Raven-Symone loses 35 pounds

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Former Cosby Show child star Raven-Symone, 23, has spoken out in the past about criticism of her weight. Raven said in January of this year that she felt that she was beautiful at her size at the time, and called herself “thick and fabulous.” She said “I’m healthy, I exercise, I believe in myself, and I think I’m beautiful.” Although Raven claimed to be happy with her figure she did admit that body criticism can get to her, and said that she sometimes needs to call her best friend at the end of the day “and yell and scream and get it out.”

It looks like Raven has made some changes in her life. She was seen at an event a couple of weeks ago looking at least 35 pounds thinner, according to Star. They also include some nasty comments from a doctor who calls her before body “obese.” She was big before, but I wouldn’t classify her as “obese.” Maybe she was was, though:

Raven-Symone has always been frank about her weight struggles. “When I’m stressed, I gain,” she says. Judging from her appearance at the September 25 Teen Vogue party in LA, things are going great for the Disney star! Dr. Michael Aziz, author of The Perfect 10 Diet, believes the 5’2″ actress shed 35 pounds over the past few months. “Raven was obese,” Dr. Aziz tells Star. “Although she’s naturally a full-figured girl, she’s at a much healthier weight now.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, October 19, 2009]

Raven looks great now. I know when I lose weight and people tell me I look good, I’m initially flattered but then I think about and am like “did I look like sh*t before, or what?” It’s like you can’t win either way, and you want people to notice but not make a big deal out of it. You do feel a lot more confident, though, and that carries over into every area of your life. Congratulations to Raven. I know I’d rather see her on the cover of a magazine than Khloe Kardashian. There’s something smug about Raven, although maybe I shouldn’t judge her based on the faces she makes in pictures. The fact that her bra is hanging out is also influencing my opinion of her.

Header images credit: Fayes Vision/WENN.com. Raven is also shown on 10/1/09 (studded jacket) credit: PRPhotos

Raven is shown in all black outfits “after” – she’s shown in a white blouse with black jumper and a green dress “before”

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37 Responses to “Raven-Symone loses 35 pounds”

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  1. nanster says:

    I don’t think she looks that much different in the before and after photos – the outfit in the first picture is very unflattering and could conceivably “add pounds”. I also don’t understand why people who are not thin insist on wearing form-fitting clothes; it just accentuates their figure flaws.

  2. Disco says:

    The clothes she’s wearing don’t help. Couldn’t she pick something more flattering???

  3. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I like this girl. She just seems so funny and playful, like she’d be a blast to hang out with.

    also, she’s not a tabloid mess and seems to have her head on straight.

  4. Celebitchy says:

    I forgot to add more pictures! I’ll do that now.

  5. Maritza says:

    She’s only 23? She looks like a 32 yr old.

  6. flourpot says:

    Took me a sec to figure out why she looked different…where’s that big, gorgeous smile she’s usually sporting? Good for her for losing some weight, makes life more fun if you can run around in it without losing your breath. :)

  7. fizXgirl314 says:

    I thought black women were exempt from weigh criticism… it’s going to be real sad when even black women are gonna start looking like scarecrows…

    nanster, do you prefer she wear a potato sack so you’d be happy?

  8. princess pea says:

    She looks gorgeous. She didn’t look bad before, but I hope she knows that she is smokin’ right now.

  9. Shari Brock says:

    Good for her! It’s a great start for a healthier life. She looks beautiful.

  10. Jillian says:

    I can’t see much difference in the before and after pics. She could stand to lose about 20 more pounds.

  11. Prissa says:

    She looks a little like Nicole Ritchie.

  12. yadira says:

    She has a cute face but some of her wardrobe choices weren’t the best.

    I didn’t think there was anything wrong with her weight before?

  13. Debbi says:

    She looks great. Go Raven!

  14. lrm says:

    Love Raven!
    Guilty pleasure was watching That’s so Raven with my son several years ago….Followed by Lizzie McGuire,of course…love the life of comedy family land…happily ever after(:

  15. Just a Poster says:

    My Daughter loves her shows on Disney, and I have always thought she was spunky and fun, but have read that she is quite the little Diva (not in a fun way, more like in a Beyonce way :/)

    But I agree, she doesn’t make the best fashion choices. Hopefully in time, she will find what works for her.

  16. Zelda says:

    I don’t see a difference i the pics at the top, except that the weird balance of her body in the “after” suggest sheis wearing a very uncomfortable girdle.

    She looks really big in the green dress pics,though. Isn’t the definition of obese unhealthily overweight? Becase those green dress pics are definitely that…

  17. Oenix says:

    Black women are NOT and should not be exempt from weight criticism. It’s just that most people don’t want to be called racists for bringing it up. Granted “a bit of weight” seems to be more acceptable in the black community, it is clear that many people abuse it.

    I agree she could lose some more.

    The “correct” size that makes a person more attractive is in the eyes of the beholder and unfortunately, it is un-PC to even suggest that being slender improves the overall look of most people. I have seem some BEAUTY-FULL fat women. Yes FAT. But using the word fat, generates negative backlash and criticism as if I said a bad word. An obscenity. I have yet to find someone skinny beautiful but there are a lot of gorgeous SLENDER people.

    So go ahead and hang me but that’s my two cents.

  18. voodoobetty says:

    Does she only know the one pose? Hands on the hips? She looks older than her 23 years.

  19. nanster says:

    fizXgirl314, no a ‘potato sack’ wouldn’t look good, either. I was merely suggesting that people should dress to accentuate the positive rather than trying to squeeze 10 pounds of sausage into a 5 pound casing.

  20. the original kate says:

    she is a cute girl, but the clothes she wears are really unflattering, and they all look too small. she should go for softer clothes, in darker colors and jewel tones like deep purple, emerald and sapphire blue. that green dress would be ugly on anyone. also, chunky jewelry would be help balance her out. doesn’t she have a stylist?

  21. Ana says:

    I don’t think she has lost that much weight rather she is just wearing more flattering clothes.

  22. den says:

    Good for her. I couldn’t STAND her on the Cosby Show but I think she’s become a remarkable young woman and I’ve become a fan.

  23. MeowBea says:

    Where did she loose 35lbs?? :roll: I can’t see where….. that is alot of weight, so it should be very visible. She looks fine nontheless.

  24. Alexa says:

    I absolutely LOVE Raven. She’s my hero and role model (and I’m 43-years-old!) THANK YOU FOR EXISTING RAVEN!

  25. Linda says:

    She looks exactly the same.

  26. Weekends Off says:

    I can’t tell. Honestly. I can’t tell. No offence to her..but if she lost it I can’t tell.

  27. Kikker says:

    She looks exactly the same. Star is so stupid.

  28. JaundiceMachine says:

    I think 35 pounds is a stretch, but she does look a lot healthier.

    Good on you, Raven!

  29. Donna says:

    i’ve always thought she was cute, but she could be ‘hot’ if she lost a ton of weight

  30. Taya says:

    I thought she was much older. Raven does not look 23, more like 33. If she lost weight, then I do not see it. Raven looks the same to me.

  31. Hope33 says:

    I’m not surprised that Raven was affected by the criticism of her weight. I remember that when she publicly stated that she was confident and liked her body (or something to that effect) some of the reactions were brutal. I especially remember the hatred and vitriol spewing for Sascha at the Evil Beet. You should check out those posts. Seriously shocking (esp if you google image sascha. Not a pretty girl. But maybe that is why she is so horribly mean )

  32. Annie says:

    She can definitely stand to lose more weight, but good for her for making the change!

    I mean, she’s like what? 23? She’s got all the time in the world to run around, she should eat right, jog around, play! She should do just that! And make healthier lifestyle choices/eating choices

  33. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Where? Is she parking it on the side now?

  34. Ray says:

    Here “Before & After” pictures are only different because of the outfits. She’s a big girl and more than likely always will be. As the doctor says, she should continue eating healthy and exercising. A positive mental attitude will give her a long, productive life. Not all people are meant to be thin.

  35. Bianca Hudson says:

    I love raven! Her charecter is real as hell. She looks gret the weight she lost looks great people really need to stop hatin on her sayin it aint no difference cuz cleary it is so stop hatin haters!!!

  36. Please here me out Raveen, I am a grown-up with grandchildren.Raveen you were just beautiful the way you were honey!Don’t let people tell you what you should and shouldn’t look like!!!!! Don’t lose to much more. Because will think you are sick. And last but not least keep that big beautiful smile that’s all Raveen! My oldest grandaughter is named after you:Jahmerah Symone’ she’s 14.God bless ya’ take care Raveen.

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