Shia LaBeouf has a hissy fit at new gf Carey Mulligan’s premiere

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I’ve been a little bit in love with Shia LaBeouf ever since I saw his interview on the Today show several months ago, while he was promoting Transformers. Meredith Viera brought one of Shia’s fangirls on the show, and Shia was so unbelievably sweet and gentle with his fan, I kind of fell in love with him. Since then, I’ve been giving him the benefit of the doubt about almost everything, even those quotes about how he finds his mom ridiculously sexy. But now I’m fearing my crush is in serious danger.

In August, people started noticing that Shia was spending a lot of time with his Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps costar, British actress Carey Mulligan. Carey sort of admitted in a recent interview that they had begun dating pretty much as soon as they met (read Carey’s full interview at the Huffington Post). They make an adorable couple, and I had high hopes for them. But it looks like Shia LaBeouf may be seriously douchey in relationships. There has been two separate reports of his jerky behavior this week, and I’m starting to see a pattern.

The first report was a small blurb on Gatecrasher about Shia’s “wandering eye”. According to their source, while Shia and Carey were hanging out on the street in New York, “Shia was blatantly ogling a pretty brunette, and his girlfriend was standing right next to him! What a dog!” Okay, it could just be an isolated incident, right? And even then, a guy can be totally committed to the love of his life, and he’s still going to look at other women, so it’s not that big of a deal. Alas, here’s another story about Shia being a douche, this time at Carey’s big premiere last night for An Education:

At last night’s premiere of An Education, burgeoning star Carey Mulligan was shining in all her chic, cute glory — until her liquor-swilling boyfriend, Shia LaBeouf, picked a lovers’ spat!

Earlier in the night, Mulligan had mused longingly on the suburban gentlemen in her sixties period piece: “I love the way the men dress [in the film],” she told us. “They just look so chivalrous. It’s so nice to have a door held open for you. And they do it when they’ve got their hats on. In real life they don’t always do that.”

No, it appears they don’t, as LaBeouf — who wouldn’t talk to us, even though we were all excited to ask him if he’s ever had an affair with an old person, like his girlfriend’s character in the film — was drinking his own whiskey at the wine bar.

Outside the party, seemingly hidden from the view of paps (but not Intel!), LaBeouf cornered Mulligan and did all sorts of arm-raising and angry-facing before storming off into the night.

Watching the spat, we wondered if this will be one of those moments Mulligan looks back on when she wonders where if their relationship went awry. The night he picked that fight at my big premiere, she’ll think. Anyway, Mulligan — who remained composed throughout the talk — patted her dress down, held her head high, and walked back inside the premiere party. We can see what Anna Wintour likes about this girl.

[From New York Magazine]

Urgh. Dude… why? Why, Shia? Why pick a fight with your cute girlfriend in the middle of her big premiere? You should be chilled out and supporting her – after all, you (Shia) have the bigger career, what with Transformers and Indiana Jones and all of those films that Steven Spielberg’s throwing at your feet. Let her have the spotlight for one night, for the love of God.

Was this about his ego? Was she ignoring him to do her publicity duties, and he got bitchy and nasty? Or was this just a small little incident that got blown up by the media? You know what just occurred to me – I’ll bet the make-up sex was great after the premiere.

Shia LaBeouf is shown on NY set of Wall St on 9/30/09. Carey Mulligan is shown on 10/5 (black dress, brown belt) and 10/1 (print dress) at the NY and LA premieres of An Education with Maggie Gyllenhaal and Maggie’s husband, Peter Sarsgaard. Credit:

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15 Responses to “Shia LaBeouf has a hissy fit at new gf Carey Mulligan’s premiere”

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  1. Iggles says:

    Wow, why can’t he just be supportive? Ugh, very disappointing.

    However, on the superficial side.. I don’t think they fit as a couple. I’d rather see him with someone like Rihanna..

  2. M says:

    You’re forgetting to mention Shia drinking again. Didn’t he say that he couldn’t stop drinking after more than a few, and that’s what got him into trouble?

    No brainier: Whiskey + Shia = dumb fight

  3. Leni says:

    Yes, he appears to be a developing alcoholic. Sorry but ever since his remark about his mother I find him rather creepy. Now it sounds like he has a drinking problem and is a jerk.

  4. anna says:

    My husband did that to me at my first art opening. He was peeved bc I dented his schedule for him to be there. I wish I would have had this girl’s composure and gone back to MY event.

    Instead, I spent the better part of it worried about him, feeling guilty and trying to make him feel better, then leaving early when I should have been ignoring his ass and enjoying the evening and everyone else who was there to support ME!

    Young and stupid, I was!

    Hubby’s grown up (a lot, thank goodness.) It sounds like Shia needs to grow up, too, his behavior was pretty selfish. Kudos to this girl for keeping her cool and knowing who’s REALLY supposed to be #1.

  5. Kris says:

    Way to go you big jerk!
    I like Carey. I have only seen one of her movies, but she did a great job, sweet and genuine. Ugh.. why did he have to try to ruin her night? It can’t be about YOU all the time Shia!
    Grow a pair and learn how a real MAN is supposed to behave, idiot.

  6. drakeula says:

    i have always adored carey mulligan but even more so now after this. so composed, graceful and charming. i don’t really get shia’s appeal but to each their own. i certainly hope she finds someone who treats her the way she should be treated.

  7. samantha says:

    Shia’s a tall, spindly, gawky-looking dork. I don’t find him to be even remotely good looking. If a stiff breeze where to arise, Shia would be long gone LOL.

    His girlfriend is cute and seems nice. She showed more maturity than most people would have. Shia should be thankful somebody is willing to tolerate his dumb ass.

  8. Embee says:

    Unacceptable. Purely unacceptable. He was responsible for his drinking and the resulting behavior. She is well-rid of him if this is how he regards her so early in the relationship.

  9. buckley says:

    she’s a complete darling!

  10. deejayspicerack says:

    heard some blind rumors that this chick likes to party maybe he can’t keep up, especially boo for being an angry drunk

  11. neelyo says:

    I’m so excited for her to break out in films. I saw her onstage in THE SEAGULL and she was phenomenal, a truly gifted actress.

    I’ve disliked Shia since I watched him on ‘Project Greenlight’. He was incredibly arrogant and rude to his co-workers. It was like watching Henny Youngman in an adolescent’s body.

    He’s jealous of her and she deserves much better.

  12. Shari Brock says:

    Why Shia?! There is seriously a time and place for this, and in the middle of a premier, regardless if it’s yours or not, is not the place! He’s really been growing arrogant over the last few years – sometimes think all celebs should attend etiquette courses, because they clearly can’t figure this stuff out on their own!

  13. Random says:

    Apparently, she’s got a substance abuse problem and he thankfully doesn’t….

  14. James says:

    Shia has the bigger movies, but after she wins an Oscar for An education, she will have the bigger career.

  15. Anny. says:

    They were never dating in the first place. It was all a PR thing. But still I think that Shia may have a huge problem with the booze, I know his father and grandfather had a problem with the booze too. I hope that he cleans up. So sad that his accident in 7/2008 was not a wake up call for him.