Prince Charles & William are trying to take credit for pushing out Prince Andrew

Duke of York, Prince Andrew continues to get probed about his involvement with the Jeffery Epstein case! **FILE PHOTOS**

Always keep this in mind: if Prince Andrew had successfully gotten Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit dismissed, he would still be an HRH, he would still have all of his royal patronages, he would still have all of his military assignments and he would still be mummy’s favorite. In fact, if Virginia had not sued Andrew, he would still be telling everyone that he can come back to royal life, and he would be plotting his comeback. The palace yanking Andrew’s HRH and patronages has nothing to do with the actual crimes he committed, nor does it have anything to do with his years-long friendships with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. All of this has happened because Virginia *made* it happen, because she wouldn’t give up in her search for justice and answers. So please, allow Prince Charles, Prince William and Queen Elizabeth to take a victory lap around the British media, like they were so bold and decisive:

Ruthless royals: Palace sources said the ‘ruthless and swift’ decision had been ‘widely discussed’ within the Royal Family following Andrew’s failed bid to persuade a judge to dismiss the civil lawsuit in which he is accused of having sex with a trafficking victim. Prince Charles and his son William are understood to have been ‘instrumental’ in the move to force him out before the Queen made up her mind on Wednesday, straight after the court verdict. ‘This is about the survival of the institution at all costs. Always has been and always will be,’ a senior palace source said.

Andrew was summoned: Andrew was yesterday summoned for a 90-minute meeting with his mother at Windsor Castle – and was accompanied by his personal lawyer, Gary Bloxsome, who drove with him from his nearby home, Royal Lodge. But Mr Bloxsome, who was employed by the prince to orchestrate his fight back against Virginia Roberts’ allegations of rape and sexual assault, was unable to enter the royal residence and was left sitting in the car, castle insiders revealed.

They have no idea what William said or did: Prince William was at Windsor Castle on Wednesday to conduct an investiture on behalf of his grandmother and would have spoken to her personally as well.

Ah, yes, the Sussex Model: A well-placed palace source said the Queen and her advisers had decided to follow ‘the same model’ of effective banishment with Andrew as she had with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. ‘They have taken this decision to insulate the institution from being hit by all the shrapnel that is flying around,’ they added. ‘It follows the same model as the Sussex separation. The removal of titles and patronages means the institution can now legitimately say it is not involved. It was a ruthless and swift decision which will have been recommended by the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge and sanctioned by the Queen.’

This is insane: Other sources said the decision would have ‘pained’ the Queen enormously, given Andrew’s position as her so-called favourite son. But just as with Harry and Meghan, the 95-year-old monarch would have known she needed to act for the sake of the monarchy and her legacy. ‘She has the ability, when push comes to shove, to know what is best for the institution and will act in her role as head of state, not a mother,’ said another source who knows her well. ‘She loves Andrew and this doesn’t mean he is no longer her son. But a decision had to be made as it was overshadowing everything the family did and her forthcoming platinum jubilee. Everyone will be feeling very relieved he has finally been cut adrift. It may even help him to have more clarity in fighting the case.’

[From The Daily Mail]

The Mail’s coverage mentions in passing that Andrew remains a member of the Order of the Garter, one of the highest honors in the UK. Sources say it is “unlikely” he will take part in the annual procession at Windsor Castle in June. He also hasn’t been officially stripped of his HRH, he just has to promise not to use it. He will likely style himself as Prince Andrew, the Duke of York.

As for the bold decisiveness of Liz, Chuck and Baldimort… not so much. They all waited and waited because they all believed that they could “manage” Andrew’s growing crisis and somehow distract from it if they only talked about the Sussexes constantly. I doubt William did much of anything, although I bet Charles really did call his mother and tell her “enough of this.”

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  1. Laalaa says:

    Wow, that’s bold. Equalizing Megxit with this. “Just like them”.
    So depressing

    • damejudi says:

      It’s enraging.

    • swaz says:

      It’s so depressing 🤢 it’s always a popularity contest with these two 😒

      • The Hench says:

        The equivalence they are drawing between the Sussexes being driven out when they did nothing wrong and Andrew being driven out because he’s a lying, toxic, child rapist is appalling. They are NOT the same and speaking of them as though they are the same to the Queen does her a lot of damage. Or it bloody should do…

    • Charm says:

      @laalaa….just so you know, the term ‘megxit’ is not only racist and sexist and full-on misogynoir, it was coined by trolls on SS and then co-opted by the british shidtpress and its continued usage is by sexist racists only.

      We dont use it around here.

      • Laalaa says:

        OMG, I DIDN’T KNOW! So so sorry! Will never say it again, thank you for telling me this way, I apprecciate it

      • Nic919 says:

        Sussexit is the preferred term because it is more accurate and not loaded with all the nastiness outlined aptly by Charm.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      Yeah, because trying to protect Archie from racist attacks is EXACTLY THE SAME as raping a 17-year old girl. What in the hell is wrong with those people? They are utterly amoral sociopaths. I can’t believe the British people still think it’s a good idea to have a royal family, even though the royals reflect so badly on them.

    • Mac says:

      This family is so dysfunctional Andrew brought his lawyer to a meeting with his mother.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        I know! How ludicrous!! Such an empty headed twit!

        As for them equating this to Harry and Meghan, that was all performance based by TRF in regards to anger and pettiness. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other. The only difference is that Balndham was instrumental in getting TQ to cut all ties, but he had NO weight with regards to PedoAndy. But you keep trying to sell this angle RR’s as we AREN’T buying it!

      • Chrissy (The Original) says:

        And notice that he was driving the car with Andrew seated in the back. Just like a servant. Jeez!

  2. Chloe says:

    I don’t think william had any influence on anyone. Nor do i think this is a decision the queen wanted to take.

    I still believe that most of them thought that all of this would just blow over even with the case going to trial.

    But i assume that the queens courtiers have gotten a better handle on the public mood regarding the andrew issue and finally put enough pressure on her to make this decision

    • Mslove says:

      The Queen, Chuck, and William are whining like they are the victims of Andrew’s stupidity. The gall of these lunatics.

  3. Kimber says:

    So basically Angela Kelly told the Queen to cut him loose.

  4. MangoAngelesque says:

    So bold and swift that it only took a lawsuit, a damning OPEN letter from a boatload of veterans, and more than a decade to make it happen.

    But this is the family that saw William take a decade to decide to marry Kate, Kate well over a decade to find her footing and come into her own, and Charles counting decades as the world’s most famous unemployed man until his mother dies and he finally gets to have his “job.”

    So maybe to them, a decade is just how long things take. Unless you marry a non-white foreigner with a brain of her own. Then it’s all knee-jerk and instantaneous.

    • Jay says:

      Don’t forget that they also waited for the judge to rule that yes, Virginia’s case will go forward. It’s not a new accusation, they are taking action because they have to, not because they want to. They just don’t want to see headlines with “HRH” and “rapist” printed next to each other.

      Basically, Andrew’s being scolded because he became a public embarrassment to them, not because they think what he did was wrong.

      If Virginia had been less willing to pursue her case or the circumstances were more ambiguous, I don’t think any of us believe that Andrew would have stepped back.

      Tldr Virginia and her legal team, not the Windsors, deserve the credit here.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Scandals and personal failures aside, but Charles is the most effective Prince of Wales in history. The Prince’s Trust, Dumfries House, The Duchy, the Village of Poundbury. He has accomplished a great deal of good among the rest of the sh!t he’s done.

      • H says:

        Charles gets no passes from me. Besides the whole Diana thing (cheating with his Tampon soon-to-be Queen), he allowed his Black daughter-in-law to be smeared in the press. More than likely he was the one who asked ‘what will the children look like?’ And let’s not forget, he pulled the protection detail on his own son and grandchild! To top it off, he allows William to act like a man baby.

        I got no love for anybody in this family except maybe Edward, who seems to keep a low profile (I’m not adding his wife in there because she’s another piece of work). And Anne, the workhorse, who every year puts the Cambridge’s to shame with the number of her engagements.

      • Becks1 says:

        @H its not like Anne is that great a person either. she also cheated on her first husband (could be cheating on her second) and isn’t known to be the nicest person in the world. She is a workhorse, but so is Charles, which is Nota’s point. Charles is a miserable person, but he does actually work – same as Anne. So it doesn’t fully make sense to give Anne love bc she’s a workhorse but to hate charles.

        I don’t think that any of the Queen’s children are especially good people TBH.

        but then with the Cambridges, they’re both lazy AND garbage people, so they lose all the points.

      • Isabella says:

        You are joking, right? Charles. LOL.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Charles being the most effective Prince of Wales? Yes, he has been. That’s part of why William refused to step up and take over any of the projects his father created. He knows he’ll never be able to keep them running, and they’d always been seen as things Charles started. Hence all the waffling by William with pretend big value projects, none of which goes anywhere. He wants to put his own stamp on things, but he’s too lazy to do so.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      The royal family enabled Andrew and his crimes for years. They share in his guilt. This too-late public gesture of “distancing” themselves from Andrew now, may play with their core supporters who will overlook anything their beloved white supreme family does, but it diminishes all of Britain in the eyes of the rest of the world.

      • Anna123 says:


        She literally said scandals and personal issues aside.

        Charles has done more for the Monarchy work wise then anyone else. He actually does his job and seems to care about it.

        I often wonder what the Monarchy would be like if Charles was King- 10 years ago.

        You can’t convince me that an 80 year old is the best person to run a firm… I know a lot of smart capable 80 years olds that do odd stuff or have some quirks, and not one of them would I want even running a McDonalds let alone a whole Monarchy.

        I think Charles has done what he can, when he can, and I think he’s battling between a rock (the Queen) and a hard place (her courtiers).

        He will have a lot of work if he becomes King to fix all that’s been damaged in the last couple years

  5. Miranda says:

    Love the way they equate a disgraced paedophile being pushed out with Harry and Meghan voluntarily leaving to preserve their own sanity and protect their children.

    • Pix says:

      Exactly. These people still do not know how to read the room. Take credit for pushing out the creep but don’t mention the Sussexes in the same breath as if they are equal. It just further points out their ineptitude.

    • Jais says:

      Apparently it was banishment for both the Sussexes and Andrew. Pretty sure the sussexes made a choice and were not banished but sure whatever.

  6. Bettyrose says:

    And here I was worried they wouldn’t be able to tie Meghan into this story.

  7. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    Thank the gods Virginia did all the dirty work and hard lifting so the “Big 3” could do the final push and clean up 🙄😒

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      THANK YOU! The victim was incredibly brave/strong to do this (*especially* when there are suspicious “suicides” connected to the sex trafficking cases). The royal family enabled Andrew’s crimes for years, and it’s too little, too late, for them to now pretend they care about the victims, or the people of Britain.

  8. Becks1 says:

    I can see Charles making the final call here and telling his mother that she had to sign off. I’m sure William was on board – he wants Royal Lodge if “royal sources” are to be believed and he probably thinks this gets him closer to that – but I think this was all Charles.

    It has nothing to do with what Andrew actually did, its about protecting the Firm and the royal assets.

    • Chloe says:

      Why would william want the royal lodge? He already has 3 royal residencies

      • Becks1 says:

        It’s part of the weird reporting over the past 6-8 months about the Cambridges moving to Windsor/Berkshire, that they would move to the Royal Lodge. That’s why I said “if royal sources are to be believed.” I don’t know about the Lodge, but I do believe there is something to the Windsor rumors bc its something we’ve heard consistently now from several different RRs all without really explaining why.

    • apollocat says:

      But andy has 100 year lease? I dont know how william will fight that. One thing for sure after queen dies , infighting will be glorius to watch. William can take credit as much he want but without andy or sussex to distract the spotlight will be on Cambridge’s and everything will be magnified and scrutiny of his kids will be shitshow. He is very short sighted. His shady ways are covered by throwing yorks and harry under the bus and his kids wont have that luxury and they will throw eachother.

      • Chloe says:

        @appollocat: I’m assuming something can be arranged if andrew’s fails to pay his rent. This is why i want someone to dig into his finances.

        The queen was paying the rent for the royal lodge (she’s conveniently also the owner of the royal lodge). Because andrew has no discernible income. This was also the reason why she paid for his legal fees initially.

        But now that he’s allegedly a private citizen and they ‘washed their hands of andrew’ who’s going to pay for all this?

      • notasugarhere says:

        There is no rent to be paid, Chloe. The lease is prepaid for 100 years.

      • Krystina says:

        Does anyone know what happens to that 100 year lease after Pedrew dies? Does it get inherited by his daughters, or would it be ended?

      • notasugarhere says:

        Beatrice and Eugenie inherit it.

      • Becks1 says:

        Oh I don’t think William will actually get Royal Lodge, I just think that he wants it, lol.

    • Nic919 says:

      I agree. Charles has been wanting to push Andrew out for a long time so the lawsuit not being dismissed was his best leverage.

      William wasn’t involved in this at all. This is just KP pretending that they matter.

      • LaraW" says:

        Agree. I also don’t think William has the brains or strategic acumen to engineer anything like this and act swiftly. Charles has probably been holding onto a fifty-page wish list of things he wanted to do to in order to decouple Andrew from the monarchy, complete with an appendix of supplemental materials mapping out each step to execute his goals efficiently.

        William’s proven that he can be strategic in his use of media (who knows about power plays behind the scenes). However, his malice is entirely selfish, directed at those he perceives have done him wrong or take up his spotlight. Andrew has never done either of those things, and so William has never particularly worried or cared about addressing the issue.

        I think KP was added to present a united front among the heirs, a symbolic gesture that the (future) monarchs are Together in Taking Action.

      • Harper says:

        My guess is that Burger King stomped his feet and insisted that Harry lose EVERYTHING, especially his military titles or else he was bolting too. And that set a precedent and put the military title stripping option in the public eye and it boomeranged onto Andrew and backed the Queen into a corner. Burger King never thinks anything through.

      • @ Lara@”: “Charles has probably been holding onto a fifty-page wish list of things he wanted to do to in order to decouple Andrew from the monarchy, complete with an appendix of supplemental materials mapping out each step to execute his goals efficiently.”

        😆 And the PowerPoint, don’t forget the PowerPoint! Complete agreement.

      • @ Lara@”: “Charles has probably been holding onto a fifty-page wish list of things he wanted to do to in order to decouple Andrew from the monarchy, complete with an appendix of supplemental materials mapping out each step to execute his goals efficiently.”

        😆 And the PowerPoint, don’t forget the PowerPoint! Complete agreement.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Why would anyone want to live there, knowing what all has taken place there? Then again, William willingly accepted Anmer Hall where Charles and Camilla conducted their affair for many years. Things like infidelity, rape, sex trafficking – these are not things that upset William.

      Part of me thinks they’re angling for Frogmore House, which was off-limits as a royal residence while Philip was alive. Smaller and more public-facing than Royal Lodge though.

      • Alexandria says:

        I don’t know Nota, these people are weird. They probably think those add character to the place.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I could see William leaning on Charles with the Louis Mountbatten angle for Frogmore House. ‘But Daddy NotDearest, Louis Mountbatten was born at Frogmore House and we named our son after him. Shouldn’t we get to live there in his memory?’

      • Robyn says:

        Why would anyone want to live at ANY royal residence given what has happened at all of them?

      • Kalana says:

        NOTA, Why was Frogmore house off-limits?

      • notasugarhere says:

        It was off-limits because it was designated as Philip’s retirement home if the Queen pre-deceased him. He planned ahead for it, taking things from the royal yacht and having them installed there for his future home.

        It wasn’t expected that he would retire before she died, or that he might be having memory issues. Given the political climate in 2017 when he retired from public life, it would be a lousy PR idea to spend millions fixing up Frogmore House for a 96 year old. Instead they put him at Wood Farm, hidden from the public and doing the fix-up with private funds as it is private property (unlike Frogmore House).

    • Winnie Cooper's Mom says:

      Not sure why any of them would want to reside in Royal Lodge. It looks like a mental institution or old-school hospital facility. It might perhaps be the least charming of all the royal-owned properties. No thank you!

    • windyriver says:

      No doubt Charles would like to boot Andrew into outer space, but I think he’s secure at Royal Lodge. People pointed it out yesterday; Andrew’s stupid, arrogant, used to being taken care of and having his ass kissed – and has lots of shady friends. He’s capable of lots more damage in addition to whatever he’s already done that hasn’t been acknowledged (mostly, meaning financial). He’s just been handed a massive humiliation, they’re not going to want to make it feel or look worse by kicking him out of the estate he “paid” for and wants to leave to his children. And that’s assuming pulling his titles, more than performative, and the RF believes Andrew is actually culpable re: Virginia.

      Besides, better to have him in a place where they can more or less keep an eye on him. In this case, if William is really after Royal Lodge, I could see Charles telling him to kick rocks. But I think what’s going on with Windsor and the Cambridges doesn’t have to do with Royal Lodge.

      • Nic919 says:

        William ultimately gets everything the Queen currently owns so it would be silly of him to push for royal lodge which has been set up for Andrew and his daughters when William gets Sandringham, and all the other properties.

      • notasugarhere says:

        But he doesn’t get those things until after Charles dies. If he’s looking for a new place to sideline Kate close to her mummy? Windsor/Berskhire is it.

  9. Ariel says:

    No one gets credit for realizing the Epstein thing is a scandal in the year of our lord Beyoncé 2022. They are all racist morons who are fine with Andrew raping sex trafficked teens. They’re just peasants after all. They don’t really matter. A “blood prince” never has to take responsibility for any act, even if it is criminal, unless “mummy” says so. Except of course marrying a biracial woman. That’s a bridge too far.
    Abolish the monarchy.
    White trash with money. “Nobility” is a joke.

    • WhoElse says:

      This x 1000

    • Merricat says:


    • Dee Kay says:

      “Nobility” only means that a thousand or more years ago, some family’s ancestor won one or more wars that got him the throne. That ancestor was probably a sociopath (they excel at killing people b/c they don’t care about others). And the descendants are mostly lazy and stupid — because they can be, and because holding on the status-quo guarantees them a lifetime of status and comfort — and some of them inherit the sociopathy. Blood nobles are very likely to be very terrible people who benefit hugely from inheritance and tradition. If anyone improves the family or its members, it’s the married-ins who don’t come from such a backwards and entrenched mindset. Behold Meghan — and the problem the BRF had with Meghan.

      • Killfanora says:

        @Dee Kay….going back even further than that, “Nobility” just means someone was more of a bullying thug than others around them. So, not much has changed, really then…..

    • goofpuff says:

      “white trash” has more class and smarts than these so called “royals”.

  10. Noki says:

    The Daily Fails comments section are still suspiciously low for such a huge story,compare that Meghan only having to breathe and the comments are in the thousands.

    • Jan90067 says:

      That is most likely as there aren’t any bought bots to fill it, as well as “comments are moderated” so some might not feel inclined to post as it’d probably be deleted.

    • SS says:

      All the DM comments are being moderated and anything negative about the royals never makes it through.

      • Lory says:

        When the story first broke on the DM, the comment counter was stuck at 2, despite the story being shared almost 6000 times. Not suspicious at all lol

  11. ML says:

    In theory, the queen is the head of state. And in theory, her son and grandson will be as well. So, why is it so difficult to separate their jobs from their private life? Why is it acceptable to say that since this man (who hangs with sex offenders, has sex with unwilling teenagers, cosies up to shady businessmen, has anger management issues and looks down his nose at people) is the son of the queen, he has more rights and privileges than a normal person would. And yet, the metropolitan police won’t investigate him, he’s been able to skirt responsibility for his actions, and this was normal?? Why don’t the British have any issues with this?

    • Andrew's Nemesis says:

      We do. BELIEVE me, we do.

      • Sarah says:

        Very much so, we also have to contend with the weight of institutions that have no desire to change and a power dynamic which also prevents that from happening.

        Plus most people are way more concerned with the slowly unravelling horror show of brexit, covid and the country being run by people who care nothing for all us regular folk and share the views of the mornarchy – ‘the rules don’t apply to me’.

      • Emma says:

        It’s similar to how in the US many many of us have issues with Trump and Kavanaugh, yet there are many others who support them and the system in place and the institutions protect them.

        The English people understand what is going on but the average person has so little ability to effect change. Like in the US with the Trumplicans in power.

  12. Lili says:

    I like to think Meghan & Harry were proactive in getting out, and Charles, William & Betty were just responding after the fact in order to punish in an how dare you gesture. so for me the power Lies with Meghan & Harry. In Andrew’s Case this was a last resort in order to save face in response to outside pressure, from the military and public perception so for sure a certain amount of power, the difference being they are still tainted with the stench of Andrew’s actions and Yet somehow Meghan & Harry remain relatively unscathed by this mess. its like someone advised them get out before the shit hits the fan or you might not recover

    • bettyrose says:

      In the most recent Lifetime movie, “Sir Leonard” tells Meghan and Harry, who are by then living in Canada, that the RF is worried this Andrew news will make it seem like that’s the reason H & M left, to which the character of Meghan says “It doesn’t make us want to stay.”

      It’s hard to imagine Meghan could’ve ever envisioned her fates entangled with a power player in an international sex trafficking ring. And I would never discuss her in relation to this story, except the story itself mentions her, as though there were any similarity at all. And I did see on a news thread some idiot saying “well, she may not be as bad as Andrew but she’s hardly innocent.” WTaF?? The best thing H & M can do is stay and keep their children as far away as possible.

      • Debbie says:

        “She’s hardly innocent”?! Innocent of what? I didn’t see that moron you mentioned, but I’ll bet he didn’t elaborate on what Meghan was “hardly innocent” of.

  13. Jezz says:

    I hope this isn’t a thread jack, but I’m desperate to understand how these minute comings and going’s get into the press.
    Does their comms team send a press release saying Andrew was summoned for 90 minutes? Or did a sneak call up the press? And does the Queen decide what info to leak and what falls under “never explain never complain”?
    Honestly curious.

    • Veda says:

      Briefings. Amol Rajan’s podcast, Harry, Meghan and the Media explains this very well. It’s available on BBC Sounds

    • Jay says:

      That’s a good question – the only way those kind of minute details would be reported is from sources coming from the palace. At least one of the households – my guess is Charles – wants us to know that Andrew got a real scolding for embarrassing them all, so can everybody please stop talking about abolishing the monarchy, it’s working just fine, ok?

      One thing that was eye opening for me to hear about on the BBC podcast (Harry, Meghan and the Media) was how reliant the royal reporters are on both current and former palace employees for information, and that they will basically print what their told. It sounds like a lot of off the record phone calls and lunches, and both sides have agendas.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Well, we know the agenda for TRF, but what agenda do the RR’s have in regards to including Harry, mostly Meghan, onto their supposed journalism? Is it due to the ONLY selling point they have to grab the readers? Their incessant use of Meghan for all things considered unacceptable actions by TRF must become tiresome to those who read these rags, except it just keeps the hate flames going.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        My guess: yes, Meghan sells magazines because she’s has that “star” power that the other family members lack. Mentioning Meghan generates interest. Also, when the actual story doesn’t make the royals look good, mentioning Meghan is a subliminal reminder to the racist royal supporters, “It’s ok, the royal family still isn’t as bad as that biracial American woman.”

      • Nic919 says:

        I thought it was interesting to hear how pissed off Anna Pasternak is with kate about the Tatler article. She kept quiet on the changes KP requested because she was told to by the lawyers, but then KP goes to the Times or another paper to explicitly make public that they wanted the article altered as a show of their strength . So this might explain why at the time so many of the articles were laying out quite specifically what KP wanted removed.

        Anyway Pasternak is going to write a take down of Kate when the timing is right. She was not happy about their bs.

  14. Lheath says:

    Last night this warranted a huge article in the online Daily Mail, just below the top headline story, with big headlines about Andrew losing his titles. This morning the article was way down the page, and the headline was about Charles and William demanding Andrew’s exile. One can imagine the phone calls that dictated the change! (Hey, if they can make up imagined lines of communications. so can I!)

    What surprised me was the embiggening of William at the expense of his father at the end of the article. What Kaiser left out:

    “The Queen values William’s impact – as she did over the Prince Harry furore – not least because she recognises that if the monarchy is going to have a long-term future, it rests in his hands, not his father’s. She has also come to appreciate his decisiveness, so reminiscent, she believes, of her beloved Philip.
    Thanks to the grounding he has found through marriage to Kate, William is also far more attuned to modern attitudes towards the royals and their lives of privilege.”

    • Eurydice says:

      Kate embiggening, too. That William wouldn’t have had the “grounding” to know anything about modern attitudes if it weren’t for Kate, who is such a solid, middle-class flower of Britain.

      • Chloe says:

        I’m honestly sick of people pretending that kate was your regular girl working at the local tesco’s.

        She might not be blue blooded but she grew up as every over-privileged aristocrat. Her parents are ‘new money’ so to speak. And she was sent to the best private school where she mingled with the crop of high society.

      • Nic919 says:

        The hilarious part of that Kate was a typical social climber with no desire to ever act like her middle class roots. She and her mother specifically worked years to catch William’s attention and to keep it. She never had a work ethic which the middle class would have been associated with. And their methods wouldn’t have worked a generation earlier because being the on call booty call whenever William felt the need would have solidly placed her in the mistress category like Camilla and not the spouse category.

        And even if the way she pursued William was disregarded, the last decade has shown that Kate desperately wants to be seen as an aristo, starting with her fake posh accent, and with multiple nannies and hired help. The use of little lord Fauntleroy outfits for the boys was also another sign of Kate not wanting to be middle class because only aristos bothered with that type of stuff.

        William has no idea about middle class values because he’s never seen them from kate.

    • Charm says:

      @Lheath….. youll notice that this is a 180-degree change from the period when all the PiratesWithPressPasses used to lament that H leaving was practically treasonous because bulliam NEEEEEEDS H when the former ascends to the throne. When everyone started to put 2+2 together and realize that what they were really saying is that, in addition to his frequent incandescent rages, theres something fundamentally wrong with bulliam & the royals were counting on H to be there as his eternal foil.

      So when H left and they finally realized that H&M are gone for good, in recent months theyve been OTT in their embiggening of bulliam, such that we, the onlookers, hoping that we will forget that he’s really joffrey in disguise.

  15. Serena says:

    “Ruthless and swift’ decision my arse (pardon my french), they waited until the very last minute, how embarrassing they are.. and THE NERVE to compare this pedo-rapist’s situation to that of H&M as if they have committed a crime???? Unbelievable, they all need to rot in hell.
    Hope the backlash from this will be huge and have dire consequences for them.

    I wonder why Andrew is TQ fav son, though, is there are a reason or just because ?

    • Jais says:

      The fact that the papers call Andrew the favorite son is messed up. I believe if the queen wanted them to stop calling Andrew her favorite son she could get them to stop. But never has, to my knowledge. What kind of a mom lets a whole country’s press continually say that one child is a favorite over the others. That’s so messed up. Idk why but it’s always bothered me.

    • carrotface says:

      Right?! “Ruthless” would’ve been cutting Andrew off a decade ago when it was proven he was hanging out with a convicted sex offender. Maybe if they’d stripped his titles, patronages, funding, security, etc plus excised him from family events (and not had photo ops riding in the car to church with mummy) back then it would’ve been “ruthless and swift” but waiting this long as the evidence piled up? That’s delayed and reactionary at best.

    • notasugarhere says:

      He was the makeup baby after a period of Philip being miserable at his job and in the marriage. I know many people think he’s Porchie’s son, but given what the Queen released in letters and things at the time, I still think he’s the makeup baby.

      Edward was Philip’s fav, because he was the baby of the family (just like Philip) and the one kid that he could focus on once he’d settled into the royal role. The rare photos and videos of Philip with Edward show a level of love and affection he didn’t show any of the other three children. Anne was most like him, but Edward was his fav.

      • Nyro says:

        And Charles knows this, which is why he’s deliberately trying to hurt Edward by being petty about that Duke of Edinburgh title. Yet they have the nerve to drag Harry for merely mentioning the existence of generational pain in the family.

      • Feeshalori says:

        And if they do retire the now-tainted Duke of York title after Andrew, that’s another reason why Charles won’t give it to Edward. He’ll probably use the DOE title for future use in his line.

      • Becks1 says:

        If Charles is still king at that point, he might make George Duke of Edinburgh when he marries.

        If charles isn’t king (i.e. he’s dead), then it will be interesting, George will be duke of cornwall at that point regardless of his age. York is typical for second son but alas, Andrew has tainted that (and still might be alive when Louis marries), so Louis might end up DoE.

      • Feeshalori says:

        I had speculated along these lines in another thread yesterday. And Duke of York was George VI’s title as second son before his brother abdicated and as a former princess of York, that’s probably something else the queen would be devastated about if she’s thinking about it at this point. That her father’s former title has fallen into such disrepute.

  16. Kit says:

    l think it has to do with money nothing else, he is now a private person, hence she can’t go after de crowns funds ??

    Disgusting disgusting family , they knew about Andrew liking for young girls for years . It was reported that Andrew and Fergie flew on Epstein plane with their girls onto that Island, with the York family pictured with MJ, Harvey, Epstein at a birthday party of one of their daughters, where is Fergie in all this , why hasn’t she been mentioned yet ????

  17. Shawna says:

    I was expecting William to be leaking this morning to claim it was His Incandescence that saved the institution.

    But really, until Andrew is financially cut off, he’s not really been “cut adrift.” These measures are weak sauce.

    • Seaflower says:

      There is already something from one of the RR saying PWT held long discussions with TQ about the matter. No mention of Chuck.

    • Eurydice says:

      I don’t think Andrew will be cut off. The Queen can support him from her own income if she wants. And something I don’t recall seeing is how much Andrew may have received from Phillip’s will – people only talk about the Swiss chalet. In any case, I’m sure the Queen has provided a handsome amount for him in her will.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I doubt Philip would leave money to Andrew, he’d leave that up to the Queen. And she’ll leave him and his daughter’s plenty. As I’ve written on several of these threads, Charles will make sure Andrew has funding of some kind. He’s too much of a liability to leave alone, and they can control him (some) with money. No lump sum payout but an annual stipend.

  18. Eurydice says:

    Too funny – the bit where Andrew’s lawyer had to wait out in the car. Not even a cup of coffee in a sitting room.

    Also interesting is the idea that the “institution” is no longer “legitimately involved.” What does that mean – not legally involved? But the institution was involved for all those years it sheltered Andrew and I’ll bet it will see more involvement in the future.

    • Charm says:

      I dont believe this ‘waiting in the car bit.” The brit royals hv never had ‘family talks’ because servants/courtiers are always either in attendance or within earshot. So why wd a lawyer serve-up his client to the influence/pressure of others without being there to intervene on his clients behalf?

      And which self-respecting professional wd take orders from anyone to “wait in the car”/ LMFAO

  19. Lheath says:

    And yes, equating Harry standing up to racist bullying to Andrew consorting with convicted sex traffickers is appalling.

    “But just as with Harry and Meghan, the 95-year-old monarch would have known she needed to act for the sake of the monarchy and her legacy.”

    These people! Harry must be so happy to be out of it.

  20. Scorpion says:

    Oh puhlease, Betty is an ostrich. She buried her head in the sand till the block got way too hawt for her and her wretched family…..

  21. Abby says:

    I am not ok with all these “and just like with the Sussexes” bull. THIS IS NOT THE SAME THING. Andrew is a child rapist. The Sussexes wanted freedom from constant bullying by the family and media. NOT THE SAME.

    • Charm says:

      Instead of railing against the machine, what ive been doing on twitter and sometimes on this site is pointing out betty’s failures as a so-called ‘head of state’ and itemize what her values are and what her legacy truly is.

      All she’s ever done since 1952 is what she’s been told to do by the men who really run the monarchy.

      Rmbr how the ParasitesWithPressPasses used to talk all the time about how H&M “promised” to “uphold the queen’s values”? Not only do we not hear that so much these days, but everyone is seeing what betty’s values are:

      – coddling & enabling rapists and pedophiles [see: not only andrew+epstein+maxwell but also phillip+mountbatten/saville+charles/and numerous priests and others whom she’s knighted and/or given royal awards]
      – turning a blind eye to criminality [all the cash for honors and cash for privileges schemes etc.; see also, in recent times, at least 2 dead bodies of women turning up on royal grounds & going uninvestigated];
      – encouraging corruption [panama papers anyone/; lobbying to be exempt from uk laws anyone?]
      – encouraging racism [BP exempted itself from diversity laws; charles promoted faucet after he was credibly accused of racism by a black secretary in charles office; and then trying to foist faucet on H&M to do their wedding planning. Fortunately H&M rebuffed him.]

      So betty’s values and legacy are in the gutter and SussexSquad has been highlighting the abject failure of this woman even as the british shidtpress run around feverishly trying to canonize her as she gets closer to her departure (if she hasnt gone already.)

      • Che says:

        The goal is to celebrate Betty’s longevity because that is all she has to honor. In some ways Katy is showing how she’ll take that example and do even less. By managing the public’s expectations , less will be more.

  22. Amy Bee says:

    Swift action is what the Queen did to Harry and Meghan, not Andrew. The Queen and her heirs were arrogant in their belief that the case would be thrown out and that Virginia would disappear and they had the press on their side to cover for them until they couldn’t anymore. William and Charles should be focusing on the victims rather than trying to scoring points with the public because they don’t come out looking good in this.

  23. Nic919 says:

    Seeing as it took them a fraction of the time to pull military honours from Harry over moving the the US, they don’t look great here at all.

  24. What says:

    Will is the one trying to act like all of a sudden he’s included on stuff since Harry and Meghan. Which isn’t true. The advisors as Harry said are the ones running the show. They only give the queen, Charles and will credit as the figureheads but it’s the advisors that’s in charge. That’s the real reason they’re trying to drag Cali anyway they can. Look back on the Queen’s health crisis-wasnt everyone mad about the advisors and not the queen who kept it secret. Isn’t Charles letting his advisor Michael fall on the sword on his own scandal. Noone said a word on William service at the palace until the news broke about Andrew. Harry even said in order to get to the queen or Charles you go through the advisor not directly to them. People are missing the point on what’s really going on with BP. Cause everyone is screaming about the small dominos instead of focusing on the big one that will drop the whole palace to their knees.

    I say again Cali isn’t going to the jubilee cause they’re terrified on Harry memoir. They’ll play nice until they know what’s it’s about then will drag him in the mud. Which I think they’ll do anyway

  25. Truthiness says:

    So Andrew brought his lawyer presumably to give an expert view on the litigation and the family said “nope, family only for this meeting.” Fredo better watch his step. And isn’t it grand not to hear from Fergie?

  26. Mina_Esq says:

    It boggles the mind that people think that Liz’s legacy hasn’t already been irreparably damaged.

  27. Lady Digby says:

    I also don’t believee that it is a coincidence that this decision was announced when it is a news heavy day (Boris summer of non stop parties and Novaxx hokey cokey in Australia) Is this another example of KP and Government co ordination?

  28. Over it says:

    That’s right because marrying a black woman and choosing her over the monarchy is just as bad if not worst than being a child rapist

    • Truthiness says:

      H&M together are too alpha for that family, they couldn’t hide their shine, live on a pittance, under a flight path, and not know their value. It was horrid to go through but they are an ocean away from that cesspool now and they get to create their own happy ending. I think Andrew’s mess showed them how little they’d be paid and the Sussexes never wanted to do sketchy money schemes like Pitch@Palace.

  29. Yinyang says:

    Protect the monarchy at all costs.

  30. Over it says:

    Oh Ffs again with the damm jubilee

    • Harper says:

      Hopefully now the peasants will stop whining about Andrew and get back in their kitchens and get to work on their Jubilee Pudding Contest entries.

  31. Sofia says:

    I think Charles may have led the charge and William went “yeah! what pa said!” or something like that. I think William definitely dislikes Andrew (and who can blame him) and also wants Andrew out but I feel like HM being who she is would listen more to The Prince of Wales than The Duke of Cambridge because Charles is higher in status and the next King.

  32. Watson says:

    Time to remove his security too!

  33. Harla says:

    William seems desperate to look like he’s doing anything remotely “grownup”. And you just know that he’ll put these meetings on the Court Circular as “work”.

    • Nyro says:

      I know it kills him that Harry has a real life and a real career,and that other young men, the young tech bro types in particular , take him seriously and want to work with him. William’s got nothing going for himself. All he can do is hop on his 95 year old granny’s back and claim he’s the one making the decisions. And now he’s the new Philip apparently. Embarrassing.

  34. Charm says:

    Isnt it strange how no RotaRat is talking abt how cruel PeDrew is to cause this anguish to him ailing mom? If she dies, does anyone here think theyre gonna blame PeDrew?

  35. ARHUS says:

    well, they’re trimming down the firm, like chuck wanted

  36. aquarius64 says:

    Chuck and Bill own the slow walked decision just a as much as Liz. Heir Force 1 and Heir Force 2 don’t look good here, especially with Billy kneecapping Dad. Funny the US press is not putting the Sussexes in this; it’s all on Andrew and the BRF in the UK.

    • Lizzie says:

      Probably why 99% the moderated comments on the fail mostly said ‘Well done ma’am’, ‘We knew we could count on our brave queen to do the right thing’.

  37. Twinkle says:

    This family is ruthless. The real life Succession.

  38. Debbie says:

    Jeez, these reporters. Using phrases like Charles and William are “understood to have been” and William “would have been there.” Yeah, like these people really took action when even their verbs are passive.

  39. Pinkosaurus says:

    What do you mean William did nothing? I’m sure he jumped in, engorged with rage, demanding he be given the Royal Lodge as FFK and a person who apparently needs even more houses.

  40. Saucy&Sassy says:

    I have a question for the attorneys on this site. If TQ or BRF are making it clear that Epstein’s Court Card, Pedrew, is a “private citizen” will that hold if it is discovered that the rapes occurred when he was also performing some royal duty? Isn’t that what Ped was pushing out before the most recent case when he was afraid of the FBI knocking on his door? I guess my question is: If he was performing a royal duty during the same trip that he raped Ms. G, does that get to more assets?

    One more question, if Maxwell does name pedrew, will the FBI now be able to after a private citizen in the UK since another rape happened at Epstein’s abode in London.

  41. Julia K says:

    Bottom line: the Queen and her advisors know he’s guilty, therefore the punishment. How do they know? Do they have evidence we haven’t seen yet? Andrew would never confess so they must have knowledge of something big on the horizon.

  42. tw says:

    Let’s also keep in mind that this was absolutely a pattern of behavior and abuse. Virginia is just the only one coming forward publicly to accuse him. He got away with this for decades.

  43. Isabella says:

    I’m always amused when royal reporters slip into the subjunctive, Which means they have no way of knowing and are just going to make shit up. I mean, did any of this happen? The grammar is nuts.

    “It was a ruthless and swift decision which WILL HAVE BEEN recommended by the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge and sanctioned by the Queen.”

    “Other sources said the decision WOULD HAVE pained’ the Queen enormously, given Andrew’s position as her so-called favourite son. But just as with Harry and Meghan, the 95-year-old monarch WOULD HAVE KNOWN she needed to act for the sake of the monarchy and her legacy.”

  44. Chelsea says:

    I love how when they compare the actions taken against Andrew this week with what was done to the Sussexes they don’t mention that Andrew had already stopped being a working royal months before H&M’s exit. Yet it took 2+ years to for them to divy out to Andrew parts of the punishment leveled at the Sussexes in 2020 which was leveled at them in a matter of weeks. And I say part because it doesn’t appear that Andrew’ unlike the Sussexes, has had security or funds shut off for being friends with two convicted sex offenders and being credibly accused od rape.

    Also lol at that source saying that stripping HRHs and patronages means the institution is no longer connected to Harry and Meghan when they’ve spent the last two years opining anytimw that these two did anything that the palace was watching.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Harry and Meghan have not been stripped of their HRHs nor of their titles. They choose not to use them in their businesses.