s why I related to her so much. She’s always been so underrated. She herself has wondered why the industry seems to ignore her work… I do wonder if the article’s author has a point about her picking predominantly films for women, I’ll have to think on that.

    Unrelated, if you haven’t checked out the AD tour on Youtube of her house I found it really interesting. I like design and she really commits to what she likes, I feel like her house would be a fun house to go to for a moody party. Bonus points to anyone who commits to some modern wallpaper.

    • ElleV says:

      telling interesting stories about women is not a recipe for success unfortunately, and she had the misfortune of doing a marvel movie before iron man so she didn’t get scooped into the current mcu – that would have made her a household name, but at what cost artistically?

      • North of Boston says:

        But there’s a question about how one defines success. Working steadily in a profession, craft you’re very good at, being well liked and respected by many, getting to work with interesting, skilled people in a variety of often beautiful locations (eg New Zealand for The Power of the Dog) on projects you choose, building a family life and home with people you love … that sounds pretty successful to me.

        She may not be ‘crowds form wherever she goes” popular or top of the list of best actors on the film snobs list (though she’s been creeping up) or getting RDJ money but she’s doing well.

        Your last phase point that out too.

  9. Abby says:

    Wowsers, Will Smith’s memoir is not ANYTHING I want to read. What on earth. Just the bits in that article is TOO MUCH INFO. Why does he think this level of sharing is a good idea???

  10. ME says:

    Either Kim really gave Pete a Hickey (doubt it) or she just put some make-up on his neck to look like one so people would talk about it. Kim is so jealous of Kourtney it’s actually laughable. How dare anyone get more attention than Kim? Pete is being used, but I am sure he is perfectly ok with it. He might even be in on the joke/scam.

  11. SpilldatT says:


  12. Jules says:

    The entire Smith family has diarrhea of the mouth.

  13. Kari says:

    Idk I kinda love that Halle is having fun with fashion. Live it up girl, life is too short to always stick to basics lol

  14. alane says:

    Without Jada Will might have developed more into a respectable person but he’s just about as flakey and annoying as she is now. Anything either one of them share is way too much info for me. i hope they’re done preaching about marriage and parenthood, too. Both are epic failures at both, imo.

  15. yinyang says:

    I find Will Smith so unbearably annoying. He constantly pushing himself as the greatest this and the greatest that. He’s not great he’s not even likeable. And these stories makes me dislike him more. He’s a hopeless case.

  16. Hannah says:

    Happy Thanksgiving CB’ers with love from ‘Salty Isle’. Hope you all have a wonderful day with loads of good food and special people 🦃🥂🥧 🌰🇺🇸🍁🏈

  17. Ann says:

    I am grateful for Will Smith his work, and his entire family, and I don’t care if they overshare.

  18. DiegoInSF says:

    What the… This is disturbing. He used to be megastar and now he’s just extremely weird. Insert Homer hiding in bushes GIF.

  19. J ferber says:

    He became weird earlier, when he started a Scientology school with Tom Cruise. Whatever Will and Jada are trying to prove, they cannot prove it going down this road. They need to stop and give their private lives (and us) some peace and quiet. Maybe therapy that we don’t have to hear about?

  20. What says:

    Has anyone been able to identify the blond girl that was in the front seat of Will car when he was leaving the Xmas party. We see he never lost his love of blond haired women. The story is still available on the daily fail. It’s way down at the bottom though on the side of the articles. Did anyone notice that the so-called Kate article when she visited the school was at the very bottom of the daily fail by that afternoon 😂