Jamie Dornan can’t stop talking about ‘Fifty Shades’ while promoting ‘Belfast’

Los Angeles Premiere Of Focus Features' 'Belfast'

I enjoyed Belfast, Kenneth Branagh’s autobiographical film about his childhood in Belfast at the start of the Troubles. Jamie Dornan and Caitriona Balfe are completely gorgeous in it and it really comes across that Branagh worships both of his parents. Dornan has gotten great reviews and some awards-season buzz, and he has every right to enjoy that buzz and even participate in the Oscar campaign for the film. He’s proud of his work, and good for him. But it’s painful to hear him go on and on about Fifty Shades of Grey in every f–king interview. I get it, he’s being asked about it still, and the public arguably knows him best as Christian Grey. But Dakota Johnson is literally doing an Oscar campaign this year too and she’s barely spoken about FSOG, and yet it’s like Dornan’s favorite subject, how he has mixed feelings about it. I suppose this is partly about the British “tall poppy syndrome,” where actors are made to feel that they should apologize for being successful (lest they be attacked & vilified). Here are some quotes from Dornan’s interview with the Telegraph:

He wasn’t afraid of being typecast as Christian Grey: “At the time, I was asked if I was scared of being typecast – as what? As a BDSM-loving billionaire? I think that’s a one-off. Nothing close to that has come my way again – I’ve barely worn a suit since.”

He can take a joke about FSOG: “I’m well used to it. You know what really helps? I’m from a place where taking the mickey out of each other is our common currency. It’s how we communicate – it’s how we show affection. So if you’re from Belfast and you give a load of s–t — like I do to my mates – if you can’t take it back, you end up a bit screwed. But I’ve always been able to give s–t and take s–t, so I’m sort of armed for it.”

He isn’t worried about how the film will affect his daughters: “I can be a real cynic, and if it wasn’t me in the film, it’d be different. As my girls get older, will they have to field some awkward questions? Yeah! But will it have a damaging effect on them or my relationship with them? No.”

[From Us Weekly]

Kenneth Branagh must be so pleased that the leading man of Belfast can’t STFU about a film trilogy which ended four years ago. Let me also say this: Dornan was so publicly queasy about the Christian Grey role at the time, whereas Dakota was always like “it is what it is, I tried to do a good job and I’m proud of my work.” That’s why FSOG doesn’t hang over Dakota’s career in the same way it hangs over Jamie’s career. I mean, that and he never shuts up about it. He needs to figure out a way to transition out of those questions.

Los Angeles Premiere Of Focus Features' 'Belfast'

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  1. Linda says:

    He looks so distinguished – he can spank me anytime…

  2. Lightpurple says:

    Sending lots of positive thoughts for Oscar nominations Belfast’s way this morning

  3. AppleCart says:

    I have completely forgotten about those movies. If he would shut up about it people will forget too. He should have his PR team set ground rules not to talk about it if he has a bug up his butt about it so much. The FSOG trilogy was what it was… popcorn porn for the mainstream.

  4. Helonearth says:

    He needs to get someone in his team to veto those questions. Its not that goes on about it, its that he keeps getting asked. i am sure Dakota has been asked too, but has been smart enough to state that she is not going to answer questions about it any more.

    • Abby says:

      His responses make it clear that he was *asked* about FSOG. I am with you–there has to be some way to veto those questions.

      • liz says:

        “That series was done years ago; I’ve said all I’ll have to say about it. I’m here to talk about the new movie. . . . “

    • AmB says:

      He doesn’t even need to make that big a deal of it – just have the PR team come up with a list of pleasant, redirecting answers for every occasion, memorize, and use as needed. He’s already paying them, he’s clearly capable of acting, how hard can it be?

      • North of Boston says:

        Yeah, something as simple as “ that WAS a thing, yeah … and so different from this project …” and back to talking about his current role, film, etc

  5. Twin Falls says:

    I haven’t seen Belfast but I want to.

  6. Heather says:

    I’m sure it’s his Irish in him that keeps him from being like ‘that was 4 years ago, I’m here to talk about Belfast.’ He doesn’t want to sound like he’s too high and mighty to talk about FSOG. I always felt like Dakota was the star of those movies anyway. She did a much better job than he did, but he’s very easy on the eye.

  7. detritus says:

    He needs to focus more on Barb and Star, he was adorable in that.

  8. Jen Langton says:

    Meh. If he answers the questions and moves on without making a big deal about it – people will get over it. Dakota’s career has exploded and she’s often in the tabloids. Jamie is a quiet family man – so people are still curious about his perspective (including us – we all read this article and commented on it) 🙂

  9. Julia O Donnell says:

    Ah c’mon now – Jamie’s lovely sure he is. Sure he has to handle those FSOG questions the whole time he does.

  10. Jules says:

    I think he’s not proud of that movie and wants a chance to say so. He was fantastic in The Fall, one of the creepiest serial killers portrayed.

    • Fredegunda says:

      I knew him from The Fall before he was cast as Christian Grey, and I could never watch FSOG trailers without wondering when he was going to kill her. He seemed so much more comfortable in the skin of Paul Spector than Christian Grey.

  11. Case says:

    I don’t associate Dakota with those movies at all anymore and it’s all I associate him with, so he’s doing something wrong here. Unless it’s a hard-hitting piece of reporting or against the publication’s policy, many journalists will share questions in advance with someone’s PR team. He has the power to say no in advance to point the conversation in a better direction.

  12. Renee' says:

    I loved Jamie in Belfast. I thought he was fabulous in it!

  13. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Is he ever asked about his TV series and working with Gillian Anderson? Because that was fabulous.

  14. margot says:

    He needs a better PR team. 50 shades was years ago and he’s been in some decent stuff.