Kim Kardashian unfollowed Miley Cyrus right after Miley flirted with Pete Davidson

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Kim Kardashian. Miley Cyrus. Pete Davidson. The love triangle literally no one wanted. Kim and Pete have been dating since October, and they seem to be having fun and it is what it is. Pete was hired to “cohost” a New Year’s special in Miami with Miley Cyrus, and Miley and Pete played it up and had fun promoting their special, and they had some chemistry on-stage or whatever. Well, when the NYE special was announced, Kim began following Miley on Instagram. A few days in 2022, Kim unfollowed Miley. GASP!

Kim Kardashian has seemingly unfollowed Miley Cyrus on Instagram following the singer’s live New Year’s Eve special with Pete Davidson. A Miley Cyrus fan account, dubbed @MileyEdition, noted that Kardashian was following the “Wrecking Ball” artist’s IG account on Dec. 10 — the same day Page Six reported that Cyrus went to Davidson’s condo after their “Tonight Show” appearance — but, as of Tuesday, the Skims founder was no longer listed as one of her followers.

The move could signal some three-way drama among Kardashian, Cyrus and Davidson after the latter two co-hosted a New Year’s Eve special in Miami on Friday. During the extravaganza, Davidson, 28, joined Cyrus, 29, on stage to perform a version of Will Smith’s “Miami” — and the show seemed to have gone on without any blips (excluding Cyrus’ minor wardrobe malfunction).

But before their special, Cyrus seemingly put the moves on Davidson while promoting the event, serenading him on “The Tonight Show” and singing, “It should have been me.” The lyrics could have been a shot across the bow of 41-year-old Kardashian, whom Davidson has been dating since October 2021. Page Six exclusively reported that following “The Tonight Show” appearance, Cyrus was spotted heading to Davidson’s Staten Island condo, where Kardashian was also spotted later in December sneaking out in the morning.

While Davidson spent his New Year’s Eve celebrations live on television with Cyrus, Kardashian was home in Los Angeles with her kids. But the couple reunited this week to travel to the Bahamas together on a private jet.

[From Page Six]

Sometimes I feel like the only Kim Kardashian-defender around here, so here I go on my bullsh-t again. I think Kim is a grown-ass woman with four kids who “followed” her boyfriend’s work colleague briefly, and then stopped following Miley as soon as Miley and Pete’s work was done. I think it’s as simple as that. Two things are hilarious to me though: one, Kim wasn’t already following Miley? They’re two of the most aggressively online people out there and they both have huge follower numbers. It sounds like there was already a mutual dislike there in the first place. Second thing: Miley clearly tried to play up the chemistry with Pete, and Miley was doing the most to, you know, promote the special. The reality was probably that Pete and Miley just got high together a few times.

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Photos courtesy of Miley’s Instagram and Kim’s Instagram.

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  1. Heat says:

    Kim Kardashian is the kween of social media. She has a new show on Hulu to promote. Do you honestly think that she isn’t extremely aware of the buzz this would create? Brilliant.

    • Denise says:

      Exactly this! It’s all part of the narrative, to create buzz. Kim is very aware of the importance of connections in showbiz, she would never sacrifice that for Pete.
      She knows what she’s doing

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      It really seems as simple as this.
      Dating a guy. Follows account of cohost to guy’s NYE special. Stops after NYE.

      I cannot tell you how many insta accounts I’ve started following when they worked with my husband and then stopped when promotional stuff were done. But because it’s Kim it has a conspiracy theory behind it every time?

      • Coco says:

        @ Wiglet Watcher

        It’s not a conspiracy theory this is literally what they do time and time again. When people show you who they are believe them.

        @ superashes

        Kim is not above the buzz that what keeps people talking about them.

    • superashes says:

      Honestly, I think Kim K. is above the buzz at this point and its exactly as written. She didn’t care for Miley in the first place, and only followed her briefly to promote the special. She is content to sit on large piles of money at this point and weather what is sure to be an awful divorce process with Kanye by distracting herself with Pete.

  2. smcollins says:

    Honestly, Miley & Pete make way more sense as a couple than Kim & Pete, but Kim is not one to stand by and allow anyone to “steal” her press…er…man.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      That would be an insufferable, toxic couple.

    • ItReallyIsYouNotMe says:

      I was thinking the same thing.

    • Bettyrose says:

      I thought that for a second and then un-thought it. That relationship would be hot drama from the word go and I wouldn’t be surprised if cops were called at some point because the two were having a massive argument and throwing shit in a hotel room or other public space.

      I also think Pete needs to stay faaaar from Kardashian drama but it seems like he has. And this fauxmance will expire soon.

  3. Sandra says:

    Ugh! No matter how you mix/match these three. Just ugh!

  4. Noki says:

    Her boyfriend!!?So they are folks who really believe this ‘union’. Kim is asexual and only interested in herself or anyone who can give her more grotesque attention,that dude aint her boyfriend. The only spark i ever so in Kim with the opposite sex was Reggie Bush.

  5. Missjo says:

    Somehow l don’t think Miley actually gives a shit about the Kartrashian Klan

  6. MellyMel says:

    I don’t remember how I know this, but Miley & Pete are friends and got matching tattoos at one point. So there’s that…

    • Bettyrose says:

      It makes sense. IDK if Miley has ever been diagnosed with a personality disorder, and it’s possible she just has child star syndrome, but Pete is very open about his and I see how they could support one another as friends/colleagues. Not as romantic partners. No.

  7. why? says:

    Translation: Kris and Kim are leaking negative stories about Miley trying to “steal” her PR boyfriend who is in the midst of a manic episode to Page Six because this is what they do when they perceive any woman as a threat.

    The press needs to do better and stop falling for Kris’ cons. What is Kris trying to distract from now? Astroworld lawsuits against Travis, Kayne being papped with new muses, or did Kim do another interview with a conservative journalist? Or is this more damage control because the “heartfelt apology” that she and Khloe wrote and posted on Tristan’s account didn’t get the reaction that they were hoping for?

    • Jules says:

      I don’t think the press is falling for anything. Kris has the money and the means to pay off anyone for anything. It’s about power and control and manipulation through money.

    • Krystina says:

      You are definitely not qualified to diagnose Pete as being in the midst of a manic episode.
      Stop that crap.

      • why? says:

        The Kardashians have a pattern. They exploit men who have mental illnesses and drug addictions. Pete looks horrible since he started “dating” Kim and has been doing questionable behaviors like an unmasked pap stroll at a movie theater in Staten Island with Kim after SNL was shutdown due to a Covid outbreak . Pete is definitely having a manic episode, if he wasn’t, Kris and Kim wouldn’t be exploiting him the same way they exploit Kayne when he is having a manic episode.

      • Krystina says:

        You’re STILL not qualified to make your little armchair diagnosis, lol

    • Spikey says:

      @why, STFU “Pete is definitely having a manic episode”, who the hell do you think you are? The Kardashians may well have a pattern but that in no way means you can diagnose Pete at all, anytime. Also I don’t think he looks horrible at all, I think he looks happy. Pete is a young guy who has been very open about his mental health issues and works on himself. He’s also a successful comedian, leave him alone and stop trying to play doctor.

      • why? says:

        Why don’t you take your own advice. Pete is absolutely having a manic episode and needs to be surrounded by people who care about him instead of being exploited by Kim and her family for headlines and a storyline, so don’t get mad just because people point this out. If you don’t like that people are pointing out that Pete is having a manic episode, which explains why he looks so horrible since he started “dating” Kim, then don’t read my comments.

  8. ME says:

    I think this was calculated. KIm unfollowed Miley and then let it leak that she unfollowed her just to get people talking. They have a new show to promote remember ! Plus, Kim can’t let Kourtney have the attention again. It has to stay on Kim.

  9. Jules says:

    I hope they duke it out to the death on some celebrity boxing match show. Since Kim is 90% plastic, my bets are on her.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      It all seems so balanced and age-appropriate.

      • Jules says:

        Only a Kardashian or twee Miley fan would get offended!

      • Otaku fairy says:

        What, no taco references this time or coming back as “Me?” That’s progress!

      • Jules says:

        lmao. when people think everything is about them.

      • Otaku fairy says:

        That’s the tired, lazy cry of every bring-back-the-bad-old days anti-SJW: ,”It’s not 4 me, it’s not mean towards someone I dislike, and it’s a possible criticism of how I’ve treated others, so it’s selfish!” Too bad it’s lost it’s power. Got to find something else on the bingo card.

  10. Annie says:

    It’s funny because I definitely noticed Miley was into him when they started promoting their NYE. In a way they do make more sense together than Kim and Pete but I didn’t see any interest from Pete. I think if Miley made moves more aggressively, we didn’t see it. It’s not like she was throwing herself at him. Maybe she’s been texting him? But Kim needs to get real. The only reason she’s into Pete it’s because she wanted what Kourtney and Megan Fox had with their respective partners. If there’s one thing Kim hates is not being the most exciting, most talked about sister so she HAD TO take the spotlight away from a newly engaged Kourtney. I have a very hard time believing that she’s into Pete at all. She’s into the attention.

  11. bears says:

    Miley seems like the kind of person a guy like Pete Davidson would actually enjoy and get along with well. I still can’t fathom what in the world he and Kim do/talk about when they are together. She has the personality of a cardboard box. Like an android that hasn’t been assigned an identity yet.

  12. Jan says:

    Pete maybe a lot deeper than we know, it’s not only his second head that is attracting women.
    Pete and Miley have been friends for a while.

  13. AmyB says:

    I really don’t think Kim K gives a F**K, but who knows? I can see Miley and Pete getting along much better than Kim and Pete though. They obviously have a friendly rapport and seem to enjoy each other. As others have said, Kim seems almost asexual to me. She gives off no sexual vibes whatsoever. Yes, she looks gorgeous (albeit plastic and surgically enhanced), but … compare her to say, Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie? No comparison. Those other women ooze sexual energy. Kim seems dead. At least to me.

  14. jferber says:

    Yeah, I see Miley with Pete much more than Kim. Kim and Pete make no sense to me.

  15. Pilar says:

    Miles has a boyfriend which is totally ignored in this narrative. He was even with her during the NYE special and there a pics of him with miley.

  16. Abby says:

    I think Miley and Pete have strong friendship chemistry. The stories they told on the Tonight Show were just fun, not serious. Just two famous potsmoking kids living it up and getting dumb tattoos together. Her showmanship for serenading him was clearly a joke, too. I do think they could make sense together but he seemed wholly uninterested in responding to her pretend overtures during the serenade. I actually think it would be funny/interesting if Kim decided to go experimental in her sexuality and dated Miley for awhile, lol. Clearly not happening though.

  17. LadySwampwitchGivsneaufux says:

    MIley should totally steal Pete. Make this HAPPEN!

  18. grabbyhands says:

    I think it is hilarious that people still think Kim is above this type of behavior, because she isn’t.

    She is always 100% tuned into what will get her attention and she knows that people track this kind of stuff, so yes – she unfollowed Miley if for no other reason than she knew people would notice and that it would keep her name in the gossip headlines.

  19. Rose says:

    How embarrassing. A woman her age acting like a tween on social media. His “relationships” do not seem to last long anyway. He seems as if all he has to offer is BDE and…good drugs.

    • KC says:

      @Rose. I was thinking about his relationship durations recently. Isn’t he healthier? Wouldn’t be the longest relationship for him since Cazzie? If they make it to February wouldn’t this be the longest long term relationship for him? Granted, I don’t know how serious she wants to be with her divorce and mothering?

  20. FrontPorchSittin says:

    She’s 41, not 14. Grow up, Kim.

  21. MelOn says:

    Do we really think this isn’t just another “Look at me” PR think by the Kardashian machine? There is no drama here, they just want you to think there’s one.

  22. Eli says:

    I could see Kim not following Miley prior to this because of the whole Brody Jenner/Kaitlyn Carter divorce situation. Even thought that was ages ago.
    Although, I feel like this is more of a social media PR move on Kim’s part.

  23. Delphine says:

    But Pete and Miley would just make a lot more sense than Pete and Kim.

  24. shanaynay says:

    KK….. She is pathetic…. I don’t believe anything about her is real… she looks like a plastic blow up doll. So, gross. Sorry, not sorry!!!

  25. Ann says:

    Those black and white pics of them are just so good and they look great dressed up. Great styling and art direction to all those involved in that shoot!