Minnie Mouse traded in her polka-dotted dress for a Stella McCartney pantsuit

Within the cultural zeitgeist, Minnie Mouse exists as a lady mouse wearing a polka-dotted dress and a bow by her mouse ears. But Minnie Mouse has been radicalized by the Hillary Clinton Agenda, also known as Big Pantsuit. Someone at Disney thought it would be cute and not at all apocalyptic to introduce some new clothes for a cartoon mouse. Disney contacted Stella McCartney for a design, and Stella gave Minnie a polka-dotted pantsuit.

First off, can we talk about the actual design?? It’s awful!! While I enjoy shades of navy/blue, Minnie’s whole deal is that she wears bright “girly” colors. I feel like the fact that the pantsuit is blue is saying: you cannot be a professional lady mouse in pink, red or any “girly” color. The polka dots are, how you say, tragique. And the bows added to the jacket remind me of the kind of twee, unnecessary style flourishes of the Duchess of Cambridge (who is also a fan of polka dots and bows). The bow is too matchy-matchy as well – the bow should have been either the darker blue of the “dots” or the lighter blue. And why Stella McCartney? Can Minnie get some Versace in her life? Some Elie Saab? SOME VALENTINO?

Meanwhile, other people are taking issue with Minnie’s Stella McCartney pantsuit because cartoon mice need to conform to gender norms or the very fabric of our society will be destroyed. FABRIC, get it? Stella should have given Minnie some pleather joggers and a tube top. I heard the Green M&M’s go-go boots are up for grabs too.

Photo courtesy of Disney.

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  1. FancyHat says:

    Ugh that is awful. Minnie is a bright fun character who is now wearing a navy/black pantsuit. It’s depressing.

  2. girl_ninja says:

    Awww. Poor Mini, stuck in unnecessary controversy. She’s still cute though.

  3. tback says:

    Looks like pajamas.

  4. TIFFANY says:

    All Stella had to do was design it with bright colors. That’s it.

    Sure is nice to be Paul McCarthy’s daughter.

    • Mac says:

      She is the world’s worst designer.

    • amb says:

      Sadly, with Stella you don’t get the adjectives, you just get the nouns. (Adjectives = descriptive words, like “attractive” or “well-fitting” or “appropriate” or “colorful” or “things I’d be caught dead in” – wait, that last one might not be just an adjective…)

  5. Wendy says:

    It is awful. I have been known to wear polka dots in the park and this is just a depressing combo.

  6. teehee says:

    Somebody please tell me what “damage” a change of costume is causing. And who it’s somehow inhibiting from living a happy life– oh wait, I know who keeps people from living a happy life.
    So this is just a distraction away from the real culprits.
    Got it.

  7. Becks1 says:

    I don’t like it….the colors, the pattern, I’m not sure. I like the idea of her in a pantsuit though, why the hell not? Just something brighter and more “Minnie” or something more eyecatching. It looks like a bruise.

    • LadyMTL says:

      OMG yes, a bruise. I was trying to figure out why I didn’t like it, because generally I don’t mind those colors (or even polka dots) but you nailed it.

  8. Trish says:

    This is hideous. I don’t mind giving these characters more outfits, but why is everything so ugly now? I think designers are so busy trying to outdo each other with who’s edgier and weirder that the fashion just gets worse.

  9. Ocho says:

    I like the Minnie Mouse of the ’30s: red and white polka dot skirt, no shirt and a flower pot on her head. That’s the look!

  10. jo73c says:

    Surprise, Stella McCartney can design ill-fitting, poorly thought out clothes for cartoons as well.

  11. Merricat says:

    Yep, she can keep a pantsuit, but make it her traditional red, which is a power color anyway.

  12. Southern Fried says:

    Looks really nice but better have pockets. I’m down with the non high heels too. Not everybody can wear red and heels.

  13. Destiny says:

    Y’all are privileged af if you have time to complain about a blue pantsuit

  14. Elizabeth says:

    It looks awful.

  15. WiththeAmerican says:

    Yep the “fabrics” (sic, Candace) of our society are gone for sure now, thanks to Candace and her right wing anti mitigation anti vax lies.

  16. RoyalBlue says:

    I love pantsuits, but those look like pajamas that Hugh Hefner would wear. No bueno.

  17. Alice says:

    Huh, I didn’t realize the jacket had bows until I read it. I though they were part of the polka dots. This is horrible. Edna Mode would never approve.

  18. tamsin says:

    Looks like she borrowed Mickey’s suit. Don’t like it at all, and definitely does not have a 21st century vibe.

  19. Snaazy says:

    Minnie deserves better than Stella McCartney. Minnie should be out there killin it, dressed in Ivy Park

  20. samipup says:

    “How you say, tragique”…Thanks, ‘Hillaria’!

  21. Amanda says:

    The only problem is you can’t really see the polka dots. If they made the suit a lighter blue, it would work better.

  22. olliesmom says:

    Tucker’s head is going to explode over this one. Because you know that if he’s considering which M&M is bangable he’s had some thoughts about Minnie (EWWWW!).

    And I can’t help but notice that her outfit when from red to BLUE!

  23. Otaku fairy says:

    They should have just left it red.

  24. Katie says:

    I like it. And I like it better than Stella’s real life suits since her feet aren’t completely covered up.

  25. lucy2 says:

    I love the red and white polka dot, it’s cute and retro.
    Why am I not surprised that Faux News is having a melt down over this?

  26. Bettyrose says:

    Fox News is accusing Disney of having a liberal agenda to distract people from real problems? Disney?!?

  27. jferber says:

    The polka dots and bow infantalize Minnie. Isn’t she over 50 by now?

    • windyriver says:

      Hate hate those bows. The ones on the jacket are unnecessary, childish and get in the way, and unless Disney insisted on the one on top of her head, would like to have seen something more creative there.

      Overall, stunningly uninspired; but at least SM didn’t make Minnie’s outfit the color of that awful green blouse she herself is wearing in that photo.

  28. Meredith says:

    It looks like Minnie is only going to be wearing the pantsuit at Disney Paris, but I could be wrong. If so, it makes sense the design might be geared to that market.

  29. Larelyn says:

    Meh. This will be short lived. In the yearly recap, we’ll be like “Remember when they changed Minnie’s outfit? Yeah, good times.”

    Anything to make a headline, ergo a buck. Isn’t the copyright coming due on the mice soon, anyway? Disney is probably just running a distraction campaign to cover paying, oops, I mean lobbying congress people to change the copyright laws in their favor.

    Gah, i need to switch to decaf. my cynicism is really amped up today.

  30. teehee says:

    By the laws of cartoon logic, Minnie picked out this outfit that Stella designed for her.
    So the critics are saying that Pluto, Donald and Mickey are destroying their lives.
    For having a wardrobe.

    • Eurydice says:

      By the laws of real world logic, people at Disney approved this change. So for everyone complaining that Stella is the worst designer (about which I totally agree), the Disney people actually liked this.

  31. Mina_Esq says:

    If they wanted pantsuit magic, Minnie deserved YSL. This is awful. No reason to take away pinks and reds! There are so many beautiful shades of pink!

    • BeanieBean says:

      Oooh, Tom Ford for Gucci back in ’95! Now that would have been a pantsuit! Oh! How about Gwyneth’s red Gucci pantsuit for Minnie? I’m liking that.

  32. Giddy says:

    To me it looks like poor Minnie has been condemned to the Fantasyland jail. That’s a prisoner’s getup!

  33. CourtneyB says:

    I liked the dresses project runway designed for miss piggy and marge Simpson much more. This is yuck.

  34. Eurydice says:

    I don’t see any reason why Minnie should be stuck wearing the same outfit all the time. She should have a wardrobe of several designers.

  35. Liz version 700 says:

    I’m a terrible person…I have a vision of the Disney CEO screaming “redesign Minnie’s outfit we need to take the heat off Snow White and the 7 little people!”

  36. Bonsai Mountain says:

    Should’ve asked an up and coming artist to design Minnie’s new wardrobe – that would be a great boost for someone’s career. It’s not like Stella needs it!

  37. Robert Phillips says:

    Stay with me here. I’m not trying to be obscene. But if you drew a naked Mickey and Minny there are so few differences. Mostly the eyelashes. It’s the clothes that distinguish them. This looks like a suit Mickey would wear. Make it more like Minney. Flare the pants legs. Maybe ruffle the sleeves just something to distinguish it. The color is horrible but it could work with other things done.

  38. amb says:

    A pantsuit. How 1970s. The soundtrack to this outfit starts, “I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan …”

  39. Dierski says:

    I agree – Love the idea of a pantsuit, but Minnie-freakin-Mouse should be in brighter, more cheery colors! She’s like the epitome of happy-bubbly.

  40. Evie’s mom says:

    Those look like my Kate Spade work PJs I got from Costco last week!! I’ve arrived! 😂

  41. Hollz says:

    I could MAYBE get behind this if they didn’t add the strips? Or the polka dots were smaller? If they kept the yellow shoes? Nixed those bows? SOMETHING

    NGL, had they done a yellow pantsuit with bows instead of polka dots (like, the dress was covered in bow shapes instead of dots) I would have been down. had they done a red pantsuit with white polka dots sans bows, fine… WHY NAVY?!

    This looks like a first draft and should have been redrawn at least 3 more times.

  42. DuchessL says:

    Why can’t Minnie a dress she has liked for years if that’s what she likes? She doesnt have to like pant suits. I’m a women, I dont like pant suits. Let me wear what I like. Who complained?

  43. Guylaine says:

    Well I understand your point of view.. but you see, I’ve never felt comfortable in big pink and red and girly wear.. And as a girl, I felt that I was looked upon differently because I didn’t wear those colors, I don’t wear make up..I don’t wear heels.. but I am a girl.. I like the funky blue, I like somber colors.. nothing wrong with that.. We are all different and to me.. seeing Minnie Mouse different is nice. Is all