“Fashion icon” Lindsay Lohan smokes it up in Paris

Lindsay Lohan is still in Paris, being fresh as a daisy, as you can probably tell from these pictures. Ah… Paris. When you want to look, feel, smell, taste and sound likea cracked-out mess, there’s always Paris. This is Lindsay Lohan taking a cigarette break over the weekend as she shopped her ass off. Um… does she have money to shop her ass off? Who even knows at this point. Lindsay’s been in Paris for about three weeks now – do you think she’ll stay there longer? I didn’t expect her to be there this long, actually. She must have found a really good dealer there, or else I think she would be back stateside, don’t you?

While Lindsay’s away, Mother of the Year Dina “Lindsay’s a Genius” Lohan is filling the crack-rock sized hole in out hearts. She’s still talking our ears off about Shoe-Han, but she’s also promoting (re: “whoring”) her other kids. Remember how Lindsay and Ali have a brother named Michael Jr.? Well, 21-year-old Michael’s being pimped too – he’s dropped out of Ithaca College and he’s doing a movie, according to Dina. At her Shoe-Han launch, she told reporters: “Lindsay’s brother Michael is on academic scholarship at Ithaca (college). He’s also doing a movie!” Ugh. If you’d like to read more of Dina’s delusions, OK! had another interview with her – note her anecdotal evidence of Lindsay being a “fashion icon”. It’s sad.

Dina Lohan’s ring finger is aflutter during a Lovemyshoes.com event held Thursday at NYC’s Marc Fisher showroom, setting off speculation that she is set to wed. The reality mom, who likens her relationship with her daughters to “a lioness and cubs,” also defends Lindsay’s low-rated Emanuel Ungaro fashion line, and explains why her oldest starlet was born to design.

While strapping on an open-toed blue boot shoe-store store, Dina gets embarrassed and takes the footwear into the hallway – lest we see her less-than-perfect pedicure. I can’t help but notice the light catching a serious piece of ice on her left ring finger. Hm, is she engaged?

“No,” the divorcee, 47, laughs, shocked. “Where’s the guy? Do you know him? Because that’d be great. Do you have someone?”

Well, typically, in the U.S., a diamond ring on the left hand means one is betrothed…

“Lindsay actually designed this ring,” she explains to me. “She’s designing jewelry, and she put this on my finger. We have a thing – when my girls leave the airports and we leave each other, we put things like a Kabbalah bracelet or the Eye of the Blessed Mother on each other. So she put this on me the last time she left. She designed this ring, and this necklace as well. And I gave her what I was wearing. It’s like a family thing to fly safe. Ain’t it corny?”

Jewels aren’t the only things the Lohan ladies share. They also wear the same shoe size – 8 ½-9.

“Some of the shoes Lindsay gives me, I go ‘I can’t wear those. I’m a mom. They’re a little cheesy,’” she says. “They’re really high heels that only a 23-year-old can get away with. Ali is taller than Lindsay, so she wears flats a lot. She doesn’t want to feel weird or show off because she’s tall.”

Lindsay and Ali will both help their mom on the design front for the under-$100 brand that will include footwear for soccer moms, juniors, teen-tweens and clubgoers. Dina’s shoe line will likely hit shelves in time for Mother’s Day, but the name is up for grabs. It will not be called Shoe-han despite reports, so don’t go purchasing the name online, she cautions.

How is Lindsay coping with the biting remarks after her Emanuel Ungaro line debuted Oct. 4 during Paris Fashion Week?

“It’s silly,” Dina tells me. “Lindsay’s just going to keep doing what she’s doing, and it will sell. I know it because I know Lindsay’s genius in what she does and girls love her. My friend runs FIT, and she said ‘Dina, I was surprised. We asked a question – Who do you admire most as a fashion icon?’ And they said Lindsay. She was almost shocked because of all of the negative press.”

She continues, “Kids don’t care. I used to tell Lindsay ‘when you’re on a talk show, be yourself.’ Because you can tell as a person if someone’s b.s.-ing you or not. If you’re honest, you’re going to be honest. People will read your body, and they’ll know what you’re saying, so we just roll. I don’t really care.”

Dina admits that Lindsay’s always had a passion for fashion.

“Lindsay’s been cutting up clothing since she was three,” she says. “We used to call her ‘Bag Lady’ when she was little. She would have little pocket books. She’s so genius at fashion that I can’t even explain. We’ve been through a lot that kind of sucks, but we’re going to keep moving forward.”

[From OK! Magazine]

Stop. Trying. To. Be. Her. Friend. You’re her mother, for goodness sake. Stop talking about all of the little “cute” jewelry exchanges the two of you do before you fly, because all I can think about is how most of that jewelry is probably stolen. Stop with the “we’re the same size” crap because your daughter dresses like a strung-out prostitute, and you dress like a slightly older strung-out prostitute. Stop defending your trainwreck daughter’s every move, and try to help her. Stop profiting from her. Stop talking. Stop pimping out your other children. Just. Stop.

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  1. me says:

    that girl is 23 years old and she looks 40, at the very least. Poor child. Never stood a chance…

  2. Praise St. Angie! says:

    her “friend” runs FIT?

    REALLY? Don’t believe THAT one for a second.

    Dina, take your children back to LI and STAY THERE FOR A LONG TIME.

  3. BitterBetty says:

    At this point it’s almost like Dina is waiting for Lindsy to overdose so she can play the role of the grieving mother.maybe she’ll even get an Oprah appearance?

  4. gg says:

    LL reminds me of Bridgit Bardot — but like, NOW, not 40 years ago. She’s all permafrown and bad eyebrows.

    Lindsey quit doing your brows dark orange like your mother! It looks bad on both of you!

  5. Kelly says:

    Scary how much she’s following in Pam Anderson’s footsteps (overbleached hair, plastic surgery, questionable decisions in clothing and in life…).

    Even scarier that there’s a 20-year difference between them.

  6. gg says:

    I wonder if that guy she’s flirting with on the street knows she throws trays of food at hotel doors?

  7. crash2GO2 says:

    Dina is 47.. wow. She’s got some serious sun damage (or smoker’s skin), and that spider eye thing she’s got going highlights those damaged eyelids and doesn’t do her any favors.

    Lindsay does look the cracked out mess. It would be funny if it weren’t so awful.

  8. Ruby Red Lips says:

    I was only wondering the other day why the Lohan brothers were’nt being pimped out…maybe my thought brought on this ridculous acting career for Michael.

    God anyone looking at Lindsay can see she has aged considerably…Dina are you blind or her supplier????

    She looks like a total junkie in the 2nd shot….really scary

  9. hatsumomo says:

    I wanna see pics of these shoes! I just know they’re going to be bad! I wonder what will be her excuse when the line panns?

  10. Firestarter says:

    Linds just seems like she would smell a faint bit like cat piss.

  11. original kate says:

    lindsay always looks filthy, regardless of where she is or what she’s doing. i’ll bet there were scullery maids in victorian england that were cleaner.

  12. ien says:

    oh god that outfit she’s wearing does not do those fendi boots justice…how sad.

    ..and she looks soo old.

  13. Laura says:

    Wait, so did he drop out or is he still attending and filming a movie like stars like Natalie Portman and Julie Stiles did during their college years?

  14. Bete says:

    By the time Lindsay is 30 she’ll look like 50 from the cigarettes.

  15. Merridith says:

    They need to use her picture to promote just saying not to ciggs and drugs. She is the picture of unhealthiness, she just looks so bad. I have seen more vibrant healthier better skinned women in their 40’s and 50’s. Young girls seriously look at Lindsay and JUST SAY NO TO SMOKING AND ALCOHOL/DRUGS.

  16. filthycute says:

    It’s funny to me that she got up on this morning with THAT face and put THAT bow in her hair.