Kristen Stewart: It was remarkable that Princess Diana ‘was so friendless’

Kristen Stewart is one of Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Portfolio covers, and the interview was conducted after she got nominated for an Oscar for Spencer. Kristen’s Oscar campaign was a rollercoaster ride!! She honestly just said, months ago, that she found Oscar campaigning a bit embarrassing, and suddenly she was snubbed for a SAG and BAFTA nomination. It just shows you how Hollywood stars are not only expected to wage full-on campaigns for awards, they’re also supposed to feign excitement about it. In any case, Kristen managed to recommit to her campaign at just the right moment and here we are. Some highlights from her VF interview:

She’s not going to play it cool. “Everyone wants to win an Oscar, you know?”

Channeling Diana’s loneliness. “One of the remarkable things is that she was so friendless… I’m constantly going, ‘Where was your f–king homie?’ ”

On portraying Diana’s bulemia: “I wanted to make sure that was not glossed over,” says Stewart. She prepared herself beforehand and, in the scene, attempted to really purge. (“I’ll do f-cking anything.”) Larraín, who was operating the camera, pushed in on her anguished face, capturing the act, but Stewart struggled. “I couldn’t throw up on this movie, even when I really should have. I felt like absolute sh-t and I could not get it up, and I know it was because my body was just like…the idea of that was so untouchable.”

She only watched snippets of the explosive Prince Harry and Meghan Markle interview with Oprah Winfrey. “It was almost too hot to touch in terms of how personal it was for me at that time,” she says. I ask her if it’s strange to think about Harry and Meghan living in California. As improbable as it seems, Stewart was unaware of their move. “That’s so funny. I wonder where,” she muses. Then she stops. “I’m no better than anyone! Of course I want to know.” Santa Barbara, I tell her. She nods approvingly. “That makes sense. It’s really nice up there.”

Her engagement to Dylan Meyer. “I love being engaged. It’s different.… I just feel so happy and lucky.”

[From Vanity Fair]

For what it’s worth, Diana legitimately felt alone and under siege at family events and holidays where she was forced to be out of London. She was “alone” during those times, without her friends and her support system. But when she was in London, she did have friends. Most of her biographers talk about the collection of surrogate-mother friends she had: older women who helped her, went to lunch with her and looked after her. Plus, you know, the moment in Spencer, that time frame, was when Diana was already having her affair with James Hewitt.

I think it’s interesting that Kristen didn’t know that Harry and Meghan moved to California? Like… was she really not paying attention? Or is that a coy bluff to avoid the conversation?

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid, cover courtesy of VF.

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  1. Snuffles says:

    Diana had oodles of friends. Just none inside the monarchy.

    • equality says:

      I guess she thinks since none of her true friends ran to the press, there were none.

      • CourtneyB says:

        That’s what I got. There were so few ride or die friends, people she could completely trust.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @CourtneyB, disagree I think. Unless I’m reading your comment wrong. Stewart (and you?) are misreading Diana’s true friendships. Diana’s true friends were not blabbing to the press. Diana wasn’t friendless. Diana’s true friends kept things tight. They didn’t betray her with sharing secrets. It’s why I’m concerned about Brown’s book. Brown really was never Diana’s friend.imo Had social media/internet been a thing back then it would have been a different story.imo

        Kristin Stewart isn’t sharing information. Stewart is sharing an aptitude for cluelessness. She’s either admitting she doesn’t have friends because of reasons? or she doesn’t think Diana didn’t have friends because her true friends weren’t selling her memory out. I’m confused by KS’s pov.

      • Trimmeddownmonarchyisboring says:

        Diana probably had very close friends and family but I dont think the RF allowed anybody from Team Diana to be around her. abusers always keep their victims apart from their friends and family. And those who were ther true friends or really close never sold her out.

      • SarahLee says:

        I think Kristin is referencing the timeframe of this movie – those 3 days. She was alone with no one. The movie does show Fergie there, so there could have been some friendship, but the movie chose not to go there.

    • Tourmaline says:

      In the time period portrayed in Spencer, wasn’t Diana actually still good friends with Fergie? I know they later fell out, but circa 1991 Fergie was having serious marital problems too and separated the next year. Diana was the one who played cupid for Fergie and Andrew in hopes that she could have a good friend on the inside of the family as she had already been friends with Fergie for a few years. A red haired Fergie character is seen in the royal family scenes in Spencer (but has no lines).

      • Trimmeddownmonarchyisboring says:

        Fergie had her pics of the texas dude licking her toes all over the papers – she was radioactive – Diana probably didnt want to be seen with her even if she liked her, and even if she wanted, charles and the queen and Philip would have been on her case again

  2. Ced says:

    Every time I want to start buying her new “serious actress” branding, she opens her mouth and Bella Swan tumbles out. Ugh

  3. Charm says:

    Its so effing annoying when a little upstart like this is handed a role like this tht has such gravitas and/or history etc….she comes to it wth such ignorance & naivety. Its insulting. She should stick to playing imaginary characters.

    I’ll always rmbr this chick, at the height of her twilight fame saying: “I really want someone/something to fvck me up.” She was trying to say tht she wanted an earth-shattering experience to become part of her experiential bkgrnd tht she could draw on to help her to emote in her work.

    And then shortly thereafter she was caught in flagrante wth tht married man & she shot to infamy.

    I’m not saying she doesnt work hard at her craft & in the biz because she does. But she’s also just basic & ignorant abt matters outside of it. But she knows the industry inside-out, hvng grown up within it & gotten a hands-on familiarity/education in every aspect of it including knowlng many of the movers & shakers within it, so here we are.

    • tw says:

      Thank you.

    • Jezz says:

      “Its so effing annoying when a little upstart like this is handed a role like this tht has such gravitas and/or history etc….she comes to it wth such ignorance & naivety. Its insulting. She should stick to playing imaginary characters.”


    • HelloDolly! says:

      I was going to say that her having grown up in the industry is half the problem! How much is education a priority for younger actors? I would guess not really? Going to high school and college is itself a full time job. And she missed out on alot of golden years of education due to her career, I bet.

    • YaGotMe says:

      The little upstart has 20 years of experience in front of the camera and also has a couple of writing and directing credits. Not to mention an Oscar nomination for this role.

      I can see not thinking KStew is the new Meryl Streep talent wise, but she has had a better and lengthier career than most.

      • Lemons says:

        I agree with the original comment. Either K-Stew does not interview well or she came to the role not knowing much about the person herself or just a surface level understanding.

      • minx says:

        Maybe she’s had a long career but she still sounds astoundingly ignorant. Did she not read up at all on this beloved, iconic woman? “Where was your f’ing homie?” Ugh!

      • Nikki says:

        Meryl Streep went to Yale, but Kristen Stewart left school at THIRTEEN years old to focus on acting! Fortunately, Kristen has said she feels the lack of her education, and plans on taking classes at UCLA. Good for her, fingers crossed. IMHO, it’s child neglect to pull a 13 year old out of school.

      • Christine says:

        How is this the conversation about an actress who has basically minded her own business? This is gross.

    • minx says:

      Thank you. And I thought her portrayal was irritating.

      • Magick Wanda says:

        As did I. Her voice was so irritating and the way she would move her neck and shoulders made me uncomfortable. I was always aware she was acting. I don’t generally dislike KStew but I didn’t care for her in this at all. She was wrong for this part and I never felt like she settled into it. It was hard for me to watch. Her ignorance about Diana is not surprising to me after seeing her performance.

      • SarahLee says:

        @Minx, it was terrible! I still cannot believe she got an Oscar nom for this abomination. The costume and set designers and the cinematographers deserve nominations. Not KStew who apparently couldn’t even be bothered to do a smidge of research on who she was playing. Ugh….

  4. MsIam says:

    I hated Spencer, it felt like an hour or so of watching Diana running up and down halls and across fields and twirling around in a circle. Oh and seeing Anne Boleyn’s ghost. Good grief. As for Kristen Stewart? Meh.

    • Sue E Generis says:

      Phew. Thought it was just me. The movie is wildly overrated and Kristen Stewart , to me, will always be a flat-affect, mouth-breather. I genuinely don’t understand what people see in her.

      And whenever she speaks, it just confirms how immature, vapid, self-involved an uninteresting she is. So basic.

  5. Red Weather Tiger says:

    Kristen’s takes on Diana *always* seem to lack insight. It’s kind of remarkable how consistently wrong she is.

  6. Lucy says:

    I loved Spencer, and I really like Kristen Stewart. I wish there was a follow-up rom com with her Dianna and Sally Hawkins’s character. I loved their chemistry together.

  7. Tessa says:

    Diana had her loyal friends like Rosa Monckton, Caroline Bartholomew, and Lucia Flecha de la Lima. Among others.

  8. Julia K says:

    I have some ungenerous private thoughts about Kristin Stewart so will only say that I love this white pants and sweater outfit. Happy first day of Spring!

  9. Gaah says:

    I find it hard to believe that she watched parts of the H&M Oprah interview but didn’t know they moved to California?? How is that possible. This chick lied about her years long relationship with Robert Pattinson so I find it hard to swallow anything she has to say.
    I have seen several documentaries on Diana and she had lots of friends.

  10. Bettyrose says:

    How can she think it makes her look good that she did no research on the RF or at least Di’s children? I’m sure it’s a lie and she totally knew but it makes her sound like such an a**hole.

    • Sue E Generis says:

      She strikes me as someone who believes that SHE is what makes a role special. The person it’s based on is irrelevant.

  11. Sue says:

    I watched Spencer last night. It did do a good job of showing how isolated Diana felt at those family events and her only anchor was her sons. At most times I found the movie deeply unsettling – she was all alone with her anguish in that big creepy house (Sandringham I think) with that cold family.

  12. Barbie1 says:

    Love her blond hair. I’m enjoying her fashion choices as of late. Hoping for a stunning look at the oscars. Haven’t seen her movie yet but it would be so much fun if she would win that Oscar just to see the cold bitchy glares of her fellow nominees (Kidman)

  13. Nicegirl says:

    Coy bluff

    • Magick Wanda says:

      I agree. If she had said anything else in answer, the interview would have become about Harry and Meghan. She was right to be coy about it.

      • Christine says:


        Is there any narrative where she would have been instrumental to the conversation about Harry and Meghan? An actress who portrayed Diana in a very short period of her life? No.

    • Normades says:

      Exactly. She doesn’t want to get into it. Understandable.
      Also the *upstart* comments above thread. Huge eye roll here. Kristen has been in the industry since she was ten. She might not be your cup of tea but her first lead role was opposite Jodie Foster and she lived through the mega phenomenon that was twilight. She and Rob have done very well for themselves and have made very smart career choices.