Princess Charlene’s family spoke out about her health & her continued treatment

Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco attend the Christmas Gifts Distribution At Monaco Palace

Princess Charlene’s family, the Wittstocks, live in South Africa and Monaco. They have their own things going on, but they definitely live (at least partially) on Prince Albert’s largesse. Albert claimed weeks ago that Charlene’s brothers were there in Monaco for the family intervention to convince Charlene to seek treatment for her unspecified issues. As Charlene remains in treatment and out-of-sight, the Wittstocks are speaking to the press like never before. I can’t tell if they’re speaking at Albert’s behest, or if they’re simply concerned that the storylines about Charlene have gotten out of hand. Some quotes from the Wittstocks:

Charlene’s dad Michael Wittstock: “My daughter used to swim 20km a day. Based on the way she used to train, I know she’s tough and will get through this and come out much stronger.”

Michael & Lynette Wittstock didn’t see Charlene in South Africa: Wittstock said that he and his wife, Lynnette Wittstock, didn’t actually get to see their daughter during her stay, due to COVID concerns. “[There are] our ages—we have to be very careful,” he said. “I also didn’t want to possibly infect her because she’d been through so many medical procedures and was vulnerable.” So they resorted to other means to stay in touch. “We spoke regularly on the phone and I speak with the twins,” he said. “We have a great relationship.”

Chantell Wittstock, Charlene’s sister-in-law: She spoke to the magazine to deny a recent Page Six report that Charlene “almost died” earlier this year. “This is simply not true,” she said. “She had difficulty eating after all the procedures and so yes, she lost a lot of weight, but it was because she could only have soft foods and liquids.”

Chantell on Charlene’s marriage: “Albert loves and supports Charlene 100%,” she said. “Their marriage is strong and they fully support each other.” She responded to rumors that Charlene had been living alone in an apartment above a chocolate factory while in Monaco. “Charlene will not be living in the apartment—which is the family’s apartment by the way—on her own. She and Albert have properties all over and stay in different ones depending on where they are needed. I can definitely tell you that if she’s there it will be with Albert and their children.”

Chantell on Charlene’s mental health: “She had a lot of procedures in a short space of time. She was under a lot of stress at the time. It was extremely traumatic for her to go through all the pain, procedures, and scrutiny from the media while being away from her family and children. She missed them terribly and it wasn’t easy for her.”

An anonymous friend: A family friend who wished to remain anonymous told the magazine that Albert and Charlene’s marriage is strong. “Their marriage has endured many storms and attacks over the years and will no doubt continue to,” the source said. “I have known Charlene for many years. She’s determined to get stronger and recover so she can return to her husband, children, and duties.”

[From People & Vanity Fair]

While I still have many questions, at this point, I do feel some relief. Charlene is not all alone in the world. It’s not just Albert shutting his wife away and no one will go looking for her. Charlene has people who give a sh-t and will make some attempt to check up on her. Which makes me wonder if this was less about “Albert institutionalizing his wife” and more like “Charlene has suffered an ordeal in her marriage and with her health crisis and she needs significant time away from everyone.”


The princely family on the balcony during Monaco's national day

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  1. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Princes are detrimental to your health.

  2. Jaded says:

    Sounds like they’re just parroting Albert’s comments. If he’s paying their rent, they’re sticking to the royal storyline. We’ll never know what’s happened to Charlene but best guess is, as well as physical illness, she was/is dealing with some emotionally taxing problems.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Yes, I am side eyeing their responses. Especially the sister about how strong the marriage is with Albert, give me a break! No one knows what is happening in a marriage. Only two people know and one isn’t talking.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      Yes, seems like Albert is using them as his mouthpieces now. He holds all the power, so I don’t trust a word out of his/their mouth.

  3. girl_ninja says:

    Her parents didn’t see her the ENTIRE time she was there? This story is so weird. I hope she’s getting healthy.

    • AmelieOriginal says:

      I would defend them and say due to their age and COVID-19 they need to be careful and Charlene also needed to avoid getting sick too due to her multiple surgeries. But the vaccines started rolling out in the spring/early summer in Europe and I’m sure both of her parents are vaccinated by now if they chose to be. Albert and the kids managed to visit her twice while she was there, it is really weird her own parents didn’t make the trip.

      • girl_ninja says:

        The Covid point IS a good one but like you said Bert and her babies made the trip to see her so…

      • Christina says:

        In South Africa people over the age of 65 had access to vaccines by June. So getting the second shot by mid to late July would be possible.

  4. Celine says:

    What about opioids? A lot of people come away from multiple surgeries with terrible problems due to the drugs used to manage pain. It happened to my brother — not his fault at all — and it was a real battle for him to get free of the drugs. They are diabolically addictive.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      They are extremely addictive and I have had enough surgeries to open a pharmacy with all of the opioids I have stocked. I hated them as they made me itch uncontrollably! I am now using an opioid derivative patch that I place on the inside of my cheek, every 12 hours.

      I think the Sacklers should be in jail, BTW.

      • observer says:

        i have a histamine disorder and many opioids are high in histamine — that’s probably why they make you itch uncontrollably. you could try taking antihistamines with them next time you need to use them (which hopefully you don’t)

        i also have severe chronic pain and can confirm opioids are the devil. but sometimes, a necessary evil.

  5. AmelieOriginal says:

    I want to think Charlene’s family has her best interests at heart but I can’t help but think they view Charlene as their goldmine due to being married to Albert, like the Middletons with Kate. Her parents left South Africa to be in Monaco near her and I believe one of her brothers also lives there full time. The only reason they live in Monaco is because of Charlene and I doubt any of them want to move back to South Africa full time given how long they’ve been in Monaco benefiting from their proximity to the royal family.

  6. Hyrule Castle says:

    Remember Britney?

    Her family also “supported” her.

    Charlene was whisked away so fast, and all we’ve heard are reports from a man, and an institution, that we know abuses women.
    Her family speaking out certainly doesn’t mean they are in her corner.
    On the contrary: if they cared they’d shit up about her to the press.

    This situation is not good at all.
    Where is Charlene? Is she even where they said she is?

  7. MY3CENTS says:

    Unless she speaks up (and even then) we’ll never know.
    I just hope she really is alright.

  8. Carly says:

    It’s quite sad. We’re all just speculating. I’ll throw in my 2 cents, like everyone else. I think she had some plastic surgery gone wrong or simply too much plastic surgery. This was the big “procedure”. She was likely already mentally instable precipitated by intense pressure and scrutiny, before the procedures. She may very well have also heavily medicated due to recovery and mental illness.
    I have friends who have gone through Cancer and losing a leg, but not one of them ever was away from their children for as long as Charlene. I do not think that the Prince is hiding her away or keeping her from her children. I think she is probably mentally incapable from caring from them, and her family knows it. Family, hers and his, are defending him because he has stepped up to care fir the kids and allow Charlene the extensive time and privacy to heal her physical and mental body. Their publicity probably thought the whole idea that she’s recovering from a surgery in SA would seem completely plausible during Corona. But any mother knows that this is simply plausible. She can’t care for them. I mean, seriously, the pictures! Those recent family pictures paint a woman inna mental health crisis.

  9. RoyalBlue says:

    I was firmly in the “Albert institutionalizing his wife” corner too, mainly as grounds for divorce. I have since decided that Albert has been told that he must not divorce Charlene and cause another family scandal. He is to figure out a way to stay with her and make it work.

    I don’t know what to make of what is happening with Charlene. First they made the point of saying on her return she would not stay at the palace, but in some other apartment. Then they made this a huge issue by saying they staged a family intervention for her physical and emotional wellbeing and she was going to recuperate in a treatment facility. That sounds pretty serious. If she had simply returned to Monaco and recuperated at home this would not be an issue. But clearly something significant is happening and everyone is walking a tightrope around it. She does not want to stay at the palace because it seems she is extremely stressed there. Something or someone is triggering her and she hasn’t lived there for most of the year. Is it the Grimaldis that are triggering, is it her husband that is triggering, is it motherhood that is triggering, is it the Royal Court that is triggering, is it Nicole and Alexandres’ presence that is triggering, is it the other mistresses and children that is triggering, is it the workload that is triggering? Who knows. I do believe that while part of her recovery is physical, i also believe it is mostly her mental health she is protecting.

  10. ARHUS says:

    This is a complete Streisand Effect, just let everyone know what’s going on!

  11. Woke says:

    I don’t know why they’re so determined to sell this happy marriage thing. It may be true I don’t know but the more they’re trying to convince us the less it is believable. Before all of this I never believed she tried to flee the country before her wedding and I still don’t but it’s obvious that after marrying him willingly something went down that made her really unhappy. Anyway I hope eveyone of them shut up and let things settle.

  12. canichangemyname says:

    I mean, it just sounds like people are falling in line with Albert’s narrative. Sorry, but none of this seems okay to me. Everyone is talking on her behalf, and yet she’s said nothing. And she shouldn’t have to say anything. But this is getting increasingly creepy – honestly, Albert could’ve just said she’s been through a serious illness and she’s still recovering. End of. It’s weird that he’s said WAY more than that and that others are chiming in. It’s not cool. I hope she’s okay.