Olivia Munn attacks & mischaracterizes the lovely & joyful Go Fug Yourself blog

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We link to Go Fug Yourself pretty much every weekday. We love the Fug Girls, Heather and Jessica, and we love their happy, joyful blog. They are not mean about celebrities at all – they’ll sometimes make fun (in good humor) of something a celebrity is wearing, but that’s it. They do not body shame. They do not make shady or nasty comments about anyone. Their blog features red carpet photos, premiere photos, awards-show photos and obvious street-style photos from celebrities who want to be seen. That’s it. That’s their whole deal. They love fashion and they’re nice people.

But Olivia Munn doesn’t agree. Olivia published a multi-page rant which completely mischaracterizes Go Fug Yourself and the Fug Girls’ intent and work. All because… I guess the Fug Girls didn’t like what Olivia wore or something.

This is BEYOND. Olivia gives their full names and posts photos of them. Olivia is using her enormous celebrity platform to punch down, and if that’s not enough, Olivia completely mischaracterizes what the Fug Girls do. Munn is targeting them personally and professionally for no other reason beyond her own inability to take gentle criticism of “your dress isn’t great.” Munn is targeting them personally and basically encouraging her fans to target them too. And over what? A complete misread of what the Fug Girls really do.

So we’d just like to say that we love Heather and Jessica and we hope they just keep doing what they do. They are two of the nicest, most joyful bloggers you’d ever want to read. Their deal is not “mean” or “bitchy” or “harsh.” Even when they hate an outfit or dress, they still find a way to make their criticism sort of nice and funny. Stay strong and we support you.

Olivia Munn out and about in New York City

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Becks1 says:

    Wow, that is really in poor taste for Olivia. I hope she retracts that soon.

    I like GFY for the pictures, but they are too nice for me, lol. (I did love The Royal We!!)

    • savu says:

      Right??? They’re overly kind. They are not into tearing people down, they’re just criticizing style. They’ve grown this positive space to talk about superficial things because we love them, without making it about hating on people. It’s just about the clothes (and makeup and styling).

      And how many people have never heard of GFY and will now have an incorrect understanding of it because of her? Of all celebrity blogs and sites, this is just not the one that deserves the most criticism. This is not the right hill to die on.

    • Eliza says:

      I used to visit them daily years ago, but they lost some of their snark of ye ol days and their new formats i have not liked so I stopped.

      But if she’s mad they thought her clothes were fug and went this extreme, celebitchy ladies I’m worried about her doxing you over purple potato gate.

      • Antonym says:

        I’d like to note that I’ve been eating a lot of purple potatoes and I’m rather disappointed with the results. So far the only change is weight gain from all the taters I’ve been eating. 😂

    • otaku fairy... says:

      From what little I’ve seen of Go Fug Yourself, it really seems like she chose the wrong target. I’ve occasionally looked at their site and it seems pretty tame. There were some very valid points in Olivia’s article about the culture in general and how girls and women are pressured to silently take whatever and accept misogynistic abuse (and even actively participate in it), but that doesn’t seem to really apply here? Having a fashion blog and commenting both positively and negatively about how outfits, makeup, and costumes look- without slut-shaming, victim-blaming, or body-shaming the people in them- isn’t nasty or bigoted.
      She really should have saved this call-out for a site like D****** or one of those sites that exploits and violates women and young girls with nonconsensual casting couch and sexual abuse rumors. That would be punching UP. This was definitely a misfire on her part.

      • Lilly (with the double-L) says:

        Agreed @otaku fairy, they don’t do the who wore it better, or would you hit it bs of some sites, blogs etc. I used to always visit their site, but I haven’t for a few years – although I peek in at fug madness time. The only reason I quit going is they stopped using high jpeg pics you could click on. I loved that part mainly, because you could really see the details on shoes and so on. Olivia is beautiful and you can’t call out everyone who doesn’t like your outfit. Just own it. Channel your inner Tyrion LOL and wear it like armor; if you like your own damn outfit who cares?

      • Ader says:


        Otaku Fairy, forever coming in with the sound judgement.

        That said: “The Royal We” is a fun fluff book! (When are we getting the movie!?)

    • Susan says:

      She’s double downed several times already so she’s not taking it down. She’s even seeking out people who quote tweet her tweet to continue her diatribe.

    • (THE OG)@Jan90067 says:

      @Becks1, I loved it, too lol. I heard they’re writing a sequel,
      so stay tuned 😊

  2. runcmc says:

    Wow this is BEYOND an overreaction, and really shows Olivia Munn to be humorless and petty. What was she thinking??? Of all bloggers to target, the Fug girls really are among the nicest.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      Well, she *did* date Aaron Rodgers, after all.

    • G says:

      O is insanely insecure. You can tell by how badly she messed up her face and whitewashed herself. That’s how it goes in Hollywood though. Beauty and youth are valued when it comes to star power and roles. My opinion is O and her pr team are working overtime to keep making her name relevant.

  3. Cidy says:

    This is extremely irresponsible of her and wrong. Her platform as a celebrity can change their whole careers and livelihood and all because they commented on her clothes???

    I’m here for the Go Fug.

  4. Esmom says:

    Oh, wow, this is appalling. The Fug girls are indeed awesome. And I think they were how I found Celebitchy 10+ years ago.

    She sounds like a dumbass, tbh. And she clearly has no idea what their smart sensibility is about, beyond scanning some headlines and reading posts about herself. Context matters a lot and she doesn’t get it. And to think of how many terrible blogs are out there…she really got it wrong by targeting them.

    I think a silver lining is…how many fans does Munn have anyway and realistically how many read Go Fug Yourself? Maybe they’ll troll around there for a bit (which sucks to be sure) but I’m guessing this will blow over quickly.

    • Harryg says:

      I think I also found Celebitchy from a Go Fug link!
      Go Fug Yourself is fun and smart. Not mean, not harsh.
      And I don’t like Munn. She seems uncomfortable in her own skin and has tweaked her face again.

      • kellybean says:

        That’s crazy talk. It’s Japanese potatoes that make her look so different!

      • Cait says:

        Me also – I stumbled onto Celebitchy from a GFY link years and years ago!

      • rosamund12 says:

        Me too– found Celebitchy from GFY. I don’t get it. They’re pretty much the nicest people on the internet. And they can get away with it because they’re funny, they’re great writers, and they know their stuff. They actually make me laugh out loud sometimes.

    • This will hopefully just drive more traffic to Go Fug Yourself…

      OM is thin-skinned, it seems. Her overreaction is going to make her look like an idiot.

    • detritus says:

      Yup, they are how I ended up here too. I have never found them to be mean, unlike the other blogs I left behind (the Superficial and Dlisted).

    • Krakken says:

      God spare us all the wrath of the Olivia Munn fan contingent. 🙄

  5. marmalazed says:

    I have been reading their blog for ages and LOVE it, in part because they really do focus on the fashion and don’t criticize people for their physical attributes. Also, they are HILARIOUS.

    • Alarmjaguar says:

      Exactly — it is what I appreciate most about them, they very openly state that they only comment on things people can change (clothes, make-up, haircuts, behavior, not shape, size, etc.) And even their mocking is clearly from a place of great affection. Ugh, there are so many toxic sites on the internet how could she possibly decide they are one of them?

  6. Marty says:

    Jesus! Talk about thin-skinned. I mean have read a lot worse about her, not sure why she would go after the women at gofugyourself.

    • velourazure says:

      I’ve never heard of this chick before and I don’t live under a rock. She might want to deflate her ego a bit.

  7. Jo says:

    The Fug Girls are wonderful and I love gofugyourself and have been a loyal reader for years. Kaiser is absolutely correct in that they’re kind and gentle, and Olivia is really out of bounds in her nastiness. Punching down like this and doxxing Jessica and Heather is wrong, and just awful behavior. Says a lot more about the kind of petty person Olivia is.

  8. LouAnne says:

    The Fug Girls even make sure that there is no body shaming in their comment section which must be a huge time commitment. The comment section over there is so smart and interesting and kind. I can kind of see the overall point Olivia was trying to make – and it must be exhausting being an actress and having your body scrutinised in that way – but she went after the wrong targets here. As for showing their photos and full names….!! No words

    • TQB says:

      Their comment section is the BEST place to go to talk figure skating – i LIVE for their posts.

  9. Croatian says:

    You know what… I think this is a good thing. Because now everyone who reads this insane rant of hers will jump to GFY and realize they are awesome, and Olivia is crazy! 🙂

  10. leskat says:

    All of this coming from a woman who claims purple potatoes changed her face? I guess her surgeon’s name is Purple Potatoes.
    Go Fug Yourself has been NOTHING but lighthearted, funny and also self-deprecating. I’ve never seen them attack or make comments about anyone’s body in any way. Their focus is only on the clothes and what the clothes look like. I do not view them as mean spirited in any way. Olivia seems petty and childish and naming the Fug girls with their whole names is whoooo boy, not good.

  11. Valiantly Varnished says:

    This made me so angry I purposely went on Twitter to reply to her. This is simply her ego being bruised and her ising mean girl tactics to “strike back”. They were critiquing her damn outfit. As long as she’s been in the Hollywood game yoi would think she would a) be smarter than this and b) not take things like this personally

  12. SnapDragon says:

    Love the Fug girls. They’ve brought me much joy. Can’t say the same for Munn. Great post, Celebitchy.

  13. KBeth says:

    What a crybaby.

  14. chlo says:

    This is insane.

  15. klutzy_girl says:

    So I wasn’t overreacting like I thought I was! She posted it so early that I completely missed the pictures and full names but wow. I really like Olivia but she definitely screwed up here.

  16. Vexa says:

    Uggghhhhhh I freaking HATE this co-opting of feminist language that anyone who even slightly criticises another woman is evil. Olivia is a wealthy, privileged woman who GETS PAID to wear clothes to events. She’s a celebrity, it’s part of her damn job!! If she doesn’t want people to talk about her clothes she should wear the same black dress every time and be done with it. And to go after Heather and Jess of all people… she looks thin-skinned and sad. From nom now on, I hope people give her exactly what she wants and don’t comment on her clothes in any way, and then we’ll see how much press coverage she gets.

    • Wilma says:

      And on instagram OM is liking comments that disparage the way the Fug Girls look, so nice way of being a feminist 🙄

  17. ChiaMom says:

    Again Olivia Who?! She’s lucky to get any coverage she’s so boring I literally can’t remember one of her roles. (waiting for my essay too Olivia I need a boost in my insta numbers k thx )

  18. Bebe says:

    Olivia is such an ass.

  19. Gidget says:

    Team Fug. What a crybaby. Someone call the waaahbulance.

  20. MellyMel says:

    She’s reaching for sure! I love the Fug Girls!

  21. Caitrin says:

    Oh, yeah, I just extreme mom faced her on Twitter.

  22. Lila says:

    Now I’ll definitely make sure to click on their content. They deserve all the traffic I can give them.

    She should be glad the criticism is of her outfit and not her plastic surgery. There’s the true crime…

  23. Caty says:

    Olivia and her Japanese potato face has no room to be talking about other people in that way.

  24. Deanne says:

    That’s a hell of a lot of pearl clutching because someone didn’t like what she was wearing. Plus she’s lying. They didn’t mention her weight at all. They never do. She’s the bully in this scenario. Of all of the blogs to attack she chose them? She has to be incredibly thin skinned and bitter to not get the tone of the Fug Girls.

  25. Emily says:

    Fug Girls could have commented on her new cat face, but they didn’t. They commented on a outfit she wore to a public event, which is public fodder. There’s an entire industry dedicated to fashion and fashion critique. If she wants to come for the industry, fine, do that. But to target one blog and it’s writers (who didn’t actually say anything super negative) so personally with the images is odd. Why them? Why that post?

    • Emily says:

      She’s clearly cool with positive fashion coverage. On April 9 she retweeted a positive fashion story from InStyle.

    • TQB says:

      Also, I believe GFY *only* comments on photos from actual events, right? They don’t comment on pap shots of people out without their hair done in baggy sweats getting coffee, I mean, right?

      If you’re at an event, you’re there to be seen and photographed. That GFY just happens to be funnier is not something you get to complain about. NEXT.

      • Dutch says:

        There’s a line with pap photos they don’t cross. Photos at the gas station they don’t use, but I have seen them use photos of celebs who go that same pumpkin patch to be seen and photographed (not an event, but certainly a publicity stunt, which is fair game).

  26. elimaeby says:

    I have never been a fan of hers, but this really seals it for me. What a thin-skinned bully. GFY is light and fluffy and fun. If she can’t handle that, I just don’t know…

    • Nikki says:

      10000++++ I don’t rate her as an actress at all. Can she be canceled now?

      • otaku fairy... says:

        I’m not going to cancel her because I still have a lot of respect for the way she’s called out misogyny and abuse until this situation here. But this was misdirected. There are way more deserving sites for this kind of response.

  27. Lucy says:

    So disappointed in Olivia. I hope she apologizes.

  28. savu says:

    If her comments are really getting under your skin, look at all the replies to her tweet. Granted I didn’t go all the way to the bottom, but I’ve yet to see a comment agreeing with her. Everyone is kindly, passionately telling her she’s missed the mark.

    It just feels like she hasn’t read a single other thing on the site, right?!

    • Mel M says:

      When I read this on her IG last night almost all of the comments were praising her.

      • Caitrin says:

        Not on Twitter. Even @goldengateblond is rebuking her.

      • Wilma says:

        On IG you can delete comments, on Twitter you can’t.

      • Mel M says:

        I’m not agreeing with her and I haven’t looked at the least since last night and maybe she was deleting comments but there were a few criticizing her piece and they were longer comments.

  29. OSTONE says:

    I am here to support the Fug Girls!! What an ugly way to “fight back” when you read something about yourself that you didn’t agree with — as a CELEBRITY!

  30. Amaria says:

    If only she were as relevant as stiff, humourless and bitchy she is. Perhaps the fragile ego got in the way of having a big acting career. I love GFY and support the Fug Girls wholeheartedly.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I think her poor acting skills got in the way of having a bigger acting career. (coulda been the Japanese potatoes, though…)

      but I agree that she’s stiff, humorless and bitchy.

      I’ve disliked her since she did that gaming show. she tried way too hard on that show to be the “hot nerd girl” and it grated so much.

  31. thaisajs says:

    I love Heather and Jessica. They’re lovely, kind ladies who have written this blog for more than a decade. It’s always been something I like to check during work because it’s fun and witty. And it hasn’t changed a bit after all these years. They’ve always focused on celebrity fashion and the poor choices that these folks make. The Fug Girls never, ever critique people on their body shapes or criticize real people, because we don’t have the money to spend on stylists and designer clothes.

    Olivia has done nothing but show she doesn’t have much of a sense of humor.

  32. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Found this site through Fug. Love the Fug gals. Very sad and petty.

  33. Nic919 says:

    I hope the GFY girls have a chat with a lawyer because some of those falsehoods about their blog could cross into libel. And with Munn’s celebrity reach, her lies could cause them financial damages.

  34. lucy2 says:

    Their latest post right now is about Madonna wearing a leotard and a decorative eyepatch to an interview, and they still managed to be nice and funny.

    People are coming for Olivia in the comments on her post! Rightfully so. She’d have a point if she were talking about some other sites, but not GFY.

  35. Lexilla says:

    Her post is getting dragged on Twitter, with lots of folks coming to GFY’s defense in intelligent, thoughtful ways. Sometimes the Internet does a good thing.

  36. Tina says:

    Yeah, this is really misguided on Munn’s part. Heather and Jessica are always kind to the people featured in their blog. Their only criticism is ever of the clothing. They ask that commenters don’t comment on people’s sizes, and they are very positive. If the rest of the internet were more like the Fug Girls, it would be a much, much better place.

  37. Close to a nervous breakdown says:

    I absolutely love the fun girls!! It is such a light and jolly blog to read. Olivia totally missed the mark, and using her platform to attack Jessica and Heather. It is appalling.

  38. anniefannie says:

    I’m mystified at her selective outrage over what amounts to the most benign of critiques, AND to drag in something, something feminism is gratuitous at best.
    She has real elevated since of her stature here. My god chill, Miss Thing….

  39. Adrien says:

    I only visit gossip blogs like CB, Dlisted and GFY because the bloggers are snarky but not rude like Perez. I think Olivia is new to the site. Heather and Jessica critique fashion choices but they are far from being mean like Tom and Lorenzo. I haven’t read a post where they body shamed someone.

  40. KidV says:

    Whenever I see her, “My dog pooped!” goes through my head. That commercial is really the only thing I know her from, other than the gossip here.

    I love GFY but don’t visit it often. I will now, though.

  41. Cay says:

    I guess we know Olivia is one of those celebrities who does read (and even admits she reads) what is written about her.

  42. Iknow says:

    Ms. Munn better thicken up that skin. Wait until less friendly websites start dragging her all over the internet for this.

  43. Kylie says:

    Not good for Olivia to have done that. I haven’t read GFY since the days they were obsessed with the Peldons.

  44. Mumbles says:

    Munn’s career has always puzzled me. She comes off as completely charmless. I remember she became a Daily Show correspondent out of nowhere, despite the fact that she’s not funny. If this were the 70s I could envision her doing episodes of the Love Boat or Fantasy Island, that’s the caliber of career I see her at.

    • Harryg says:

      The Love Boat was so good, by the way! It was like cotton candy, silly fun, but it was well written.

      • Mumbles says:

        You know, there is a certain talent in creating three or so different storylines involving characters whom the audience never met before and resolving them in 40 minutes or so. And it was always PG-friendly for us kids. Moreover the original show introduced a young me to stars who perhaps had their more famous days a few decades earlier, but who still had it going (Ethel Merman as Gopher’s mom, anyone?) It was a good introduction to pop culture. And can whoever forget Andy Warhol’s guest stint on the show?

        Anyway I envision Olivia as a “Barbi Benton” type….someone who was always on those shows but didn’t do much else.

      • Wilma says:

        Loved the Love Boat and watched it a lot as a kid. Would probably watch again if it aired or streamed over here.

  45. Ali says:

    Go Fug Yourself is my happy place right now. I’d be lost without it.

  46. Anon says:

    I used to really like Olivia Munn, but in recent years (ever since she jumped the shark with Aaron Rodgers, if we’re being honest) she’s become insufferable.

    The radical truth is that she’s start to eff with her face in ways that are not kind to her. She needs to lay off the fillers and the botox and the phony fashion influencer game and stop pretending to be something she’s not.

    Exhibit A: She often posts humble brag “random” photos of herself with some kind of pithy self-aggrandizing caption, eg, “OMG I look SO BAD in this photo for Vogue Asia!”

    Also: She can’t act, which is why I’m fairly certain she’s had to turn to social media to make a living. Come now, you didn’t think she’s not cashing in on her “influencer” b.s., right?

  47. Tracy says:

    Well, now that Olivia has written a full multi-paged ad for go fug I’m excited to go check out their work.

    She really doesn’t understand what she did here, does she? If I was Heather and Jessica I would be thrilled, since people will definitely go to their blog and see what the problem is about.

    Also, Olivia co-opting rape culture to whine about coverage of her awful outfit is pretty much the height of privilege and I can’t roll my eyes hard enough at her.

    • Anon says:

      LOL, right?! I’ve seen them posted here and on Dlisted, but never checked them out until this morning. They’re going on my morning feed.

      • Tracy says:

        Awesome! Yeah I had read the name here also but hadn’t visited either.

        Slow clap for Olivia’s excellent publicity fail.

  48. Kay says:

    The GFY girls have been doing what they do for years but she only has a problem now because she’s been the subject of a few posts recently?!?! Move along Olivia. Go home and learn what it truly means to advocate for a cause. And while you’re at it, grow some thicker skin.

  49. Rose says:

    I vote to cancel her. I’m still not sure how she got here so I’d be ok with not seeing her. Like I know she’s an actress but she’s not a good one.

  50. Veronica S. says:

    You have to love all the fanboys in the comments filching feminist language to talk validate Olivia Munn and how mean those Fug Girls are. Seriously, guys, she’s never going to f*ck you.

    Olivia Munn needs to take several seats. The owners of GFY have nowhere near enough her level of social agency to justify her going after them like that.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      ugh, her “Imma total hot nerd gamer girl” shtick is why I don’t like her. she was on some gaming show and she tried so hard to play up that persona to gain fandom but yeah, she’d never F one of her fellow “gamers”, as evidenced by who she’s (famously) dated…the jock.

  51. Terry Berngards says:

    Heather and Jessica posted pictures of Katie Holmes. When so many comments made fun of her crooked smile, I commented she has Bell’s Palsy. My son has it, a painful virus reaction. No cure. Both Jessica and Heather immediately apologized. They are true to their “no body shaming policy” I love their humour, personalities (like Princess Anne as a detective!) and commitment to their readers.

  52. Usedtobe says:

    What a whiny little b**ch. Wow!
    Remember how mean Joan Rivers was on the Fashion Policy GFY is a walk in the park compared to that.
    Olivia needs to have a seat.

  53. Stacy Dresden says:

    Eff You Olivia Munn! Your old face was better.

  54. wendy says:

    Someones annoyed that they aren’t the most famous Olivia right now.
    Olivia Jade’s name pops up on google before hers now!

  55. wendy says:

    We should really all just start tweeting “go fug yourself” to her.

  56. BANANIE says:

    I have been reading GFY since I was in high school, and as long as they’re posting, I will keep reading. They are light-hearted and funny. They tease, maybe. But they never mock or insult!

    I like to think the people that even vaguely approve of Olivia Munn don’t have the passion to go harass the fug girls. She doesn’t have that kind to star power.

    BUT I’m looking on Instagram and all these people are agreeing with her and praising her! Ugh

  57. Nicegirl says:

    The Go Fug ladies criticized Munn about as much as those Japanese potatoes restructured her face. Yeah right Olivia

  58. SG says:

    I find this absolutely cringe worthy. She’s equating MeToo with her own personal feelings towards fashion criticism. She’s equating what those brave high school girls did to fight back against their dehumanisation and sexualisation to this dumb-ass open letter where she contrasts H&J’s picture to hers in order to…what? claim that the likes of them have no right to be critiquing the likes of her? It’s so juvenile and self-centred. Feminism has truly been coopted. What does the word even mean anymore?

    • Eliza says:

      Yup. Her op-ed: who are these bloggers, who aren’t Hollywood potato pretty, who dare to criticize my outfit that my stylist picked out for me and I didn’t pay for? Feminism means woman can only praise each other. If you have criticism your basically Harvey Weinstein level wrong.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      This is soooo cringe worthy. Team Fug Girls. Olivia seems petty and hateful.

  59. stephanie says:

    this seems like an over reaction on Olivia’s part.

  60. TQB says:

    This hurts my heart. I’ve loved GFY since the very beginning. They are lovely and hysterical women. If Olivia doesn’t like their criticism, she should direct her ire towards her professional stylist. This is… it’s just awful.

    So much love to Jessica and Heather for all the laughter and light they have brought to the formerly dour world of fashion!!!

  61. Jess says:

    I love Heather and Jessica. This is not a good look for Olivia.

  62. msn says:

    I haven’t read the Fug Girls in years, but reading all your comments has me thinking they’ve changed quite a bit since I did.

    When they were on my radar for fashion commentary they were snarky and often funny but didn’t write about WOC in a way that I appreciated and I dropped them for that reason, lawd knows when Destiny’s Child were still being dressed by Mama Tina there was much to be critical of, but those Fug Girls had an undercurrent of something that was off -really felt like they didn’t know how to write about Black Women tbh, like they both had a blind spot.
    I found Tom & Lorenzo and their writing was immediately fair and often also hilarious.

    • TQB says:

      Now see, that is fair criticism. Olivia is just WHINING.

    • Veronica S. says:

      I think there’s definitely something to be said for their fashion bias tending to sit on the side of European fashion. Destiny’s Child is a pointed case of cultural clashes coming up against industry exclusion, and I think a lot of people in the mainstream struggled to frame it properly.

      I do think the Fug Girls have gotten substantially better at being thoughtful about that sort of thing, which I appreciate. We all have our privileged blind spots. It’s a matter of being willing to learn when people criticize you for them that’s more important, IMO.

      • msn says:

        I appreciate the way you framed this @VeronicaS! The Fug Girls really were very excluding in their coverage at the time, glad to hear they seem to have learnt and evolved.

    • Yami says:

      @msn. I agree about your critique of the fug ladies here. Honestly, I don’t read them because of this. Their coverage of Duchess Meghan attracts the wrong element to me. Heather in particular, strikes me as caustic when it comes to her. Their epitome of style is Reese Witherspoon, which okay, but really? Also, they write features that portray Jennifer Lopez’s voice in an exaggerated Spanish accent, which really rubs me the wrong way. She was born in the Bronx, for goodness sake, its exasperating.

    • osito says:

      *THIS*. All of it. This comment is so late because I literally did not care about Olivia Munn enough to click the link, but agree with Kaiser in most things, so I didn’t take notice until the podcast. I may even re-post on that thread, because I don’t know if this will be seen.

      That said, I actually loved The Fug back in the day, but I became increasingly uncomfortable with their coverage of PoC, so I stopped reading. (Which, cue to OM, you can just *not give a thing your attention and live your best life in all the ugly clothes you want.* ahem…) Even though I never thought anything they said about the House of Dereon was incorrect (another ahem), their approach to coverage of culture-clash fashion was more often a miss for me than a hit.

      I’m glad to hear that they might have evolved quite a bit on that front, though I’ll go check it out for myself to see what I really think. What I do know is that they are fashion critics, which should obviously mean to all and sundry that their whole damn job is to look at clothes and decide if they are fashion forward or fashion stupid, and that their opinions are exactly that: arbitrary decisions based on personal values with which others are free to disagree.

      I think OM used valid feminist critique to further a very personal, petty agenda. And she did it so obviously that she looks dumb. I did see some commentary from WoC and PoC that expressed discomfort with *so many* white women criticizing a WoC for confronting a dynamic that made her angry, but I think that OM is getting too much shelter there. She really does have a great platform to call out much more powerful, and much more racist, misogynistic, ableist, ageist, size-ist (sizist?) institutions, but she went for the jugular with the Fug Girls? The lady protested so much her pants caught on fire.

  63. Cee says:

    Her skin is to thin she is almost see-through.

  64. CairinaCat says:

    I posted on her Twitter

    Replying to
    They report on Fashion at actual events, they NEVER body shame or say mean things. Which is a good thing or we’d hear about how you use purple Japanese potato instead of plastic surgery to totally F#*& up your face.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      lol…I only wish you had added “but good job at trying to keep yourself relevant, since the whole acting thing isn’t really working out for you”.

    • Cee says:

      what’s with the purple Japanese potato? I feel like I’m missing out on something big.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        She said her face changed because she was eating so many Japanese potatoes, when obviously she had work done that changed her jawline.

  65. blinkers says:

    Whoa Olivia’s comments came from no where, it’s a hard stretch to call the fug girls comments ‘vitriolic’. …however if she came for them about keeping celebrities in a narrow…. errr basic…. lane when it comes to fashion and styling, that would be accurate!

  66. Milla B. says:

    Olivia’s tantrum reminded me the episode RCFA vs Blake Lively. No idea what caused such a overreaction.

  67. KatieBo says:

    Olivia Munn has consistently shown herself as a thin-skinned person. Despite her transparent protestations that she remains unaffected and this is about something much bigger than her, her petulant take down of the Fug Girls is clearly a tantrum in response to her own hurt feelings. Keep it.*

    Fug Girls- you’re awesome.

    *Everyone should listen to the podcast Keep It! It’s the best.

  68. Annaloo. says:

    Devil’s advocate, for the sake of a balanced discussion: suppose Olivia has a point, that this is part of the cycle of tearing women down based upon their appearance. What part do the GFY girls, or we, for some of this cycle, play? It’s still judging, which in the age of being “woke”, feels like we should not cast opinions of people based upon looks. Am I completely wrong, bc I feel that despite the accusations of being thin skinned, it’s Olivia’s right to push back and defend herself…:-/

    • Veronica S. says:

      With celebrity, I don’t know if it’s a comparable situation. If they were mocking women on the street, that would be different, but celebrities wear fashion as part of their job. It’s part of the product and image they’re selling, which I think makes it fair game. The power dynamics are in favor of the celebrity, not the website. GFY makes fun of men’s fashion often enough, but they’ve admitted in the past that it’s really a women’s industry – there’s just far more variety in what women can wear and, inevitably, that can go wrong in the wearing.

      • Annaloo. says:

        Do you remember the “Ask Her More” efforts? The reason I ask is because your valid point about wearing clothes being part of the job of a celebrity… did those women have a platform in telling the red carpet press to ask them more than what they were wearing? I’m trying to see the separation of argument

        Focusing particularly on the GFY girls, I’m not sure if they are really any more or less snarky than any other blogger out there in their eloquence and style, and only another spindle in the wheel of a very lucrative business – of which there are many – that plug into celebrity information ( in this case, gossip). We like to judge celebrities, have opinions, voice what we think of them, etc. ..Did Olivia actually elevate the conversation here? Probably not. She probably thinks she did, but judging that much of the reaction is that she is being thin-skinned, she’s failed. I do think she has the right to defend herself, and it’s not for us to tell her what to be offended by or not… but I cannot help but feel that the majority sentiment is that she is a public figure, as they all are – do they really have any “right” to assert how we, the public and the press, judge them?

    • Tiffany :) says:

      GFY doesn’t cast opinions of people based on their looks…they discuss clothing choices that celebs wear to events. They never body shame, they just share their opinions of how ensembles worn for press events are put together.

      When celebs are posing for photos on red carpets, it is a little hard to make the argument that they don’t want anyone to notice what they are wearing.

    • Nicole(the Cdn one) says:

      Defending yourself is fine, however, it is not fine to lie in doing so. Munn lies about the content of Go Fug Yourself. If she wrote an essay critiquing the practice of fashion critiques, that would be one thing, but she has specifically called out Go Fug Yourself for things they do not do.

      And given that she either gets paid for wearing certain designers or gets clothes for free it is hypocritical that it is part of her business but she thinks she thinks she should be immune from criticism for it. I wonder if she feels the same way about movie critics?

  69. Becca says:

    This is INSANE. How are you going to take this approach to the Fug Girls? What on earth did she think they said or did to provoke this reaction from her?

    I never respond to people on Twitter but I did here because I felt the need to stand up for Heather & Jessica.

    • Leah says:

      If you check the GFY Olivia Munn post history, the writers hate her style and mention in detail how they think it’s tasteless. I rather agree, the photos used for the articles show that either her stylist is inadequate or she has terrible taste-maybe both. Her problem is that she doesn’t agree with the above opinion, which isn’t sufficient reasoning for her overreaction. Olivia comes off unintelligent here and someone should have checked her on the decision to come for the wrong outlet.

  70. CROWHOOD says:

    I feel much better at the sheer volume of comments on twitter echoing our sentiments of support for the fug girls.

  71. Leah says:

    I never realized how hideous Olivia’s taste and clothing style is until she wrote this woefully myopic little essay about GFY. Well done, Olivia, now I know.

    I did notice one previous page the GFY people wrote about her going overboard with “face injectables,” but other than that, they’re strictly critiquing her clothes-and with good reason at that.

  72. nucks says:

    The Fug girls are way over Olivia’s head. This is like expressing umbrage over an article in The Onion. This makes me look at her other protests and wonder if she’s really all about herself. Girl, I defended you even through potatogate. So disappointed in her.

  73. Kat says:

    I am deeply hurt for them! I feel like someone hit a cat or something! They are so fun and sweet and do not deserve this! Especially from someone whom they have merely lightly poked for, let’s be honest, PARADING AROUND/ pap strolling regularly in some very questionable stuff.

  74. Mar says:

    Lainey gossip likes her but also said this outfit was a total disaster

  75. Lola Lola3 says:

    Ditto! I love the Go Fug website. Sad for someone to use their celebrity for something so stupid. Hey Olivia, how about doing something useful for a change? Focus on global warming, sexism, world hunger or poverty, anything but a self-serving carp-fest. Get over yourself.

  76. CJW says:

    The story is on the front page of Huffingtonpost now.

  77. Ash says:

    My significant other’s cousin was super good friends with Aaron Rodgers. He met her many times and did not have nice things to say about her and how wackadoodle and mean she was.

  78. Sara says:

    “I’m not writing this because my feelings are hurt.” Two paragraphs later: makes it about her and how she doesn’t like a post they did critiquing her outfit. I read through all 700 comments on that Twitter post and all but 4 of them point out how much she missed the mark. The Fug Girls critique fashion and never ever ever body shame anyone. Two commenters quoted Olivia when she body shamed overweight people. Wah wah your struggle is getting paid loads of money to wear designer clothes that are meant to be discussed. Poor Olivia.

    • Jessica says:

      Doesn’t anyone remember her comments years back about how women don’t like her because they’re ugly and/or overweight? And not so long ago she got her Twitter followers to bully some girl because she committed the cardinal sin of stating she didn’t think Munn was as hot as she thinks she is? She has always been petty, mean and thin skinned. Her rant should just be a reminder to everyone who has forgotten what she’s really like.

      • MA says:

        Uhh what?? I did not know that.

      • bears says:

        She’s using too many words to say “Look at these frumpy, unfashionable people who think they have a right to criticize ME! *Cruella laugh*” She’s pretty assured of her own perfection, despite the fact that we all know she didn’t start out looking like that. And this thing she’s been shaped and molded and plumped into isn’t all that great, either.

  79. SM says:

    She picked the wrong fight. And I hope that she does read the comments to her post since all of them clearly are not on her side. And yes, this outfit is fugly. That is the truth and Olivia here tries to cover up the truth by dragging in the “women are constantly judged so stop criticising me, I am a victim, you are responsible for the patriarchy” narrative. I will be much more blunt that the very diplomatic Go Fug Yourself staff, if you really do not want to be judged on your looks stop messing with your face. She used to be so pretty, now she is hard to recognise.

  80. Lorelei says:

    Just another voice for the @fuggirls. I love Go Fug Yourselves, loved TWOP, and appreciate Heather and Jessica’s warmth, humor, and intelligence.

  81. Sasha says:

    The Fug girls’ review of “The Client List” is one of the best things I’ve ever read. I found it again the other day just to have a giggle.

  82. Vanessa says:

    This is a douche move. I have long admired Heather and Jessica’s ability to portray a fun critique- they are not bitchy or nasty, they don’t shame and they jump on others who do. They don’t tear women down and they often tie their interest in fashion to civil and social issues in a measured and thoughtful way. I think Olivia picked the wrong site to criticise.

  83. Yes Doubtful says:

    I haven’t been to that site in years, but it sure looks like she’s getting DRAGGED for her silly essay.

  84. starryfish29 says:

    Olivia Munn and “celebrities” like her get paid a lot of money to wear clothes for the express purpose of having people talk about them. She needs to have all of the seats.

  85. bobafelty says:

    The Japanese potatoes not only completely reshaped her face, but they make her act like mean girl!

  86. Chagalatte says:

    So criticising women for what they think are bad fashion choices is “disempowering for women” but flattering comments are not? Both are focusing on appearance and she’s in the wrong industry. You can’t have it both ways. She’s wrong to frame it as sexism.
    She just gave GFY excellent coverage (seems all the celeb mags are covering this story) and a massive traffic boost.

  87. ojulia123 says:

    Olivia’s fee-fees got hurt. Aw.

  88. enike says:

    while I agree with the spirit of this post and the need to stand up for GFY (who are awesome) and Olivia is a known narcis (we all know this, right?) but I have to say, this post sounds a bit patronizing towards GFY which I dont like…. sorry

  89. Jeanette says:

    Going to GFU right now, this is going to be a good thing for them, as everyone will be checking them out..sorry disgruntled hag.

  90. AmyLue says:

    I am sure I am really late to this party and my question won’t get answered…

    What is Olivia Munn’s hope in taking the time to pen this open letter against Heather and Jessica?

    • CC says:

      To get her followers to shame Heather and Jessica and try to exact some kind of ‘revenge’ for being criticized for wearing something unflattering. That’s it. Childish as all hell.