John Mulaney & his girlfriend welcomed their son just before Thanksgiving

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John Mulaney went on Seth Meyers’ show and confirmed in September that he and his girlfriend were expecting their first child. We already sort of knew that John Mulaney’s Girlfriend (JMG) was knocked up, because she had been photographed days earlier with a large, visible bump. Mulaney’s interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers did something else besides confirm the pregnancy: Mulaney also muddied the timeline significantly, making it sound like he was in and out of rehab throughout the fall and winter of 2020, and that he split with Anna-Marie Tendler in fall of 2020, and he only met his new girlfriend in the spring of 2021, after he left his wife and after he got out of rehab. Sources disputed a lot of that. I bring this up because John Mulaney and his girlfriend welcomed their child, a boy, on November 24th. Meaning they conceived the child in mid-to-late February, if she carried to term. Which was right when he got out of rehab.

Olivia Munn and John Mulaney are first-time parents, secretly welcoming a little boy into the world last month … TMZ has learned. Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ Olivia gave birth on November 24, the day before Thanksgiving, in Los Angeles.

[From TMZ]

I’m trying to think of something vague to say. Like “sure, I wish them well, I guess?” Both Mulaney and JMG were downplaying the idea that they were the real deal and that this was a true love connection, and that was before the baby was even born. My theory is that she pursued him while he was still married and they had an affair while he was using, and then the second he got out of rehab, she got pregnant. I also think they avoided announcing the birth because they both know the timeline makes them look pretty bad, and it’s all pretty disrespectful to Anna-Marie. Incidentally, Anna-Marie’s friends have always said that Mulaney only asked her for a divorce in February, that they were still together in the fall and winter of 2020. It feels like Mulaney got out of rehab and within 24 hours, he asked his wife for a divorce and impregnated JMG. Sheesh.

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  1. N0b0dy says:

    “And his girlfriend” always destroys me 😂😂😂 I laugh my ass off every single time.

  2. milliemollie says:

    I wish the baby all the best and I hope they grow up loved and in a healthy environment. The baby will need it with those parents.

  3. CherHorowitz says:

    Or he only asked for a divorce BECAUSE the mistress was pregnant…

    • Liz Version 700 says:

      Ding ding ding! My thoughts exactly

    • milliemollie says:

      Yeah n who knows how long these two were already messing around by the time she got pregnant.

    • Bendy Windy says:

      I don’t believe this. Plenty of men have extramarital babies. They don’t all leave their wives. Some deny the child. Some pay support on the DL. Some tell the wife and work through it. It usually only ends a marriage if the guy wants out or if he was keeping it from the wife and SHE finds out.

      • teecee says:

        He was raised very very Catholic, and his family still is. That kind of brainwashing can rear its head in situations like this.

      • Carol says:

        @Bendy – Yep, I totally agree.

      • CherHorowitz says:

        Most men with extramarital kids who keep it on the DL aren’t famous and haven’t impregnated someone famous. Probably a lot easier to keep it under wraps when you don’t have a thirsty mistress and people who would investigate if said mistress suddenly was pregnant with a mystery babydaddy…

      • Beth says:

        January Jones did it.

    • Emily says:

      This. 100%

    • Meg says:

      And Olivia Munn loves attention and would not have kept this quiet, for example I think she forced his hand at acknowledging the pregnancy by being photographed. Based on her earlier leaking to tabloids about other relationships with Justin Timberlake and Chris pine, she wants attention and I think John knows that so I don’t doubt he asked for a divorce because she got pregnant and he was panicking. His wife released a statement she was shocked and it wasn’t her choice

  4. Oh_Hey says:

    I wish the child and Anna Marie lots of luck and only good things.
    Just them and no one else in this story.

  5. Lena says:

    Good luck to baby. Hope everything works out for them as a couple because of baby but I have a strong feeling they will be raising their baby as single parents. Which is fine.

    • Merricat says:

      Agreed. I don’t think JM was looking for a girlfriend or a baby; he was using, and effing around with lots of women, and generally being an asshole addict. JMG was looking for a way to entrench herself in his life, and this is worked.

  6. Anony83 says:

    I’m found some of people’s shock about this to be kind of bizarre. Has no one ever witnessed a *clearly* accidental pregnancy before. Particularly when at least one part of the pair was relapsing?

    I feel weird as a John Mulaney fan because I feel like I should have a stronger opinion about all this, but I just hope that he and OM find a healthy way to co-parent and that Anna Marie Tendler finds what she needs and wants out there too.

    I mean, this is definitely a messy situation, but not an unusually messy one.

    • Merricat says:

      I agree with you. His comedy has always been dark, and he has talked about how he quit cocaine the first time because he didn’t like the guy he was becoming while using it. I hope he finds his way back to sobriety, I hope AMT continues to do well in her career, and I hope the baby is well-loved.

    • T3PO says:

      I agree fully. It does seem cheating was clearly at play, but I think many 30 something adults will sleep with each other pretty fast. Maybe it’s just me but if you’re having a good time it’s a 1st date sort of deal. Plus if you’re going to cheat I doubt you stop at kissing. And I think people see John’s suit and see a straight laced guy but if you listen to any of his comedy you know that’s not the case. From there it’s just a bit of luck/health, good or bad depending on your desire, and you’ve got a pregnancy. My college roommate got pregnant twice while on birth control using condoms. Some people are just fertile.

      • Anony83 says:

        And if OM got pregnant (however it happened), I understand keeping it if she’s always wanted kids, regardless of John’s previously stated (though hedged) preference for not having children. She’s in her 40s.

        At least I’m sure somewhere there’s a real estate agent who feels very vindicated right now.

  7. Jess says:

    As a 37 year old woman trying to get pregnant, I, too, wonder about the timeline. JMG is a beautiful women who looks far younger than her years, but she’s still 41. And while accidental pregnancies do occur to 40 somethings during one night stands, the statistics say that there was (at the very least) quite a bit of well-timed sex for this to happen. My guess is that their affair had been going on for months by the time she got pregnant.
    As a side note, maybe I should start eating more Japanese sweet potatoes?? haha

    • wordnerd says:

      @Jess – Thank you for saying so eloquently what I couldn’t. As a 38yo woman who’s currently pregnant after a lot of cycle tracking, ovulation testing, timed intercourse (so sexy), and eventually IVF, I’ve always struggled with the quickie/accidental pregnancy theory given her age. Not saying it can’t happen, just that statistically speaking, it’s more likely that they were fooling around for at least a few months before it happened.

      Also, I wish you all the best on your journey to conceive! You got this! 🙂

    • teecee says:

      On the other hand, some women get (un)lucky, and sometimes those women are older.

      Still think they were having a longtime affair, but I know plenty of “oops” pregnancies among my 40-ish friends who were not as careful because they thought it was impossible.

      • Sally says:

        Yeah, I’ve seen oops pregnancies in 50+ year old women too, a friend of mine f.ex. got a baby sister when she was finishing college. It’s usually women who have been pregnant before though, which we don’t know in this case, she doesn’t have children but it doesn’t mean she’s never been pregnant. Life is weird and unfair. There are women in their twenties who struggle to get pregnant and women who are basically getting ready for menopause and retired life, who still get knocked up.

      • North of Boston says:

        My mother had an oops pregnancy in her early 40s almost a decade after having her previous kid. Her close friends mocked her about it … ha ha tough luck for you, why weren’t you smarter about it. As luck would have it, all 4 of them wound up with their own early 40’s pregnancies in the next few years mom was like “not so funny, now, is it?”

    • Dashen’ka says:

      Everyone is different. My one and only pregnancy occurred because I missed TWO DAYS of the birth control Pill at age 35. I’m not sure that it would have stuck, as unfortunately I had to terminate, but accidents happen at every age.

  8. Robyn says:

    Now I’m no mathematician, but the timeline they both tried to force down our throats definitely does not add up.

    Mazel tov, I guess!

  9. cassandra says:

    I find it notable that he’s going on a comedy tour so soon after birth. I’m pretty sure he was touring smaller clubs during the pregnancy too.Barring Covid cancellations, he’s touring from February to July.

    I would not be happy if the father of my newborn wasn’t going to be very present during this time and it makes me wonder how together they really are.

    • Kerfuffles says:

      When I saw Mulaney’s announcement around the same time of the birth of a huge stadium tour for the first half of 2022, that raised my eyebrows too. It’s a pretty brutal touring schedule. Odd choice to make for a new father in most situations, but it didn’t surprise me for this situation. A relentless tour schedule can be a way of not really “dealing” with a lot of things, including a new baby and the other results of major life choices he made fresh out of rehab.

    • Merricat says:

      It makes sense to me. He’s a comedian, humor is how he works out his life. Touring does allow you to avoid dealing with many things, but it also is a way to keep yourself busy. I think it’s important for him to stay busy.

      • teecee says:

        Personally, I think he blew through a lot of money (drugs, prostitutes) during his spiral and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was nearly broke.

  10. AmelieOriginal says:

    Not surprised they kept the birth under wraps for several weeks, they know people can do math. Conceiving in mid February is not meeting in the spring and then getting pregnant. I think he and Annamarie lived on the East Coast so they were probably DMing each other in the months prior to being in person. Once he got out of rehab, he ran right to Olivia, knocked her up, and told Annamarie he wanted to divorce. I guess I wish the baby best of luck, having the parents he has I hope he turns out okay. He’ll be able to google all this at some point so John and Olivia better not spin their meeting into some fateful super romantic story. Also I just realized he’ll be able to see his dad’s comedy material someday about never wanting kids. This poor baby.

  11. Julia K says:

    Not the first time that a woman of a certain age went hunting for a suitable sperm donor.

    • AMA1977 says:

      I question the logic of someone who sees “married, recently relapsed hard drug user who has repeatedly insisted that he DOES NOT want children” as a “suitable sperm donor,” but hey! Not my circus, not my monkeys. I hope the baby has lots of stable, loving adults in his life, and that AMT is on her way to a better, brighter future. Everyone else in this story gets a shoulder shrug from me.

      • Twin falls says:

        +1 on this entire comment

      • Julia K says:

        I retract “suitable”. Any port in a storm perhaps.

      • HeyJude says:

        In this case I’d imagine “suitable sperm donor”= someone with a (up until now) successful career who has the ability to finance the child if the mother ever needs him to.

        And the personal problems like addiction, marital infidelity, multiple rehab stays, a highly non-family friendly work industry in stand-up, to ensure the mother can retain custody of the child should they ever have to battle it out for custody in court.

      • GM says:

        Agreed, she dated Aaron Rogers for like 3 years, Joel Kinnaman for a couple of years, those guys seem wealthy, are attractive and reasonably responsible (showing up for kid’s birthday’s, able to pay child support). If I was looking for a sperm donor I’d rank them before Mulaney (married, addict, personally don’t find him attractive) .

  12. Gigi says:

    For the baby’s sake, I hope all goes well. His girlfriend has a nice mom and stepfather to lean on for support if things go belly up.

  13. VegasSchmegas says:

    I wish this baby a good life…..but his folks are messy AF. Poor little guy.

  14. SophieJara says:

    Not defending their timeline at all (or either of them as people) but this site and others I’ve been on seem to think that 40 weeks is added to conception? It’s not. 40 weeks is added to the date of your last period, which puts the conception date in early March. But also that’s like +/-2 weeks, and first babies are often late, it could have been February. But it’s odd to me to see all these sites on them about February when that’s not at all how due dates work.

    • E says:

      I think it really depends of if the baby was born full term. I can confidently say my baby was conceived right around St. Patrick’s Day and his due date was December 8. So going back two weeks would put her at the very beginning of March, and if he was late it is possible it could be Feb.

    • Notsoanonymous says:

      I know my conception dates for both of my kids (third week of Feb), and they have mid-November birthdays and we’re born at 39+1 (scheduled) and 40+2 – and their birthdays are only a few days apart. I’ve listened to a LOT of Valentine’s baby jokes over the years because people can’t math.

      It’s pretty likely in this case it this was a full term, February conceived baby.

  15. Ariel says:

    I hope he is a good and loving father and she is a good and loving mother and they co-parent together well. And this child grows up happy and healthy and loved.
    That is what we wish for every child.

  16. Kaye says:

    I had to google his stand up and didn’t find it particularly funny. He’s one that finds his own jokes hilarious. The timeline of infidelity is pretty nauseating and makes me feel sorry for this child.

    The “tell me how you and daddy fell in love” stories are going to be pretty lame.

  17. why? says:

    “Sources with direct knowledge”=John’s girlfriend had her mother leak the birth of her child to the press because she wanted AMT to know that she was sleeping with her husband.

    John may want to keep the birth and timeline a secret, but it’s clear that isn’t what his girlfriend wants, which is why she set up the pregnancy strolls with the paps, did some interviews where she talked about being pregnant, leaked old photos of her and John when it got out that he had dumped her, and leaked that John was trying to speed up the divorce before the child was born. How long before she sets up a staged family photo-op with John and the baby or a baby cover and photoshoot with People magazine? If she wanted to keep the birth quiet, then she would have done that. There are several celebrities who were able to keep their pregnancy and births a secret, revealing it when the child is way past their first birthday.

  18. Kat says:

    My baby was born November 9 (planned cesarean at 39 weeks and 5 days). He was planned so I know my conception dates. I got my positive test March 5 (a few days before 4 weeks). So he was conceived between February 4-5.

    If their baby was born one day before thanksgiving, and seems to have been full term, she more than likely got pregnant end of February

  19. DaphneOG says:

    They can’t avoid the news of the baby getting press. But they could have avoided the press tour both of them did to be respectful to Anna. Silence would have been best all things considered.

  20. MangoAngelesque says:

    If you’re looking for something passive and neutral to say, just keep it about the baby. I hope the baby is doing well, hope the baby is sleeping/eating well, is happy, etc.

    Just ignore the existence of lying funnyman and his girlfriend. The baby deserves health and happiness. The parental units? Meh.

  21. Case says:

    Well, I wish their baby the best.

  22. Fabiola says:

    I think John clearly wanted a baby with Olivia. He had been careful about not having kids with his wife so if he didn’t really want kids then he would have continued to be careful or gotten a vasectomy. I wish them happiness in their journey and hope they can work everything’s out to provide the best life for their baby.

    • teecee says:

      I think his wife was taking precautions and Olivia was not. That has nothing to do with John’s desires, which as far as I can tell were being high all the time.

    • Normades says:

      I definitely don’t think he wanted a baby with anyone. Who gets out of rehab and thinks a baby is a good idea? Not cynical cheating comedians.

    • Sigmund says:

      The fact that he’s immediately going on tour does not indicate he wanted this baby. I can’t imagine he’s that hard up for money, unless he spent it all on drugs (which is admittedly possible, but who knows).

      I hope the baby is healthy and doing well.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I don’t think there’s any “clearly” about it. You are saying he “clearly” wanted a baby in Feb 2021, but he was entering outpatient sober care on Feb. 25th according to his representative’s statements. Nothing is clear when you are just out of inpatient rehab and just starting outpatient treatment.

  23. Lucille says:

    What an irresponsible douche. I do think the baby was an accident (at least for him) because he actually wanted to be childfree.