Prince William thinks he can get the BAFTA telecast pulled from the BBC

Before Prince Philip passed away, Prince William was already due to skip this year’s BAFTA ceremony. As it turned out, Philip’s passing became the official excuse for why William opted out, but sources had already told the Sun that William didn’t want to go to the 2021 BAFTAs because people made fun of him at the 2020 BAFTAs. Lil’ Baldemort is too thin-skinned, you see. He’s also lazy as hell – he’s been BAFTA president since 2010, and he’s skipped attending the BAFTAs in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2021. He’s never attended the BAFTA reception AT Kensington Palace the night before. He also barely attends events related to British filmmaking. You get the idea: he’s lazy, petulant and thin-skinned. And now he’s possibly throwing his angry fists around, trying to get the BAFTA telecast removed from the BBC.

With Hollywood stars flown in by the dozen, and footage screened around the world, the Bafta awards are the highlight of the British film industry’s calendar. It is also one of the most prestigious annual events screened by the BBC. I hear, however, that the Corporation’s deal to televise the prime-time ceremony could be in jeopardy because of Bafta president Prince William’s deep disillusionment with the BBC.

He is said to have been horrified by BBC2 documentary The Princes And The Press, presented by Amol Rajan, a self-declared republican who had called the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ‘total frauds’ and joked about how he wanted to hurl bricks at them.

William was accused in the programme of briefing the media against Prince Harry. The Royal Family was also angered by the BBC’s refusal to let the Royal Households view the series in advance. By contrast, Harry and Meghan’s lawyer was invited to appear extensively.

‘All of His Royal Highness’s collaborations with the BBC are now being questioned,’ a courtier tells me. ‘He doesn’t see why he should help the BBC when it treats him and his family with contempt.’

Some senior figures at the BBC are said to have been shocked by the documentary. ‘It should never have been made,’ a source tells me. ‘Rajan is an inexperienced broadcaster who has been given far too much power too quickly.’

A Bafta spokesman confirms that the ceremony is due to be broadcast on BBC1 in March but declines to comment on whether the Corporation will remain its partner. A Kensington Palace spokesman declines to comment. However, a royal source insists: ‘Bafta’s broadcast partner doesn’t have any bearing on the Duke’s schedule.’

[From The Daily Mail]

The BAFTAs do not “belong” to William. They are not some makeshift busy-work organized by Jason Knauf. The BAFTAs will not change broadcasters on William’s say-so. In fact, by making this all about how the BBC treated the royal family with “contempt” (lol), he’s just stupidly drawing even more attention to the documentary he claims to hate. He looks like he can’t let it go. He looks like he’s power-mad and punitive. And again, the British Academy isn’t going to shift broadcasters on a dime just because William’s panties are in a bunch because a documentary pointed out THE FACT that he briefed against Meghan and Harry!

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  1. notasugarhere says:

    As ever, William is the best example as to why the UK should dump the monarchy. Better even than Andrew the pedo. A future future unelected Head of State attempting to bully and control how the free press investigates and reports on his behavior.

    • nic919 says:

      This authoritarian type behaviour from the future future king is a really bad look and I don’t see why the courtiers are making this public.

      • Livvers says:

        The more he tries to reverse hundreds of years of limited royal power to exert soft and hard power over the country, the more every detail of his life – ‘professional’ and personal – become a legitimate public interest. And he’s so egotistical he really thinks he will be able to rein in both his Tory and media glad handers in perpetuity. He thinks HE’S the one calling the shots. What a bozo.

      • Elizabeth Regina says:

        I suspect his father is giving him enough rope to hang himself. Even his most ardent supporters are seeing him for what he is. From his pathetic attempts at copying his brother to bullying a public broadcaster he is stomping where he should be treading lightly.

    • lanne says:

      William as King is going to be even worse than David as Edward 8th. William will align himself with Putin, and whatever Trumpian figures exist at that time, in the same mealimouthed way that David did. David was a Hitler fan through and through, even took Wallis to bow and scrape before him, then whined later that “he didn’t know what Hitler would do” as if he likely didn’t own his own dogeared and underlined copy of Mein Kampf.

      This tyrant’s face is going to be on the pound. Brits get to sing God Save the King to this guy. Get awards in his name. Yikes.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      There are many countries around the world where the supreme leaders influence and control the media. William apparently idealized them and is heading in that direction.

    • Tessa says:

      Charles still did not keep William from pushing Harry out and how Will treated Meghan and Harry. I don’t think Charles is setting Wiliam up. Unless Charles himself is threatened, Charles would not lift a finger.

      • Chrissy says:

        Charles has his own popularity problems right now and when his own reign comes about. That’s his main focus right now. He won’t be around when Baldie takes down the entire BRF because of his autocratic ideas and pathetic pettiness, so why would Chuck worry?

      • notasugarhere says:

        I think William threatens QEII and Charles all the time. Through his whiplash behavior, his threats to leave, his spiraling. QEII and Charles moved to get Harry and Meghan away from William’s bizarre behavior, by moving them to a new Household under BP. William continued to spiral, continued to call for them to be under his control or exiled to ‘Africa’. Ultimately, they went with the spiraling heir because The Firm.

        Harry has said he is working on the relationship with his father, but the one with his brother is ‘space’. Harry knows William was behind the attacks, the briefings, the smear campaign, even the refusal to let them have half-in half out or security. It all goes back to Charles being afraid of William. Not because William’s cheating reputation is more hidden, but because Charles literally is afraid of William the person.

  2. Heidi says:

    ‘Rajan is an inexperienced broadcaster who has been given far too much power too quickly.’

    Translation: Not white enough?

    • nic919 says:

      This was probably one of the more balanced documentaries I have seen about that family that isn’t simply propaganda.

    • Becks1 says:

      Absolutely. He doesn’t know his place, in other words.

    • notasugarhere says:

      It is beyond concerning the BBC is allowing staff to state such things, that they are acting this way and caving to abuser Wiliam.

      No show on the BBC is broadcast until it is screened and approved by management. They are throwing Rajan under the bus. He should fight back publicly and legally.

    • Jais says:

      Honestly, this on the same level as William’s asinine and racist African population remarks. Now, he’s censoring a POC journalist and targeting that journalist’s documentary. Yeah, he’s a fascist with control issues but he’s also going after another POC. Maybe it’s a coincidence and maybe it’s not.

      • Marivic says:

        William has turned out to be a tyrant and a dictator. He’s now harassing Amol Rajan and punishing him for telling the truth: that he briefs the press against his brother Harry and wife Meghan; that he is the palace senior royal source that leaks everything about the Sussexes to the press. All this is confirmed by no less than his carnival of experts who dominated the whole documentary.

        Sorry for Britain to have this kind reign of terror by this FFK. I can imagine this is how he is with Kate and his children. No wonder Kate always looks so stressed out and aged. And no wonder his brother left him.

    • Amy Bee says:


    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Yup. He’s uppity.

  3. Matthew says:

    he seems out of control

  4. GR says:

    Pretty sure the Baftas have a contract with the bbc and they can’t just randomly change their minds.
    Also interesting is that “sources” at the bbc have started throwing the POC who presented the doc under the bus.

    • Becks1 says:

      Right?? These things aren’t just decided willy-nilly, if you will, lol. They’re decided years in advance and there are contracts for it.

      and sorry, but if BBC is so problematic for William, is he going to let them air Earthshot next year??!?!?!

      • notasugarhere says:

        Ah the stolen environmental prize, for which William is demanding to fly across the pond, polluting the environment, all because he wants to keep trying/failing for US attention.

    • A says:

      That’s the thing about the BBC right. There are definitely extremely reactionary elements embedded within their ranks. Their political coverage has tanked especially during and after Brexit, to say absolutely NOTHING of the virulent and violent transmisogyny and transphobia they promote (something that was upsetting to their LGBTQ+ staff members in particular, who were all basically told to f-ck off when they raised concerns abt this recently).

      So like, this is an iteration of the BBC that William, someone who’s always rumoured to be reactionary and right-leaning in his political inclinations behind closed doors, should be theoretically on board with. And yet, he’s feuding with them. He’s feuding with particular members of their ranks, notably POC. And there are people in the BBC who are just as willing to throw those POC under the bus for William’s benefit. And yet, William wants to go all out against the entirety of the BBC, no matter what. It says a great deal about his personality that he’s like this.

  5. girl_ninja says:

    Imagine being an almost 40 year old person with no responsibilities and trying to punish others for meeting THEIR responsibilities. Trash.

  6. Sofia says:

    This is so ridiculous. The BAFTAs are beyond William. They’re not going to change broadcasters because the channel aired a mildly critical documentary about the palace. And if William has such a problem with that then he can either not go or step down from the Presidency and give it to someone else.

    • Jais says:

      How I wish the BAFTAS would just say nah we don’t want William as our patron. I mean they probably couldn’t, or wouldn’t ever, but lol how cool would that be. He’s the antithesis of creativity and freedom of expression. He belittles and demeans a certain actress. Plus he barely attends.

      • Jay says:

        From a purely cost benefit analysis, he doesn’t even attend the awards ceremony most of the time, he doesn’t bring in the cash or eyeballs for fundraising, and he’s embarrassing to their brand ( I believe this was where he made his “racism bores me. I’m over it” speech).

        I’m sure we can all think of no less than fifty highly respected British entertainers that would do a better job than William, although to be honest it would be hard to do a worse one.

      • teecee says:

        Too many British actors and actresses are desperate to kneel before these inbreds and be called “Sir” or “Dame” for that to happen.

  7. A says:

    So, just so we’re clear: if the press doesn’t cover the BRF the exact way members of the family think it should, the family is more than entitled to punish the press. William is justified in having a months-long tantrum when a republican doesn’t show due deference to the monarchy.

    At the same time, Meghan and Harry are grasping and threaten the rule of law when they punish the press for its coverage of their private lives.

    Have I got that right?

  8. Shawna says:

    You’re not even Prince of Wales yet, dude! Slow your roll.

    • Concern Fae says:

      William isn’t Prince of Wales until Charles says he is.

      Can anybody else see this not happening?

      • notasugarhere says:

        I see Charles withholding the POW title until William decides, once and for all, if he’s done with Kate. It is the one area where they agree. They wouldn’t want Kate having the POW title if William is trying to move in a second wife. Charles/William would want the divorce settled with Kate keeping ‘Cambridge’ while William, kids, new wife move on to POW and Wales titles.

  9. Jan90067 says:

    I wonder if Bitter Brother will stomp his widdle feet one too many times and disappear á la Rumpelstiltskin, in an incandescent huff. Widdle Feewings get hurt sooooooo often!

    What a shame everyone just can’t/won’t ignore him, like the toddler he is, until he grows the hell up.

  10. rawiya says:

    Gosh, the reign of William V will be TERRIBLE. If he’s doing this while he’s future future, imagine what he’s going to try when (if) he ever gets to reign? Lawd.

  11. Lizzie Bathory says:

    It’s become clear that KP is an embarrassing mess because their “leader” is what would have been called a mad prince, in a different era. I really think he goes into rages on the regular & has to be soothed with promises that the papers will print a story the next day that he has the ability to pull the BAFTAs from the BBC. Or that Meghan is a bully. Or that Harry is awful for working with Netflix. And then the staff can show him the papers & buy themselves a bit of peace while William gloats about how splendid & loved he is–until the next thing upsets him. And…that’s it. There’s nothing more to him.

    There have been rumors for years about his drug use. A pernicious cocaine habit wouldn’t help his temper.

    • MipMip says:


      I think you are 100% right. They all live in fear of him: the courtiers, Kate, Harry until two years ago. They exist to appease him, that’s it. It must be an awful existence.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Sure @MipMip, except that I seriously doubt Harry has ever been ‘in fear’ of Cain/ TOB/ Burger King/ Wills the bully! The two Wales bros always had a teasing, jocular relationship on the surface, with underlying tensions. As we know, William has always been jealous of Harry. And seemingly Harry pushed back as best he could against W’s overbearing behavior toward him, mostly using humor to tease and deflect, again publicly.

        Privately, the brothers were known to argue and knock heads quite often over their growing up years. They reportedly also argued a lot with their father behind-the-scenes. So a whole slew of toxic tensions existed within the royal family well before Harry could have ever imagined meeting Meghan, the love of his life.

    • notasugarhere says:

      He is known as a heavy, heavy drinker at events. Several years ago, he and Harry traveled to the US for a friends wedding. Kate stayed home, wasn’t invited. William got so drunk/high he fell and broke teeth. They had to get an emergency dental appointment to get the teeth fixed before they flew back to the UK.

    • L84Tea says:

      That wouldn’t shock me in the slightest. I have thought for the last year or so that he looks like he has some kind of addiction problem. Not sure whether it’s alcohol abuse or drugs, or both, but he has looked physically “off” to me since last year.

    • Fanciful says:

      coke would make sense when you look at him. And that habit (and/or drinking) plus the head injury sustained as a child, he would be a nightmare to be around. However, I’m not as charitable as Meghan and I don’t feel sorry one iota for KKhhhhate

      • notasugarhere says:

        He was hit with a golf club, not in a massive car accident. I question the idea we should excuse his lifetime of nasty behavior, starting when he was a toddler, on one hit from a golf club.

  12. Tour malinn says:

    This power strougle could make Willy look really bad in the end. I wonder when will the RF step in and turn things favorable to him behind the curtains

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Tour malinn, I don’t think that there is anything on this planet that could make the Bitter Brother look better! He’s his worst enemy!! The heads of BAFTA would be wise to dump his as president as he is too ill tempered, too ignorant and too racist for him to be president. They would be wise to dump him. Imagine all of Britain’s POC that fall under the BAFTA umbrella. I would imagine quite a few have placed grievances within the organization to dump the Bitter Brother. Why would they want a racist that is actively attacking his SIL that is bi-racial?

  13. Sinead says:

    I didn’t see the Doc so I don’t know who was involved in it, but did most (or a lot) of the royal reporters contribute to it? If so why??? And why is Will pissed with the BBC rather than the rota?

  14. KFG says:

    PWT should really shush. He sounds insane. Also, putting down a journalist of color for not bowing to royal whims is solidifying that they are super racist. Lolol they’re sinking the monarchy. I hope Harry burns them to the ground with his memoir. But it does make you wonder what dirt they really have on them. Like an affair is no big deal in the grand scheme of things, so whatever it is must be huge.

  15. Mich says:

    He really is a petty tyrant.

    • molly says:

      William inherited his father’s thin skin and petulance. It’s the exact same playbook of throwing tantrums, completely overreacting, and ultimately running to the press to make tiny things much, much worse.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        Yes, you could copy and past Charles’ character and you would end up with William.

      • Tessa says:

        I can actually see William authorizing a biography which complains about his parents and relatives, much like Charles did when he cooperated with Dimbleby.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I see William’s behavior as much worse. Charles at least understands a level of self-control, playing well with (some) others, knowing when to back off, knowing you really aren’t the ultimate authority. William comprehends none of that.

    • SnoodleDumpling says:

      And if Scotland pulls away he really will be the petty King of England!

  16. lanne says:

    I wonder even more what the institution is hiding about William. He seems to be spiraling out of control, as many people have said upthread. This makes me feel really sorry for Harry. My guess is that he’s being pressured by his grandmother and father to “Come back and save the monarchy.” If they’re smart about it, then they will offer to mend bridges between the media and Meghan, make some promises, create a path back to the half in half out. Because these courtiers are morons, their pile-on of Meghan is likely driving Harry further away, and allowing him to resist their pleadings. He can’t, as a father and a man, subject his wife and children to this nonsense (I only say as a man to acknowledge the ways they have tried to emasculate him over the years. that’s what was absolutely brilliant about the James Cordon interview, and where that interview got it’s true value–reminding us that Harry was indeed an active duty serviceman and is still in great shape). But the pressure is still there.

    This story is much, much more important than anything about Meghan. If what we think is true, if there is something so damaging about William that he won’t be able to function as a king, than the monarchy is in a crisis that the people need to know about. If it’s not true, and we’re all a bunch of gossiping ninnies (I mean we are, but still), then why is the press coddling William so much? Surely a man who’s going to be king can handle a little criticism, He hasn’t gotten a 10th of the criticism that his father has gotten (and earned, yes). Charles wasn’t always good at taking criticism, but he’s taken it. William can’t seem to take it at all. That’s why I don’t think they will come back to the US, unless their advisors are even bigger idiots than I already think they are. The US press has no compunction to coddle or enable the Cambridges.

    If we’re right, and there’s something desperately wrong with William, or even if he’s just a raging narcissist without a bigger problem (rage issues, drugs, etc), what’s the incentive for the UK media to keep enabling him and covering it up? There are too many people out there who seem to know things, and all it takes is 1 person to talk.

    I can recall the way Bill Cosby was revered and idolized in the US, even as rumors began to swirl around him. All it took to breech the dam was a little-known comic to talk openly about Cosby in a show. If our suspicions are right, then story of William is the story of the royal family, not Harry and Meghan. Who’s going to breach the dam this time?

    • SueBarbri says:

      Bill Cosby is a great example, as is Tiger Woods. I followed Tiger Woods for years before 2009 and never heard a word about his womanizing, but once those stories hit the wire they didn’t stop. If what we’ve heard is true, Tiger and William are very similar: drinking and partying behind the scenes, cheating and womanizing, competitive to a fault, very small circle of advisors/friends who seem to be leading them astray, and they’re both missing a front tooth due to mysterious circumstances.

      Anyway, from what I’ve read, William’s shiny new mental health/walking podcast contains a reference to Jecca Craig’s father, but nary a word about Kate. Isn’t that something?

      • Jais says:

        Lol, the reference to Jecca Craig def had Twitter talking. The DM even posted something about it. Maybe they’re just poking the bear?

      • BothSidesNow says:

        It is something!! Jecca seems to have been the only love that the Bitter Brother had for anyone, besides himself. Jecca certainly dodged that bullet!!

        This looks like the unhinged maniacal twisting of the Bitter Brother coming apart at the seams, so to speak.

        I don’t think that Baldimort will survive to become king unless he goes mad beforehand.

        TQ and Chaz could very well see this playing out and are desperate for Harry to return. They must see the destruction that FFK is doing to the country, right? Or am I giving them too much credit?

      • swirlmamad says:

        Very good points, but the one difference between Bill Cosby/Tiger Woods and William is the fact that William epitomizes male white supremacy. So they will do everything they absolutely can to protect him until it’s absolutely impossible to ignore any longer and inevitable that the dam will break. While Cosby and Tiger absolutely both got a lot more leeway than the average black man, the white establishment was only going to go so far for either of them.

    • Snuffles says:

      He’s like any other rich, white men in power who are experiencing a shift in the status quo. People are calling out their shit and the younger generations have no deference to the old guard and many want them gone. Their reaction is to make wild, sloppy power grabs in order to maintain their status quo. Only it’s not working. The world is waking up.

    • Gina says:

      @lanne I think you’re right. Something is not good with TOB. We all got used to it, to William’s unhealthy and unnatural behavior, but just to think: he threatened Tom Brady because he sided with Harry, he allowed Lacey to publish “this bloody woman” about Meghan in his book (in other words, to show his pure rage and hatred for Meghan openly – for mass to know), he threatened the Press for Rose story and Tatler – for “Kate the Great” story. Now he opened the war with BBC – because of documentary that was mildly critical.
      What about his constant attempts to get back at Harry?
      This is not “thin-skinned”, this is like he has no skin at all. These are not normal reactions of 40 years old person who was in public eye from childhood.

      • Keri says:

        I call drugs and crime. That’s the only logical conclusion. It is the only thing hard to come back from in this day. Nobody forgives drugs

      • swirlmamad says:

        Wait, what — William threatened Tom Brady?!? How do I miss this stuff??? Do tell! Lol

      • Nic919 says:

        Tom Bradby the interviewer of Harry and Meghan in South Africa, not the football guy.

    • Mslove says:

      I wonder if William threatened Harry. It’s not a stretch to think someone with rage issues would make threats in the heat of the moment.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ lanne, your analysis is spot on!! There is something certainly not right going on in his little brain. Someone is going to spill everything eventually, probably after TQ is gone, as for some reason the public wants to protect her even though she is stronger than both heirs put together. Chaz has his hands full and he can stop the maddening of The Bitter Brother antics circling of the drain. But this is all at the fault of TQ and Chaz. Had they sat him down 30+ years ago and told him to grow up, they wouldn’t be in this pickle!!

    • A says:

      I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with William, as such. I think that he’s done some shady things, and my hunch is that there’s something he’s meddled with in the finances of his trust that prompted Meghan and Harry to decide to split their charitable endeavours completely from his. I think he’s got his hands in some shady money stuff that they don’t want coming out, in addition to his already existing infidelity and the separate lives he leads from Kate.

      Outside of that, possibly there’s something related to the type of politics he supports, likely some type of racist or reactionary variety that even the woefully dim group of blockheads that make up his staff would understand really quickly as a really f-cking bad look for the future future monarch of the UK. Maybe he donated money to Nigel Farage or UKIP from his charitable trust, and there are receipts? Or he bailed BoJo or one of the Tories out from unfavourable press coverage of something? Liaised for them on their behalf with a shady entity, by using his royal status as a charm offensive? I don’t know. But he’s definitely up to something f-cky is all I can say.

      • Tessa says:

        Diana would talk positively about her sons to the media. I wonder if she knew something was happening with William and his personality. Limits were not put on William and he was allowed to bar his own parents from an Eton Lunch. The Queen should have told him in no uncertain terms this was unacceptable behavior to disrespect his parents. Charles coddled William and at one point even apologized to a neighbor who had a large estate; William trespassed on the estate, going speeding along in a car on the estate.

    • Teagirl says:

      Wasn’t he hit on the head quite badly as a child? A golf club or something? Could that have had lasting damage? Head/brain damage has been known to cause personality changes, criminal behavior, loss of inhibition, loss of life skills, all sorts of terrible things. A golf club is a dreadful thing to be hit with.

      • Fanciful says:

        yes absolutely can cause life-long personality changes, anger issues are a huge one, drug dependence issues etc. Even mild brain trauma can cause that. he was hit by a golf club as a child, I’d be shocked it had no impact on him (depending on the part of the brain of course).

      • Jaded says:

        He was a tempermental train-wreck long before the hit on the head when he was 8 years old. Diana called him “Billy Basher” when he was still a toddler. It was never characterized as a traumatic brain injury, he wasn’t even concussed, although there was a shallow depression fracture and he required surgery. Frankly I think he just got a bad roll of the personality dice.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Agreed, Jaded. We don’t get to excuse his behavior with one whack of a golf club. He was nasty, temperamental, selfish, and mostly out of control from the time he was 18 months old. Already acting out in public, who knows what he was doing in private.

    • Tara says:

      You make excellent points. I’ve been wondering if the cover-up has something to do with that nurse who accidentally leaked information about George’s birth to a prank caller, and later committed suicide. Or even about that dead body found in the KP gardens.

      • SleepKeenNot says:

        Indeed, there was a body found in Sandringham estate too, I believe and the woman found in KP gardens was said to be well dressed, as if she attended a meeting or party.
        It’s all very strange, I read about the sexual assault case from the Queen’s cousin Earl of Glamis, the journalist assaulted was attending a soiree set up by the Duke of Roxburghe’s brother, friend of this Earl, who is known for “arranging” gatherings/soiree for “outside” people to “meet” other toffs and politics.
        A crazy conspiracy theory ofc, but what if Baldy is in fact a serial killer?! He could obviously get away with it but that wouldn’t prevent the press to report whiffs of it. It could also explain his desperation to mask his unknown, vague… uhm… shenanigans.
        He already shows an immense lack of boundaries, empathy and common sense, as well his laughable attempts to appear human.
        Anyway I would pay big money to see a Agatha Christie style novel or movie of this fuckery lol

    • notasugarhere says:

      For years it has been pushed that William *needs* Harry. People, esp W&K stans, insisting Harry had to do the POW work, take over the Prince’s Trust, do Duchy work. That Harry was required to stick around as William’s indentured servant, the dutiful steward in the background keeping everything afloat. Harry himself talked about it, about how he was sent everywhere to do everything while W&K dithered away in Wales and at Anmer.

      What it speaks to overall is William being essentially Duke of Windsor reborn. Selfish, petulant, narcissistic, childish, immature. No interest in the world around him, no care for people around him or the job he is supposed to do. But all the interest in the lifestyle, the wealth, the power, the influence.

      The family and courtiers wanted to force Harry to stick around, do all the work, let William take all the credit. All while continuing to conceal that William, who married someone just like himself, is unwilling to do the job at hand.

      It doesn’t have to do with crime, addiction, a whack on the head, or any other excuse. This is the way William has always been. He got the worst of both parents while Harry got the best. The monarchy won’t survived with William as the heir, but it *might* have survived with Harry as the shadow heir, doing all the work and keeping the peace.

  17. Lili says:

    I dont get it. all Rajol really did was curate a bunch of Royal reporters, so the people that went and spilled their guts are not to blame, for making him look bad, you are blaming the curator for the work of others. no one said RJ should write an article with exotic dna in it. no one told CT to wirte about a glamorous American and only take note of her race in paragraph 4. The Lesson BIlly Boy is to stop briefing the press, then you wont end up in these messes. maybe your wife needs to expand the range of her early years program to include up to 40yrs old

  18. BW says:

    I don’t understand why Willy is the president of BAFTA. He’s not interested in attending their most important event. I doubt he runs the organization. I doubt he’s ever attended or run a meeting.

    • molly says:

      It COULD be his most successful role, if he was more PR savvy and had thicker skin. A successful BAFTA partnership gets them some of that “modern royals” coverage they’re desperate to make happen. Awards season is pop culture, and if he cared enough to put in the work, he could be right in the middle of it.

  19. Jaded says:

    William continues to shoot himself in the foot because he can’t control his hubris and narcissism. If he thinks he can put the BBC in a headlock over the baftas he’s got another thing coming. And that other thing coming is the tabloids are going to come after him with a vengeance. Like many other commenters have said here, they have a sh*t-ton of receipts on his briefing against his brother and SIL, his affairs, and leaking like sieve. He’s basically creating his own demise.

  20. Amy Bee says:

    What a dumbass!

  21. Lady Digby says:

    Previous BAFTA nights show William looking very uncomfortable around actors as he is being greeted. He hates jokes at his expense so maybe was worried about what host and winners might say about him? Leftwingers aren’t kissing royal ass for knighthoods and fellow actors of color may empathise will Meghan’s treatment by basher?

    • Keri says:

      See, that’s what I find fascinating about this incandescent idiot. Fascinating in a “I can’t look away from this train wreck” way. He hates jokes at his expense, but we have numerous examples on record that his own jokes are always at the expense of someone else. He’s always punching down. That he can’t see the irony is amazing. Either he’s less sentient than a rock or he’s an oblivious, narcissistic, asshat. Strike that, he’s probably all of the above. He’s become a joke on the world stage and history will not be kind to him or the rest of that family for what they did to Harry and Meghan.

      His family and their minions have spent years making fun of Meghan for being a hard-working self-made woman and actress. The thing is, Baftas host a room full of people just like Meghan. It’s no wonder most actors and celeb can’t stand him. Pompous blowhard without an ounce of self-awareness.

  22. Melly says:

    Whoever is advising Baldimort I pray they stay. I’m am loving it! This fool is going to be hoisted by his own petard.

    And please no overtures from Chuckles and Brenda for Meghan and Harry to return to the fold. I hope they never apologize. The Sussexes are thriving, rich, healthy and happy. The RF is dysfunction and evil and the Uk is a shithole. The rejection of the half in half out approach was a gift from God, although I’m kind of convinced that is what Harry knew would happen.

  23. Well Wisher says:

    Mr. Amol Rajan documentary : produced by the BBC was well balanced inquiry into the journalistic practices and coverage of some royals in recent years. It was not the usual opinion piece, yet this is where the discussion is headed.
    Is William aware of the difference between the distinction between power and influence? What about the fact that there are two monarchs ahead of him. While I applaud his passion to avenge, he needs to “stay in his lane”.
    BBC has to return to proper journalism as mandated so that should Murdoch succeed in his wish to dismantle the BBC to ensure his trifling platform to disrupt and discourage proper democracy, while the plebs “Amuse themselves to death”. Then, at least, the UK population will know what they are missing.
    Some one needs to inform this issue is not about him right to be sold as a particular product, but the type of journalism that will ensure the continued expansion of democracy.
    That is based on fact-based reporting, not spectacle, even if there are willing participant(s).
    William’s wishes are entirely his responsibility.

  24. Athena says:

    So he basically attended BAFTA when Meghan came onboard.
    Also , the second part of that documentary had little to do with the princes and the press, it was mostly about Meghan and Harry, so my guess is the BBC did cave and alter it.
    I’m baffled as to what exactly was done or is being done to prepare this man for kingship. What knowledge or wisdom was the queen sharing in those weekly teas, William doesn’t seem to have retained much.

  25. 2cents says:

    Let’s assume Harry is right that the royals are “trapped” in a royal Truman show. Then it is very plausible that William’s unhinged behavior is partly character and partly enabled and controlled by third parties who benefit from it.

    Like drugsdealers hanging around celebrities, so can shady “friends” hang around royals to provide sex, drugs, money or whatever they need in order to get privileges in return. This dark inner network can cover up addictions and abuse for years or even forever.

    I read an article that Harry’s infamous boys’ trip to Vegas was organized by one his closest friends. I thought what if the trip was a setup and these “friends” were instructed by the palace to trigger Harry ‘s wild side so he could be embarrassed and thrown under the bus again as the royal jester and scapegoat, his destined role as a spare in the royal Truman show. Of course this doesn’t take away any responsibility that Harry had for his own bad behavior. He acknowledged this in his famous Afghanistan interview when he said that he let himself and his family down, that he was too much army and not enough prince.

    All I’m saying is that William’s unhinged behavior could be triggered by others to serve a purpose, So if he is a puppet then who is his puppet master?

    • Sid says:

      2cents, I have long said that the Tories have Willileaks by the balls. I believe Simon Case was planted in KP to get info on Willileaks that could be taken back to the Tory government and used to work him like a dumb puppet.

      • 2cents says:

        You are correct, Sid! William is a Tory puppet who thinks he is their master. The Tories will let William play future king until they get rid of him in the near future. Boris Johnson controls the BBC. William can make as much noise in the media as he wants, but effectively he has no real power as a ceremonial puppet. Not even as Head of state. The monarchy is just a fancy, toothless department of the government.

  26. A says:

    So again, you have an unelected member of the royal family, the purported future future constitutional monarch of the UK, the head of state of several other countries around the world, who’s going around attempting to use the leverage afforded to him as a member of the royal family and future future monarch, to bully the PUBLIC BROADCASTING SERVICE of the country of which he is the future future unelected constitutional monarch, all because they…aired a documentary that featured facts about him that were mildly critical of the way he conducts himself with relation to the press?

    And now, he’s out there trying to use his leverage as the patron of the BAFTA awards to make noise about how he doesn’t want his patronage to be affiliated with the PUBLIC BROADCASTING SERVICE of the country of which he is the future future monarch, which could cost his OWN PATRONAGE precious publicity and airtime that they wouldn’t get on a privately owned channel that lack the BBC’s global reach, bc he’s mad that a documentary that the BBC aired made him look slightly bad? So he’s kneecapping his own patronage bc he is angry about the BBC’s slightly bad coverage of him? Is that right? He’s asking other innocent people to bear the brunt of the consequences of his tantrum?

    And this is outside of the way in which he’s trying to bully the PUBLIC BROADCASTING SERVICE of his own country, of which he will one day be head of state, a broadcasting service that is FUNDED BY THE PEOPLE?

    Like, on a global level, if you asked people around the world to choose between the freaking BBC, or the British royal family, people would overwhelmingly choose the BBC. The BBC is by far a bigger icon of British-ness than the BRF, by a wide and unbreakable margin. The BBC is ubiquitous around the world, in a way that Baldy simply isn’t, and that’s even with the BBC News service being utter trash at the best of times.

    But the sad thing is, given the state of the news media in the UK, there are people who are absolutely salivating at the prospect of the BBC going down in flames. So there really won’t ever be a concerted effort on the part of the rest of the media to call out William on his behaviour with this, bc they want the BBC essentially shuttered, and people to be forced to buy their rags. All of this is despicable and deeply sad.

    • L4Frimaire says:

      He really comes across as incredibly thin skinned and vindictive. He is abusing his power and privilege. He seems to be getting worse and worse. He’s angry about a documentary where all the Royal reporters who favorably cover him say they get leaks, then he blatantly sends his stooge Knauf to provide evidence against Meghan in her lawsuit against the Fail. Let him interfere if he can with the Bafta broadcast. See how well that goes down. Clown.

  27. Lizzie says:

    The article sounds like something that could have been written about Cheeto.

  28. DeluxeDuckling says:

    Lmao about the BAFTAs not being busywork organized by Knauf 😂 you crack me up 🤣

  29. blunt talker says:

    The British royal family has no privacy rights-all their secrets are being kept to keep them in line and continue being royal-why has the majority of the British press kiss their asses no matter something terrible they may have done-I’ll keep your secrets but you must do what we tell you to do-this is a press and government contract between the royals to keep them in line and to get them to do what they say whether they want to or not-they love the fantasy of being pure bred and appointed by God to rule-man-made bullshit to rule over all people-to make other people feel less than them-this what the royal family represents- the press represents, and the government represents-God don’t like ugly and all of them will be bowing to the feet of God and confess their mortal sins-nobody is less in God’s kingdom-everyone will have equal footing in his world.

  30. Over it says:

    William is such a little B—-ch