Kirsten Dunst kept screaming & hanging up on people when she got her Oscar nom

Variety did a series of short interviews with this year’s Oscar nominees on Tuesday morning, just after the nominations were announced. The interviews are priceless and charming for the most part. Jessica Chastain – who I think is the sleeper pick for Best Actress – was thrilled to get another nomination, ten years after her last one, and for a film she produced herself. Chastain also said that she texted with Andrew Garfield (her on-screen partner in The Eyes of Tammy Faye) and she couldn’t wait to talk to him.

Kenneth Branagh was completely lovely in his interview too – he spoke about how proud he was of Belfast, and he name-checked Nightmare Alley as a film he loved, and praised Maggie Gyllenhaal for her script adaptation of The Lost Daughter. He also said he “loved” Spider-Man: No Way Home and mentioned that he and the Belfast cast bumped into Tom Holland in Paris, and Jude Hill (the young child actor on Belfast) was beyond thrilled to meet Tom. Branagh praised Tom as “so unbelievably gracious with him. That was a beautiful thing to see. It just reminded me that our 10-year-old star really is 10 years old — with all the wonder and the delight in movies that we, and a film like ‘Belfast,’ wishes to capture and preserve.”

One of the best interviews was Kirsten Dunst’s though! Kirsten is a first-time nominee and she’s so proud of The Power of the Dog. She was nominated alongside her partner and fiance Jesse Plemons – I called them husband-and-wife, but as it turns out, they never actually got married.

Variety: How does it feel to be nominated alongside your partner, Jesse Plemons?
So Eric Kranzler, my manager, calls me. I’m watching the feed on my phone because my kids are watching cartoons and Jesse is at work. He had to go to work super early today. [Eric] called me, and he said I was nominated, so I’m crying with my kids. They’re like, ‘Why the hell is mom crying?’ [Eric] calls me back, and meanwhile I’m in the throes, talking to my mom or whatever. He was like, ‘Jesse just …’ And I started screaming and I hung up the phone. Then Megan, one of my publicists, called me because she’s trying to tell me and I just screamed at her. Then I called Jesse, and I was the first person to tell him, and he was a little shell shocked. I mean, it’s just so crazy to be a couple and have our first nominations together. It’s like a storybook. You know what I mean? It’s so weird. It’s amazing.

Do you have plans to celebrate together?
Jesse is at work, so maybe we’ll go out tonight. If he doesn’t have to work early tomorrow.

Are there any films you still need to see?
No, I saw everything because I’m a member of the academy.

Any other thoughts on your first nomination?
It feels so good to be honored by the community you’ve worked in for so long. You know?

[From Variety]

I love her crazy story about trying to watch the nominations on her phone and people kept calling and she kept screaming and hanging up on them. It feels… chaotic and real. I appreciate when actors let us know how much the nominations mean to them, and Kirsten is definitely someone who has been in the industry long enough where it feels like “her turn.” She’s good – even great – in The Power of the Dog. The movie is excellent as well. But it will be so strange if this is the role which wins her an Oscar!

Also: “I saw everything because I’m a member of the academy” is amazing. She takes it seriously!!

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. ElleV says:

    all the love for kirsten and hope she wins

  2. Lauren says:

    This feels overdue. Kirsten is one of those actresses who has done good work steadily for years. And in contrast to the actresses who come across as try-hard (cough, LG), Kirsten strikes a balance between respecting the industry and taking pride in her craft yet not coming across as desperate for approval and accolades. Good luck to her!

    • whynot says:

      She should have won, or at least been nominated, for Melancholia. Kirsten blew me away in that movie.

  3. Grant says:

    Go Kiki! I hope she wins!!!!!!!

  4. M says:

    Kiki has always been underappreciated as an actress. Plus she’s a child star that didn’t go off the rails, so kudos to everyone in her life who did right by her. I have no real interest in this film after all the Bendy Cucumber “I’m such an auteur” BS, but I hope she, Jesse and Jane win.

  5. girl_ninja says:

    I’m so happy for her, I think she’s an underrated talent and it’s wonderful that she’s getting recognition. I love that her partner Jesse is nominated as well, he’s incredibly talented and just nails everything he does.

    She went through a few duds to get to her man and I’m happy for that as well.

  6. Lady Digby says:

    I am thrilled for both of them and I find it honest and genuine that it means so much to her because recognition by your peers does matter. I am keeping my fingers crossed for them and Bendy in the lead!

  7. smarmyo says:

    Luuuuuuv that green silk dress.

  8. Lucía says:

    Absolutely deserved, both her nomination and Jesse’s. They make such a great couple.

  9. Normades says:

    I LOVE her last line. Yes she is a member and yes she does her duty (which I think a lot of other members don’t).

    She might get it this year as a career achievement award. She’s amassed a lot of good will and she and Jesse are definitely flexing the power couple thing. I could see POTD sweeping through all the categories (with their young costar getting supporting).

  10. serena says:

    It’s kind of unbelievable this is her first nomination.

  11. Becks1 says:

    Omg. I knew she was with Jesse Plemons but did not know who that was. I got confused bc of Jesse PINKMAN on breaking bad and thought that was him, I was so confused when someone yesterday referred to it as a smaller part.

    I’ll see myself out now.

    • Yup, Me says:

      Jesse Plemons is “Meth Damon” from Breaking Bad. I find it hard to unsee that and he lives in my head as Meth Damon, forever and ever.

      • Ashley says:

        Same. He was playing a German in that Disney movie and I was like what is meth Damon doing in this? Poor Jesse. But it fits.

        That said Kiki has been around forever and I am shocked she never won. I’m glad she came back though. She disappeared for a while and then did tv work and I was like what the hell? Because she was the indie queen for a while. She deserves one just for being in the industry forever. And she’s been in great films. Bring it On, Virgin Suicides, Crazy Beautful, Interview with a Vampire, Marie Antoinette I mean it’s crazy how much she worked in her life. I guess that was why it was so weird when she disappeared for a while and that she’s never even been nominated. She’s a few years older but I grew up with her. She deserves this win

  12. jferber says:

    I hope she wins.

  13. Eloisa says:

    She is lovely and the film is great, I hope Campion, Kody and BC will win. I hope Olivia, Penelope or KS will win best actress. Fingers crossed that Nicole, Bardem and Andrew don’t win, the movies are so bad. AG will win soon, he’s good and young.

    Did you see the interview of Bardem talking about how he is part of a minority (you know a straight white European male *rolled eyes*) and that he is entitled to play Latino roles instead of Latino actors…so disrespectful to the Latino community, he did a brownface! for less than that we cancel and make fun of scarjo and Bardem gets nominated for an Oscar; the double standard for judging men and women.

    • beeboop says:

      Yes to everything you said. Especially about Bardem. Gross.

      Also I love the KS, OC and PC haven’t been CRUSHING everyone with horrifying endless whining campaigning. *cough* JESSICA CHASTAINNICCOLEKIDMAN* At this point it feels like when are these two NOT campaigning for some award? Someone just give them a bunch of trophies so they’ll shaddddup and leave us alone. Kidman already has a bunch so it feels especially gross. Chastain is like an Annie Hathaway. Maybe she’ll calm down once she gets some hardware, but by God is she reeking of eau de desperation at this point.