Brie Larson: When people say ‘girls can’t do that,’ it makes me want to do it more

I guess Brie Larson is filming or just finished filming The Marvels, which is the sequel to Captain Marvel. She plays the lead, Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel. I wanted to like the first movie, Captain Marvel, so much when I saw that I almost convinced myself I did. But watching it a second time felt like a punishment, so I really hope The Marvels makes significant changes. However, Brie is 100% committed to the character and that does a lot for any film. She especially committed to the physicality of Captain Marvel. When she started training for the first film, Brie jokingly said she couldn’t walk up a hill without getting winded. She’s been posting her strength accomplishments on social media and they are intense, like pushing Jeeps and deadlifting 200 pounds. According to her interview with Insider, Brie said what pushed her to such extreme feats was people telling her she couldn’t do it.

Brie Larson said that the strides made to get into superhero shape for her role as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe exceeded her own expectations.

“I affectionately called myself ‘an introvert with asthma’ before I got to play Carol Danvers and I started training first out of sheer panic, because I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, Marvel doesn’t know that I don’t even know how to walk up a hill without being out of breath,'” Larson told Insider.

She continued: “So, I started this journey thinking I’ll get strong and I had no idea. I went far beyond what I ever believed was possible for my body.”
Larson said that it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly how much time she dedicated to workout specifically for “The Marvels” because she doesn’t stop training anymore.

Instead, fitness has become an ongoing, “huge part” of her regular routine.
Still, the actress said that her training for the upcoming film “definitely pushed me further” because she had “different goals” this time around.
“I wasn’t gonna try to break my deadlifting record or hip thrust record,” Larson explained. “To me, it felt like I had done that. I wanted to focus on new challenges.”

“I just started to get kind of obsessed with it,” Larson said. “When people say like, ‘Oh, girls can’t do that,’ it just makes me wanna do it even more. So there were huge accomplishments this time and I just feel like my body’s just getting more and more used to this and more and more excited. Now, it feels weird to not train. I look forward to it.”

[From Insider]

When Brie said she was “kind of obsessed with it,” the goal she was trying to reach at that time was one-armed pull-ups. She worked at it until she could do both right and left arm. But once she hit that goal, just as she did with the deadlifts and the hip thrust goals, she moved on and set a new one. There’s comes a point with weightlifting that you run out of goals, don’t you? I get where Brie is coming from and I love her drive, but I’m starting to worry about what happens when she runs out of body parts to set goals for. Although she did say she’s focusing on flexibility because Carol flies now. I could see Brie taking on more aerial trapeze/yoga work maybe.

I very much relate to the motivation of being told that women can’t or shouldn’t do something, though. Maybe not in weight training, but in other avenues of life. And I’d be willing to bet Brie applies that motivation to more than just her workouts. Which is good, because she’s one of the few women to headline a non-ensemble film in the very male-dominated MCU. Brie sees Carol as a character who, “reverberate(s) outward,” which I imagine she is. It’s important for little girls to see a strong, capable fighter on screen. So I hope The Marvels is good, I really do. There’s no info on it, which is fine by me. I’m willing to wait until next year to see if they get this one right.

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  1. Lilah+casting says:

    I think the movie was okay it alighn with what Marvel probably wanted,the directors lack of experience showed and that wasn’t on her. I like the concept of her wearing a uniform like a normal soldier instead of wearing a dress or a skirt and too much of her skin too be visible.

  2. FHMom says:

    I know Brie has taken some heat lately, but I adore her. She has a genuine girl next store vibe that someone like Jen Aniston wishes she had. If you look at her Instagram, it is so gloriously her own work. She posts several pictures sans makeup. She even does goofy faces. If it werent for the occasional glamour shot, you would have no idea she were a movie star. I mean, nobody has even commented on this thread, right?

  3. LooneyTunes says:


  4. Grant says:

    I had the opposite experience with CM—didn’t like it the first time but appreciated it more on subsequent viewings.

  5. Bean says:

    I really liked the first movie and I like Brie a lot.

  6. jferber says:

    I really liked Captain Marvel a lot and thought Brie was great in it. Her comment reminds me of a young colleague of mine who said every time her father didn’t approve of something she was doing (tae kwon do, sky diving), she made sure to continue doing it for at least two more years. Badass girls and women are the best.

    • Bobafelty says:

      The Marvels was originally supposed to just be Captain Marvel 2. So they did make changes to her character and her movie by adding other female leads and less screen time for Brie. Not sure what that indicates.

      I like a strong female character but personally find her acting in the marvel movies to be very wooden.