No one believes John Mulaney’s timeline & his ex believes he cheated in 2020

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Let’s do this at the beginning, since some people are repeatedly and consistently confused by the fact that we’re not using the name of John Mulaney’s girlfriend. It’s because of her 2019 bullsh-t, and you can read about it here. We will not use her name in headlines because she Googles herself and attacks & doxxes bloggers. The only reason we’re covering her right now is because she’s in the middle of one of the bigger gossip stories of the year, which is about John Mulaney dumping his wife two seconds after he got out of rehab. As we learned this week, through Mulaney’s interview with Seth Meyers, the timeline of the end of his marriage and the start of his thing with his girlfriend is pretty muddled. Even more muddled? When exactly he got his girlfriend pregnant. His timeline didn’t make much sense and obviously, the NY Post jumped all over it. The Post has a detailed story with insider-y quotes about how no one is buying any of Mulaney’s comments. Some highlights:

The weird timeline: After plummeting into an intense spiral of addiction, Mulaney, 39, spent several months in rehab in 2020, leaving his most recent two-month stay in February, as Page Six reported. Also in February he asked his wife of nearly seven years, Anna Marie Tendler, for a divorce. Mulaney told Seth Meyers on his late-night NBC show Tuesday: “I went to rehab in September, I got out in October, I moved out of my home from my ex-wife,” referencing his split from Tendler. “Then in the spring I went to Los Angeles and met and started to date a wonderful woman named Olivia.”

He doesn’t want to look like a cheater: A celebrity agent who has worked with Munn said: “I don’t think it’s any coincidence that John broke the news of Olivia’s pregnancy the way he did in terms of basically giving a timeline of his past few months — when he moved out of his house, how it was the spring when he fell in love with Olivia. It seems to me that he is going to great lengths to dispute the idea that he cheated… She has a demonstrated history of hanging out with and spending time with ‘SNL’ guys, so no way did their paths not cross, and there is the video of them together back in 2017.”

Anne-Marie Tendler insists that he only asked for a divorce in February: Sources who know Tendler, now living on the West Coast, confirmed that Mulaney had actually asked her for a divorce in February and not after leaving his September-through-October rehab stint, as he said.

The “they met at church” thing: One insider said of a People magazine report that Mulaney and Munn first met at church: “That was BS, and Twitter immediately called Olivia out on it, saying she’s known John for years. It isn’t entirely clear when their relationship started. There have been rumors for months about her being pregnant, and it all just seems like a very tight timeline.”

When did they tell people about the pregnancy? Indeed, Page Six was first told that Munn was talking openly about her pregnancy in July, as were Mulaney’s friends. He made the announcement of their impending arrival days after we published photos of Munn showing off her bump in LA last week.

Tendler knows he was cheating: The Tendler insider said: “Anna Marie knew he was doing things with other women before he went to rehab in December. And his claims to friends that he was trying to protect her before he went away to rehab were rubbish, she didn’t need protecting. John was using Anna Marie to protect himself. But still, she was very heartbroken that he decided to end her marriage, she was heartbroken how it went down, it wasn’t something that she wanted, she wanted to work it out. I am sure this news about the pregnancy will be very difficult for her.”

More on the chaos of 2020: A friend with knowledge of their relationship revealed, “John really suffered through lockdown last year. Anna Marie moved to Washington, DC, to work at the Smithsonian on a project and he was back in NYC and out of control. He was DM’ing women on Instagram for hookups — whether he went through with anything, we don’t know — and by December he’d fallen off the wagon again and was abusing drugs and alcohol. This all followed a pattern — he and Anna Marie would break up and get back together again, he would get wasted and then he’d beg her to take him back. Sometimes, he told friends that he was so wasted that he had no recollection of even talking to these women.”

[From Page Six]

I mean, we don’t actually need to write out a detailed timeline. People are going to believe what they want to believe and they’re going to give agency to certain people and zero agency to others. My feeling is that Mulaney was in bad shape throughout 2020, and he probably was cheating on Anne-Marie while he was using. And one of those women was his current girlfriend, that’s my guess. That would make more sense than Mulaney getting out of rehab and immediately rushing into a relationship with his current girlfriend and getting her pregnant back in February, out of nowhere. The thing I don’t really get is this: when he got sober, did he understand how badly he got played? When she got pregnant, was he just like “oh well, better put a bow on this mess and call it a day.”

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  1. Mandy says:

    At one point he (I think) mentioned that Olivia was in recovery as well. Did anyone else catch this?

    • lunchcoma says:

      Oh, yikes, that makes all this even worse. It’s not a great idea for someone who’s been solid in recovery for awhile to start dating someone new or someone who’s just had a relapse.

      There’s even a term for it – 13th stepping.

    • corralee says:

      No, that was his ex. I believe she had an eating disorder.

      • Jessie Quinton says:

        His ex went to rehab for emotional issues and an ED.
        Sounds like they were triggering each other? Still doesn’t make what he did right, though.

      • observer says:

        i feel so bad for Anna Marie Tendler…but i think that even if SHE didn’t want to divorce, Mulaney showing his true colors got her out of what was to her a life-long commitment. most likely a toxic and dual enabling one. so yes, it will hurt, but this is good for her.

        i used to be a big fan of Mulaney’s personal comedy and anecdotes about his wife were actually a big part of that comedy.

        this whole thing leaves such a bad taste in my mouth. especially because i’ve never liked She-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named… there were some things that set off big red flags for me long before the doxxing scandal happened about her.

        i hate being right about people, i want to elevate other women and not criticize them, and when she left her 10-year marriage i even felt sympathy for her because i had also been trapped in a very long-term relationship that was hard for me to get out of.

        i also gave her the benefit of the doubt at the time because it was a very long time ago, during the era when gossip blogs were even more cruel to women and i was hyper aware of that. but i always had this bad feeling about her and i hate being right about it.

        at least this cycles back to Anna being released from a marriage that was probably the same length as Mulaney GF’s former marriage. (MGF? can that be the easy acronym?)

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Unless Anna had a history of Clinical ED struggles I’m betting hard the stress of JM triggered her. Not her ED issues triggering JM. He’s been open about his heavy and destructive drug use in his comedy for ages.

        Let’s have more before we say they maybe were triggering each other.

        Also, having known an addict intimately… this account of JM sounds extremely plausible.

        I’ve heard bad things about OM since her spike tv days. She was cutthroat and unnecessarily horrible to get ahead. And consider this. She was pretty unknown then and still people did not care to even be in a Viacom elevator with her.

      • observer says:


        regarding whether AMT was triggering JM in any way! i just had lunch with a friend who spends a lot of time on tumblr (home of the jonny depp fangirls et al) and *he* brought up the topic of mulaney, because well…mulaney fangirls, tumblr. apparently the narrative circulating on there, was that AMT was *definitely* being emotionally abusive and toxic to him and that *she* triggered his relapse. i was a little dumbstruck so i laughed.

        if i’m allowed to speculate here, it’s possible and ONLY possible that there’s a tiny grain of salt in all this, but i only actually believe that because i think AMT has the same personality type/relationship style i do– and in the past i used to be a very UNINTENTIONALLY toxic and abusive person. this is just based on my superficial feelings and gut feelings– just like with OM– but again, i HOPE i’m wrong about this.

        guess i’m just amused about how the fangirl narrative is spinning things because it’s fascinating how differently my friend reported to me about this story since he doesn’t read gossip blogs–he’s just a Mulaney fan who spends a lot of time on tumblr…i havent used tumblr in years but this makes me want to go on and see if ANYONE has pointed out to the fangirls the stories about OM/MGF.

        oh yes, and i believe that story in a heartbeat [about spike tv]

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Thanks for clarifying!
        I get that.

        As far as the speculating that they were both bad for each other… maybe.
        I’m coming from a place where I have my own ED and was with an alcoholic. My ED was manageable before him and after him, but spiraled out of control while with him.
        He got arrested for being drunk before, during and after me so it wasn’t I that triggered him, but he triggered me. So, I feel it’s more relatable to believe only one party was at fault. Plus a good treatment facility will admit you with acute or chronic illness treatment.

      • observer says:


        i have extensive experience with having an ED for 20+ years, and i am a sober addict with a pretty severe chronic illness that affects less than 1% of the population. i omitted this from my last comment but i have intense first hand experience with drug addiction, eating disorders, and abusive relationships (i have been trapped in more than one of these and i know how hard it is to get out and i know what it’s like to be triggered by your partner)

        so i know how it is to be in one and how hard it is. i’m sorry that you’ve had to go through that too. let’s not forget that these experiences can be very very different depending on the person, their circumstances, etc though. it also makes me able to be empathic to Mulaney even if i think he’s still on the doom train. don’t you think people just out of rehab are kinda vulnerable to love-bombing, whether it be calculated or unintentonal? idk this is the vibe i get from OM.

      • Carol says:

        Like I said in a last comment, that marriage seemed toxic. That doesn’t mean I’m blaming Tendler for the breakup. But it does seem to me they were in a co-dependent relationship. The breakup seems harsh but sounds like it was best for both of them. And yes, I’ve read that Mulaney was going to strip clubs and DMing strippers during the pandemic. It wouldn’t surprise me if he cheated on Tendler. But I still not sure he cheated with Olivia Munn. Maybe both Tendler and Mulaney can get a fresh start with other people.

    • Lexilla says:

      If John Mulaney’s girlfriend had addiction issues she would have made it known long ago, for the headlines her journey to recovery would get. I know, Petty Betty here, but I’m with Kaiser in my views on his girlfriend.

      • Juju says:

        @LEXILLA: you are exactly right. I would be very surprised if OM had addiction issues. I knew her (through a friend) years ago and she was always totally sober the few times we went out. She specifically said that she didn’t drink etc. Also, at the time my friend mentioned that first impression was that she was fixated on her boyfriend’s career (also an actor and my friend) and really didn’t have time for anyone who couldn’t offer something for her career. It’s been no surprise to me how many times her relationships have been “leaked” to sources and that she’s most well known for who she is dating than her talent or performances. And yet, I suppose it has worked for her and I guess if she was aiming to be well known and get headlines, than her plan is working.

      • Dlc says:

        The vibe I have gotten from OM is that she wants to be the cool girl from Amazing Amy’s Gone Girl speech….but never realized that is a crock of shit that will never let you be happy. Probably miserable with a side of mean girl?

    • angieo717 says:

      Who is this guy?? And why is he famous?? I’ve never heard of him before. Like, never. Lol

    • Lisa says:

      People get all bent out of shape about shit like this but this is life. If you only have ONE life to live, why live it in an unhappy relationship? Its like this societal expectation that there is a wrong or a right way to end a relationship or a marriage when marriage itself is a social construct. It fails, it fails, just move the fuck on. And who knows, maybe his shit with Munn may work out, it may not, but for her, she’s getting to that “past her sell by date” territory and probably wanted a baby, so now she’s getting one, she will be fine with or without this dude. The ex wife had her own issues going on, so whether its an ED or her desperate need for attention, its all parr for the course, her marriage didn’t work out! Many male friends I know who ended up marrying someone with an ED, they wanted kids but the wife was too busy trying to be thin that kids weren’t even possible, so eventually, those marriages fuck up. Or marry someone, have kids, but then she spends all her spare time secretly puking up her food and giving the kids a complex about what they eat, you can imagine, the world is full of disfunctional relationships. Couldnt care less who ends up with who, as long as they are doing so because they KNOW they have only one life to live and its too frikken short to waste it trying to make someone or something work out when its not.

      • Ann says:

        I don’t think people care that he ended his marriage, but rather the way he went about it. The cheating, the timing, etc. You don’t have to stay in a marriage but while you are in one you owe the other party a degree of respect and discretion.

        As far as her ED goes, that wasn’t the reason they didn’t plan to have kids. He didn’t want them, either. He’s talked about it often in his comedy. It might have something to do with growing up in a pretty large family (four kids) with an emotionally distant father.

      • Chelsea says:

        Jesus @Lisa I don’t even know where to start with this comment. To essentially just say that women with eating disorders make terrible wives and mothers and deserve to be left is really terrible. An eating disorder is a mental illness just like addiction; if John is allowed empathy for his struggle with addiction why can’t Anna be allowed it for her issues? You’re right that no one should be stuck in a situation where they are unhappy but the way you speak of women with EDs here is absolutely appalling and i hope you don’t talk this way around women in your life who might be going through the same thing.

  2. Mimi says:

    No *%#!

  3. minx says:

    I don’t get this guy’s supposed appeal, at all.

  4. Lizzie says:

    I watched a clip of him on Seth Meyer’s show and he said he met Olivia for the first time at Seth’s wedding. Seth was nodding his head like ‘yes that is right’.

  5. OriginalLala says:

    Such a messy situation. I wish Anne-Marie and Petunia the very best and hope they realize how lucky they are to be out of this situation, because it wont end well.

  6. Isn’t his whole shtick how much he loves his wife and their dog? He’s completely blown any credibility. Also is it narcissism or stupidity that causes him to actually think anyone is going to buy this BS? Or both?

    • Ann says:

      Well, part of his schtick is also how his father was kind of a cold bastard and he didn’t ever want kids…..

    • Case says:

      Yeah, I think that’s why people are so shocked by this. He came across as fairly authentic and I think a lot of us really bought the image he was selling.

    • Mika says:

      I am a millennial who loved John’s neurotic nice guy image and really felt like I knew him from his stand up. OH WELL. Turns out he’s a sh*tbag like the rest of us. Moving on….

    • milliemollie says:

      He’s setting the stage for his new routine of “I love my gf and baby so much”

  7. Ann says:

    Well she is well rid of him. I am sure she loves(d) him very much and wanted to be there for him, despite his problems. I am sure this is a huge blow and it is going to hurt for a while, especially given the pregnancy. But seriously, she is so much better off. She’s attractive and talented and sounds like a strong person with a good heart. When she is ready to move on, should she want to, I imagine she can find someone who is much better for her.

  8. milliemollie says:

    He still wore his wedding ring when he appeared on Kimmel in December. He even talked about Annemarie. He’s a liar and a cheater.

    • Jamie says:

      good catch, I didn’t notice the ring and forgot that this even happened!

    • Scal says:

      Good catch!

      I think this is all a extension of his gaslighting the ex wife all last year. He really has a desperation to be seen as the nice guy. You made your choices dude-just leave them where they are ans stop making excuses.

      Describing a unborn baby as his savior as a addict is not good.

  9. Steph says:

    Why in the world would anyone want to be with and get pregnant by someone just out of rehab and so early into their sobriety? It’s so fragile at that point that I couldn’t feel secure.

    • Sue Denim says:

      I think she did it for publicity, and to gain a longterm toehold/legitimacy among the elite comedy set, because she is not funny, at all, but she thinks she is and wants to be. Just flat out mean — toward women, jews, the overweight, etc. Also her timeline for having a baby, and poss being a mom-elizer was running out. Maybe none of this consciously, but not w love either. Love would look a lot more like Anna’s statement re the divorce imho…

      • Meg says:

        Ugh i think you hit the nail on the head there
        You’d think people in that field would notice a ‘hanger on’ versus a genuine person? Or maybe they don’t care?

    • whatWHAT? says:

      because the GF is a clout/fame chaser. she’s just not that good of an actress and is not a nice person. she is THIRSTY for more fame and obtains it by dating famous men.

      like, I literally cannot think of the last thing she was in, but I remember who she’s dated.

      • snappyfish says:

        I remember Aaron Rodgers. Their relationship had something to do with him separating from his family. I think when he dated Danica Patrick they mended fences. I used to like John. Now I feel he is just a douche and was good at covering it up. Feel both bad and happy for Anna. Bad she is was blindsided but happy that she dodged this bullet. He has ticked all the boxes to end back up in recovery or worse.

      • minx says:

        Same, I can’t think of anything Mulaney’s girlfriend has been in, but I know who her various boyfriends have been.

      • Fortuona says:

        Rodgers and his family had fallen out way before he started dating Olivia ,them being rascist just made if worse

        And he still does not talk to them ,he still believes in Buddhism and meditation and they are born again and he thinks there views are nuts

    • Meghan says:

      I said yesterday that I am going to side eye the hell out of her if this blows up and she tries to go on an “oh poor me” tour. No ma’am you knew what he has been through the past year and you still pursued him and got yo man. YOU get to live with the consequences from doing all of this with someone with less than a year clean.

      I was a hot mess my first year clean and I’m just a regular person with limited funds and not much access to my drug of choice unless I purposefully seek it out. Started the divorce process at 2 years clean, it was finalized last year and I’m just barely even starting to think about dating again.

      Yes, every person is different and every recovery is different but I just shake my head and feel so disappointed about this whole thing.

      • Georgia says:

        Minx she’s been on the daily show. And she was not funny for a second (honestly she is not the only bad one there have been others who I didn’t find funny either.) I can’t figure out how she got “big” though.

      • EllenOlenska says:

        Congrats on your recovery!

    • Jamie says:

      Well I really don’t think the pregnancy was *planned*, given the super tight time-line and his past insistence that he didn’t want kids. It seems like he’s trying to make the best of the situation he found himself in.

      Anna Marie and Petunia are better off without all of JM’s drama in their life. I wish her happiness moving forward!

  10. Lizzie says:

    He’s talked about being a blackout drunk so I’m sure he did hook up with women and not remember it. He was so lucky to have a wife who wanted to stick it out with him. I liked how he talked about Anna Marie in his standup, he always sounded like he admired her.

    • Sue Denim says:

      yes, he seemed v respectful of AT and women in general, def part of his appeal.

      • Moxylady says:

        I started following her IG a while back and she’s such a talented artist. Just truly able to capture so much feeling and essence in a single image. She’s so talented.

        As for JM- I watched an interview with him where he talked about how an Oceans 11 with women would never work becayee two would always be going off alone to talk shi# about the others and I was like ahhhhh. Here it is.

    • Ange says:

      Those sorts always talk lovingly about their partners while the long suffering partners put up with their messiness, it’s being the centre of someone else’s universe that they admire not the person themselves. Now he’s putting all that feeling on OM and showing how he’ll treat her when he’s bored and found someone else who will orbit around him.

  11. BitsyCS says:

    He said he met Olivia at Seth’s wedding. I mean it’s clear the people who consider themselves HIS friends are giving him cover & opportunity to share his version of events which does make me wonder what the deal was with his relationship with his wife. It’s possible they’re just being loyal to the person who is their friend, but Seth in particular walked pretty far out on a ledge to prop up his relationship with the new girlfriend. If she was at his wedding, I have to wonder if she is more accepted in his friend circle and that’s part of the reason for the circling the wagons a bit. Or if it’s just they want him to stay sober and think this helps? Idk, the whole thing is a weird vibe but the Seth thing made it clear that his friends will do pretty much anything for him. Which is nice, I guess, but it seems fairly over the top to give 20m of your show to that when basically Mulaney could probably just ignore the scandal and let it burn out. There’s a lot going on right now, sure the internet would roast him for ten minutes, but after that people would be like…whatever.

    • Case says:

      The fact that Seth had him on his show for the purpose of announcing his official relationship timeline and Olivia’s pregnancy is freaking weird, I agree. Mulaney knows that he’s 100% going against his wife guy schtick and that he’ll probably lose popularity from this, and his friends are trying to help him safe face.

      I’m very sympathetic regarding his addiction issues, but the aftermath of this has been so incredibly messy.

    • Queen Meghan's Hand says:

      Mulaney CRAVES acceptance from his fans and an audience. He has said this repeatedly. He probably called Seth and asked for time. That he needs the public to accept this relationship and believe he is not a cheater does not bode well for these next months in his still early recovery.

    • Kate says:

      Yeah I just…don’t think giving him a platform to publicly lie (or massage the truth if you want to be generous) is going to help him long-term. This is enabling your friend who is not making good choices to keep making or hiding from those bad choices, which is a slippery slope. If Mulaney can’t take accountability for his actions in this respect he is still living in shame and secrecy and inauthenticity, which is what addictive behavior thrives in.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      I’ve never noticed Seth Meyers YouTube page to edit out critical comments before, but they are moderating for the JM interview very heavily. Only praises and well wishes are there.

    • frankly says:

      Seth is also tight with Fred Armisen, who by all accounts is a dreadful person.

  12. rainbowkitty says:

    I always thought he came off as a typical bro type guy… I never got his appeal or even found him to be that funny. Still dont.

  13. Lurker25 says:

    The podcast celebrity memoir book club did an episode on Olivia Munn’s memoir recently.

    HOLY SH-T.

    They HATED her.

    They have kind of annoying voices (LA vocal fry) so when they said they hated the book right off the bat, I thought they were influenced by the whole Mulaney baby situation.
    The did a great job focusing on the book. And basically, by her own words, Olivia Munn is a pick me misogynistic bitch

    • Jessie Quinton says:

      The stuff she said about overweight people and her out-of-nowhere misogynistic remarks were disgusting.

    • MF1 says:

      Haven’t read the memoir but this is the vibe I always got from Olivia: that she’s an insecure mean girl who hates other women.

      • DS9 says:

        To be fair, she hates mostly everyone.

        Her Attack of the Show days really set the stage for how she courts attention where she can find a fawning audience and then resents/hates the audience for not being her ideal one.

        She’s a climber, who forgets the rung below as soon as she’s gotten her for foot off the step and I have nothing but sympathy for any child born to such a person.

    • remarks says:

      I always thought it was a little weird she’d make fun of her mom’s accent and intelligence. Something was always off about her “humour.”

      When the stuff in her memoir was mentioned, I thought “Oh wow, it’s going to be hard trying to make her sound likable.”

    • observer says:

      man you just straight ahead went and said what i lightly danced around in one of my other comments. that’s it! she’s a pickme! it was the pickme vibe i was picking up off her long before ‘pickme girl’ was in my vocabulary or existed as a firm social conceptualization.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Since she is hot on the trail of attacking anyone that mentions her by name, I vote we call her O.F.F.S.M.!!! Or, O.G.F.C., one or both would be appropriate!! Or, O.M.S.T.F.U. 😊

    • Kviby says:

      Thank you for that rec. just heard that episode and I’m pretty interested in hearing more because i wouldnt read those books myself but like to hear about them.
      I don’t mind their voices nearly as much as Olivia’s book quotes and her “humour” in Talk show interviews (she just is not funny, to me at least.)
      The only thing I found odd in that podcast is they insist that Aaron Rodgers is gay and thus his marriage with shaylene whatever is not real. But at the same time they seem to have known for a fact that Olivia was pregnant before the announcement so maybe they do know things? I just never expected that shailene woman to marry a gay man so hard to wrap my head around

  14. Jessie Quinton says:

    The amount of people and websites covering for this man and what he did is astounding.

    “We don’t know him, so we shouldn’t judge”. We don’t know him but we know enough about him that we know he’s gaslighting us with this timeline!

    “He’s an addict, give him a break”. It is possible for someone to be an addict and STILL be a douche that needs to take accountability for his actions.

    His poor wife.

    • terra says:

      Exactly. Being an addict doesn’t absolve anyone of responsibility for their actions while under the influence. If it did then step 9 in AA and NA wouldn’t need to exist: “Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.”

      My uncle is an addict and knowing he was on drugs didn’t make his poor treatment of me as a child any easier to accept. My best friend’s ex was an addict who relapsed near the end of their relationship and the knowledge that she was using again didn’t stop them from breaking up with her when her lies caught up with her. Neither has ever tried to make amends, so neither has been forgiven.

      Gaslighting his ex in the press doesn’t say “I am sorry for hurting you,” it fairly screams, “I am an entitled douchebag who thinks I can spin my way out of this mess without a crisis manager because I don’t actually think I’ve done anything wrong.”

    • Kerfuffles says:

      THANK YOU. If anybody comments online that he seems like a jerk based on this whole situation and/or the situation is antithetical to his comedy schtick for his whole career, some others scream “parasocial relationship! He owes you nothing! He’s not your friend! He’s an addict in recovery!” Good lord…trying to silence any criticism or gossip about the man – particularly after he VOLUNTEERED a very sketchy timeline of the situation on national television – is not something he’s entitled to nor is that doing him any favors either.

      • Jessie Quinton says:

        EXACTLY. He volunteered that he was an addict. He volunteered about his married life and made it part of his show. And now he’s trying to pull the wool over our eyes with this timeline so he doesn’t lose the “Nice Guy” image he cultivated. It’s gross, and I say that as a now former fan — because whilst I can forgive indiscretions and his drug addiction, gaslighting your fans to save your job is too much.

  15. Truthiness says:

    Anna Marie came off as a b in his work so I think the problems were already there. Things he loved, she hated. Jerry Seinfeld bought them a carpet, she didn’t want it coming in the door. He loves Steely Dan, sees them every year, and she hates them very much. One time he characterized her as a b**** who hated much of his life and she preferred others. Other times he backpedaled and said she was lovely. Anna should be with someone whose habits she doesn’t hate so much. That said, getting with a sheep is better than his current rebound.

    • Her? says:

      Meh. It was probably a mixed bag. You don’t have to love everything your partner does to be in a good relationship. Pete Holmes had him on You Made It Weird a couple of times and John talked in depth about how much they loved each other. Things change, but grace and class would be nice. PS – Pete Holmes is a good interviewer and he deep dives with his guests. Refreshing in a Twitter world.

      • Margot says:

        Thanks for the recommendation – I like Pete Holmes. And yes, grace and class would be nice in this situation. Yikes.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      Jerry Seinfeld was dating a 17 year old highschool student when he was nearly 40 years old, I wouldn’t want a carpet from him either. What next a Crockpot from Roman Polanski?

      If Mulaney was calling his wife anything he could well have been engaging in the yee old art of rewriting his relationship history to justify screwing sidepieces, I would take anything he said with a boulder of salt.

      • Lizzie Bathory says:

        “A crockpot from Roman Polanski.” I choked on my coffee.

      • Veronica S. says:

        I would also strongly side-eye a celebrity using their platform to characterize their ex-relationship negatively when said partner doesn’t also have an equivalently strong public platform. At the end of the day, she may not be the nicest or even a good person. We have no idea. We do know, however, that he decided to follow up a stint in rehab with a divorce, new girlfriend, and pregnancy all in very short order, which he credits with “saving him.” For those of us with addicts in our families, that’s a lot of red flags, all of which he’s chosen to make very public.

      • Pork chops & Apple sauce says:

        Okay, that is HILARIOUS, Roman Polanski, instant classic, thank you!

      • Christina says:

        He needs a sheep. AMT is not a sheep.

        Kaiser is right: he got played and is rolling with it. He has the money to do it; he’s not the first and won’t be the last. He will be enabled for a long, long time, and played, too.

      • Ann says:

        That is so funny and I hate that I didn’t think of it first!

        As for the rug, maybe she just didn’t like it. She’s an artist, she probably has tastes and opinions about how to decorate her house. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Jerry Seinfeld didn’t share those tastes.

        Or maybe the rug was just really ugly.

    • Driver8 says:

      She’s not wrong about Steely Dan, lol

    • Moxylady says:

      The whole thing with the carpet was a bit. It just didn’t work very well.

      • Sue Denim says:

        exactly, it was a bit, meant to play up the character he’d created of her as a kind of badass, but kind of mean, passive aggressive and manipulative in retrospect, like him announcing in his emmy win why she wasn’t there. He gets to look like the good guy, while making her look bad, a twist on the old comedy trope of “take my wife, please…”

    • bitsycs says:

      Hmm yeah this tends to make me think she was never tight with his comedy circle friends and I wondered if she was included in the intervention (since it was at a college friend’s place and it sounds like his comedy friends were there). I suspect they may blame her (and potentially were never fans of her) for his relapse or the September/October drug abuse that prompted the first rehab stint of 2020. Messy, messy.

      • Cj says:

        Yeah, the blame thing from friends is interesting… There’s a hint of blame in the quotes already…. In one breath saying she moved to DC for work and then in the other basically saying him alone in New York led to the relapse.

        I hope she sees she’s going to be better off afterwards – if he needs someone monitoring him to stay clean then that person will end up be limiting their opportunities because they conflict with his needs. She was always going to be caring for his needs above her own, and if she’s in her own recovery, she deserves to be able to put herself first. And to have those career opportunities without being made to bear the blame for someone else’s decisions.

      • teecee says:

        I think while she wasn’t at it, she’s the one who initiated it. I saw somewhere that she was the one who called Seth to set it up.

        I’m going to see if I can find that source.

      • Truthiness says:

        No matter what their problems were. I think it boils down to Anna shouldn’t be with an unraveling addict who lies at least some of the time. Life is too much of a fun house mirror. I wonder if John remembers how he got caught up with his rebound.

  16. Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

    I hope his agent and publicist have some meditation apps on their phones because…they are in for a bumpy ride:
    - Anna Marie Tendler has her own strong following because John included her SO MUCH in his work and his press. Will that portion of his fan base stay with him?
    - He used his marriage as a way to distinguish himself as a comedian, it became part of his persona. And now his fans have learned that not only was he cheating on his wife, but he is lying to them about cheating. His fans who have a parasocial relationship with him which is not a result of their craziness but a result of a conscious effort on his part.
    - He intentionally crafted his persona and relationship to his audience. Does he have the ability to change his persona? Change how he relates to his audience? It doesn’t seem so from his Seth Meyers interview. How will he deal when some of his fans turn their backs to him?
    I’m not implying his career is over—far from it—but for a person who has said that his deepest and closest relationship has been with his audience, this is not a good situation. How will someone with unresolved daddy issues facing impending fatherhood, someone who craves acceptance deal when a loud contingent of his fan base rejects him?

    • Maida says:

      “His fans who have a parasocial relationship with him which is not a result of their craziness but a result of a conscious effort on his part . . . . He intentionally crafted his persona and relationship to his audience.”

      EXACTLY. And I agree that he’s making matters worse with the sketchy explanations and justifications he’s giving for the divorce and rebound relationship. He chose to build up the perception of himself as a nice, neurotic guy, and now that isn’t going to hold up well.

    • Veronica S. says:

      I think that’s part of my problem with the segment of the fanbase who thinks this shouldn’t be up for public judgement. Like, he made his relationship part of his routines. He put it out there for public consumption. It’s wound through his comedy. That was a calculated risk in order to engage his audience, and, well, here’s the cost. When the image you’ve crafted falls apart in a very public way, you have to deal with the fallout.

      • Queen Meghan's Hand says:

        Thank you @Maida and @Veronica S.! Glad I’m not the only one who thinks this.

      • North of Boston says:

        This may be a stretch but it reminds me of people telling folks irritated at the whole Mike Richards hired himself Jeopardy host thing that they should stand down because it never was a real contest with fans influencing the decision.

        But the Jeopardy executive team were the ones who made it seem like it was a public contest in the first place! THEY were the ones who framed the guest hosts as having tryouts, encouraged viewers to weigh in with their opinions, to post about it on social media, etc.

        The Sony/Jeopardy leadership put it all up for public judgement, comment and debate and encouraged all that! They loved all that publicity and the clicks, press, ratings it brought their show / brand. The thought that everyone needs to just stand down and shut up and continue following Jeopardy when TPTB botched it up royally and dragged the show horribly off brand is nonsense.

        Same with JM. If he’s out there selling himself as XYZ, making his marriage, relationship, home life his brand/act, actively courting a certain type of fan engagement, he can’t simply snap his fingers and make all that off limits.

        IIRC folks/press DID give him space, leeway, privacy last year, aside from basic reports. Folks weren’t all up in his white toothy grill about his going to rehab. It’s when the first pics with his GF surfaced, and the sudden move out of his home that people started really making noise about his business and winding up about the disconnect between his brand/image/past statements and whatever TF his was doing with GF and the fast track from rehab to new relationship/other ginormous life changes.

  17. Her? says:

    A podcast with connections to the NYC comedy scene reported the pregnancy whispers back in May. So, I expect a December baby. But let’s see when they trot the poor little thing out. Trying to fool a judge when it comes to settlement time? Girlfriend was actually at Seth’s wedding because she was a plus one. She was dating another SNL dude then. So, left her date to stalk John and Anna the whole event. Class act stuff. What adds to the sting is (before John and Anna scrubbed their Instas) there were so many photos showing that it looked like she was very much accepted and integrated into his friend group. So, she found out that those people were really never her friends either. John is clearly sick. I hope the best for everyone, especially Anna and the baby. I really hope John can survive and recover. Hope Girlfriend can learn to become a good person, but whatever…

    • Jamie says:

      I did not know about her being in their social circles, I would be interested to see what was scrubbed off Instagram if anyone knows where that could be found.

      • amilou says:

        It’s not that certain things were scrubbed. It’s that their accounts were wiped clean and restarted. Years of photos gone – their wedding photos, photos with Petunia (the dog), photos from vacations, and other mundane everyday photos.

  18. Songs (Or it didnt happen) says:

    I think he probably has tried to put a bow on things but I guess I give him credit for being involved in the pregnancy and (publicly, at least) saying how excited he is about the baby. He *could* have pressured the one eyed one horned flying purple potato eater to have an abortion, ghosted her, or skipped out on his kid’s life. At least he is trying.

    • Her? says:

      Nah. Paternity tests don’t make that an option and his past interviews reveal that he still believes in “doing the right thing” and that one of his greatest fears was getting someone pregnant. I watched part of the Sack Lunch Bunch the other day and was stunned at how staunchly pro-“child free” he was. Like, we knew it from his standup. But he basically stopped the kids show in the first 5 minutes to reiterate that dad life was not for him. I don’t think he’s stable right now at all. Being on the road right now too? Ugh. God, I want his support system to be good/better.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      disagree. to paraphrase Chris Rock, he doesn’t get credit for stuff HE’S SUPPOSED TO DO.

      however, you get bonus point for “flying purple potato eater”. THAT’S GOLD.

    • Jessie Quinton says:

      Nope. This is about salvaging his good guy image and to make She Who Must Not Be Named look like less of a homewrecker. He’s been saying he didn’t want kids for ages.

  19. smee says:

    That Seth Meyers interview was sad. While SM was being supportive, you could also see he wasn’t 100 percent. The whole thing stinks of coaching and cover-up, probably whipped up by baby mama to make things seem copesthetic. She wants her celebrity mom moment. I predict relapse or worse for him.

    • Erin says:

      Addiction and rehab aside, it’s clear that he cheated, it’s clear he wasn’t at all honest with his wife, clear that his wife very much thought that they were married, and together, regardless of whatever other horsesh*t version of events he was feeding The purple potato eater, and whoever else at the time. (And really, who WOULD think that their husband going to “rehab” actually meant secretly “dating” an overeager fangirl who made public plays for him even while he was in treatment?) It’s clear his new timeline isn’t true, it’s clear that even Seth Myers was like, “Woooow, bud, wow. Good luck with that.” It’s clear that Seth Myers and other colleagues see this situation for what it is, a mess, and a sad mess of such large, permanent, life altering proportions, that all you can do is what you can to avoid him further imploding. He clearly never wanted kids, and it’s clear the Purple Potato Eater either got pregnant immediately, or became pregnant while his wife still thought that they were married. And really, who cares which one of those absurd scenarios it is? I agree with the commenters pointing out how exhausted and over it he already looks. Sometimes unwanted things happen to people who treat their partners and long term friends like garbage. Sometimes your sketchy sidechick has an “Oops” when it seems unclear if you’re going to actually leave your wife and acknowledge her. I hope his ex sees what a bullet she dodged, and is enjoying the karmic flavor of his side piece, of course, OF COURSE, having a “surprise” baby. 😂

  20. remarks says:

    I don’t have strong feelings about him, but based on how he looks I can see why people like him. There’s something to his appearance that seems like it would appeal to a certain crowd, especially when you compare him to other comedians who look a bit rougher.

    I can also see why people are trying to spin the new girlfriend to look good so he doesn’t look bad, but she really is unlikable based on what’s in her memoir. From an optics perspective, I almost think he could have spun this to look ok if he had picked a more likable new person to have in his life (or maybe an actual likable person would have lost her halo — could go either way). But I can’t help but think this scandal might have been less out of control if he had picked anyone else. That sounds shallow and reduces them to flat people, but since it’s gossip and people like to analyze PR strategies, that’s my two cents.

  21. vociferousgirl says:

    I’m so confused. What does She who not be named do? Why is she famous? Why do I know her name? I know she’s an actor, but it doesn’t look like any of the parts she’s had are major enough to have this sort of popularity.

    Is she just a grifter?

    • remarks says:

      I always thought she was famous for being hot, because of the types of shoots she’d do (so I think I assumed she was a model), but then I learned she was on The Daily Show, which shocked me. I fell off my chair when I read that.

      I think she does have an actual career, but is in movies I probably wouldn’t take the time to see. I would see her on talk shows a lot, but never laughed at her jokes. I often came away not liking her, and I thought maybe it was my own wrong reaction to not liking how she comes across (you know how you sometimes just don’t like someone, but can’t really articulate why?), but I feel better knowing now that some of her jokes are really that bad.

      • Jessie Quinton says:

        A quick look at her IMDB shows her star power is waning. She has a B movie lined up for this year and not much else. She’s 41, too — geriatric in Hollywood years.

        She’s always looked for a come up and John Mulaney is big name.

    • samipup says:

      She doxed and insulted the FUG girls who criticized her clothing (in their charming, funny, gentle way).

    • Songs (Or it didnt happen) says:

      She was Psylocke in X-Men Apocalypse a few years ago. Her part wasn’t really that big, but she didn’t do anything to distinguish herself either. She was very meh.

  22. Wilma says:

    I’m hoping that the girlfriend at least wanted to be a mom so that the baby isn’t an anchor baby.

  23. SophieJara says:

    While I think John probably cheated, I think it’s very insulting to suggest anyone Anna knows would be talking to the NY Post, the Donald Trump of tabloid newspapers. This is a paper that printed a photo of the face of an American minor after the Boston bombing saying he was the bomber (suspect) because he was Arab-looking. (He was not the suspect).

    Anna seems to be a generally publicity-shy artist who makes elaborate lamps and moves in liberal artsy circles. No one in her camp is talking to these racists.

    • Jessie Quinton says:

      I don’t think it’s insulting. She may be above talking to the press, but best believe if that was my bestie I’d be shouting about how big a POS her ex was to her from the rooftops. LOL

    • milliemollie says:

      It looks like he has People and PageSix on his side, maybe her friends couldn’t go anywhere else.

      • SophieJara says:

        Maybe, but why not the Daily News, the liberal tabloid then? The Post is like actively white supremacist, I just don’t think she would choose them.

        I think it generally irks me that Celebitchy does really excellent deep dives on UK tabloid motivations and columnists, but prints things from US Weekly and the NY Post as if they’re remotely reputable sources. I mean, David Pecker was CEO of US Weekly until a minute ago. So that general feeling is probably contributing to me pushing back on this particular Ana story.

    • teecee says:

      Unfortunately the typically “liberal” or left-leaning outlets have been helping to launder JM’s image. You can see that in how they’re covering the story (heavy use of the internet’s favorite term of the day, “parasocial”) and how most entertainment reporters are tweeting that people who care about this story are the problem. The conservative ones are willing to go after him, not because they care about the truth, but because they want to score points off a liberal like JM.

      If the liberal ones are unwilling to tell AMT’s side of the story, what other choice does she have? She doesn’t have BFFs with nationally-syndicated tv shows. The only reason her “side” is even getting any airing now is because social media is allowing non-connected people to call a spade a spade.

      And the truth is the truth, no matter what the political leanings of the outlet that is printing it.

  24. Veronica S. says:

    We’ll never know exactly what went down (though I think we can assume he’s not being totally honest about it), but at end of the day…his ex probably got the better deal in the long run lol. Now she can mourn, recover, and move on.

    Munn, on the other hand, will have a child to deal with. Deciding to get knocked up by a dude fresh out of a divorce and rehab is a CHOICE is all I’ll say, and it’s a pretty big recipe for relapse on both their parts. When and if that happens, that puts a kid right in the middle of that drama. Not the smartest or most thoughtful choice.

  25. Size Does Matter says:

    She’s going to start Googling him if she hasn’t already, so brace for impact.

  26. Bobbie says:

    Why does he care so much what people think? People overlap relationships. Happens all the time, and this story will die down in the gossip cycle over time.

    • Jessie Quinton says:

      Because the good guy image was part of his appeal to lots of his fans. He was the straight laced guy with a nice little wife and a dog they pushed around in a stroller. Yes, we knew about is addictions but he played it out as he had overcome them. He even took Pete Davidson under his wing when he had a breakdown one time to show him what a sober life in comedy could be like or something like that.

      And whilst the public can forgive an addict for relapsing and they can root for their recovery, he can’t also admit to relapsing AND cheating on the wife his fans have come to know and love through his material. ESPECIALLY if the fame mongering side piece got pregnant when you were supposed to be faithful and working on our recovery.

      • Bobbie says:

        Ah. That is why I’ve never paid all that much attention to him. The “nice guy” personna doesn’t appeal to me. :) THat is the problem with that personna. It leaves you no room.

    • remarks says:

      I actually wondered why he was addressing it publicly, since technically it’s none of our business regardless of whether his marriage is in his stand-up, but now I’m thinking he’ll eventually make all of this baby stuff part of his material and maybe addressing it eases the shock when his material makes the transition.

  27. Endlesscircles says:

    The guy is an ADDICT. Addicts LIE. None of this surprises me out of an addict. Love addicts (I’m in Al Anon, 9 years), but they are always an addict whether or not they are using, so the behaviors are always beneath the surface. Addiction is a disease that is vastly misunderstood and mischaracterized. It is very SERIOUS he brought an innocent child into this. Not just from a genes perspective, but his condition is extremely fragile. This is TYPICAL to blue-sky and rose-colored-glasses this post-rehab, but the GRIM reality is that this relationship will not last, and the child will suffer the most, not the least of which having a mother who got pregnant with a man who is an ADDICT. Not trying to judge the new mom on board here, but the situation couldn’t be worse because that child needs protection. Children of addicts usually have difficult lives (speaking from experience). It’s only because they’re celebrities that it has this veneer of “it’s going to be OK.” No. It’s probably not.

    The side piece and him are in limerence. This is not love. The way he’s treating his wife (they’re not yet divorced; she’s still his wife) is extremely character revealing, and yes, in line with ADDICT behavior. How incredibly ADDICT like to pump sunshine out when to even the casual observer his wife must have strong feelings, and you’re not going to acknowledge that or her?

    The attempt to PR-wash this was pathetic and narcissistic and classic ADDICT. The public is not stupid, and certainly when the baby is born we can all figure out the conception date! Narcissists always craft the narrative to fit how they want things to be…not exactly how they ARE.

    He got bad PR advice (or perhaps he was adamant about damage control), and you have a wild horse in the girlfriend, who, it appears, will take any publicity, good or bad. So it checks out he would feel he had to say something. His image!

    It’s very telling the wife is staying mum. Good move. Step away from the fray — exactly what one does with the consequences of an ADDICT’s choices.

  28. remarks says:

    It’s funny how John Mulaney also calls the new girlfriend “this woman.” He doesn’t seem to call her by name either.

  29. Merricat says:

    If you think John Mulaney is a trash human, you should be glad he got out of his marriage and feel pleased that his ex-wife-to-be doesn’t have to deal with it anymore. Obviously there was a problem, or they wouldn’t have both ended up in rehab for their various reasons. I don’t understand why people are mad that he left when it was obviously a toxic relationship. It was ALREADY ugly between them; at least now, the ugliness will end at some point.
    Comedians are not role models. They’re people who try to turn their pain into humor so they can live with it. Photographers (like AMT) use their art to work through their feelings, as well, which you know if you’ve seen her Insta.
    I think it’s interesting that people are so emotionally invested in this. You don’t have to like anyone, but no one knows the story of anyone’s marriage but the people in it.

    • stagaroni says:

      Thank you, Merricat. Mulaney has always been honest about his troubled past, yet people want to identify him as some “ah shucks” type of person.

      Many people don’t realize how people use humor as a shield. I learned this at a young age. It hides the pain of trauma, and/or the awkwardness we feel for being “different”. People who have suffered trauma or deal with depression don’t always process information the same way others may, and we might not always access the proper coping mechanisms or strategies. What happened between these two married people is sad, but, as you said, it is better for both of them in the long run. Two people should not be forced into a relationship when neither are happy and feeling the urge to harm themselves. I would say that is exactly when they should call it quits.

    • teecee says:

      I can’t believe people are gossiping on a gossip website!!!

    • Isa says:

      I think most people know she’s better off not being in that relationship, but are upset at the way he threw salt on the wound at the end of relationship in which she most likely suffered greatly.

  30. Adrian says:

    Sorry to tell you but she Googles John Mulaney’s name now. Hi, Liv👋.

  31. Adrian says:

    Some of John’s standup material seem to suggest that Anna Marie wears the pants in their marriage/relationship. Kind of “controlling”, I don’t know the word but that could be harsh (my interpretation not his). Maybe he suddenly decided that he isn’t the submissive type and want to set himself free. But hooking up w OM? Doesn’t make sense.

    • Sue Denim says:

      or it was his turn on the old trope of take my wife please, setting her up to make himself look good/the poor husband. I never saw it back then, but now w the recent attempt at gaslighting the timeline, takes on a v diff light. not to mention the anti-semitism as well…

    • LaraW” says:

      When a non-addict is in a long term relationship with a recovering addict, it is necessary to 1. provide love and support and 2. maintain strict boundaries and structure. It’s a very fine line and costs a lot of mental and emotional energy to maintain it. It is not healthy or helpful for the non-addict partner to police their loved one’s behavior, but it is also catastrophic to provide love and no structure. From his perspective, it’s certainly possible that there were times it seemed she was excessively controlling. I think it’s nearly impossible to say that she NEVER crossed the line; she’s human too, makes mistakes, and there have to have been times when her behavior was overbearing trying to uphold the structure. But to immediately characterize her as a controlling wife is, I think, unfair.

      Addiction is a monster with no easy solutions and in many cases, a never-ending balancing act.

    • Ania says:

      This poor baby. Aren’t women usually trying to pick best fathers for their kids? A child will strain the best relationship and if JM already expects the baby to save him ….. Jeez, it’s gonna be bad and I hope this bites the girlfriend in the ass because she’s knowingly bringing a child into this mess. JM too but let’s not pretend this was planned on his part.

      And please don’t start with „controlling” wife shtick. It’s a code for expecting the man to do his part and holding their life together. My husband’s friends thought that about me when we married and they still wanted to party all night. And when I was finally saying, no more for us, that we have sth important (like sign a morgage important) the next day I was hearing „you know sometimes you can just live a little”. Sooo from my POV she was just an adult trying to make their life work while he had the luxury to be the easy going guy. Maybe she really was a b**** but I’m gonna give her the benefit of a doubt because she’s not the gaslighting one.

  32. Fug girls forever! says:

    His girlfriend can never be forgiven for what she did to The Fug girls. Also wasn’t she pretty shady with Justin Timberlake when he was with Jessica Biel? Seems like there’s a pattern.let’s hope they both turn a new leaf and a baby helps them be kinder people.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      OM has had a reputation of always being awful to people around her unless they directly benefited her.
      And yes, she leaked her affair with Timberlake and SWF biel on social media.

  33. stagaroni says:

    Haven’t we learned what happens to people who are dealing with mental health and addictions issues while also dealing with the constant media glare and criticism? Look at Britney. While dealing with addiction she did outrageous things, and she has been forgiven. People get to a breaking point. I worry about his wife having to deal with it, and I worry about him. My ex did some really nasty things, and there is no way I would want the world to read every little detail.

    So many people have been through hell due to the pandemic and many marriages and relationships have crumbled. I wish everyone in this situation health, peace, and happiness.

  34. Winechampion says:

    I’ll probably get attacked for this, but you can love your wife and dog very much and you can not want kids, and then things can change. Sure, that was part of his comedy, and I don’t doubt that it was true then.

    The insistence I’m seeing from so many people that apparently human beings aren’t allowed to change, that he was somehow “selling an image” and “lying about himself”—it’s boggling. May none of you ever find yourselves in emotional upheaval, questioning your lives and decisions, etc.

    And NO I am not caping for anyone here. It’s just the expectation that a comedian answer to the public’s demand for perfect moral purity…that’s disturbing.

    • stagaroni says:

      I am just so confused by what people consider acceptable behavior and who and what they will allow. People seem to forget that Ben Affleck assaulted Anna Marie Tendler at the 2014 Golden Globes Party. She tweeted after, “He walked by me, cupped my butt and pressed his finger into my crack…” He denied it, of course, but he is known for being grabby. I guess it depends on who you are or who you date as to whether or not you get a pass. How do people think Anna Marie feels knowing that Affleck assaulted her and he is cheered on for dating JLO? It feels like he got away with it, because he did.

      • Winechampion says:

        As far as I’m aware, nothing John did was illegal or even predatory. He may or may not have cheated on his wife, but if he did, it was with another consenting adult, and my god, people have affairs ALL THE TIME. people are free to choose to support whoever they want according to their own values, and that’s fine. I just think that if we start boycotting everyone in entertainment who ever committed adultery… LOL. No entertainment ever again

    • A says:

      I don’t think anyone is really denying that these things can change. Or that a comedian has to be 100% truthful when telling jokes. But to be a public figure, and to have a particular brand of comedy, as John Mulaney does, is to sell an image. I mean, you could argue that we all do this, but it’s definitely part of being a celebrity. He presents himself publicly as one thing and getting caught up in something like this does absolutely show us another side of him. No one can reasonably say that he should be a perfectly moral person, or that his addiction and emotional upheaval aren’t his to work through and share however he sees fit. That does not mean that all of his decisions are good, or healthy. He did something shady and clearly he doesn’t want people to think of him as a shady guy. I think it’s not out of line to comment on that.

      • Merricat says:

        I really don’t get that. He wears a suit and he uses his life experience for comedy. That is the extent of his presentation.
        I don’t think anyone here is saying that all of his decisions are good or healthy. He fell off the wagon and behaved atrociously, as addicts do. Cocaine addicts are not easy. It must have been awful for AMT.
        However, I think it’s a much healthier choice to end a relationship that is not working, one in which you’ve been cheating, than to try to hide the cheating and remain in the relationship. I have no respect for continuing a corpse marriage.

      • A says:

        Either I haven’t explained myself clearly or there’s some misunderstanding because we’re not disagreeing about much here. It’s not my marriage but it sounds like it was not a stable, happy one at its core. There’s no point in continuing a relationship if it’s not good for either party. I don’t disagree about that at all. And I know no one has said what he’s done is healthy. Rather, I am disputing the OP’s representation of people’s responses to Mulaney’s recent life changes. It’s not necessarily the changes that has caught everyone so off-guard. And I think most have sympathy for upheaval and addiction. But I don’t think discussing his alleged cheating or his choice of girlfriend is actually the same thing as demanding perfect moral purity like OP said.

        As for presentation, again, he absolutely does cultivate a specific image. Like all celebrities. Like we all do, one way or another; it’s not a bad thing. If he didn’t care, or he had a reputation as a playboy, or didn’t make being married a central part of what he shares with people, he likely wouldn’t have been so careful to put out this timeline. But he felt he needed to do so to control his public image.

    • remarks says:

      I feel there’s more judgement of the new girlfriend than him. I know I’m judging her for being obsessed with him while he was engaged (and then married). People still seem to like him well enough, despite whatever flaws he might have. But since she’s really annoying, I don’t really care. (What was her obsession with the fat jokes? I just don’t understand. That’s more “uh-oh” when I think of the baby than even his former (?) addiction. )

    • Col says:

      Agree absolutely. None of us know what really went down. I enjoy his stand up – I don’t need him to be morally perfect, he’s a comedian.

  35. Mel says:

    This will not end well….,

  36. Zoochy says:

    Y’all remember when OM was on the Daily Show? Yeah because she was awful.

    Related: start this at 42:01

  37. Katherine says:

    Just realized today that for years I had confused John Mulaney with Max Greenfield. I thought Mulaney was on New Girl. Has anyone else confused him with other actors or comedians or is it just me?

  38. Imara219 says:

    I still say this doesn’t change my perspective of the situation. It’s clear that cracks were there in their marriage for a minute but (by the sound of it) he built his comedy career on their lifestyle and relationship so reality was altered from the stage. It’s possible he did or does admire her as a person or artist but doesn’t love her in a marriage. Perhaps they aren’t best for one another. The divorce is a sign that both sides have some issues to address and work through. If he was spiraling in 2020 It’s clear that fissures were there earlier; whether perceived or reality. He’s trying to fudge dates and timelines to not disappoint his fans (not unreasonable for a celebrity) but of course his fans can reject the inauthenticity of his current trajectory. I also don’t find it weird for OM not to be named she has done enough to be personal non grata.

  39. why? says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he is still abusing drugs and alcohol and that he picked the girlfriend because she enabled that lifestyle. If he had stayed in rehab and was truly seeking help for his addictions, he probably wouldn’t be with the “new” girlfriend. The horrible thing about this situation is how his and the girlfriend’s camp keep trying to depict his wife as the villain while depicting their relationship as fate or some sort of fairytale. I hope that the press doesn’t start acting surprised when the girlfriend whines about how he cheated on her and abandoned their child for another woman. It’s like she purposely set up the staged photo-op to hurt the wife.

  40. Grey says:

    I enjoy that her stupid tweet is getting clowned on Twitter today haha. The quote tweets have been amazing.

  41. June says:

    Mad at myself for being played and falling for his on-stage persona. I don’t think I can laugh at his jokes anymore. He totally destroyed a lovely human being for the sake of “New Material.” Marriages end, relationships end but do it with some care and compassion. He totally blew up his marriage coming out of rehab… kamakazzi style. YES, his timeline is shady as he filed for divorce on July 23, 2021. Since his comedy is about being authentically human, better to be honest and come clean. Maybe that is the origin of the internet on fire with his life stuff….lack of total honesty. Probably the only person benefiting from this mess is his public relations rep and all the overtime pay they are getting. BTW, the Seth Meyers gig was about as enjoyable as a root canal. Totally staged……

  42. June says:

    He will have plenty of new material when he gets to the Making Amends part of his Recovery…….

  43. The Recluse says:

    Sounds like Olivia got herself a real winner.
    His ex-wife is going to look back one day and be so very grateful he’s out of her life.

  44. Silent Star says:

    I just don’t get how this guy is such a ladies man. He has the vibe and sex appeal of a ventriloquist dummy.

  45. Isa says:

    This relationship is going to eat him alive. He can’t handle the valid criticism.

  46. amilou says:


  47. Normades says:

    I watched the John/Seth interview and It was Just So gross imo. Seth interviewed his BRO so BRO could explain his messy life.
    I’m sure seth was friends with John’s ex wife. Asshole.

  48. remarks says:

    He’ll continue to be fine career-wise as long as he continues to be funny. I assume he did the interview with Seth Meyers because his career is on his mind, but I feel his career what he has to worry about least.

  49. BC says:

    I never get why anyone cares who cheated on who and when, especially the when. He’s not my husband, and I just don’t care. It’s such a weird Puritanical thing that this type of gossip still makes huge waves, mostly from women who have no personal connection to them.

    What I really don’t like is the scenario of the forlorn poor wife who really wanted to work this out. First, I highly doubt this, and anyone who is supporting this idea really needs to get their head checked. I mean their marriage was a toxic mess with or without the new girlfriend. Let’s say you get a job in DC and your husband stays in NY and then goes DM’ing, flirting and probably cheating on you, and then back to drugs after addiction. The drugs part probably did complicate his ex-wife’s outward reaction to him. I mean if you loved someone enough to marry them you probably don’t want to make it worse by piling on the righteous crap he deserved for his actions. Still, I’m guessing her reaction was more like WTF are you doing and pretty pissed off. Even if she couldn’t say it to him, still I doubt she was all I want to work this out. Personally, I think she’s better off. He has issues upon issues. Way too much work. Good luck new girlfriend who also seems to have issues and baby to be. My guess is marriage number 2 may or may not happen and if it does may not be that long, but who knows.

    • LaraW” says:

      Wow. A lot to unpack here. I do not know any of the personalities involved, but I do know that addiction is something that is incredibly hard on all parties involved. Perhaps he told her that he was fine after rehab. Perhaps she was confident that he had the tools to manage his addiction and a good network of support. Living with a person who has an addiction— be it drugs, alcohol, gambling— can subsume the partners in a relationship.

      Perhaps you are right and she ignored the signs. But she has a right to her own life also; a right to her career; a right to advance her own ambitions in life. Balancing one’s own mental and emotional needs without getting completely subsumed by a partner’s addiction is incredibly difficult, and when a person relapses, those around them often feel they are to blame because they weren’t “enough.” And if you’ve had to deal with relapses multiple times, had to hear the same story over and over, had to confront an addict about their lies when you did your damndest to support and believe in their recovery— you can get angry.

      Addiction is an incredibly difficult and complex situation for EVERYONE involved. There is no perfect solution, there is no silver bullet— it is something the addict lives with for the rest of their lives and colors every relationship. People who love and want to help their addict partners, family members, friends experience burnout. There are limits to the emotional support any one person can provide before the well runs dry; and when the well runs dry, things can get toxic very quickly.

      Addiction is not a matter of willpower. That is a myth that white politicians who refused to provide support to colored communities devastated by drug use have perpetuated for years. Addiction is a chronic illness— something that manipulates your brain chemistry down to each neurotransmitter. The opioid crisis which exploded among white populations is beginning to drive this home. You do not cure diabetes through willpower. You do not overcome chronic pain through willpower. Addiction is no different.

    • remarks says:

      I get why people care — it makes for interesting gossip, at least among celebrities. It’s like getting invested in a story, I think.

      In real life, I’d be reluctant to know too much or get involved with other people’s messes from a gossip standpoint. I don’t want to know, because I do think too much knowledge of other people’s personal lives can be a bit of a burden. In real life, I prefer simplicity in what I know about people.

      But when it’s a celebrity — I kind of want to see how the story ends, especially when it’s the celebrity himself going on tv to address his own timeline (which he really didn’t have to do). When celebrities are really vague and don’t address it, then it remains a mystery and I stop caring. I’m blanking on a celebrity who has actually been a little vague about timelines — mainly because most of them seem to feel like we should know, even though we weren’t forcing them to divulge anything. I have no idea why this guy went on tv — before he made his appearance, I don’t think he was on my radar even though I’ve seen him in a few Youtube clips, where I did find his observations, kind of amusing.

    • Normades says:

      Cheating and affairs happen and that’s life.

      But he was DMing women for hookups while intoxicated and not remembering afterwards. That is messy.

      I’m sure this thing started out as a hookup and became something else.

    • Ann says:

      Well, this is a gossip site, and the Mulaney stuff is gossip-worthy. What’s the point of discussing it if you don’t have a take on it? As for her going to DC for work, for people with a lot of money that’s not too hard to swing. You can take the Acela train and it goes back and forth quite fast. You can fly. You can see each other every weekend and talk and text and FaceTime during the week. I’m sure he’s been away from her on his comedy tours frequently.

  50. Normades says:

    The NY post article didn’t shade lightly. They basically call OM a SNL guys groupie girl. She was at Seth Meyers wedding most likely as a plus 1 since she was dating Will Forte at the time. But that didn’t stop her from stalking John and giving him her email.

    Then there is a separate NY Post on her past relationships but they don’t mention her affair with Justin Timberlake who was cheating on Jessica with her.

  51. Ann says:

    This whole “parasocial relationship” defense is silly and doesn’t hold water. Comedians who talk a lot about their spouses and marriages are intentionally establishing that kind of relationship with their fans. No one is saying they have a right to tell Mulaney what to do. They just have opinions about his behavior, which is perfectly valid.

  52. Chelsea says:

    The weird thing about this timeline issue is that i dont remember anyone actually trying to say back in May when news broke about John and Anna’s divorce that they broke up last year before his most recent rehab stint. This kinda reminds me of the Olivia/Harry/Jason mess except in that case at least Olivia had people claiming she and Jason had been separated for a while months before she was actually linked to Harry. That timeline only became disputed by Jason’s side after she was seen with Harry.

    This on the other hand just feels like John’s team is playing catch up to cover this up; maybe he didnt know OM was pregnant when the news linked about his divorce in May so he didnt know that timeline would end up becoming an issue? His poor publicist is probably going through it

  53. K says:

    As a fan of his work, I’m disappointed in him for risking everything for drugs… but I don’t think he deserves so much criticism for getting you-know-who pregnant, as if he’s some raging hypocrite who forgot he didn’t want to be a father. I assume a big part of him regrets failing to uphold his marriage and sobriety. But sometimes we mess up, or the opposite of what we planned for happens, and all we can do is adapt and move forward another way.

    Seems likely that new girlfriend became unexpectedly pregnant and despite his professed disinterest in parenthood said, “Look dude, this is happening. You have to be a dad now because I want to keep this kid. Sorry, but deal with it.” If the pregnant party decides to birth an oops baby, there’s not really anything a reluctant partner can do besides accept it or run. At least he didn’t run (so far.)

    That Seth Myers interview was painful to watch because I saw a man who struggles to live in his own skin and maybe always will despite his intellect and talent, despite his privileges, despite his status as a partner, parent, friend, whatever. Whether we love him or hate him–his addiction makes him his own worst enemy. He appeared quite humbled and embarrassed in that interview. Drugs ruin lives. Hope he can stay sober for this kid’s sake, OM can learn to be less selfish and bratty, and AMT can move on to a happier chapter in her life.

  54. Kristen says:

    It’s almost funny how hard he is working to make us all okay with this. Like, he knows that he had everyone’s support when he went to rehab, that he was so well-liked. But dumping your wife and getting another lady pregnant in a matter of moments upon leaving rehab, he’s losing everyone’s support, and boy does he know it. But you can’t un-impregnate someone…

  55. Bellah says:


    Wow! That sounds just like a line from one of his standup routines.

    • Bellah says:

      RE: When she got pregnant, was he just like “oh well, better put a bow on this mess and call it a day.”

      Wow! That sounds just like a line from one of his standup routines.

  56. Veronica Rhodes says:

    Even if we remove the wife from the equation, the fact that a newly separated/filed for divorce guy….that just did two back to back rehab stints a year ago, has impregnated a woman he ‘met’ 8 months ago!? Did I mention he filled for divorce in July 2021 not even 2 months ago and she’s very visibly pregnant!? That poor child.