Queen Elizabeth was ‘seen’ in London ‘without a walking stick,’ how very odd

Ceremonial opening of the Sixth Senedd

Queen Elizabeth was allegedly seen in London last week, and only the Sun reported it. It’s suspicious as hell! While I think the Weekend-at-Bernies theory about the Queen is untrue, what is true is that the Queen’s staff has been squirrelly about QEII’s health status for months now, and the “events” the Queen does at Windsor Castle are highly choreographed. This isn’t a case where conspiracy theorists have some off-the-wall theory. People aren’t imaging this: the situation around the Queen is genuinely weird and unsettling, and it definitely feels like no one is being honest about what’s actually going on.

The Queen was back on her feet for a trip to London last week, we can reveal. Her Majesty’s secret visit is thought to be the first time she has left Windsor since October. The monarch, 95, has been on light duties since spending a night in hospital two months ago. And this week she axed her annual pre-Christmas party for 50 family members amid Covid fears.

But last week the Queen — whose husband Prince Philip died aged 99 in April — was seen in the capital without a walking stick. An onlooker said yesterday: “Everyone has been worried sick for the Queen after she went to hospital.So it was great she was out and about and on her feet and looking back to her best. Hopefully, being on her feet in London is a sign that we will see her back on engagements soon. This is such a boost ahead of Christmas when everyone is so down in the dumps right now.”

[From The Sun]

The “eyewitness” acts like the Queen was sauntering down Trafalgar Square without a cane, spreading Christmas cheer. Very… weird.

Meanwhile, the rise of the Omicron variant is a political convenience for the Queen’s handlers. The Queen’s Christmas season was supposed to include a large pre-holiday luncheon at Windsor Castle, followed by a trip to Sandringham with close family and somewhat “normal” royal Christmas festivities. After the Queen cancelled the luncheon, now it’s looking like the Queen won’t even travel to Sandringham. Her Sandringham trip is “under review,” and it’s looking like the annual “walk to church” is definitely cancelled, mostly because locals gather for a glimpse of the royals and it could become a superspreader event. If she does skip Sandringham, that means she would just stay at Windsor and perhaps some senior royals would just come to visit her for Christmas there.

Audiences at Windsor Castle

Audiences at Windsor Castle

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. equality says:

    I think somebody had a little too much Christmas cheer and saw the Queen walking around. This sounds a lot like the supposed sightings of Kate where nobody bothers to take a picture.

    • Jan90067 says:

      The more stories that come out, the more it makes me feel something is *really* wrong that they’re desperately trying to keep under wraps.

      Considering the RPO entourage that’d have to clear any area her cars/crowds they would bring her to, SOMEONE in the street(s) would’ve gotten a cell shot. And more papers/news sources OTHER THAN THE SUN would have this “news”.

    • Laura-Lee MacDonald says:

      Right! There is no way a tabloid wouldn’t get even a cell phone shot from a passer by. It’s like that XKCD comic that pointed out that the increase of cell phone cameras is coincidentally concurrent with a decrease of UFO, etc sightings. I call fakery!

    • Lorelei says:

      Trafalgar Square?? I mean really. There is no way whatsoever that this happened.

      I don’t think she’s dead but I do think she’s very close and they’re panicking. This has a very “Nothing to see here! Everything is fine!!” vibe to it.

      How on earth they think that being dishonest with the public who will then be “shocked” when she does pass is a winning strategy is beyond me. It seems like they should sort of slowly be preparing the British public, because it is going to be such a huge and traumatic event once it does happen. But as usual their PR does the exact opposite of whatever makes sense.

      • KFG says:

        Yeah I agree that she’s probably dead or close to it. They just need to try to blame the sussexes for it. These people. It would also explain the house hunting and skip Charles push by the midds they know once Betty is gone so is keen

  2. Jan says:

    She is 95 and if she needs a walking stick, what’s the big deal?
    The BRF and the BM deserves each other, both are a waste of space.

    • SarahLee says:

      That’s what I think too. She’s a 95 year old woman who has seemed fairly hail and hearty her entire life. If she needs a walking stick, let the woman have it. It doesn’t somehow undermine her (ceremonial) authority.

    • Shawna says:

      The Queen shamed her own sister for having to use a wheelchair.

  3. Merricat says:

    Are they trying to “Captain Tuttle” the queen?

  4. Chaine says:

    Ummm why are there no pix if she was walking around in public in a crowded urban area of the country she rules? Not sure I’d believe it even if there were pix…. She probably keeps a body double or two captive in a dungeon under her palace to roll out if needed like Saddam Hussein used to do.

  5. Snuffles says:

    I don’t know if she’s dead, but she’s definitely not well and they’re being super cagey about everything.

  6. milliemollie says:

    Sure, Jan. She was doing cartwheels and throwing jewels at people.
    There’s no way the Queen is running around London without people taking photos of her.
    This story is truly weird, she must be really sick.

    • Bettyrose says:

      Maybe she’s running too fast for the photogs to catch up.

      • EveV says:

        LMAO to both @Bettyrose and @Milliemollie
        Exactly, it’s ridiculous
        But, like someone said above, of course her PR does the exact opposite of what would make sense (slowly easing people into the idea that the Queen may be gone soon, or at the very least, isn’t doing great right now).

    • Keri says:

      Thank you MILLIEMOLLIE, that really made my day 😄

  7. Eurydice says:

    OMG, wait a minute, Philip died?! And he was 99?!!!

    I don’t think this could have been a “secret” meeting if there were onlookers reporting back to The Sun. It’s like a party game, pick the truth out of a pile of lies.

  8. BUBS says:

    She canceled pre-Christmas lunch, there are stories about Brits being divided over Charles giving the Christmas speech, now this. Straight talk, yeah, Betty might be dead already!

    • SarahLee says:

      Why on earth would Charles give the speech? Perhaps she is actually dead.

      • equality says:

        She could have also had a stroke or some condition that makes it difficult for her to speak clearly or focus for a long speech.

      • Snuffles says:

        Or in a coma. Or on life support until they are ready to pull the plug.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Snuffles, and if that’s true (which I definitely agree it might be), then why? What is their plan? To wait until after Christmas? After New Year’s? When is going to be a good time to announce this? These people manage to fck up absolutely everything they touch.

        I know they did it with her father, but I believe that was only for a matter of a few hours, to be timed for morning newspapers or something.

        ITA with @AUD below.

      • anotherlily says:

        Charles recorded a Christmas message last year from Highgrove House where he spent Christmas during lockdown. It was a message to thank the armed forces but it was broadcast nationally.

        The Queen’s Christmas Speech didn’t happen in 1969. She produced a written message instead. This was supposedly because there had been a documentary about the royal family, which she had agreed to but hated when she saw it. It was the year of Prince Charles’s investiture as Prince of Wales.

        Charles is an excellent speaker. He has a warm and relaxed manner which comes across well. Camilla is also a good speaker. They both made a favourable impression at last year’s Festival of Remembrance.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a speech from Charles this year and perhaps a written message from the Queen.

    • Aud says:

      I don’t think she’s dead. I think she suffered a major medical issue and it’s being hidden. I suspect she has weeks or months rather than years left

  9. Jay says:

    It’s super weird that a. She would be just out and about with no cane when she’s been using one for months b. This article mentions “no cane” so pointedly, like it’s some kind of triumph for the empire if this 95 year old woman has to hobble on icy sidewalks without her mobility aid. Truly unhinged.

    I also think if the Queen was truly feeling so spry she would be staging photos, not strolling aimlessly abd hoping some loyal subject tips off the tabloids.

  10. The Duchess says:

    Seen? In public? Without any pictures???? Have KP hijacked her PR without telling anybody?

  11. Becks1 says:

    This is such a weird story. The Queen wasn’t really known for walking around London even 10 years ago (besides official engagements.) Or if she did go out and about (I remember pics from one restaurant maybe 5 years ago where she went around christmas, can’t remember if it was for a cousin’s birthday but it was something like that) there would be pics. This feels like someone just wanted to put it out there that the Queen is totes fine and doesn’t even need that cane anymore.

    I just can’t really believe that BP’s plan is just to keep saying she’s fine even though she’s only doing a handful of video events a week and one in-person event every two weeks and they canceled the christmas lunch and will probably cancel christmas at Sandringham.

  12. Talia says:

    Seen *where* in London. When Kate is papped, it’s ‘seen buying a book in X shop’ or ‘shopping in Kensington’. I know that’s because she arranges the pictures but the first sight of the Queen in a public place since her illness would be worth a fortune.

    Even ‘seen visiting Buckingham Palace’ (meaning her car was seen and her presence confirmed by her staff) would make more sense.

  13. Sofia says:

    I am a bit sceptical of this story. Its not a surprise that the queen would be in London but I doubt she’s just walking out and about, it’s not something she’s ever done before (even when she was younger)

  14. Over it says:

    How many times am I going to have to be reminded that the queen husband died? It’s in every article. We get it. I don’t believe she was out and about anywhere, but let’s say that she was, well that’s still one more engagement than Willy and Katie

  15. Slippers4life says:

    You know how kids see any older dude with a white beard at the mall and go, “Santa!!”? My guess is whenever British people see any older lady with white hair they go, “Oy! It’s ‘Er Mag!” Or some shit!

  16. Demi says:

    These people are really trapped looks like the firm wants the queen to carry on despite her health problems and wants the public to know there’s nothing to see here and that she’s fine when she isn’t.

  17. Amy Bee says:

    Where was she seen in London? And how come only the Sun know about it? People would have seen the helicopter landing in Buckingham Palace if this was true.

    • Lady D says:

      Maybe Liz escaped her handlers and tried to get as far away from them as possible? Having learned from her James Bond skit, she now knows to blend into a crowd.

    • anotherlily says:

      My guess is King Edward V11 Hospital. This is where she spent a night after her latest health problems were announced. It’s in the centre of London. She could have been spotted by another patient or visitor or even a resident in one of the houses or apartments in the Mews behind the hospital. Prince Charles was seen, and filmed, when he visited his father at the hospital.

  18. Feeshalori says:

    No pictures? C’mon! This sounds like the royal version of Where’s Waldo.

    • Lorelei says:

      “The Royal version of Where’s Waldo” LMAO

      There are no pictures because this most definitely never happened, lol. They REALLY think their subjects are dumber than dirt and gullible enough to believe anything. It’s actually insulting to the people of the UK imo.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Oh, definitely it never happened. They’re just coddling the public. It’s very insulting that they’re pulling what they think is a believable strategy that the queen is making a public appearance and there’s not one single photo of her. That’s really stretching credibility to a max.

  19. Ace says:

    I don’t know why people are suspicious, everybody knows the Sun is totally trustworthy. It’s just a coincidence that the “onlooker” looks exactly like the guy who wrote the Sun article wearing a fake moustache.

  20. Amy Too says:

    This just doesn’t make sense considering the covid aspect of it all. She’s not left Windsor in basically 2 years, she’s cancelling Christmas plans because of the virus, there were all these articles about how the palace is mad at the Johnson government for partying and flouting covid restrictions, and now the Queen is just randomly leaving her house to wander around amongst strangers in the middle of a huge pandemic spike where advice has been given to cancel holiday plans and be as careful as possible?

    And that’s just the covid context, nevermind the fact that she’s supposed to be super fragile, ill, or injured.

  21. Jay says:

    “Oh, yeah, I was just picking up some last minute prezzies, then suddenly I realized the fierce white-haired woman who snatched the last bottle of tonic on the shelf was actually her Maj! She looked rather furtive, maybe she’s out against doctor’s orders. Anyway, it gave me a huge mood boost to see her wandering the streets alone without her cane that I didn’t even consider taking out my phone.”

    This reminds me of a beloved tv show of my childhood where one of the hosts would always miss seeing Polkaroo and the other would be like “Oh, darn, you just missed him!”

  22. Margaret says:

    Possible dementia, like saber to cut a cake?.

    • Julia K says:

      I thought the saber cake cutting episode was a calculated move on her part to freak everybody out. Success. Well played, Queen.

  23. Jaded says:

    Show us the proof. Someone from BP planted this because it’s becoming more and more apparent to the public that TQ is NOT well and hasn’t been since the hospital visit. I’m still of the opinion that she suffered a stroke or series of TIAs that have affected her balance, and perhaps even her cognitive skills. That’s what happened to my mom in the last year of her life (she passed away at 92) and went from walking a half hour every day to having to use a cane and walker. She also experienced periods of dementia, all of which to say TQ is in bad shape.

  24. anotherlily says:

    It’s been confirmed that she’s staying at Windsor for Christmas and not going to Sandringham. This confirms the previous stories that her children and their spouses would visit her at Windsor. The Cambridges will be in Norfolk.

    The London sighting could be a visit to St Thomas’s Hospital which is a short drive from Windsor. My guess is that she’s had a check up at the hospital and been advised to stay put in Windsor.

  25. evie says:

    Yeah, this “exclusive” is right up there with the latest Elvis sighting at Target in Tennessee singing Blue Christmas, to shoppers, LOL!

    Seriously, the Queen is 95. She’s lost weight and looks frail. She lost her husband of 70+ years only six months ago. There’s no way the Palace Guard will be straight with the public about the complete state of her health. Meanwhile, Covid continues to spike in Britain. The Queen should stay home and rest. Love her or loathe her, after 68 years on the throne, Elizabeth has nothing to prove to anyone.

  26. Notafan says:

    I feel badly for Harry not being able to see her and introduce his kids to her. I know she has demonstrated that she probably wouldn’t care that much but as someone with a “complicated” relationship with my elderly parents I would be heartbroken if my kids hadn’t met them.

    • Tessa says:

      Harry and Meghan should bring their kids in an ideal situation. It is extremely difficult for them to see her in the midst of another COVID resurgence. The QUeen did see the children via Skype and of course did spend time with Archie after he was born. The QUeen could have had them with her had she not let WIlliam run rampant and ignored how he was treating Harry. She really brought a lot of this on herself. A firm talk with William would have stopped this. And Charles too was wishy washy and let William do what he pleased.

  27. Gabby says:

    The old bag may not be at death’s door, but I think she is firmly in the waiting room at this point.

    Tinfoil Tiara On – I would not put it past the palace courtiers to hire a queen look-alike to walk around London as a ruse. It would be the logical next step to this tall tale.

    And finally that dress in the second picture, JHC. That 70’s Show called and wants their couch back.

  28. Mslove says:

    I can’t believe the BM want us to believe the queen is not only worrying all night about William but also taking a stroll around town without her cane? No one is buying this.

  29. Robin Samuels says:

    If the article appeared in The Sun, don’t believe it unless there is a photo, and even that isn’t 100% guaranteed truth. Emily Andrews wrote a complete story about Meghan, Duchess of Sussex’s 2019 baby shower in NYC. The article shared details about the attendees, the gifts, the menu, etc., a whole day before it took place! Why is ‘without a walking stick” an issue? The Queen is vain, and the one time she was seen with a cane IMO was beyond her control. A 95-year old matriarch in a densely populated area like London with a variant spreading like a wildfire doesn’t make sense. Was she upstaging Meghan’s shopping trip? The Queen didn’t care about Covid-19 in December 2020, and I don’t think it’s a significant concern in 2021. What about the annual holiday speech? Will it televise on BBC or ITV, or has William screwed that up too? The taxpayers may as well get accustomed to Charles delivering the annual address because he will be the next monarch according to the Consitution. With all the shenanigans that have gone down in that family, the only thing she can say to her viewers is, “Please forgive us, and we will strive to do better. Thank you, and have a Merry Christmas.”

    • Julia K says:

      Yes. Everyone has a cell phone these days, why no photo? Reminds me of a few local guys who claim they saw Bigfoot. They all had phones on them. No one took a picture.

    • anotherlily says:

      The speech used to be filmed exclusively by the BBC but it now alternates with ITV. Both channels broadcast the speech.

  30. JRenee says:

    Was it a body double trolling folks? Lol

  31. Jenn says:

    What a fabulous reference @merricat!!!