Nicole Kidman Is Going To Court, Eventually

Being a celeb offers many perks of the famous, like skipping the line at a nightclub, or being let off a speeding ticket. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to get you out of going to court, even if you are Australia’s most famous actress.

Nicole Kidman has been called to give evidence in a defamation suit that paparazzo Jamie Fawcett is filing against Fairfax newspapers after they declared him to be “Sydney’s “most disliked freelance photographer” and “a cowboy type” who had “scared her (Kidman) on the road” and was determined to “wreak havoc” on her private life”. Nicole is a witness to these alleged tactics, after she applied for an apprehended violence order, and had him banned from coming within 500 metres of her home. Her driver gave evidence today of Fawcett’s tactics and said Nicole “feared for her life.”

However, she’s currently working at a Sydney studio on the film Australia with Hugh Jackman, and can’t leave the set without disrupting 335 people’s work schedule.

Sydney’s Supreme Court has rejected an affidavit from Kidman solicitor Stuart Gibson that Kidman is too busy to testify in person during court hours.

“It would not be possible or practical to suspend filming for a couple of hours in those time periods because Ms Kidman is in virtually every scene being shot during this time frame and is required to deliver her lines even when she is off camera,” the affidavit reads.

So, Nicole’s lawyers suggested a video link up, normally only allowed for children in abuse cases to give evidence so they don’t have to be in the same room as their abuser, or she could appear on the weekend. Courts in Australia aren’t open on weekends.

Today it has been suggested she may be able to appear this coming Monday for a few hours. Often the courts in Australia call you to give evidence and you spend days waiting to actually be called to the stand, so I can see what Nic’s problem is here. Hopefully she’s less of a diva in the courthouse than on the movie set.

Picture note by Celebitchy: Nicole Kidman is shown on 11/9/07 outside of Good Morning America. Do you guys think she has extensions? Her hair is looking a little too long and perfect to me.

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