Life & Style: Khloe Kardashian was a size 6 for her wedding

Here’s the thing: I don’t hate Khloe Kardashian, or any of the other Kardashians. Granted, I think Khloe and her sisters are pretty dumb, vapid and horrible role models for young women. But in the grand scheme of things, they’re pretty harmless. The one thing I really, really hate though is this back-and-forth hypocrisy on body image. Khloe’s not the only one who adheres to this messy, crappy, asinine message of “I went on a diet because I love my body the way it is” or “Don’t call me fat, because then I’ll just lie about my dress size to prove how much I don’t care.” It’s ridiculous. Jennifer Love Hewitt pulls this kind of sh-t too.

So Khloe is Life & Style’s cover girl this week. She’s wearing a bikini, and she’s photoshopped into oblivion, with the headline “Don’t Call Me Fat” blaring out at us. Don’t call her fat… or else what? She’ll appear on another cover photoshopped into oblivion? The actual story follows this pattern: quote from Khloe about how she loves her body, quote from some random has-been about how Khloe is ugly, quote from Khloe about how she dieted and worked out because she was so “secure”. Rinse and repeat:

Even though reality star Khloé Kardashian recently shed 25 pounds, bloggers were calling her a “monster beast,” “Kong,” “Bigfoot” and a “fat skunk” after she walked down the aisle in her fairy-tale Vera Wang wedding gown and tied the knot with Lamar Odom on Sept. 27.

And fellow reality stars added to the unfair ridicule. Supermodel Janice Dickinson attacked the star saying, “There’s no way she would become a fashion icon. Khloé looks like a heifer.” And Spencer Pratt recently said, “Khloé still needs to work out more. I recommend she go to so she can get fantastic curves like my wife’s.”

But the feisty newlywed, who dropped from a size 10 to a 6, isn’t taking the comments laying down. “Everyone criticizes me about my weight all the time,” Khloé tells Life & Style. “It’s easy for me to be like some other girls in Hollywood — not eat and become anorexic — but thank goodness I am strong-willed and secure with myself.”

Self-confidence didn’t always come easy for the Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami star.

“When I was a chunky little 8-year-old and I had these two beautiful sisters, I’d wonder, why don’t I look like that?” Khloé remembers. “Now I hate it when people compare me to my sisters. Kourtney’s 5 feet, I’m 5-foot-10 and Kim is 5-foot-2. I will never look like them. No matter how skinny I am, that body will never be mine.”

Still, the attacks continue. “Khloé should be put out to pasture,” Janice Dickinson says. “She should be kept in the stables along with the rest of that family. I think she’s a little pig. The whole family is piglike.”

Comments like that once would have left Khloé in tears. But these days, she’s brimming with confidence thanks to her new healthy diet and fitness plan.

“Khloé’s in the best shape of her life, and millions of people would kill to look like her,” Kim told Life & Style as she was leaving STK restaurant in LA on Oct. 2. So even though Khloé was unfairly ridiculed on what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life, in the end she’s getting the last laugh: She has the perfect body and the perfect man.

“Way before, I was a size 10. Then I went to an 8, and now I’m a 6,” Khloé tells Life & Style. “I don’t think with my bone structure I could get much smaller than a 6. This is my body — and I love it.”

[From Life & Style]

If Khloe wants to diet and work out, fine. God bless. But don’t drop two dress sizes in a month (allegedly) and still claim that you’re so secure and you’re not even listening to the haters. What would be the big deal about being honest? Khloe could say, “I felt insecure and the criticism bothered me, and I decided to change my body through an en extreme diet and lots of exercise. It was probably really unhealthy, but I thought I looked okay in my wedding dress. Too bad we didn’t really get married. I’m not really a size six, I just look small because magazines photoshop half my thighs away.” Imagine that.

Here are some of the Kardashians at the opening of “Famous Cupcakes” in Beverly Hills last night. Look at that photo where Kris is holding Kourtney’s stomach and making a face. Credit:

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34 Responses to “Life & Style: Khloe Kardashian was a size 6 for her wedding”

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  1. viper says:

    What utter bull crap.

  2. CandyKay says:

    I checked out the Heidi Montag workout, as Spencer recommended.

    That is one cheesy website. It looks as if the layout was done in 1997.

  3. Praise St. Angie! says:

    first, she ain’t a 6. second, she WASN’T a 10. I don’t think I’d even believe she’s a 10 NOW. Bitch, PLEASE!

    re: the heidi workout…”fantastic curves like my wife”? she doesn’t have “fantastic curves”. And without the plastic titty sacks she bought, she’d have NO curves at all!

    UGH, he makes me cringe.

  4. princess pea says:

    Man, do I ever wish she’d said it your way, Kaiser. That would have been awesome.

  5. Neelyo says:

    They really will show up for anything. A cupcake shop opening??

  6. RubyKaur says:

    Gotta love Janice Dickenson. Says is like it is.

  7. Popcorny says:

    No way is Magilla a size 6, no way.
    Also saw a post “wedding” pic of her standing in an airport line with yards of flesh, in rolls, under her arm along her rib area. SaSQUASHED.

  8. Weekends Off says:

    A size 6? PUHLEEEZE! bwhahahahahaha that is the funniest thing I’ve read all day.

    That girl is a 16 or more.

  9. lucy says:

    Oh please. A six? Sure, in a world were Kim’s rear end fits in a 2, as she’s claimed. I believe that world is called Fantasyland. Or maybe Photoshopland…

    I wish all these celebutards would quit with the (fake) size declarations – it really puts out bad messages to young women and certainly doesn’t help all the body image problems that so many deal with.
    But I guess with idiots like these girls, when there’s limited or no talent to actually talk about, stuff like this is the only way to get attention. Pathetic.

  10. Guest says:

    who really cares about this?

  11. Green Is Good says:

    Yeah, sure Sasquatch. *eye roll*

    The 6 pairs of Spanx she shoe-horned her ass into are crying out for mercy.

    Too bad they couldn’t photo-shop the She-Male out of her face.

  12. Roma says:

    What I dislike is that if she stood up and said “I’m a size 10 and I love my body” we all would approve (because she’s way closer to a 10 than a 6). But why feel the need to lie about your size to the public? Just because you can fit in ONE size 6 does not a size 6 make.

    It’s like her sister Kim when she kept trying to prove that she could fit into whatever size jeans and people just accused her of sewing in smaller jean tags.

    Instead, how about putting on some clothes and getting a job? Just a thought.

  13. Novaraen says:

    B*tch please.

    She’s most likely a size 10, down from a size 14. There is no way, based on how tall she is…and how curvy she STILL is(even after losing some weight) that she could be a 6. No way. The girl is like 5’10 or 11″.

    Get real Khloe.

  14. bros says:

    god all these bitches are trying so HARD.

  15. Brandy M says:

    I call BS. I am just as tall if not taller then Khloe and there is no way she is a size 6. My guess is she is a size 10 or 12. Before she was maybe a size 16.

  16. Annicka says:

    Maybe with the aid of an industrial corset and a roll of duct tape she was a size 6.

  17. Ron says:

    I used to be a size 20, now I am a size 6. Thanks Photoshop!

    Anyone can sew a size 6 label in their clothes. I am surprised she didn’t go for size 2.

  18. Anna says:

    If she’s a size 6 then I’m certainly not a size 12. Nice to know I’m not as big as I think.

  19. DeDe says:

    Sizes are so arbitrary these days, I don’t take any of these size declarations seriously. I am by no means thin, but not fat either. My closet has dresses in size 2-6, S-L, and jeans in 4-8. Some of the size smalls look identical in size to the larges. Maybe it’s a Junior size versus a women’s size, but the variation is still huge. The only thing I would trust is if these celebrities gave their numerical jean size like 26, 27, 28 or their full measurements. I think it’s ridiculous, but so is their running around and shouting about what sizes they dropped to.

  20. Lindsay says:

    The line “She was called fat on her wedding day” makes it sound like someone in the bridal party blurted out “I am so happy for you, but you should know you are fat,” was she really trolling Life and Style’s message board wondering what people thought on her faux wedding night?

    Janice Dicknson is just can be wicked but she is funny and doesn’t hold back. She just wants attention, talking about Khole got her some, she makes blunt statements about people that are in demand at the moment and people she doesn’t like. Khole has never said she wants to be a fashion icon but all fashion icons are not pencil thin, she has them accused with fashion models. But Khole style is kind of blah, I do like her ring though Maybe the ring is a size six!)

    Spencer would call his own mother fat to get publicity for the stupid website. Step one is plastic surgery.

    Maybe the person calling was Kim saying “Wow! You really should have ordered my workout DVDs”

  21. Lindsay says:

    DeDe- Junior size’s are odd, Women size’s are even. There is to much vanity sizing for dress size to really mean much. Measurements would be the only way to really know for sure but nothing to keep them from lying about that either.

    I respect Carrie Underwood more now for saying people were calling me chubby, it hurt my feelings so I did something about it and sticking to that story. Kaiser that was a very funny fitting statement about all of these types weight loss covers.

    And Hedi’s sight is very suiting for her, cheap and tacky. It is really cheesey and not at all professional looking.

  22. velvet elvis says:

    I wish people would freaking leave Khloe alone. She’s the only Kardashian with a scintilla of personality or intelligence. Who cares if she isn’t really a size 6?? She rocks no matter what size she is.

  23. humph! says:

    someone needs to tell Chyna that it’s not her body, but it’s her face everyone really gives her crap over. I hate these losers!!

  24. Judy says:

    I think Khloe is pretty and looks nice and trim and made a beautiful bride. Why all the hate. She’s co-hosting The View tomorrow.

  25. JaundiceMachine says:

    I think she looks very comely. . . for a Sasquatch.

    I just can’t help myself. If she had an ounce of honesty and humility, I think she’d be a very pretty girl.

    But when you choose to saturate yourself in superficiality – all you’re gonna get is superficial snark thrown in your face.

    Suck on that, Sasquatch.

    (@ Lindsay – I can totally see her trolling around forums on her fake wedding night!)

  26. Ana says:

    Wow, are you sure she’s not a size 2 like Kim? Because I thought it was Kim in the purple dress. LOL.
    She does look good. I wish she would shut her pie hole. I don’t like them. It makes me want to throw up that she got paid so much money for pictures of a fake wedding!
    I do agree that sizes are weird.
    I have sizes 2-7 in my closet. And then I have small, medium, and large. Why can’t it just be all on one system?
    I work in a clothing store and it completely blows my mind how some women think they can fit stuff they don’t. This woman was HUGE and she bought a shirt I had tried on that fit me perfectly. It was a medium in juniors!
    What is up with people just wearing baggy looking maternity clothes? The pregnant one looks fatter than she really is!

  27. Michelle says:

    Khloe Kardashian’s a size 6.

    And I’m the Queen of England.

  28. Nice_Girl says:

    I think it’s pretty mean what people say about her. Imagine getting all dressed up in a beautiful white dress and feeling like the most beautiful bride in the world and having ppl call you kong and heifer and whatever else. She’s trying to make it in a shallow, shallow world and i give her mega props for holding her head up and still working it. Please…i’d be on the floor, a complete and utter wreck with no will to live if I had people saying that about me!!!!

  29. Shhesh. That Khloe Kardashian is wild. I love following them just because they’ve always got something bizarre going on. Hope you keep blogging info about the Kardashians.

  30. Mandie says:

    I think khloe is beautiful. I think she DOES look like a 6. I am 5’8″ and a size 9, and she looks smaller than me. I think everyone needs to give her a break. I think people who call her fat need to post a picture of themselves and everyone could poke fun at your sizes.

  31. Leslie says:

    Are you all people serious? I believe Khloe. I think she really is a size 6. She’s fucking tall as hell! What do you expect her to look like?! This woman was born with curves! Yeah,if someone wants to lose weight then let them but don’t bash on them just because she’s now confident. This generation sickens me. And no Spencer Pratt,your wife doesn’t have fantastic curves. That’s called plastic surgery.

  32. carmen says:

    girl your beatiful just how u r dont belive them! there jelouse! stay strong chica!

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