Rihanna told to leave cousin’s wedding due to sideboob

Sultry singer Rihanna might be able to wear revealing clothing when she’s performing and going to awards ceremonies, but her family’s not having it. She showed up to a cousin’s wedding in Barbados wearing a revealing dress that showed sideboob and she was asked to leave. She was also said to be acting like a diva and pissing off the bride. This sounds true to me because there are actual details to back it up including dates and names:

The 19-year-old singer went to her cousin Nigel Alstrom’s wedding in Barbados on Oct. 27. But before the happy couple even cut the cake, she was asked to take her on-display breasts and her diva attitude and get out, say sources.

“Rihanna is known for dressing very sexy – but no one expected her to show up at a wedding dressed like she was on stage,” declared a family insider. “She was the center of attention instead of the bride – and the bride and groom got upset!”

The entertainer also put on a show – blowing kisses to fans as she entered the church.

“She would have been more low-key, dressed appropriately and not have had such a ‘star attitude,'” said the family insider.

“She had words with her aunt and mother, and she was asked to leave.”

“She asked what was she supposed to do – come dressed in a paper bag? Rihanna agreed to leave.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, November 19, 2007]

Maybe Rihanna’s family has a chip on their shoulder because she’s so famous now, and it could have been more about long-standing family issues than any specific way she behaved. A lot of people dress slutty at weddings, but I can see the bride getting annoyed if everyone is staring at famous Rihanna’s boobs instead of paying attention to her on her special day.

While Rihanna is having trouble with her family her career is going strong. She has six top ten Billboard hits, with Umbrella at number one in the UK earlier this year for ten consecutive weeks. Rihanna is also said to be sought by Ugly Betty producers for a guest cameo. According to the November 19th issue of OK! Magazine, producers attended her concert at the West Hollywood House of Blues “to win her over” and “they’re serious about getting Rihanna.”

Rihanna is shown at Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards on 3/31/07. Surprising that we had to go back over six months to find a sideboob pic. Thanks to PRPhotos.

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